This is an Ashkenazi Khazar-Turkic-Mongol = No Semite



1930 Arthur Ruppin, see history next, estimated that Ashkenazi Jews accounted for 92% of world Jewry.  These are Khazar-Turkic-Mongols who are not Semites, but converted in 740 CE to be simulated Jews.

1902 CE-1907 CE: Arthur Ruppin (1876 CE-1943 CE) was a Zionist leader and was one of the founders of the city of Tel Aviv and he was the director of Berlin’s Bureau for Jewish Statistics and Demography (1902 CE-1907 CE). A building at Hebrew University of Jerusalem is now named in his honor. His most celebrated sociological work is The Jews in the Modern World (1934).  Ruppin became the chief Zionist land agent for the Rothschilds Crime Syndicate and helped the Rothschilds as a key instrument in shaping the buildup of Jewish settlement in Palestine. Many cities in Israel named streets.

1930 CE: 92% of the world’s Jews were Ashkenazis.

1933 CE-1948 CE: HOLOCAUST FACTS — Jewish World Almanacs on Jewish Population:

1933 CE: Population was 15,315,000 Jews
1948 CE: Population was 15,753,000 Jews  — So they kept growing in numbers during WW II. 

1948 CE-1949 CE: 273,301 TOTAL HOLOCAUST FACT — International Red Cross published their analysis in a three-volume “Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its Activities during the Second World War” and actual prison camp Total Deaths were 271,301 people including Ashkenazis and all others.

750 CE: Ashkenazi Jews or Ashkenazic Jews speak Yiddish (Khazar-Turkic-Mongol language that has picked up many Germanic words over the centuries) – Not Hebrew. Ashkenazim originate from Khazar which was a mix people Caucus people and Turkic tribes and Mongolian tribes that were driven out by the RUS in 968 CE and they settled from Italy to Holland to Russia to Plan and some Khazars settled along the Rhine River, in what is now Germany. LEO THE KHAZAR served as Byzantine Emperor in 750 CE and this was the KHAZAR TAKEOVER OF CHRISTIAN BYZANTINE EMPIRE — Constantine and Tzitzak had a son, Leo IV, who would succeed his father as Emperor and was better known as “Leo the Khazar”. Irene lived to the year 803 CE and served as co-ruler with her son for a time.

551 CE-900s CE: BIBLE STORY – Ashkenazi name derives from Ashkenaz, the first son of Gomer, son of Japhet, son of Noah, and a Japhetic patriarch in the Table of Nations (Genesis 10). Ashkenaz were supposedly one of three kingdoms in the far north. Ashkenaz is weakly linked to Scandza/Scanzia, in a 551 CE book by Jordanes, a historian who describes in his book “Getica” that “Scandia” or Scandza as a “great island” located in the Arctic regions saying the Goths’ (were they Jews? Not likely) migrated to the island at the mouth of the Vistula river (actually in Poland and hardly the Arctic), so he may have been describing Scandinavia in the 6th century. Supposedly, in 900s CE Armenia was linked to the Ashkenaz, and Ashkenazis admit Armenia was extended at times to Khazaria (TURKIC-MONGOLS and real home of Ashkenazis) and Crimea, next door to Khazaria and Russia and this area also had Slavic and Turkic and Hunnic, and Asian invasions and control. In modern times, Samuel Krauss identified the Biblical “Ashkenaz” with Khazaria. And the Ashkenazis are fundamentally Khazars. Supposedly Biblical Ashkenaz fought off the Turkic-Asian Cimmerians and drove them from Armenia which is just south of where Khazaria was and just north of Iran (Scythians) between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea in other words Khazaria.

Talmudic Rabbis and commentators use Ashkenaz term thinking it was Germany and even called the Crusaders Ashkenazim. But amazingly, Ashkenazis admit the history of Ashkenazim is shrouded in mystery, and do not know how a group of Khazar-Turkic-Mongols came to be called Ashkenazis.

So these Ashkenazis stretch even farther to a totally unsupported story of a Jewish migration from Israel through to Italy and other parts of southern Europe, which totally voids the Khazar idea which has historic dates and events. More likely, when the RUS (Likely Scandinavian Russians) drove the Khazars out starting around 800 CE and gradually ended the Khazar Empire in 968 CE, these Khazar-Ashkeanzis did go west, north, and south while others stayed put. We do know that a Byzantine Emperior LEO the Khazar and his evil Khazar mother, had her own son blinded (eyes burned out) and killed, and they certainly were in the region of Constantinople and Northern Italy (Venice) in 750 CE to 790 CE or so as follows in a rather confusing and complex history:

750 CE: KHAZAR TAKEOVER OF CHRISTIAN BYZANTINE EMPIRE — Constantine and Tzitzak, a Khazar Princess, had a son, Leo IV, who would succeed his father as Emperor and was better known as “Leo the Khazar”. Irene or Tzitzak lived to the year 803 CE and served as co-ruler with her son for a time when he was young.

751 CE: KHAZAR TAKEOVER OF CHRISTIAN BYZANTINE EMPIRE — LEO IV was crowned co-emperor by his father at age 1. Leo was originally betrothed to Gisela, daughter of Pepin the Short but the contract was broken. Leo then married Irene, a Khazar princess from a noble Khazar family December 769 CE.

