Rothschild’s Inter-Alpha Group Pushes Imperial Genocide by John Hoefle


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1971 CE: Lord Jacob Rothschild’s Inter-Alpha Group, a London-centered group and CRIMINAL SYNDICATE of financial institutions created to fully ROB and dismantle the fixed-exchange-rate system of Bretton Woods. Created in 1971 by six Rothschilds MOB-related banks (now eleven) in the European Community to provide a platform for coordinating MOB campaigns.

FACT: After the 2007-2008 collapse of the ROTHSCHILDS MOB’s Global Financial System, billions of people have suffered a dramatic collapse in quality of life and yes life itself. 2010 CE: Lord Jacob Rothschild and his Inter-Alpha Group caught red-handed again actively destabilizing efforts at scientific and industrial progress in Germany to become energy independent and modernize the Paris-Vienna-Budapest rail links.

DEFINITION OF USURY: Usury is the practice of making unethical or immoral monetary loans that unfairly enrich the lender because of excessive or abusive interest rates or fees. Actually, any interest should be called usury.

Lord Jacob Rothschild Inter-Alpha Group controllers motives and methods is to destroy civilization with evil programs that hurt humanity. Attacking Germany is British-Swiss Rothschilds Crime MOB’s other goal beyond destroying America.


Lord Jacob Rothschild Inter-Alpha Group, whose mission is to stop German & American industrial progress and destroy these nations sovereignty, in pursuit of the British-Swiss Rothschilds Crime Syndicate’s genocidal plan to reduce the world’s population to under 2 billion people controlled by a New World MOB Dictatorship.

Lord Jacob Rothschild Inter-Alpha Group like Soros groups organizes protests directed specifically at Germany and America aimed at preventing HUMAN progress in Europe-America-and the entire world. Rothschilds MOB thinks if they can break Germany, the leading economy in Europe, then they can do it for all of Europe. Likewise, ROTHSCHILDS MOB thinks if they can completely derail USA then the rest of North, Central, and South America will follow it down the drain.

FACT: A strong German and American economy would be a major STIMULUS in building a NEW economic renaissance benefiting all of humanity – NOT JUST THE ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB. The productive power of the global economy determines how many people the economy can support in decent lifestyles. As the economy grows, it can support more people, and historically, population levels have increased with greater economic growth potential.

Lord Jacob Rothschild Inter-Alpha Group has already locked into their think tank planned demographic horror and everyday the Rothschild Crime Syndicate and his Lord’s Inter-Alpha group work to make it impossible for more than their own small group to enjoy a decent quality of life. Instead they focus on CRIMINAL EUGENICS and destroying 5+ Billion lives on planet Earth. Their goals are clearly genocidal. They even use vaccines, fake concern for “environmentalism,” starvation, and faked wars to mass murder millions and eventually Billions in their CRIMINAL GENOCIDE of “THE OTHERS.”

Lord Jacob and his financier lackeys are out to kill people on the greatest scale in history and that likely includes American families. That is the think tank plan by the Inter-Alpha Group & Rothschilds CRIME MOB. They ignore the hung people at Nuremberg for such crimes and continue to drive ahead with their crimes.


As always, the Rothschilds Crime MOB was given the privilege (by Criminals in the British Government in 1694 CE – Bank of England’s private investor William Paterson stated, “The Bank hath benefit of interest on all monies which it creates out of nothing”) to loan at USURY INTEREST an unlimited amount of money that generates an unlimited amount of income. This unlimited money is how Lord Jacob Rothschilds Crime MOB funds all the actions of the covert Inter-Alpha Group founded in 1971 CE (they fund Soros in the same manner). In the case of the Inter-Alpha Group, the fascist assault on Germany and America comes more from fortunes created by the activities of the Inter-Alpha Group itself and the “BEST USURY SCAM EVER INVENTED” run by the Rothschilds Crime Syndicate. People who engage in such activity, who consciously destroy people by the millions, are monsters. They take perverse pleasure in what they do: They do not merely do evil, they are evil.


#1 Afraid of mankind as a near infinitesimal group of people are able to subjugate a far larger population. Will the SHEEP ever wake up and say “NO MORE USURY” and “NO MORE ALL FOR ONE and NONE FOR ALL.”

#2 Fear the small pleasures they toss us will NOT be enough to control the Billions. And the Billions finally decide to end the TYRANNY and DOMINATION and LOSS OF LIVES.

#3 Americans’ Founding Fathers, established the United States as a Constitutional Republic, built on the concepts of DEBT FREE COLONIAL SCRIPT (NO INTEREST RATE) and with the intent of lifting the world out of BRITISH TYRANNY. That totally scared the hell out of the British Criminal Empire. Times of London wrote that the American System would destroy the British Criminal USURY DEBT SYSTEM!

#4 Total collapse of the USURY PYRAMID SYSTEM ending the Rothschilds Crime Syndicate’s 250+ year run.

ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB GOAL: BANKRUPT AND REMOVE ANY TRACE of the AMERICA ZERO USURY SYSTEM. The empire has been trying to put the American genie back in its bottle ever since it began. The British ROTHSCHILDS MOB decided to use the wealth and creativity of Americans to fund FAKED WARS for their THINK TANK PLANS FOR WORLD DOMINATION.


ROTHSCHILDS-ROYALS CRIME MOB are a small and brutish dangerous bunch, desperately holding onto a failed and evil system, and determined to prevent the world, at all costs, from moving into the modern era of ZERO USURY CURRENCIES and cooperation without THINK TANK FAKED WARS.

NEW SYSTEM: We, on the other hand, can use the creativity of the human mind to understand and transform the world in which we live, to proliferate prosperity and genius. Our future is unlimited, if we but grasp it from the dozen or so CRIMINALS in the ROTHSCHILDS MOB. The MOB has no defense against this happening, other than to prevent us from realizing that potential. We simply have to END these privileged scams and issue our own currencies without USURY INTEREST.








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871 CE-899 CE: One of the best governments in English history was that of King Alfred the Great, who pursued a policy of literacy, education, and nation-building, and stands as a founder of Old English literature. The Byzantine Empire, fully infected by Khazars, saw in Alfred a flare-up of the Platonic Christian humanism of Charlemagne a century earlier and hated it and wanted England as a place to infiltrate and shape. So the Byzantium incited the Vikings and Varangians or Kievan Rus’ people and were defeated by Alfred the Great. Varangians, were incited by Khazar-Byzantines-(Venetians to be) to renew their attacks on England.

1066 CE: Norwegian & Byzantine armies converged on England. The Byzantine leader was killed by the English at Stamford Bridge, but the weakened English forces were defeated at Hastings by William of Normandy (“the Conqueror”) who imposed Norman rule on Britain.

