Illuminati Were Amateurs — Facts Show These Three Ruled the World

Illuminati Were Amateurs — The Facts Show These Three Ruled the World

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PILGRIMS SOCIETY = A Secret from the general public with any awareness confined to its holding dinners to welcome new U.S. Ambassador to the UK and new British Ambassador to US

FACT: PILGRIMS SOCIETY = Does a lot more than simply hosting old-boys dinner party = 400 words on wikipedia shows the POWER it has in SUPPRESSING FACTS AND TRUTHS and keeping themselves COVERT and hidden.

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PILGRIMS LOGO = Eagle represents the US; Lion the UK

Pilgrims Society Anglo-American Organizations for over a century cementing “Special” relations between with the head of the society as Queen LIZ:

Pilgrims Society = Sells mutual interest between two countries = REALLY ROTHSCHILDS ZIO-MOB ONE-SIDED RIP-OFFS = MOVING TO ONE ZIO-MOB DICTATORSHIP!

The Pilgrims of Great Britain = Founded 1902 ‘to promote good-will, good-fellowship, and everlasting peace between the United States and Great Britain’ = Reciprocal membership.

The Pilgrims of the United States = First meeting in 1903 at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel

Throughout the twentieth century its glittering dinners and receptions for ambassadors, statesmen and opinion-makers were a focus for an alliance across the Atlantic. Receptions at Winfield House as guests of the American Ambassador strengthen the unique Anglo-American relationship = Under the Presidency of Marshal of the Royal Air Force Lord Stirrup and the Chairmanship of Mr Ronald M Freeman (Jewish), the Pilgrims of Great Britain look forward with continuing enthusiasm to a challenging future.

Elitist membership = Kissinger + Thatcher + Weinberger + Haig + Volcker + Cronkite + Members of the immediate Royal Family + US secretaries of state + US ambassadors to the Court of St. James

Society Dinners = Welcome each U.S. Ambassador to the UK = PURE BULL CHIT!

Executive Committee members, as of 2016, are:



HM Queen Elizabeth II
HRH Prince Philip
HRH Prince Charles
Nelson W. Aldrich
Winthrop W. Aldrich
John Nicholas Brown II
Lord Carrington
John W. Davis
Charles G. Dawes
Admiral William J. Crowe
Chauncey Depew
Allen W. Dulles
John Foster Dulles
Mark Fox
General Alexander Haig
W. Averell Harriman
Joseph P. Kennedy
Henry R. Luce
Sandra Day O’Connor
Henry Kissinger
Elliot Richardson
General of the Army George C. Marshall
Andrew W. Mellon
John D. Rockefeller
David Rockefeller
Elihu Root
Jacob Schiff
John Hay Whitney


FACT: St. George’s Society in New York + American Society in London + Network of Anglo-American League branches in England (founded by later Pilgrims Society members) = Seen as inadequate for FORMING THE BRITISH-BANKSTER SCAMS! = So they formed The Pilgrims Society to UNITE THE ZIO-MOB CRIMINALS IN LONDON & NYC. = Organized regular meetings in such prestigious hotels as the Victoria, the Waldorf Astoria, the Carlton Ritz, and the Savoy.

Idea for creating the Pilgrims Society of UNITED SCAMMERS from LONDON & NYC = Lindsay Russell, of Alexander and Colby, a well-connected lawyer from NYC + General Joseph Wheeler + General Lord Roberts + Sir Harry Brittain. = Organized the original meeting at the UK Carlton Hotel (1902). = Leaders included Lord Grenfell + Admiral Hedworth Lambton + Senator Chauncey M. Depew (Yale Skull & Bones 1856) + Archdeacon of London + William MacDonald Sinclair

The first meeting of the Pilgrims of the United States was at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NYC (1903)

Schiff + Rockefeller + Morgan + Warburg = ALL RUN BY ROTHSCHILDS

Pilgrims functions = Bring together an array of notable high level criminals under one roof = John D. Rockefeller + J. P. Morgan + Thomas W. Lamont = Call out the great criminals to hear a British Ambassador expound to Americans on their NEED FOR UNITY OF CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES = Professor Carroll Quigley’s (1966) “Tragedy and Hope” completely exposes the Anglo-American Establishment = “[The aim of the international bankers was] nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences.”

