ABRAHAM FOXMAN as Angela Merkel Receives Anti-Defamation League Award.

Angela Merkel, Jewish Communist Born as Angela Dorothea Kasner (Katzner) 1954 with both Father & Mother part of East German Communist Party. So now she pushes massive Immigration to Wash out the Christian White population which is in line with the Jewish plan to takeover Germany and then all of Europe.

Angela Merkel is a tool of the Rothschilds Crime Syndicate designed EU, with the plan to replace the White population with darker more easily managed races, ruled over by an Elite Class of Jews.

13.5 minute video — MERKLE DIVIDE & CONQUER IMMIGRATION is same Immigration goal as BRITISH ROTHSCHILDS ZIO-NAZI CRIME SYNDICATE & their TOOL AIPAC! These criminals use faked wars in middle east to force major Arab and Muslim immigration into Europe.

Why not send all refugees to Israel Angela?

Listen to BIDEN says he DREAMS of unlimited IMMIGRATION into AMERICA!

“If people can just pour into the country illegally, you don’t have a country.”

— Donald Trump

Trump knows and preaches that “decades of record immigration have produced lower wages and higher unemployment for our citizens, especially for African-American and Latino workers. We are going to have an immigration system that works, but one that works for the American people…I have visited the cities and towns across America and seen the devastation caused by the trade policies of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton supported Bill Clinton’s disastrous NAFTA, just like she supported China’s entrance into the World Trade Organization…I want to be a fair trader. I want to be a firm and fair trader.” Mexico’s making a fortune off the United States.

— Donald Trump


Merkel is a Polish Jew pretending to be a native German. As a Jew, she considers the German people as racial aliens to her Jewish vision for Germany and so they must be destroyed to allow a pure Jewish state to emerge after the divide and conquer — Jewish plan is to exterminate the Christian white race and then the Muslim Semitic race and enslave all remaining humanity as the Talmud outlines in detail.

Merkel = Educated in E. Germany as Leader of Communist Free German Youth (FDJ) Berlin (1978-1989) = Mastered Marx, Lenin & Trotsky

Merkel = Speaks fluent Russian USSR & knows the Perestroika Deception as “a supreme & very visible Young Communist in E. Germany” = The Perestroika Deception Medal.


Merkel quote = “If we reform the GDR, it won’t be in terms of the Federal Republic” = Plan for “political correctness” into the West


Click for Source Article on New book about Merkel and her Jewish and Communist background

Merkel = Held high rank in Marxist–Leninist party (SED) of E. Germany with ‘special privileges’ denied ethnic Germans after WWII

Allowed to travel to WEST & TERRORIST Israel 4 times.

2008 Merkel in terrorist Israel marked 60th anniversary of its occupation of Palestinian land.

Merkel the Communist = Supports all Israeli terror initiatives & opposed the Palestinian bid for membership at the UN.

MERKEL = 2008 B’nai B’rith gave her Award of Merit for service to Jews + Coudenhove-Kalergi prize for FLOODING EUROPE w/ARABS

2008 Merkel gets B’nai B’rith Award for service to Jews for FLOODING EUROPE w/Arabs & Muslims

MERKEL Tool = Insert FOREIGN RACES into Germany = Miscegenation process of Divide & Conquer!

Merkel = Devoted to insertion of Jewry into German history = Presented with Leo Baeck award in NYC for allowing MASSIVE REFUGEE INFLOWS INTO GERMANY.  

Devoted to insertion of Jewry into German history = Presented with Leo Baeck award in NYC for allowing MASSIVE REFUGEE INFLOWS INTO GERMANY.  

Angela (fake first name) of Merkel = Grandpsrents of Emma & Emil Drange descendants of ‘NN Wachs’ Jewish family of Jewish Glogow, Poland.

MERKEL as a child spoke mostly in Hebrew and she calls it her mother’s tongue.

Click for Source Article on Merkel’s history

Merkel with last name of Katzner is as Christian as Martin Schulz, whose wiki page boasts a Catholic Grammar school education. Martin Schulz is a Jew in fact.

Merkel = Second jewish chancellor of Germany after Helmut Kohl or real name Hennoch Kohn.

Modern family names throughout Europe reflect the profession/occupation of the family. The addition of their profession to their birth name made it easier to identify individual tradesmen and craftsmen. BUT WERE SIMPLIFIED OVER GENERATIONS.

Elia KAZAN was KAZANJOGLOUS in 1909. Kazan with Lee Strasberg founded the Actors Studio in 1947 with its emphasis on ‘Method Acting’.

1880-1914 Three million Jews left East Europe & Russia for mostly to USA (1907-1914) = Largest Jewish migration since Spain’s expulsion (late 1,500s) as Czar Alexander III forced them out.