1215 CE: The Venetian-Sponsored Crusades of Plantagenets, featured such figures as Richard I Lionheart, a flamboyant homosexual who avidly participated in the Venetian-funded Crusades around the eastern Mediterranean including Palestine and Constantinople. The Magna Carta in 1215 had nothing to do with political liberties, but was to protect the feudal barons against the central monarchy so these Barons could lawfully wage war upon the King if they had grievances. England was held hostage to parasitical feudal overlords that a more centralized monarchy may have stopped. Magna Carta was a license for CIVIL WAR(S) by sociopathic barons to impose virtual slavery on their workers and the Barons were the most reactionary element in English society, and were susceptible to easy manipulation by Venice, which had now conquered Byzantium and was approaching the peak of its power.

1250s CE: Venetian oligarchs were a guiding force among the Lombard bankers who carried out the “great shearing” of England which led to the bankruptcy of the English King Henry III, who refused to pay the Venetian Banksters his debts and went bankrupt. The bankruptcy was followed by a large-scale civil war called by the Venetian Criminals.

1340 CE: Venetian-Khazar Criminals infecting England started the War against France known today as the Hundred Years’ War. As part of that Venetian manipulation, King Edward III of England formed an alliance with the Venetian Ruler (Doge Gradenigo) to waging a wage war on France. The odd agreement was that all the Venetians in English received all the same privileges enjoyed by the English, but the sorry Venetians accepted the privileges, but refused to join in the fighting. So the degeneracy was infiltrated into English society during these years of Venetian rule as defined in the writings of Chaucer – the greatest English writer of the age – who was an anti-Venetian. The Criminal Khazar-Venetians concocted myths to enhance their influence on English society including the anti-Christian myth of King Arthur and his Round Table of oligarchs seeking the Holy Grail and for the downtrodden masses, there was the myth of Robin Hood, who by robbing from the rich to give to the poor combined Bankster plunder with class struggle.

1370s CE: The Black Death dipped out 35% of the English population, or 1.5 million people, because of the Black Death, itself which resulted poverty imposed by the Venetian Banksters debt service policies.

1381 CE: An uprising in London and southeast England was to abolish feudal dues, free use of forests for the poor to hunt, and an end to the tithes or taxes collected by the church. This was called Wat Tyler’s rebellion, which ended when Wat was killed by the Mayor of London. Also, English Protestantism was promoted by John Wycliffe, of Oxford. These were means of Venetian splintering religious and socio-economic divide and conquer, still used by the British Rothschilds Crime Syndicate.

1377 CE: Wycliffe was saved from prosecution by an uprising of the London mob. Lollardry kept going for centuries as an underground religion for the disinherited kept going by itinerant preachers. During Queen Elizabeth’s time, Lollardry lived in the form of sects called the Familists and the Grindletonians. These finally flowed into the Puritan Revolution of the 1640’s. Lollardy contained a strong dose of primitive socialism; Lollard leaders like John Ball and “Jack Straw” preached social revolution with slogans such as, “When Adam delved and Eve span, Who was then the gentleman?” This is the ultimate source of that communism which David Urquhardt taught Karl Marx five centuries later. Finally, Lollardry spread into central Europe through the medium of the Hussites of Bohemia and caused a series of wars of religion there. In seventeenth-century England there was a slogan to the effect that Wycliffe begat Hus, Hus begat Luther, and Luther begat truth. There is every reason to view the Lollards as a Venetian pilot project for Luther’s 1517 launching of the Reformation during the war of the League of Cambrai.

1455 CE-1485 CE: The English defeat by the French in the Hundred Years’ War left English society in a shambles. This led to oligarchical chaos and civil war known as the Wars of the Roses with the two-sides based on quarrels among the seven sons of the pro-Venetian Edward III, who had started the wars with France. The Wars of the Roses brought English society to the point of breakdown.

1485 CE-1509 CE: Henry Tudor, the Earl of Richmond, became Henry VII was King of England was the first monarch of the House of Tudor. He ruled the Principality of Wales until 1489 CE and was Lord of Ireland. It was under Henry VII that England began to become a modern state and to participate in the Renaissance progress of greater Europe. Henry VII had to suppress the Criminal Pro-Venetian Banksters & Barons to create the revival of England. The Venetians had been decimated by their own handiwork of civil war. Henry VII set himself up as the Big Policeman against the oligarchs. Henry VII established the central government as controllers of the police and military powers. Henry VII’s policy was an alliance of the crown with urban trading and productive classes against the Venetian-Khazar barons that took control. He excluded Barons-Oligarchs from the state government in favor of city merchants much more loyal to the king. Henry VII also gave more power to the royal court designed to impose central authority on the barons. The private armies of oligarchs along with other bandits and pirates were liquidated. Henry VII was active in promoting trading companies to expand overseas commerce. Under the Tudor state, England existed as a nation, with relative internal stability and a clear dynastic succession. Henry VII’s suppression of the oligarchs displeased Venice. Venice also did not like Henry’s policy of alliance with Spain, secured by the marriage of his heir to Catherine of Aragon. Henry VII in fact sought good relations with both France and Spain. The Venetians wanted England to become embroiled with both France and Spain. Venice was also fundamentally hostile to the modern nation-state, which Henry was promoting in England.

1509 CE-1547 CE: Henry VII’s son, Henry VIII, turned out to be a murderous pro-Venetian psychotic and the Venetians re-asserted their oligarchical system of CRIMINAL BANKSTERS. Henry VIII’s accession to the throne coincided with the outbreak of the War of the League of Cambrai, with France, the Holy Roman Empire (Germany), Spain, and the papacy aligned together to annihilate Venice and its Khazar oligarchy. This world war ushered in the modern era. Henry VIII and the Venetian oligarchy were alone among the major rulers of Europe fighting to maintain a pro-Venetian win during the crisis years of 1509 CE-1510 CE. The Venetian oligarchy realized the futility of attempting a policy of world domination from the tiny base of a Venetian city-state so they transferred their family fortunes, Khazar philosophical outlook, and political methods into such states as England and the Netherlands. Soon the Venetians decided that England (and Scotland) was perfect for their New Venice, the future center of a new, world-wide Empire based on maritime supremacy and oligarchical domination by destroying the political system and any sign of concern for most of humanity.

1509 CE-1715 CE: The victory of the Venetian party in England built in turn upon a pre-existing foundation of Byzantine and Venetian influence most in British linked governments. The Venetian oligarchical system setup in Great Britain was simply the continued tradition of the Babylonians, Romans, Byzantines, and Venetians. The Venetian oligarchs infiltrated England and Scotland and these were descended of Khazars-Turkic-Mongols that had been forced by Russia and other neighbors to migrate to Venice and then to Netherlands and then to Britain.