1971 Gary Allen wrote in Nixon, The Man Behind The Mask that “[Elmer] Bobst is listed as a member of the highly secret Pilgrim Society, which is even closer to the inner circle of the conspiracy than the CFR.”

Joel Van der Reijden on ISGP website about Pilgrims Society Address = Pretend the essential righteousness of the Pilgrims in delusional sanctimonious arrogance

Charles Savoie = “The Pilgrims Society is a cluster of intermarried old-line rich, royals and robber barons who created the world’s financial structure.”

Rothschilds Banksters were in the ranks of the British Pilgrims along with members of the British royal family.

Rothschilds = Most influential banking families in British history

ROTHSCHILDS = Run London gold price-fixing committee at N. M. Rothschild & Sons = Sets the price of gold on the premises of Nathan Mayer Rothschild & Sons twice daily

Rothschilds-Sassoons = Opium trade starting in 1700s and 1800s in China to present in Afghanistan and South America.

Rothschild dynasty pervaded all that was powerful and influential and Carroll Quigley placed Lord Nathaniel (Natty) Rothschild within the very core of the secret organization.

Rothschilds = All-powerful in British and world banking and virtually untouchable.

“The House of Rothschild was immensely more powerful than any financial empire that had ever preceded it. It commanded vast wealth. It was international. It was independent. Royal governments were nervous of it because they could not control it. Popular movements hated it because it was not answerable to the people. Constitutionalists resented it because its influence was exercised behind the scenes – secretly.” — Carroll Quigley

Money was never a problem for the Rothschilds Secret Elite = They have the right to pull it out of THIN AIR in ANY AMOUNT and at ANY TIME USURY INTEREST FREE TO THEM.

Natty Rothschild, the richest man in the world, was directly involved from the beginning, but the ‘Money-Power’ extended well beyond that single source and were always willing to finance Secret Jewish Elite proposals & fund their propaganda groups. They controlled and became close friends of Kings and Queens who they own and now they own so-called DEMOCRACIES and COMMUNIST NATIONS.

ROTHSCHILDS flow of money into the United States during the nineteenth century advanced industrial development to the immense benefit of the SUPER-RICH MAFIA of the Rothschilds + Rockefellers + Carnegies + Morgans + Vanderbilts.

ROTHSCHILDS = Still represent British interests directly through front companies or indirectly through agencies they control = Central Banks + Big Oil & Gas + Railroads + Steel + Shipbuilding + Construction + Financing it all was the near infinite payoff as they generously financed their Jewish Partners Businesses while strangling others with USURY INTEREST or even more CUT-THROAT was no loans at all. This small group of massively rich individuals on both sides of the Atlantic knew each other well, and the Secret Elite in London initiated a very select and secretive club, The Pilgrims, that brought them together on a regular basis to scheme and devise new scams against humanity.

ROTHSCHILDS Dominate Britain = Others in the Secret Elite are Curzon + Northcliffe + Esher + Balfour = Members of the Pilgrims Societies & their secretive meetings. In NYC it was the Rockefeller & Morgan dynasties and many men in senior government posts.

Pilgrim Society Initial membership was likewise limited to 500 heavily dominated by Yale, Harvard and Princeton Universities and their own secret groups like Skull & Bones = They conducted what Carroll Quigley termed the Secret Elite’s triple-front-penetration of politics, the press and education. The Pilgrims Society brought together American money and British aristocracy, royalty, government ministers and top diplomats. It was indeed a special relationship.

