Loretta Lynch used an ancestor’s name as an alias and Comet Ping Pong Alefantis is a Rothschild, like Benjamin Rothschild the addicted registered drug addict.

Loretta Lynch used an ancestor’s name as an alias and Comet Ping Pong Alefantis is a Rothschild – like Benjamin Rothschild the addicted registered drug addict.


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“Elizabeth Carlisle” the recently discovered POSSIBLE alias for AG Lynch, looped in Peter Kadzik… Wikileaks email ties Kadzik to Lynch directly if the alias is true. DOJ Assigned Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik to New Clinton Email Investigation: Kadzik is a Close Friend of John Podesta and Married to Woman Who Worked for Bill Clinton. Kadzik shared information about the congressional investigation of Hillary Clinton with his friend John Podesta.

Most obnoxious spin of 2016 campaign = DNC + MSM + Obama accused FBI & Comey of fixing the election. Yes then President Obama did politicize the DOJ to pull strings and help Mrs. Clinton all along.


May 15 2015 email between Podesta & Kadzik via a private Gmail account = Kadzik says “Heads up,” warned about Loretta Lynch saying ELIZABETH CARLILE = LIZZIE CARLISLE – Loretta’s maternal grandmother’s birth name (twice married; later Lizzie Bell then finally Lizzie Harris). Lynch was born in 1959 in Greensboro NC and used a fake name to conduct illicit business while Attorney General. Isn’t that alone enough of a crime? – using state apparatus with fake names and illegal accounts is imprisonable, and certainly she should be disbarred.

Parents & Grandparents

Mother – Lorine Lynch (maiden name Harris)
Father – Rev Lorenzo Lynch (real name Lorenza)

Grandmother Lizzie Harris (first married name = Bell, maiden name = Carlisle) = Bell Carlisle in her 1958 death certificate & she married Walter Bell and then later Grandfather Loveless Harris.

Oddly Lynch’s maternal grandparents marriage certificate states her maiden name as LIZZIE CARLISS BEEL but on a hard copy marriage cert which looks to me like LIZZIE CARLILE BELL. But the Death Cert of Lizzie Harris CLEARLY shows the birth name as CARLISLE. So Loretta thought she was being oh-so-clever by doing business under a fake name to hide her connection – That is illegal and she uses the FAKE NAME CARLISLE on her fake Government email account to conduct business with NO accountability and audit trails.

Documents released reveal several emails between FBI and DOJ officials concerning the Lynch/Clinton meeting on how to explain this “train wreck” on live TV in Phoenix. One email with subject line “FLAG” between FBI & DOJ officials about unscheduled meeting between Bill Clinton and Lynch, the DOJ instructs the FBI to provide “[o]ur talkers [with DOJ talking points] on this”. But the actual talking points were redacted.+ DOJ to FBI emails titled, “security details coordinate between Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton?” indicates that the “FBI . . . is looking for guidance” in responding to media inquiries about news reports that the FBI had prevented the press from taking pictures of the Clinton Lynch meeting. It is clear discussions regarding the surreptitious meeting between then AG Lynch and Bill Clinton under an ongoing FBI criminal investigation reached the highest levels of the FBI. This was followed by a series of emails between DOJ & MSM (collusion) to effectively ‘kill the story.’

So far we know Loretta Lynch was an important short-term piece of the conspiracy who fraudulently used faked email account.

BIGGER PICTURE: Infamous “Alefantis” is central piece of BIGGER PROBLEM whose documented address and name are:

1974 AD: JAMES ‘ALEFANTIS’ ROTHSCHILD was born with full name James A Rothschild on the birth certificate.

James Achilles Alefantis Rothschild

“Benjamin de Rothschild, only son of the late Edmond de Rothschild, was a classic case of great expectations gone astray. Despite being groomed for greatness from a young age, as a teenager he skipped university and instead headed for Los Angeles with dreams of being a film producer. In LA he started taking drugs, and ended up on heroin. Meanwhile, he failed to make it into Hollywood’s charmed circle and bombed as a film-maker. In Hollywood “Being a Rothschild isn’t enough.” – A family friend said.

When Benjamin’s father Edmond Rothschilds died he received a fortune in the ($TRILLIONS or at least $BILLIONS) and was forced to clean up his act.

Alaska is a Adrenochrome hotspot of producers & Adrenaline has to be stored in a cool place like a comet ping pongs fridge. It produces a euphoric high but is actually healthy for you. Cool places are why places like ALASKA and seattle are hubs for trafficking. Oddly, Hunter S. Thompson is main mentioned of adrenochrome as a drug in his fictionalized autobiographical account of heavy drug use. Also why Alaska with liquid nitrogen and various refrigeration systems available in hot spots like Phoenix.

Benjamin Rothschild with many years of known drug addiction. But he was able to be cleaned up & immaculately groomed for the funeral. Without much education he was surprisingly acceptable to the Rothschilds Crime Mob.  Benjamin caused NO court orders or family rows even though departed Edmond’s heart sank when the only son whom he had been grooming for ten years to be his successor was arrested at Southampton Airport not long before his death when Customs officers found him in possession of 8.9 grams of heroin. Hell the ROTHSCHILDS have been TOP DOG DRUG DEALERS SINCE 1700s. But the publicity was a massive BUMMER for the low profile Crime Family and BEN “might easily have gone to prison. But he was already deep into treatment and explained to the court that he was a registered addict.’ — Close Family Friend who also said ‘He is a Rothschild, he had to win (drug rehab) or walk away.’