1527 CE: Henry VIII’s divorce of Catherine of Aragon, and the dominant Venetian oligarchic political figure to help in the divorce and the oligarchs played on Henry’s lust and paranoia. The Venetians became founders of the powerful Rosicrucian, cabalistic, and Freemasonic tradition in the Tudor court. These oligarchs manipulated Henry VIII to take the momentous step of breaking with the Roman Papacy to found the Anglican Church. He did this under the explicit advice of Thomas Cromwell, a Venetian agent who had become his chief adviser. Thomas Cromwell was Henry VIII’s business agent in the confiscation of the former Catholic monasteries and other church property, which were sold off to rising families. Thomas Cromwell thus served as the midwife to many a line of oligarchs.

1530s CE: Black Venetian Nobility saw Cromwell’s manipulation of Henry VIII’s divorce as a foreign policy opportunity. The tiny Italian city-state established and maintained its vast influence over the economies, trade, and governments of Europe by the artful application of “divide and conquer” trickery, applied with the help of the largest and most sophisticated diplomatic corps in all the known world.

1534 CE-1553 CE: Venetian destruction of the English was done under the banner of murderous religious fanaticism. Under Henry VIII, the English population continued in their traditional Roman Catholicism, which had been established in 644 CE at the synod of Whitby. In 1534 Henry under near complete control of Thomas Cromwell issued the Act of Supremacy that banned the Pope and the Catholic Religion. Those who refused to follow Henry VIII down this path, like St. Thomas More and many others, were executed (beheaded likely). This first phase of Anglicanism lasted until 1553, when the Catholic Queen Mary I (“Bloody Mary,” the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon) took power.

1540s CE-Onward: The overall Venetian policy has always been to foment wars of religion (or class or race or whatever) between the Lutherans, Calvinists, and Anglicans on the one hand, and the Jesuit-dominated Catholic Counter-reformation of the Council of Trent on the other. As the Rothschilds Crime Syndicate does today, the Venetians funded and agitate both sides of this conflict, and exercised profound influence over them. The Venetians insisted on the maintenance of a Protestant dynasty and a Protestant state church in England, since this made conflict with the Catholic powers more likely. The Venetians demanded an anti-Spanish policy on the part of London, generally to energize the imperial rivalry with Madrid, and most immediately to prevent the Spanish army stationed in Milan from getting an opportunity to conquer Venice.

1553 CE-1558 CE: Queen Bloody Mary I re-established Papal authority and carried out a bloodbath of executions with 300 to 500 prominent victims referred to as “Marian martyrs.” These events proved the thesis that a Catholic restoration would threaten lives and property. Bloody Mary died in 1558 CE.

1558 CE: Elizabeth I, the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, was considered a bastard by Catholics, so she forcibly restored her father’s Anglican or Episcopal Church again. So three times within the span of 25 years the English population was forced to “Fake” change their religion under the threat of capital punishment. The destruction from this whiplash was permanent and immense moral, psychological, and intellectual destruction of the British minds.

1588 CE-1603 CE: Elizabeth I was anti-Catholic and anti-Spanish and her policies fulfilled the basic Venetian goals for FAKING WARS including the struggle against the Spanish Armada in 1588 CE. Elizabeth was for 40 years under the influence of William Cecil, Lord Treasurer and a notorious assets of Venice and they continued to control the English state finances. Elizabeth’s economic policies had strong elements of a “communist planned economy” to accumulate gold and silver. She promoted numerous oligarchic industrial monopolies and Cecil developed the navy.

1603 CE-1700s CE: Ever Growing Venetian-Khazar Criminal influence in England, eventually leading to the British Rothschilds Crime Syndicate.

1628 CE-1641 CE: Charles I attempted to rule as an autocrat, without calling a Parliament. English naval power grew weak and could not even protect local ships from pirates. This outraged the City of London and its Puritan merchants. Like all Stuart monarchs they were afraid to seek approval from Parliament for war taxes, because they did not wish to undercut their claims of divine right of Kings. So like Venice, this was like an oligarchy ruled by few hands in power – In Venice at most several dozen oligarchs ruled. In Venice the ruling “Doge” was not the leader of a nation and supposed protector of all the people, unlike a monarch is supposed to be. Instead the Doge is the servant of NOBLE OLIGARCHS who own and run Venice for their own profits. So Charles was not being a good servant to the Venetian-Khazar Banksters. Sickening as it may seem, eventually, England became the country where the triumph of the oligarchs was eventually most complete.

1640 CE-1641 CE: Charles I was forced to call a Parliament in 1640 CE because he needed money. Eventually, the Parliamentary asserted its authority by passing bills of impeachment and attainder against royal favorites who were then executed. Venetians installed double agents, taking money from Royalists as well as the other side. In 1641, Charles I tried to arrest members of Parliament and the pro-Venetian City of London criminals. A rebellion against the stupid King, who fled north resulted in the English Civil War, or Puritan Revolution. The civil war was artificially imposed by two rival London cliques, both under Venetian influence like the Rothschilds Crime Syndicate do today. England was the only major European country in a religious war between two pro-Venetian Protestant factions – Obviously, a False Flag war. A lunatic fringe of radical religious sects began to gather followers due to the pervasive influence of Venetian kookery. One results of this war was the removal of communist planned economy by the Tudor state.

1640 CE: The English Parliament supposedly cancelled almost all 700 industrial monopolies.

1640s CE: One of the reasons for the ineptitude by both sides in the English Civil War was that under the Tudors the nobility and gentry had largely forgotten how to wage civil war.

1642 CE: Oliver Cromwell is financed by the money changers for the purposes of fomenting a revolution in England, and allowing them to take control of the money system again. After much bloodshed, Cromwell finally purges the parliament, overthrows King Charles I and has him beheaded in 1649. The money changers immediately consolidate their power and for the next few decades plunge Great Britain into a costly series of wars. They also take over a square mile of property in the center of London which becomes known as the City of London.

1642 CE: Oliver Cromwell is financed by the money changers for the purposes of fomenting a revolution in England, and allowing them to take control of the money system again. After much bloodshed, Cromwell finally purges the parliament, overthrows King Charles I and has him beheaded in 1649. The money changers immediately consolidate their power and for the next few decades plunge Great Britain into a costly series of wars. They also take over a square mile of property in the center of London which becomes known as the City of London.