775 CE: KHAZAR TAKEOVER OF CHRISTIAN BYZANTINE EMPIRE — Constantine V died, leaving Leo, the KHAZAR, as sole emperor.

775 CE-780 CE: KHAZAR TAKEOVER OF CHRISTIAN BYZANTINE EMPIRE — Leo IV, the Khazar, became Byzantine Emperor. The short 30 year life of Leo IV (750 CE-780 CE), the KHAZAR, son of Emperor Constantine V (718 CE-775 CE) by his first wife, Irene, the Khazar (752 CE-803 CE), who was a KHAZAR princess, the daughter of KHAZAR ruler, Khagan Bihar. Irene (KHAZAR originally named Tzitzak) became empress by marriage to Eastern Roman Emperor Constantine V, ruler from 741 CE to 775 CE.

780 CE-797 CE: KHAZAR TAKEOVER OF CHRISTIAN BYZANTINE EMPIRE — KHAZAR Emperor Leo IV died in 780 CE at age of only 30 supposedly as a result of a fever brought on by precious stones in his crown, but more likely Leo the KHAZAR was murdered by Irene the KHAZAR, and her battery of criminals. Once Leo the KHAZAR was out of the way, Irene the KHAZAR & Ruler Constantine VI (771 CE-790 CE) who was only 9 became rulers of the BYZANTINE EMPIRE. Constantine VI was the only son of Leo IV, the KHAZAR, and had been Co-emperor since 776 CE when he was 5 years old. But because he was only 9, he was under the guidance of his mother, Irene the KHAZAR. In 787 CE Irene, the KHAZAR, called the Second Council of Nicaea which condemned her husbands practice of iconoclasm, and she restored the veneration of icons/pagan idols to Christian practice. Previously in 780 CE, Irene, the KHAZAR, had crushed what she thought was a plot to overthrow her and her son by the Iconoclasts, who opposed her CULT of icons (prohibited in 730 CE) and she believed they wanted to put Nicephorus, a son by Leo the KHAZAR’s other wife, on the throne.

787 CE-797 CE: KHAZAR TAKEOVER OF CHRISTIAN BYZANTINE EMPIRE — The more likely truth is that as Constantine VI approached maturity, he grew resentful of his mother’s controlling influence in the empire and attempted to remove her as Empress. But Irene, the KHAZAR, demanded the military sware an oath of loyalty to her as ruler. Anger at this demand, prompted the administrative divisions of Asia Minor to open resistance to Irene, the KHAZAR, in 790 and Constantine VI was proclaimed sole ruler and his mother was banished from court. But in early 792 CE, Irene was allowed to return to court and even to resume her position as co-ruler. Irene’s skillful intrigues with the bishops and courtiers enabled her to organized a conspiracy against her own son Constantine VI, who was arrested, blinded, and put in prison on his mother’s orders in 797 CE.

790 CE: KHAZAR TAKEOVER OF CHRISTIAN BYZANTINE EMPIRE — Irene was so hungry for power she accused her own son of being incapable of ruling. Irene the KHAZAR ordered the palace overthrow her son, blind him, and toss him in prison. Constantine died most likely from his wounds within a year. That is a KHAZAR for you!

740 CE-TODAY: After the Khazars were expelled from Khazaria, they did as Ashkenazis admit createe a historical record of Ashkenazi communities in southern and northern Europe including Poland and Russia and eventually Germany.

1400s CE: The Ashkenazi communities in Poland were the largest communities in all areas outside of Israel.  This makes perfect sense, since Poland is close to where Khazar Empire existed.

ANOTHER Ashkenazi theory is that Ashkenazis were in Italy in pre-Chrisitan times.  Actually this is plausable since Khazars were traders of goods and some did venture to Venice and Constantinople and beyond.  Ashkenazis claim they were denied full Roman citizenship until Emperor Caracalla granted it in 212 CE.  But these were real Jews – Sephardi – and were real Semite Jews.


74.6% of Israel is now so-called Jews or 6.5+ Million of 8.8 million total population of Israel and a century ago it began around 3% to 5%.

ISRAEL CLAIMS: Only 50% of so-called Jews are Ashkenazis living in Israel.
ISRAEL CLAIMS: Mizrahi Jews and Sephardic Jews are 50+% including Black and Brown Jews

NOTE:  Israel say Ashkenazis are around 50% but the vast majority of Israelis are pale skinned from Russia, Poland, and Romania.

Where did all these so-called SEMITE Jews come from since at lease 92%+ of the world’s so-called Jews are Ashkenazis? Seems we have another Ashkenazi ISRAELI LIE!

1933 CE-1948 CE: HOLOCAUST FACTS — Jewish World Almanacs on Jewish Population:

1933 CE: Population was 15,315,000 Jews
1948 CE: Population was 15,753,000 Jews

So ISRAEL is likely to be 92% or higher Ashkenazi-Turkic-Mongols and NOT Semites (except for the Palestinian Arabs), but many have changed their names and have replacement their origin stories – not just in Israel but wherever they land.

CONCLUSION:  FACT IS 90% to 95% of people calling themselves Jews in Israel are Ashkenazi-Khazar-Turkic-Mongols and are NOT SEMITES!  BUT ISRAEL will NEVER admit that.



  1. What you claim that Israel’s population consist of 90% eshkenaz jews is totally wrong, on the contrary steadely decreasing and now is below 50% and this is changing Israel


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