FIXTURES IN MANIPULATION OF MARKETS AND PRICES = Central Bank of England — Fifth Avenue Bank — Kuhn, Loeb & Co. — N.M. Rothschild & Sons

Dutch establishment surrounding Prince Bernhard and some of his 1001 Club members includes French Rothschilds and many Pilgrims. 1960s Dutch conservative and liberal elites became concerned about a major newspaper drifting too far to the left and instantly conspiracies were organized to halt this course.

Near the top of Superclass Index = Lynn Forester de Rothschild & J. Rothschild

Allen Dulles & the Bechtels who became the Rockefellers of the West Coast are particularly well-known for their prominence in the Bohemian Grove visited by Rockefellers + Morgans + Eisenhower + Other Pilgrims + others in Elite 1001 Club + Rothschilds + Prince Berhard + Prince Philip.

1953 the CIA & MI6 & Eisenhower & Churchill & Eden & Bechtel = Overthrew Mohammed Mossadeq in Iran for his nationalizing (BP) then called the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC) installing the crooked Shah of Iran = members of Pilgrims Society and 1001 Club. Sir Eric Drake, GM of AIOC, flew to London to plead for a coup and eventually became Chairman of BP (Pilgrims Society & 1001 Club)

1960 Eisenhower & Allen Dulles & Belgian colonialist = Killed Patrice Lumumba, the nationalist president of Zaire / The Congo and installed brutal dictator Mobutu Sese Seko who was invited to join the elite 1001 Club with Rockefellers + Rothschilds + Bechtels + Belgian establishment.

1967 entire 40 Committee (then called 303 Committee) + Clark Clifford & President’s Intelligence Advisory Board (PIAB)

1974 Two days after the initial New York Times exposed CIA domestic spying, Clifford claimed to the media that “he had never been briefed on any domestic activities by the CIA during his service and strongly hinted that the CIA had gone rogue during the Nixon administration, hiding its activities from FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and the administration. = Clifford said he never heard anything about CIA assassination plots during his term at the PIAB.

1947 Clifford was involved in the creation of the National Security Act and the CIA and was very close to Pilgrims like David Rockefeller, Averell Harriman & the Trilateral Commission & Used Saudi money to get the Pilgrims-tied former CIA director Richard Helms off the hook for perjury in the 1970s & Rockefellers & Rothschilds = All deeply involved in the CIA-Mossad-ISI-linked BCCI network of the 1980s.

Liechtenstein royal family (Hans Adam) = Invited to the 1001 Club = David & Laurence Rockefeller + Bechtels + Prince Philip = Backed con artists becoming superstars with major book contracts & Radio shows on Coast to Coast AM.

Pilgrims Society group = Astor + Rockefeller + Bechtel (key employees George Shultz & Caspar Weinberger) + Prince Philip + James Woolsey + Clintons + John Podesta + Rothschilds + Pilgrim Peter Peterson PROMOTED UFO BULL CRAP!

Pilgrims Society Anglo-American group = Jewish members of major banking houses + EXTREMIST ZIONIST Rothschilds who were ALWAYS ON TOP = Now Today Most support the Radical Zionist lobby.

Rothschilds = Primarily British imperialists who want Israel as a part of the British Empire and up until the late 1950s James de Rothschild argued for Israel’s incorporation within the British Commonwealth.

ROTHSCHILDS ZIO-MOB = Fought against anti-communists and supported the Jewish dictatorship in the USSR

1933, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Zionist-oriented families as the Cecils & Rothschilds claimed the Jews were persecuted for their aggressive financial activities.

ANTI-ROTHSCHILDS ALLIANCE = Chamberlain + Duke of Windsor clique + British aristocrats + Bank of England + Lord Guthrie = Favored “appeasement” with the Nazis = They wanted to severely restricted Jewish immigration to British-controlled Palestine and allow Jews to buy no more than 5% of Palestinian land = 1939 White Paper called a relatively small group of Jews allowed into a Palestinian-dominated state + Wanted restrictive immigration of Jews entering England also.