1642 CE-1645 CE: Charles I fought the armies of the English and Scottish parliaments in the English Civil War. He was defeated in 1645 CE and surrendered to a Scottish force that eventually handed him over to the English Parliament. Charles refused to accept his captors’ demands for a constitutional monarchy, and temporarily escaped captivity in November 1647 CE. Re-imprisoned on the Isle of Wight

1642 CE-1646 CE: A more conservative group of Venetians favored a limited, defensive war against Charles I, followed by a negotiated peace, using a foreign Scottish army. The Scots demanded for England a Presbyterian state church and among them were the Calvinist town oligarchy of London. The other group wanted a standing army and total war and Execution of the King and the end of the monarchy. They were called the Congregationalists and were favored by Venice. Oliver Cromwell emerged as the leader of this second Venetian group agent. Prominent in Oliver Cromwell’s family tree was the widely hated Venetian agent Thomas Cromwell (1485 CE-1540 CE). Oliver Cromwell (1599 CE-1658 CE) was descended from Thomas Cromwell’s sister and his Uncle had married the widow of an Oligarch of Venetian finance. Cromwell ridiculed the weakness of the Parliamentary army. Cromwell’s regiment was highly effective against the Royalist or Cavalier forces containing the more extreme sects. Some of the most important roots of modern communism can be found in the sects represented in Cromwell’s Ironsides army. At the end of The English Civil War – Charles I was Beheaded.

1642 CE-1649 CE: Cromwell is financed by the money changers for the purposes of fomenting a revolution in England, and allowing them to take control of the money system again. After much bloodshed, Cromwell finally purges the parliament, overthrows King Charles I and has him beheaded in 1649 CE. The money changers immediately consolidate their power and for the next few decades plunge Great Britain into a costly series of wars. They also take over a square mile of property in the center of London which becomes known as the The City of London.

1642 CE-1649 CE: Cromwell is financed by the money changers for the purposes of fomenting a revolution in England, and allowing them to take control of the money system again. After much bloodshed, Cromwell finally purges the parliament, overthrows King Charles I and has him beheaded in 1649 CE. The money changers immediately consolidate their power and for the next few decades plunge Great Britain into a costly series of wars. They also take over a square mile of property in the center of London which becomes known as the The City of London.

1647 CE: The English Civil War resulted in the English Parliamentary Army victory over all other including King Charles I, crushed by Cromwell. The end of the Civil War resulted in the Beheading of King Charles I and the exile of Charles II. In addition the Irish and Scottish were defeated and the English Parliament was reduced in power.

1647 CE: “In return for financial support will advocate admission of Jews to England: This however impossible while Charles living. Charles cannot be executed without trial, adequate grounds for which do not at present exist. Therefore advise that Charles be assassinated, but will have nothing to do with arrangements for procuring an assassin, though willing to help in his escape.” — Cromwell To Ebenezer Pratt of the Mulheim Synagogue in Amsterdam, 16th June 1647 CE.

1647 CE: “In return for financial support will advocate admission of Jews to England: This however impossible while Charles living. Charles cannot be executed without trial, adequate grounds for which do not at present exist. Therefore advise that Charles be assassinated, but will have nothing to do with arrangements for procuring an assassin, though willing to help in his escape.” — Cromwell To Ebenezer Pratt of the Mulheim Synagogue in Amsterdam, 16th June 1647 CE.

1647 CE: “Will grant financial aid as soon as Charles is removed and Jews admitted. Assassination too dangerous. Charles shall be given opportunity to escape: His recapture will make trial and execution possible. The support will be liberal, but useless to discuss terms until trial commences.” — To Oliver Cromwell From Ebenezer Pratt, 12th July 1647 CE

1648 CE-1649 CE: Charles forged an alliance with Scotland, but by the end of 1648 CE Oliver Cromwell’s New Model Army had consolidated its control over England. Charles was tried, convicted, and beheaded for high treason in January 1649 CE. The monarchy was abolished and a republic called the Commonwealth of England was declared.

1648 CE-1653 CE: Colonel Pride, acting for Cromwell, expelled some 100 of the most Presbyterian members from Parliament, some of whom had been negotiating under the table with Charles I, by now a captive of the Army. All that was left of Parliament was called the Rump Parliament. Cromwell then had Charles I tried for treason and cut off his head on 30 January 1649. The Commonwealth was declared and the monarchy abolished as the Venetian puppet Cromwell took control. Cromwell’s challenge was to govern a country in which no elected Parliament could fund the military-army-gun-squads. The remaining Rump Parliament, had a battery of power hungry men who want to rule as an oligarchy, so Cromwell dispersed them in 1653.

1649 CE-1653 CE: Oliver Cromwell may have been justly hated as a corrupt oligarchy, but he governed effectively, preserved the revolution, made and financed victorious war(s), and carried out a consistent policy of aggressive mercantile imperialism. Its rule was indeed the most systematic government of the period; and since this rule was the rule not of one known minister but of a number of overlapping assemblies operating now as Parliament, now as committees of Parliament, now as Council of State, while some of the administrative departments were notoriously confused and confusing. , it is reasonable to ask who were the effective managers who made this complex and anonymous junta work so forcefully and so smoothly. This is a question which, in my opinion, can be answered with some confidence.

1649 CE: OLIVER CROMWELL FINANCED BY THE VENETIAN-ASHKENAZIS had King Charles I beheaded = ASHKENAZI BANKERS FROM AMSTERDAM led by the Ashkenazi financier and army contractor of Cromwell’s New Model Army, Fernandez Carvajal and assisted by Portuguese Ambassador De Souza, a Marano (secret Jew), saw an opportunity to exploit in the civil unrest led by Oliver Cromwell in 1643 CE. A stable Christian society of ancient traditions binding the Monarchy, Church, State, nobles and people into one solemn bond was disrupted by Calvin’s Protestant uprising. The Ashkenazis of Amsterdam exploited this civil unrest and made their move. They contacted Oliver Cromwell in a series of letters.

1649 CE: The groups they contacted included the Diggers that formed communes to squat on land and cultivate it – three centuries before Chairman Mao. Their idea was primitive communism and the abolition of wage labor. Their program was the creation of heaven on earth, the Anglo-Venetian roots of the later Marxism movement financed and directed by Rothschilds Crime Mob think tank stooges. The free love Ranters, many of whom were like Khazars or Frankists, held that sin and the law had been abolished leaving mankind with “perfect freedom and true Libertinism.” Some of them thought that fornication and adultery were positive religious duties, necessary to enjoy a maximum of grace. The Ranter John Robins proclaimed that he was God and agitated to lead 140,000 men to conquer the Holy Land – thus foreshadowing later British policy in the Middle East. Ranters were heavily repressed.

