2018 CE: TALKING IS FAR BETTER THAN WAR — Russia and America Must Unite Against the Globalists If Humanity Is to Survive the British Rothschilds Crime MOB GLOBALISTS and their control over the United Nations, which uses the Kigali Principles that UN can militarily enter any country that they deem to under “duress”.


What do Americans share with Putin and Russians? #1 Fear of the Rothschilds MOB created ISIS and al Qaeda and their FALSE FLAGS, #2 Immigration that can destroy National Unity and Security, #3 Complete distrust and repulsion toward the Rothschilds MOB’s Central Bankster Scams, and Fear of the Rothschilds MOB’s NWO Dictatorship by Global Criminals imposing a USSR-style of Dictatorial Communism and its liquidation of humanity (66+ Million Russians).

Rothschilds Crime MOB know both countries, Russia and USA, and their respective governments must be destroyed for the globalists to impose their will on humanity. The globalist plan included Obama and Hillary Clinton with one mission to start the Globalist WW III to create a unified One World Dictatorship and ROB $10s of TRILLIONS MORE FROM HUMANITY. The election of Trump and the rise of Putin and Russia put a crimp in these globalist plans.

The MOB’s OWO involves, as Marx understood that all organized religion must be destroyed. The MOB wants, like in the USSR, the size of humanity to be reduced to a minimum so that when humanity wakes up they are manageable for the MOB

Often the MOB agents call for at least a 90% population reduction, see quotes of Prince Philip. They call it Transhumanism, is a Global Elitists Movement to transform from human importance to sophisticated technologies importance. The surviving remnants of humanity will be enslaved after suffering through the purge of mass depopulation.

We know since Putin came to power in 1999 CE and has made fertile grounds for Christianity to grow with policies that encourages 16,000 more church to be built and espouses family values and wholesomeness. Putin has moved to protect the health and welfare of his people by banning cancer-causing, Monsanto based GMO’s. He has also bolstered social and political reforms and the tax system now favors having children and there is no marriage penalty tax. He has also virtually eliminated the propaganda programs marketing homosexual lifestyles and trying to legalize pedophilia and Putin refuses to allowed perversion seekers to have special privileges. He has banned George Soros and his NGO propaganda and tools of violence from setting foot in Russia and this includes all others in the Rothschilds Crime MOB.

In 1999 CE, when Putin became their leader, Russia was mired in corruption control by Rothschilds Crime MOB oligarchs, effectively Russia’s political system was controlled by organized crime and to get anything done required working with the MOB. Russia in 1999 CE, was in such bad shape politically and economically, even the Rothschilds Crime MOB wouldn’t touch Russia, they simply ignored Russia’s money needs. This was a GIGANTIC BLESSING that left a vacuum that allowed Putin to ride in on his white horse and over the next few years, Putin took on the powerful oligarchs, corrupt politicians and the elitists who formed Rothschilds MOB. He chased out pro-Western journalists, jailed opponents and consolidated his power. Putin was helped by rising oil prices, but he used the new wealth wisely. He grew the Russian economy, built up gold and foreign reserves, and significantly reduced the national debt. By not depending on the Rothschilds MOB’s Central bank Putin did not have to operate as a DEBT-SLAVE to the MOB and was free to build up the Russian economy for the Russian people. Between 1999 CE and 2015 CE, the Russian economy grew by 1,000% and Russia climbed back into a world economic leadership position, while Russia debt-to GDP dropped from 100% to 17%. As a contrast, China’s ratio has increased to 300% (CNBC 2017 CE Report). During this amazing recovery Russia became the 6th largest holder of gold, despite wisely spending large sums of money on its military. Unlike the United States where $21 Trillion is missing from the BLOATED Pentagon and where record corporate profits has “NO TRICKLE DOWN EFEECT” to the masses, Russia has the fastest growing middle class on the planet. No other nation can match Putin’s economic record despite all the restrictions placed by the ROTHSCHILDS MOB’s puppets in the UK, EU, and USA. — On the terrorist front, Putin’s seems to be the only military power working to eliminate the MOB’s CIA created ISIS (instead of using them as a WAR-MONGERING TOOL). So, Putin has withstood the pressures of the Rothschilds Crime MOB’s international banking and has achieved the unheard of 85% approval rating.

CNN Calls Trump a Traitor for Meeting With Putin and some called talking to Putin an act of treason and terrorism. Vladimir Putin & Donald Trump met in Helsinki, July 16, 2018 CE at the Presidential Palace was a Russia–United States summit meeting to discuss bilateral issues, included the situations in Syria and Ukraine. Beforehand Trump said Russia is “a foe in certain aspects” but called the European Union the biggest trade foe of the United States. Trump tweeted on the morning of the summit that the relationship between Russia and the U.S. has “never been worse” and blamed this on “foolishness and stupidity” on the part of the U.S. Obviously, the meeting was an international success, but greatly upset the ENTIRE ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MAFIA in the UK, EU, ISRAEL, and USA. The Summit likely saved many lives and hopefully was a step to stopping the MOB’s Globalist transhumanist agenda that is designed to eradicate religions and common sense family values and massive portions of human populations.

Click for Source Article on Common Sense Show

Any real Christian or religious person would welcome the cooperation between two men who are opposed to the Globalist New World Order Dictatorship styled after the USSR Dictatorship. By meeting, Trump and Putin delaying the globalist takeover of the planet. America and Russia are fortunate to have leaders like Trump and Putin to put up a barrier to ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MAFIA plans as seen in the action of the MOB’s media coordinated with the Rothschilds MOB run Deep State. Trump and Americans need to cooperate with Putin and Russians to fight to eliminate the ROTHSCHILDS MAFIA CENTRAL BANKSTER TERRORISTS against MOST OF HUMANITY.

Trump seems to be trying to help Americans prosper again like Putin has done for MIDDLE CLASS RUSSIA. We all want to see the overall growth of all Americans again like Russians have seen from a responsive and caring government that gives a damn about its people. History has handed Trump this opportunity. Our real enemy is the ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MAFIA that is sucking AMERICANS INTO 3rd World POVERTY, and clearly not Russia and Putin. Americans must realize WE cannot remain America, as long as the ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB runs AIPAC, MEDIA, much of our Government, and the Deep State and pushes for the globalists transhumanist, technology is KING over people agenda. Russia and the United States must unite against globalists and all that they stand for.


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