ANTI-ROTHSCHILDS ALLIANCE IN AMERICA = Henry Ford + du Ponts + Alfred Sloan of General Motors + Joseph Kennedy + IBM Watson family + Harrimans + Rockefellers + Dulles brothers + Haig + John M. Olin, Olin Foundation = Except for Ford, all these families had representatives in the Pilgrims.

NOTE: Post WW II Henry Ford II was in the 1001 Club with the Rockefellers + Bechtels + Rothschilds.


Lord William Rees-Mogg, the most savage press hound attacking Clinton = A close associate of the Duke of Devonshire (Cavendish) + Lord Carrington (Pilgrims president) + Lord Rothschild + Prince Charles = Dined with Tony Blair + Gordon Brown + PEDOPHILE Edward Heath + Sir Denis Thatcher = Bank of England + Morgan Stanley + BIS + JPMChase + Order of the Garter + Pilgrims Society

Rothschilds + Cecils + Drummonds + Dukes of Norfolk + Dukes of Devonshire + Harry Oppenheimer + Paul Mellon = Found with Rees-Mogg when the even more exclusive Roxburghe Club met.

Pilgrims = Include some Jewish-Israeli Zionist Neoconservatives

“Georgetown Set” = Allen Dulles + Frank Wisner = Ties to the NYC banking establishment = Opposed by elements in the Army and Navy, like General George V. Strong, Admiral Leahy and General Walter Bedell Smith = Considered Wall Street in foreign affairs and military incompetent = Shows tenuous Connections between intelligence and banking.

Sir Charles Hambro (a Pilgrim) = Was a director of the Bank of England and a close friend of both the Wallenbergs in Sweden and the Morgan family in New York.

CABAL = Powerful and secretive covert policy was set by ZIO-MOB appointed Cabinet Office + Intelligence circles + Industry + City of London Banksters to finance the crimes & Lauder the funds = Powers which brought Mrs. Thatcher to power. = “Whether Margaret Thatcher was herself at the real centre of power as the leader of this inner group cannot be said for certain. However, she was more concerned for the group’s freedom to act than any other prime minister in history… “

Passage of British INTEL Officers (MI5 & MI6) to the City of London Banksters = Common occurrence = Sir John Cuckney (ex-MI5) where political overtones are involved, such men are especially welcome. = Once in the BANKSTER CITY position, these men maintain their Intelligence connections & they build up even more political connections. = MIXTURE of City of London BANKSTERS + BRITISH INTEL + POLITICS = CABAL PROFILE OF DOMINATION! = Firms in City of London hire employees that have retired as heads within MI6 & MI5 and their Intelligence associations continue for years = Loved by Rothschilds to play a central role in underground drug dealing & arms trading. = Above the law

1857 Rothschilds = Developed close relationships with Peabody & Morgan Bank, and following a crash in 1857 saved that bank by organizing a huge bailout by the Bank of England.

Morgan Family = Although American by birth, wore their affinity to England like a badge of honor, despite stinging criticism from Thomas Jefferson that they were “under the influence of the whore of England.” J.P. Morgan spent much of his younger years absorbing English traditions, and was an ardent anglophile and admirer of the British Empire.

1899 J.P. Morgan travelled to England to attend an international Bankers Convention and returned to America as the representative of Rothschild interests in the United States. Morgan was the perfect front for the Rothschilds scammers as he posed as an upright Protestant guardian of capitalism but acted exclusively for the Rothschilds and against AMERICANS using the OLD poison of anti-Semitism (NOBODY EVER USED THE TERM ANTI-AMERICANISM).

1895 the Rothschilds secretly MADE MORGAN INTO A HERO by replenishing the US gold reserves, raising him to the premier league of international banking. J. P. Morgan was an Empire loyalist chopping at the heart of the American Society.