Jews also migrated to Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada and South Africa.

Many Jews migrated through the port of Galveston, Texas moved to towns throughout the Midwest where jobs awaited them.

1,335 AD Kazimierz is the ethnic Jewish quarter established as the separate city nearby Krakow in 1335 by King Kazimierz (or Casimir) the Great.

1,495 AD Jewish town of Kazimierz was founded where all of Krakow’s Jews moved after being routed out of the main city. Jewish Kazimierz developed as the trade and Jewish religious center leading to Jewish Good life of the 16th-17th century and served as a shelter for thousands of the Jews.

1812 AD Krakow became the international center of Jewish culture with a Talmudic academy, famous rabbis, cabalists (Kabbalists), thinkers as Jews were allowed to settle down in all the districts of Krakow and soon Kazimierz was incorporated into the city with 65 thousand Jews in the city.

1939 Poland had largest population of Jews in Europe with 3.5 million but most left for America and Israel and other nations during WW II.

Merkel’s grandfather came from Poznan or Posen, the largest on of the largest Jewish communities in Europe with a Jewish population beginning in 1,379 AD. First documented synagogue was in 1449.

Supposedly, 1399 or so Jews in Poznań committed a Host profanation or desecration which is a sacrilege involving the mistreatment or malicious use of sacred bread, or body of Christ, used in religious services and was considered among the gravest of sins resulting in expulsion.

Merkel = Jewish on her mother’s side = Her great-grandfather was Emil Drange (1866-1913) was a German municipal official who served as the city clerk & deputy mayor of Elbing. His wife Emma Wachs was born in Glogau in 1871 and died in 1935 was from a family that gathered and sold beeswax used for candles and to seal letters.

Merkel (or Kasner) & her Jewish family had important positions in the Communist Party State of East Germany = Her mother, Herlind Jentzsch, a Communist and member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany.

Willi Jentzsch and Gertrud Drange were the parents of Herlind Jentzsch, who married Horst Kasner and gave birth to Angela Kasner who married Ulrich Merkel and thus are the maternal grandparents of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. After the death of Willi Jentzsch in 1936, his family relocated to Hamburg.

2009 Merkel on the 70th anniversary of the incursion into Poland, Merkel publicly apologized and blamed Germany alone for starting WWII conveniently ignoring allied Boycotting of German goods.

Casimir III the Great was Polish (1,310 AD-1,370 AD) and reigned as the King of Poland (1,333 AD-1,370 AD) and was the last Polish king from the Piast dynasty. Casimir III married four times and was at least twice called a bigamist. He inherited a kingdom weakened by war and made it prosperous and wealthy & doubled the size of the kingdom. He introduced a legal code and reformed the judicial system and founded the University of Kraków, the oldest Polish university. He granted Jews privileges and protections and encouraged them to settle in Poland in great numbers.

1,355 AD Kazimierz (or Casimir) designated his nephew Louis I of Hungary as his successor to gain help against Bohemia and the hostile Teutonic Knights Order.

1,370 AD Kazimierz (or Casimir) had no legitimate son (but had a two sons with his Jewish long-term lover) to take the throne so when he died in 1370 from a hunting injury his nephew became King Louis I of Hungary & king of Poland in union with Hungary. 1,351 He tried to adopt his grandson, Casimir IV, Duke of Pomerania, born to his second daughter but this was invalidated by Louis I of Hungary by bribing the nobles with future privileges.

Thus King Louis I of Hungary became successor in Poland, but Kazimierz’s (or Casimir’s) sister Elisabeth (Louis’s mother) held much of the real power until her death in 1380.

Casimir was named “the Peasants’ King” as he introduced the codes of law of Greater and Lesser Poland in an attempt to end the overwhelming superiority of the nobility & during his reign all three major classes — the nobility, priesthood, and bourgeoisie — were more or less counterbalanced which strengthen his monarchic position.  He often sided with the weak when the law did not protect them from nobles and clergymen.

Casimir had an ongoing deep affair with Esterka, a legendary Jewish mistress, the daughter of a tailor, who played a significant role in the King’s plans and was why he was favorable to Jews living in Poland. 1,334 AD he reconfirmed the privileges granted to Jews in 1,264 AD by Bolesław V the Chaste. Casimir allowed Jews to settle in Poland in great numbers and protected them as people of the king. Esterka gave him male illegitimate offspring. She was considered to be legendary beautiful and an intelligent women who even performed as a king’s adviser in various initiatives including building stone cities, free trade, and tolerance of Jews creating a cultural paradise for Jews in Poland. The sons of King Casimir and Esterka were baptized at the request of father and became the ancestors of several Polish noble families.