Derek Wilson spent time with Edmond and his family while writing his book “Rothschild: A Story Of Wealth And Power” another hired Public Relations Stunt that says lies like, “Being a Rothschild isn’t enough. You have to prove yourself.” FACT is all you have to be is a ZERO EMPATHY GREEDY BASTARD willing to mass murder & rob for $TRILLIONS!

1996 AD: Rothschilds Crime Syndicate kill off the EMPATHETIC ROTHSCHILD or “GOOD GUY” like Amschel Rothschild who did not have ADEQUATE KILLER INSTINCT and was found hanging in a Paris hotel bathroom in 1996 just as he was scheduled to take power. FACT is all you have to be for a ROTHSCHILDS MOB LEADER is to be a ZERO EMPATHY GREEDY BASTARD willing to mass murder & rob for $TRILLIONS!

Few in Hollywood would recognize Ben as the NEW ROTHSCHILD made into a flawlessly courtesy and gentile Scoundrel with no signs of fighting drug addiction.

Benjamin was ‘a very introverted and quiet little boy’ and not the “KILLER TYPE” the Rothschilds demand. His mother was a statuesque Bulgarian who became a nude model and progressed to be a film ‘starlet’, appearing in epics such as Mam’selle Striptease. She later recalled how it was, indeed, her prized cleavage which attracted the rich Baron Edmond at a party. Before long he had divorced his current wife and married Nadine in 1963 when she was 7 1/2 months pregnant with Benjamin. She learned to let her domineering husband Edmond live as he wished including producing an illegitimate daughter the result of one of his many affairs. She wanted the money and declared. ‘I prefer to forgive than to divorce, there are fewer formalities.

1945 AD: Edmond Rothschilds took his father’s fortune from funding both sides of World War II, and kept all his money based in “Hitler-funding-and-assisting-Switzerland.”

Benjamin’s parents were very disappointed in him as he ran for HOLLYWOOD instead of the NORMAL PRIVATE SCHOOL UNIVERSITY path in either Switzerland or France. He ignored college and instead failed in Hollywood becoming a DRUG ADDICT! His mother’s brief career as an actress had imbued him with exciting notions of film production. “He simply never had the kind of outgoing personality needed to make it in that world.” — Long-time family friend. But ‘Benjamin didn’t argue with his father – no one did.’ — said a friend. Benjamin’s arrest just before his father’s death (at age 71) shows he did not kick heroin. Edmond, suffering from emphysema, had plotted his son’s succession & even renamed the bank Compagnie Financiere Benjamin.

1989 AD: Benjamin Rothschilds, the registered drug addict, founded his own financial consultancy, with a team of 22, which now has 100 corporate customers. But being a Rothschild, he is ULTRA-SECRETIVE and thrifty collector and storer of MONEY.

Rothschilds Crime Syndicate wanted Benjamin to link-up with his cousin David, of Rothschild & Cie to unify the MOB’s power in London-France-Germany-Switzerland. David is setup to inherit the running of the London bank N. M. Rothschild following the UNFORTUNATE MURDERING of Amschel, the previous heir apparent. But shy Ben is NO MATCH for TYPICAL ROTHSCHILD DAVID with NO QUALMS about plotting robbery and murder to gain more GOLD & LOOT for the VAULTS.

1772 AD: Dynasty founded by Meyer Amschel Rothschild in Frankfurt

1923 AD: Amschel Rothschild’s grandfather Charles Bauer-Rothschild cut his throat while another cousin, Sharon Daniel Bauer-Rothschild, began experimenting with drugs at age 11 before becoming an unmarried mother at 19.

ROTHSCHILDS Propaganda is that Ben is NO Amschel and is tough and has beaten his addictions and is officially an Ex-junkie in charge of a Rothschild French dynasty says DAILY MAIL (London) Nov 1997. Benjamin de Rothschild, is now one of the world’s richest men and part of a $500+ TRILLION Crime Syndicate including Royals & Nobles from the Venetian Black Nobility.

Edmond’s death at 71, gave his son Benjamin at 34 and a registered drug addict a fortune and tools that drop money out of thin AIR into his lap with every new loan and every BOOM & every BUST. Ben was regularly seen on streets frequented by drug dealers near the $ Multi-Million family home in Geneva, Switzerland. He presides over a banking empire that spans Europe and stretches as far as Israel and the Antilles (and of course, London & Wall Street).

Edmond’s widow Nadine, Benjamin’s mother, a former nude model & grade-B actress authored a series of manuals on seduction got 10% of the above-board declared estate when Edmond died.

Benjamin Rothschild has a main hobby of killing near extinct animals or local animals as something to kill to enhance the Rothschilds Crime Mob’s KILLER INSTINCTS, exactly like Prince Philip of UK who founded the World Widelife Fund to make sure he and the Rothschilds & Royals have plenary of BIG GAME TO MURDER! Plus it suckers in $Billions from the Masses who think they are protecting WILDLIFE but are actually funding THE PURCHASE OF LAND & RESOURCES IN AFRICA AND THE REST OF THE WORLD TO MAKE SURE MILLIONS OF ANIMALS ARE KILLED and BILLIONS OF PEOPLE are ROBBED OF THEIR LAND & A WAY TO MAKE A LIVING & LIFE!