Jacob Schiff (related to the Rothschilds) ran a second powerful bank on Wall Street = Kuhn, Loeb & Co., that also served as a Rothschild front. Schiff was an experienced European banker whose career straddled both continents, with contacts in New York , London, Hamburg and Frankfurt. Schiff even dined with King Edward. Jacob Schiff had married Solomon Loeb’s daughter and, backed by Rothschild gold, quickly gained overall control of the Kuhn, Loeb Bank. Schiff in turn brought a young German banker, Paul Warburg, over to New York to help him run the bank. Paul and his brother Max had served part of their banking apprenticeships with Natty Rothschild in London. Like the Peabody-Morgan bank in London, the Warburg family bank in Hamburg had been saved by a very large injection of Rothschild money, and undoubtedly acted as a Rothschild front thereafter.

ROTHSCHILDS = Eliminated competition after periods of blistering competition between the investment banking houses and international oil goliaths like J. D. Rockefeller. They simply joined to gether to SCREW HUMANITY with their MONOPOLIES in every field.

ROTHSCHILDS = By 1900 all real competition was removed so they could impose USURY in every field and rip-off all of humanity.

Baron Alphonse de Rothschild had accepted Rockefeller’s invitation to meet in New York behind the closed doors of Standard Oil’s headquarters on Broadway and quickly reached a tentative agreement, and thought it desirable on both sides that the matter was kept confidential. Clearly both understood the advantage of monopolistic collusion for their own advantage = ZERO rivalry in banking, industry and commerce, though they would have the world believe otherwise.

ROTHSCHILDS FALSE FACADE EXAMPLE = Rothschild paid biographers maintain that the dynasty’s interests in America were limited, and that the American Civil War led to “a permanent decline in the Rothschild’s transatlantic influence”. Facts and evidence point to A MASSIVE RAPE OF AMERICANS WEALTH IN THE CIVIL WAR BY THE ROTHSCHILDS ZIO-CRIME SYNDICATE. = Their associates, agents and front companies permeated American finance and industry. Their influence was literally everywhere. J.P. Morgan, the acknowledged chieftain of the Anglo-American financial establishment was the main conduit for British capital and a personal friend of the Rothschilds. Jacob Schiff, a Pilgrim & Rothschilds friend & agent, ran Kuhn, Loeb, another Rothschild Bankster tool for ROBBERY. Schiff worked hand-in-glove with Rockefeller in oil, railroad and banking enterprises and as a trusted associate of J.D. Rockefeller the Pilgrim.

Morgan + Schiff + Rockefeller = Three leading ROTHSCHILDS CARTEL front players on Wall Street = As Rothschilds remained invisible to Americans.

ROTHSCHILDS = Control of American capital and credit was increasingly concentrated as the ZIO-MOB BUILT UP TO $500+ TRILLION IN WEALTH & RESOURCES today in hidden vaults around the world, but all under ZIO-MAFIA CONTROL!

Rothschild, Lord Nathan M. 1840-1915 followed up after Lionel de Rothschild (1808-1879) in 1879 as head of N. M. Rothschild & Sons = Funded the building of the Suez Channel + Funded Cecil Rhodes’ British South Africa Company & De Beers diamond conglomerate + Administered Rhodes’s estate after his death in 1902 and helped to set up the Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University.

Rothschild, James A. de 1878–1957 = Inherited Waddesdon Manor from Alice de Rothschild in 1922. Helped finance Israel’s Knesset building = BEHIND THE BRITISH-ISRAEL ROTHSCHILDS ZIO-CRIME SYNDICATE & ITS THINK TANKS!

Rothschild, Anthony G. de 1887-1961 = Managing partner N. M. Rothschild & Sons 1918 to 1961 = Father of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, chair and CEO of N. M. Rothschild & Sons 1976-2003.