1649 CE-1660 CE: A Puritan Sect called the Fifth Monarchists were radical believers in major upheavals including the soon to arrive (they thought) Second Coming with the Rule of the Saints and some wanted to re-impose the Laws of Moses in place of the English common law. They wanted the tribunal of the Jews headed by a High Priest and having religious, civil, and criminal jurisdiction – to assume state power. This was done to minimize interest in the New Testament including the official banning around this time of Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost (Whitsunday), which were all condemned as popish idolatry. The roots of the British Israelite movement are clearly revealed in this Venetian push following the English Civil Wars. Also, during this period there were the extreme parties of one, unable to get along with any other cult. John Milton was an example of these. These were the sick sources of Cromwell’s power base. Cromwell leaned heavily and frequently on these radicals for support along with his always reliable power in the army, of which the sectarians were the backbone.

1651 CE: Muggletonians were a small Protestant Christian movement begun in 1651 CE by two London tailors who announced they were the last prophets foretold in the biblical Book of Revelation and who claimed that they had been commissioned by God in 1652 to serve as the Two Last Witnesses foretold in Revelations 11. Muggletonians believed the human soul while on earth serves no purpose (“SOULLESS”) and so did the Venetians who also did not believe in the Father-Son-Holy Ghost or trinity. Instead Venetians were materialists, like John Milton, who was close to the Muggletonians. The Muggletonians hung around in Britain until about 1970 CE. The group grew out of the Ranters and in opposition to the Quakers. Simply amazing such ideas can gain a gathering. They even opposed the idea of philosophical reasoning and searching out truths about the universe and that God takes no interest of everyday events on Earth and will not generally intervene until it is meant to bring the world to an end. The Muggletonians avoided all forms of worship or preaching, and met only for socializing.

1651 CE-1660 CE: So what had the Venetian-Staged Puritan Revolution accomplished, beyond killing 500,000 persons? First, Cromwell had founded the British Empire. Between 1651 and 1660 he had added 200 warships to the British Navy, more than the early Stuarts had managed to build during their 40-year tenure. Cromwell’s war with the Dutch (1652 CE-1654 CE), which hardly made sense for a Puritan, made plenty of sense in the light of the 1,700 Dutch-Venetian ships captured. Cromwell set up a convoy system for English merchant vessels, including those bringing coal from Newcastle. The basis of British naval domination was thus laid. After making peace with Holland, Cromwell made war on Spain, in exact conformity with Venetian requirements. Cromwell conquered: Jamaica, St. Helena, Surinam, Dunkirk, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick (in Canada). In addition, he established the status of the Portuguese Empire as a satellite and auxiliary of London. It was under Cromwell that English ships established a permanent presence in the Mediterranean; in his last years, he was considering the conquest of Gibraltar to facilitate this stationing. Jamaica, a center of the slave trade, stood out in what was called the Western Design – making war on Spain in the New World. Cromwell’s rule marked the triumph of free trade, as it was understood at that time. All attempts by government to supervise the quality of production, to fix prices, to maintain jobs and employment, to influence labor-management relations, or to influence wage rates were wholly abandoned. The City of London BANKSTERS demanded free trade. It got the abolition of all industrial monopolies, which had previously covered some 700 staple products. Laissez-faire was established in every sphere. The following Restoration by the Stuarts tried to roll this back after 1688 CE but failed.

1653 CE: ENGLAND BECOME OLIGARCHY— Oliver Cromwell becomes Lord Protector of England.

1653 CE-1655 CE: Cromwell setup what is called the Barebone’s Parliament, or Little Parliament, made up of those hand-picked selections for their “godliness,” many nominated by Independent congregations. Instead, a Major-General of the New Model Army, who was convinced he was the Son of God, dominated the proceedings. A moderate faction around another Major Gen. resulted in the total dissolution of the Barebones with a quick coup. This was the last pathetic attempt of the English Commonwealth to find a stable political form before the installation of Oliver Cromwell as Lord Protector. But with the surprise installation of Cromwell many suddenly went from seeing Cromwell as the New Moses to being the small horn of the Antichrist. But, Cromwell accepted the Instrument of Government, the first written constitution of England. Cromwell made the Parliament even more oligarchical with him as Lord Protector, backed up generals serving for life. But the first Protectorate Parliament refused to fund the standing army (now 57,000 troops) and rebelled against toleration (toleration of the many sects including Ashkenazis), so Cromwell dissolved it in January 1655. This was already Cromwell’s third dissolution; he would ultimately make it four.

1655 CE: Cromwell eventually decided on having a military dictatorship like Napoleon Bonaparte. Cromwell divided the British into 11 ad hoc districts, each headed by a major-general of the army to control the local militia, ran the courts, appointed all officials, and suppressed public immorality. All of this was done arbitrarily, with little reference to law. Cromwell also extended his secret tentacles into every pore of society and into every country of Europe. The rule of the Major-Generals prefigured European fascism. Soon many oligarchs became ANGRY and felt alienated and threatened and found Cromwell’s interference far worse than that of Charles I.

1655 CE: Cromwell, through his alliance with the Jewish bankers of Amsterdam and specifically with Manasseh Ben Israel and his brother-in-law, David Abravanel Dormido, initiated the resettlement of the Jews in England.

1655 CE: JEWISH STORY — Jews were readmitted to England by Oliver Cromwell.

1657 CE-1661 CE: The Quakers, a new sect in those days, had not yet made their pacifist turn. Often Ranters became Quakers. Many of them were highly militaristic troopers in Cromwell’s New Model Army. Quakers were heavily represented in the English army that carried out Cromwell’s genocide against Ireland. But Quaker James Naylor was cruelly punished for blasphemy after he re-enacted at Bristol Christ’s Palm Sunday entry into Jerusalem. In 1657, the Quaker leader George Fox criticized the English army because it had not yet seized Rome. Pacifism was adopted only after the Stuart Restoration, in 1661.

1658 CE: ENGLAND — Oliver Cromwell dies. His son Richard takes over.

1658 CE: Cromwell setup a Venetian-Style Doge’s crown for Cromwell to exercise power. They setup a second parliament that was forced to pass a Petition urging Cromwell to take up the crown. But it was a limited monarchy of the House of Cromwell subject to Parliament. Under pressure from the army generals, Cromwell declined the title of king but accepted all the rest. In February 1658, Cromwell dissolved his last Parliament.

1658 CE: CROMWELL DIES TO END THE NEAR FASCIST DICTATORSHIP, and his son Richard attempted to rule, but left after a few months.

1659 CE: ENGLAND — Richard Cromwell resigns. His fall from power is so swift he becomes known as ‘Tumbledown Dick’.

1659 CE-1660 CE: Members of a nest of Venetian agents divided religious groups with one saying the soul dies with the body and others professing life ever after.

1659 CE-1660 CE: A time of great chaos with no leader followed, with the restored Rump Parliament alternating with direct army rule. Finally, the army split into pieces; the commander of the winning piece, General Monck, joined the new Parliament and they recalled Charles II, the son of the executed Charles I. The Venetian bought writer John Milton who had worked as secretary to Cromwell – lamented the Parliament’s belief that, “Nothing but kingship can restore trade.” Milton proposed a regime based on a Grand Council along explicitly Venetian lines, with life tenure and co-optation of new members by simply bringing in new members into the Parliament when the old ones died off. Milton wanted to obtain a Venetian oligarchy without a one-person executive – He wanted an immovable aristocracy. England had been infected by the Venetian-Khazars to an extent that had caused 500,000+ deaths and untold harms to families and morale structure. Cromwell was also personally responsible for the campaign of genocide and starvation in Ireland that began with the 1649 massacre of the garrison of Drogheda. Cromwell told the Parliament that if he waged war according to international law and the rules of war, the campaign would be too expensive. So Cromwell relied on massacres and famine. Cromwell’s genocide eventually killed about one-third of the Irish population. Cromwell also invaded and reduced Scotland, which had switched to the Stuart cause in 1649. This laid the basis for the myth of a “British” people as a label imposed on Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and English victims of an oligarchy not of Englishmen, but of Venetians and their tools.

1660 CE: The monarchy was restored to Charles’s son, Charles II. Charles II, who had been deeply impressed by his father’s beheading and the following civil war, was tolerated by the oligarchy because he had learned the virtue of caution. But Charles II had not given up on his royal prerogatives.

1660 CE: England – Wheat prices were kept artificially high because, it was argued, only fear of starvation could coerce the poor into working.

1660 CE-1688 CE: During this time, the author Milton had many close well-known Venetian friends who supported his Venetian ideas & their programs and this included intelligence officers, economists and even members of Parliament. Even today some members of the British oligarchy are calling for the end of the monarchy and the creation of a republic. We must recall that the last time this was tried, the result was the fascist dictatorship of Oliver Cromwell and his major-generals. A “republic” in Britain in the early 21st century might turn out to be a military dictatorship rather similar to Cromwell’s fake republic.

1670s CE: During Charles II reign he served as a satellite and toady of Louis XIV of France, who paid him a subsidy which he used to circumvent Parliament. This enraged the Venetian-Ashkenazi Party. By now, the Venetians-Ashkenazis wanted to use England against the growing power of France, which had supplanted Spain at the top of their hit list.

1678 CE: Titus Oates alleged a new “popish plot” in which France, and no longer Spain, was the bogey-man. Charles II announced on his death-bed that he was a Roman Catholic, violating another key point of Venetian-Ashkenazi doctrine. That his brother and successor James II had also become a Catholic had been known and was the center of political battle for some time. The Whig party, the main vehicle of Venetian-Ashkenazi rule, made its mark at this time as the group most devoted to a Protestant succession to the English throne. James II was also in the pay of the Sun King of France.

1685 CE: When the Duke of Monmouth, the illegitimate but Protestant son of Charles II, attempted to land and stage an uprising, he was quickly defeated. In response, James II’s lackey Judge Jeffries brought his Bloody Assizes court (1685 CE) to the southwest of England, and began an orgy of thousands of death sentences. James II was trying to set up a standing army with Catholic officers, and put a Catholic admiral in charge of the Royal navy. Louis XIV’s revocation around this time of the Edict of Nantes, which had provided toleration for Protestants, made it appear plausible to some that James II would now attempt to play the role of Bloody Mary and kill all his rivals.

1688 CE: The regime that took shape in England was the most perfect copy of the Venetian-Ashkenazi oligarchy that was ever produced. There was a flare-up or two of resistance during the reign of Queen Anne, but otherwise the Venetian-Ashkenazi Party was broadly DOMINANT over Britain the soon to be dominant world power. The English masses had been so thoroughly crushed that little was heard from them for one and one half centuries, until the Chartist Working Class Movement of the 1840s. Basically, England became ruled by a criminal oligarchy, so greedy and dominating it denied the English of any real dream of upward mobility.

Today the Venetian-Ashkenazis are built into the Royals and Rothschilds as part of the Crime Syndicate out to dominate the world.

1688-1689 CE: The Anglo-Venetian-Ashkenazis decided that they were fed up with the now-Catholic, pro-French and wholly useless Stuart dynasty. Representatives of some of the leading oligarchical families signed an invitation to the Venetian puppet, William of Orange, and his wife Mary, an illegitimate daughter of James II. John Churchill, the future Duke of Marlborough, was typical of James’ former supporters who now went over to support William and Mary. William landed and marched on London. This is called by the British the “Glorious Revolution” of 1688; in reality, it consolidated the powers and prerogatives of the oligarchy, which were expressed in the Bill of Rights of 1689. No taxes could be levied, no army raised, and no laws suspended without the consent of the oligarchy in Parliament. Members of Parliament were guaranteed immunity for their political actions and free speech. Soon, ministers could not stay in office for long without the support of a majority of Parliament. Parliament was supreme over the monarch and the state church. At the same time, seats in Parliament were now bought and sold in a de facto market. The greater the graft to be derived from a seat, the more a seat was worth. Within a few years after the Glorious Revolution there was a Bank of England (1694 CE) and a national debt. When George I ascended the throne in 1714, he knew he was a Doge (Venetian placeholder), the TOOL of a VENETIAN-ASHKENAZI oligarchy.

1700 CE: Under the Restoration, the gentry and their very extensive parcels of privately owned land had been released from dues to the King, but there was no protection for small farmers and tenants. By 1700, the family farm was well on its way to being wiped out in England, giving rise to a landless mass of agricultural day laborers. The English countryside was full of de facto serfs without land. Craftsmen and artisans in the towns were increasingly wiped out by merchant oligarchs and bankers. Through this brutal primitive accumulation, England acquired its propertyless proletariat, forced to live by selling its labor. Ashkenazi usury interest became respectable in a world well described by Karl Marx, but it was created by Anglo-Venetian-Khazar-Ashkenazi finance, and not by modern capitalism. What might be called the middle class of small farmers and independent producers was crushed. Also Puritan initiatives in popular education were suppressed. English society assumed the bipolar elite-mass structure which is a hallmark of empires. As for oligarchism, it was estimated in the 1690’s that Parliamentary elections were under the effective control of only 2,000 men.