Rothschild, Edmund 1916-2009 Commander of a Jews from Palestine Unit in Italy 1944-1945 = Partner of N.M. Rothschild & Sons 1946-1960, senior partner 1960-1970, chair 1970-1975, followed up by cousin Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. God father to Prince Bernhard’s illegitimate daughter Alexia Grinda = Build the sustainable development movement with David Rockefeller and Maurice Strong in the 1970s.

Sassoon, Sir Philip Son of Sir Albert Sassoon (1856-1912) and Aline de Rothschild, daughter of Baron Gustave de Rothschild. = Sir Albert and his brother, Arthur Sassoon, were key members of an infamous Jewish family that dominated 19th century trade in Asia and northern Africa. They also controlled the Chinese opium trade (1810 to present) with the Jardine Matheson & Co., later called Jardine Matheson & Co.

Warburg, Sir Siegmund 1902-1982 = Member of the famous German-Anglo-American banking family = Trained at the Rothschild bank. Founder S.G. Warburg in 1946. = Partner of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. = Attended Bilderberg.

THIS HORRIBLE BRITISH-ISRAEL ROTHSCHILDS ZIO-CRIME SYNDICATE MEMBER, Lord Charles Guthrie, Baron of Craigiebank, Helped shore up support for the 2003 Iraq invasion

Lord Charles Guthrie, Baron of Craigiebank (1938-) Director N.M. Rothschild & Sons since about 2002 + Annual member of Trilateral Commission since 2002 + Helped shore up support for the 2003 Iraq invasion.

Lord Charles Guthrie, Baron of Craigiebank (1938-) Director N.M. Rothschild & Sons since about 2002 + Annual member of Trilateral Commission since 2002 + Helped shore up support for the 2003 Iraq invasion. + Paid advisor to Libya in 2004. + VP of Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM). + Decades-long close friend of former Pakistani president Musharraf. + Director of 2008-founded United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) = PURE EVIL AGAINST HUMANITY LIKE PRINCE PHILIP & PRINCE CHARLES!

Rees-Mogg, Lord 1928-2012 = Editor-in-chief The London Times 1967-1981 + Vice chair board of governors of the BBC 1981-1986. + Connected to billionaire ultra-conservative and CIA asset Richard Mellon Scaife. + Indulged in WACO, Oklahoma and Monica Lewinsky affair + Director of St. James Place Capital, co-founded by Lord Jacob Rothschild in 1990. + Chair of the ultraconservative Newsmax since 2000.

George Weidenfeld, Lord-Baron = Top leader of the Zionist Community in Britain helped SETUP JEWISH TAKEOVER OF PALESTINE IN 1949

Weidenfeld, Lord (1919-) = Top leader of the Zionist community in Britain helping SETUP JEWISH TAKEOVER OF PALESTINE IN 1949 & Chief of cabinet to Chaim Weizmann in 1949. + In 1996 a co-founder of the elite Institute for Strategic Dialogue, together with Lord Jacob Rothschild. + Works with criminals like Henry Kissinger + Bronfmans + Rothschilds + Board of Aspen Institute & EastWest Institute & Middle East Media Research Institute + Mossad-linked Jerusalem Foundation. + Chair E.U.-Israel Forum = SUPER-ZIO-MOB MEMBER.

Schiff, Jacob Family = Related to the Rothschilds & Involved in the 1910 Jekyll Island FED RESERVE-INCOME TAX meeting.

Strong, Benjamin = Son of the famous Morgan banker and Federal Reserve founder who attended the 1910 Jekyll Island FED RESERVE-INCOME TAX meeting.

Vanderlip, Frank = Involved in the 1910 Jekyll Island FED RESERVE-INCOME TAX meeting.

Vreeland, Edward = His brother helped establish the Federal Reserve with Rockefeller agent Nelson Aldrich.

Warburg, Paul = Key Rothschilds player in the 1910 Jekyll Island FED RESERVE-INCOME TAX meeting.