SUMMARY — 1603 CE-TODAY CE: Growing Venetian Criminal influence in England was decisive in imbedding strong Venetian-Khazar-Ashkenazi influence into the government and English Institutions. This began the existing long-term domination by the British Venetian Party easily observable after 1714 CE. These developments were not from English Sources in any natural way, but were caused by the infiltration into England by a metastasizing Venetian-Ashkenazi oligarchy, which in its British Imperial guise has remained the menace of mankind until today.  The British Rothschilds Crime Syndicate is today’s manifestation of this Venetian-Ashkenazi greed and desire for a World Dictatorship.



“The more you can increase fear of drugs, crime, welfare mothers, immigrants and aliens, the more you control all of the people.” — Noam Chomsky – Don’t have to respect Chomsky to believe this meaning,

HEMP USES: Auto Parts, Animal Bedding & Human Bedding, Beer & Beverages, Biofuel, Body Care, Carpets, Cloth & Clothing, Construction, Equipment, Feed, Fibers, Food, Fuel, Injection Molding, Landscaping, Medicine, Paper, Plastics, Rope, Textiles & Yarn

Why such paranoia about Hemp? Answer: BRITISH ROTHSCHILDS CRIME SYNDICATE special interests FEARED HEMP would interfere with BIG OIL + BIG LUMBER + BIG PHARMA + BIG PLASTICS/CHEMICAL = ALL $BILLION SCAMS. This fear includes DuPont and other Syndicate MOB members, who panicked from the idea of losing $Billions in the 1930s, when hemp-fiber-stripping machines came on-line. THE ROTHSCHILDS MOB — DuPont had just patented a process for making plastics from oil and a more efficient process for making paper; Hearst newspapers, which owned vast timberlands; and Andrew Mellon, an oil and timber baron as well as partner and president of the Mellon Bank of Pittsburgh, DuPont’s chief financial backer all were terrified of HEMP! Before 1950s the United States allowed growing of hemp. But since 1950 no permits for growing hemp have been given out. It’s insane that growing Hemp is illegal, especially with all the concern about dirty energy pollution of the environment. The old “It smells like New Jersey” comes to mind. There been a federal statute outlawing the cultivation of hemp, but the DEA’s insistence that hemp is an illegal drug has created this scam against Americans and our quality of life. Other nations think America is foolish to restrict hemp growing and production because of its usefulness and zero impact on health and the environment.

4,500 BCE: China was the first in the world to cultivate and use hemp for making rope and fishnets. Today, China remains the world’s largest consumer and exporter of hemp seed, paper, and textiles.

1619 AD: First hemp law, enacted in Virginia, made it illegal for farmers NOT TO GROW HEMP.

1631 AD-1632 AD: Same law took effect in Massachusetts & than Connecticut.

1630 AD-1800 AD: Refusing to grow Hemp in America was against the law with prison as punishment

1750s AD: Hemp was the world’s leading crop when the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were drafted on hempen paper. During the Revolutionary War, our most formidable battleship, carried 60 tons of hempen sail and rope. Betsy Ross made the first American flag out of hempen “canvas,” a word derived from cannabis. Hemp clothing is a “glorified linen” but it doesn’t wrinkle, it holds up, and it just makes sense for the environment.” But the price is high because we can’t grow it America, it’s all imported. If we grew in America, like a cotton product it would keep more farmers in business. People who try out hemp clothing love it for its durability and its beauty. Fact: A crop of hemp is almost 2 TIMES as profitable as corn. Hemp farmers in Manitoba, Canada are legally making a great living growing hemp. In America today Family Farms are going bankrupt faster than ever before because agribusiness is taking over. Hemp offers the opportunity to turn a decent profit over alternative crops and it saves them money because it doesn’t need any chemicals or fertilizers to grow. “Industrial hemp is not marijuana, but rather a non-intoxicating plant that has been cultivated and used in a multitude of ways around the world for millennia. Prohibiting California farmers from growing this potentially highly profitable crop makes about as much botanical sense as prohibiting gardeners from growing poppies because one variety is the source of opium.” — Strom-Martin of California — Calling hemp and marijuana the same thing is like calling a rottweiler a poodle. They may both be dogs but they just aren’t the same thing. FACT: If you plant a hemp seed, then no substance or force on earth can turn it into marijuana. Hemp has been proven to be the “antimarijuana.”

1794 AD: “Make the most of hempseed and sow it everywhere.” — George Washington

1797 AD-1801 AD “We shall, by and by, want a world of hemp more for our own consumption.” — John Adams, U.S. President

1801 AD-1809 AD: “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.” — President Thomas Jefferson

1916 AD: US GOV Dept. of Agriculture predicted by 1940s all paper would be from hemp.

1930 AD: Nine years after President Warren Harding made him treasury secretary, Mellon created the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (the DEA’s precursor) and ensconced Harry Anslinger, the future husband of his niece, as its commissioner. Anslinger charged out after hemp, which he and the Hearst papers defined as a drug, using it interchangeably with the more sinister and less familiar term marihuana (later spelled “marijuana”). Anslinger and Hearst Media whipped up the public, and Congress to prohibitionist frenzy. Anslinger testified before the U.S. Senate that no less an authority than Homer had revealed that the plant “made men forget their homes and turned them into swine” and that a single joint could induce “homicidal mania” sufficient to cause a man “probably to kill his brother.” The Hearst papers claimed that under the influence of marihuana, “Negroes” transmogrified into crazed animals, playing anti-white, “voodoo satanic” music (jazz) and committing such crimes as stepping on white men’s shadows. The hype created an insatiable market for low-budget movies like Marihuana: Weed With Roots in Hell, posters for which featured a rendering of a man thrusting a hypodermic needle into a woman in a low-cut dress and which promised: “Weird orgies. Daring drug expose! Horror. Shame. Despair. Wild Parties. Unleashed Passions! Lust. Crime. Hate. Misery.” FACT: Industrial hemp contains less than 1% THC and anyone who might smoke it “would get a headache rather than a high, due to its high cannabidiol (CBD) and low THC content.”

1937 AD: Emerging from the hoopla was the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, which made no chemical distinction between hemp and marijuana. It was all “cannabis,” but the smokeable parts – the leaves and flowers – were taxed at $100 an ounce, effectively outlawing them. Had marijuana been the real target, Anslinger would have dispatched his agents to the border of New Mexico, where the drug was coming in. Instead, he unleashed them on the newly expanded hemp fields of Minnesota and Illinois, swaddling farmers in red tape, busting them if a leaf remained on a stalk, running them out of business.

1938 AD: Popular Mechanics said Hemp would be the first USA crop to be a ’Billion Dollar Crop.’

1940s AD: Before World War II began Japan occupied the Philippines, which cut off America hemp supply and American hemp farmers got a reprieve as America’s supply of “Manila hemp” – not true hemp but an excellent fiber for rope, boots, uniforms, and parachute cording was cut off. The Feds quickly did an about-face and encouraged Americans to be patriotic and grow “hemp” and the FEDS stop calling Hemp “marijuana.” The Department of Agriculture even produced a promotional film entitled Hemp for Victory, featuring footage of workers harvesting hemp in Kentucky to a rendition of My Old Kentucky Home. With no change in federal law, some 400,000 acres were planted to hemp, the stalks of which were processed by 42 hemp mills built by the War Hemp Industries Corporation. After the war, with the synthetic fiber industry booming, Anslinger and the Rothchilds Crime Syndicate resumed their witch-hunt against HEMP virtually unopposed.

1941 Henry Ford Hemp car is the world’s first vehicle made out of HEMP

1941 AD: Henry Ford experimented with a Hemp-car using Hemp-based Biofueled & included upholstery. Henry Ford preached, “Why use up the forests, which were centuries in the making, and the mines, which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forests and mineral products in the annual growth of the (HEMP) fields?” Ford, had a vision of “growing automobiles from the soil,” even producing all auto body parts partially made with hemp.

1950s AD: And before the United States allowed growing of hemp. But since 1950 no permits for growing hemp have been given out. I think it’s insane that growing Hemp is illegal, especially with all the concern about dirty energy pollution of the environment. The old “It smells like New Jersey” comes to mind. There been a federal statute outlawing the cultivation of hemp, but the DEA’s insistence that hemp is an illegal drug has created this scam against Americans and our quality of life. Other nations think America is foolish to restrict hemp growing and production.

1957 AD: America’s last legal hemp field was planted in Wisconsin.

1996 AD: The North American Industrial Hemp Council (NAIHC) was founded that included growers, scientists, industrialists, and environmentalists whose mission is the decriminalization of hemp.

1997 AD: The Forest Service’s lab in Madison, Wisconsin, published an analysis demonstrating not only that hemp could be profitable for farmers but also that Wisconsin’s entire demand for chlorine-bleached, wood-based writing paper could be met with hemp. The Federal forced the lab to withdraw the report.

1999 AD: Hemp products are not illegal and in 1999 Hemp was a $125 Million industry, but all raw hemp to make products ABSURDLY had to be imported, because growing hemp is illegal in America.

1999 AD: Hemp and Cannabis sativa is a low-maintenance crop that can be used in paper, clothing, rope, clothing, many car parts, many home products and is grown legally in 32 other countries. So why is hemp still illegal in the United States? China has been growing it for at least 6,000 years. It is said to be more versatile than the soybean, the cotton plant and the Douglas fir combined. And, “it grows like Jack’s beanstalk with minimal tending.” Hemp won’t get you high like its look-alike marijuana. But California made it a crime to grow HEMP – Anyone cultivating hemp risks criminal prosecution. “The legislators who originally crafted federal anti-marijuana laws never intended to restrict hemp, but regulatory practice blurred the distinction between hemp and marijuana. If the war on drugs were really about reducing supply, drug controllers would be promoting hemp. I think it’s insane that it’s illegal and that America is the only country that’s backward enough to equate hemp with marijuana. This state of affairs could be reversed – with no need to legalize marijuana – if the distinction based on scientifically measurable THC content were upheld in the enforcement of existing laws.” — John W. Roulac.

1999 AD: The DEA seized a Kenex trailer bringing in 40,000 pounds of hemp birdseed from Canada, alleging it was a “Schedule 1 narcotic.” Seventeen other loads of hemp products, including granola bars and horse bedding, were recalled. Kenex was threatened with a $500,000 fine and their president said, “It seems the DEA could be spending drug-war money in better ways than chasing after birdseed and horse bedding.” In America there never has been a federal statute outlawing the cultivation of hemp, just the DEA’s insistence that hemp is an illegal drug. Law enforcement officials in other countries harbor no such fantasies. Hemp is lawfully grown in 32 nations (including England-UK), and in the European Union it’s a subsidized crop as it rebuilds depleted soil. It is not practical to distill hemp’s THC or separate it from the cannabidiol that neutralizes it, but Americans are so afraid of hemp that they even want to prevent people from wearing it.

TODAY: In places like Germany and Canada, hemp is being used more and more now in the auto industry for interior parts. Fiber glass, door panels, carpet and dashboards can all be replaced with hemp. Hemp is “cheaper, recyclable, weighs less, is non-toxic and is much more energy-efficient.” It can replace hydrocarbons from poisonous oil that pollutes the atmosphere and water. America’s war on hemp seems to be flagging under a counterattack of reason. Legislation to effect or encourage hemp’s declassification as an illegal drug has been introduced or attempted in Colorado, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia.

TODAY: Even beer and beverages are made from Hemp Seed – Hempen Ale and Hempen Gold beer is made in Frederick, Maryland but no high other than from the alcohol – Zero THC that makes pot so popular. Hemp shampoo by a Laboratory in Beverly Hills, California, restores dry and damaged hair. Hemp can produce superb paper and construction materials lighter and stronger than lumber, but it is illegal to grow in America. Hemp paper is naturally bright, but wood-based paper pulp turns brown during the cooking process. The pulp is then bleached with chlorine, which, when released into the environment, produces dioxin and other poisons. Hemp fibers can be woven into cotton or other cloths to make them more durable and comfortable. Cotton is far more difficult to grow and process and requires chemicals fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides. Hemp, which grows stronger than weeds, requires no herbicides killing unwanted insects and nematodes. FACT: Hemp farms produce twice as much fiber per acre as an average forest, so American farmers would prosper and our forests would not be so quickly depleted with non-sustainable logging. Plus hemp re-nourishes the soil for other crops when used in crop rotation as done in England and Hungary. Hemp can replace nearly everything that NON-GROWABLE OIL & COAL hydrocarbons offer.

TODAY: CURRENT ANTI-HEMP PROPAGANDA WIZARD is Glenn Levant — Rothschilds Crime MOB well-funded ANTI-HEMP & ANTI-Marijuana LIAR says Hempen Ale or beer is an internal-external marijuana orgy. Levant is president and founder of Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE), a 16-year-old program taught by local police in 75 percent of the nation’s schools. “Hemp is marijuana,” he LIES and implies it is like opium! Levant even gets UPTIGHT about the Hemp shampoo and complains about their hemp-leaf logo on shampoo ads at bus stops around southern California calling the shampoo an illegal substance – Simply amazing what people will resort to for money. On July 1, 1999, he paid the shampoo company an undisclosed sum to settle a lawsuit it had filed against him for making what it called “false and malicious public comments” about its product and motives.