1973 CE: Neoliberalism as an economic policy agenda in Chile consisted of a U.S.-organized coup against a democratically elected socialist president and the installment of a bloody military dictatorship notorious for systematic torture. This was the only way to turn the neoliberal model of the so-called “Chicago Boys” under the leadership of Milton Friedman – a student of Friedrich von Hayek – into reality.

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1981 CE-2000 CE: Milton Friedman (1912 CE-2006 CE) was an American economist specializing in Neoliberalism and insuring the Super-Rich and Bankers get welfare and run things but the people do not. Friedman was born in Brooklyn, New York to Ashkenazi immigrants from Hungary (now Ukraine). Friedman worked for Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal and said that he and his wife “regarded the job-creation programs such as the WPA, CCC, and PWA appropriate responses to the critical situation.” — He believed government welfare was for the Corporations because most people have no idea how to do anything worthwhile. He hid his message under a mountain of terminology such as the complexity of stabilization policy, Chicago price theory, and his defined “monetarism”. Friedman said all government intervention (Bankster Bailouts were OK with him using IMF and other Rothschilds MOB tools) was “the wrong cure for the wrong disease,” arguing that the money supply should simply have been expanded, instead of contracted to end the Depression. — He said there existed a “natural” rate of unemployment and argued that unemployment below this rate was bad for the employers. He despised the idea of any welfare for people. He was 100% loyal to the British Rothschilds Crime Syndicate ruthlessness and greed and wanted that multiplied around the world. Money, privatized government functions for the Elitists, and encouraging corporate Monopolies with “NO STRINGS OR REGULATIONS OF THEIR CRIMES” was his only concern. Basically, his policy was “Rob from the poor and give to the rich.” His “moneyizing of everything” led to the BANKSTER GREED AND FRAUD and the 2007 CE-2008 CE BANKSTER CRASH! His cancerous infection was multiplied when in the 1981 CE-1989 CE Friedman advised Actor-President Ronald Reagan (1911 CE-2004 CE), Conservative British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and Don Regan, US Treasury Secretary. Again he piled on a layer of propaganda onto of his criminal robbery ideas saying the opposite of what he was doing such as “extolling the virtues of a free market economic system” but he wanted monopolies with no REGULATIONS. Friedman wanted a volunteer military for endless ongoing war the MADE THE ROTHSCHILDS MOB $TRILLIONS. He wanted school vouchers and privatization without regulation. He advocated choice among privatized monopolies in every field and felt GOVERNMENT WAS USELESS. In fact the government-run by the ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MAFIA IS WORSE THAT USELESS as it sucks Americans into poverty with endless fake FALSE FLAG WARS that create HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS MORE DEBT SLAVES! He was a government worker for many years and then became a professor. While working for the government he jointly authored a publication “Incomes from Independent Professional Practice,” and he worked out in greater detail in the 1950s CE and decided that professional licensing artificially restricts the supply of services and raises prices. So your auto mechanic or minister can treat your disease(s) or condition(s). Finally in 1940 CE, he found a  job in Economics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. But he said the other professors did not like his Ashkenazi ideas so he returned to government war policy 1941 CE-1943 CE and was an advisor to top members of the Department of the Treasury and as a Treasury spokesman in 1942 he advocated for high taxation of the people and helped to invent the payroll withholding tax system that automatically robs Americans of their money as they earn it. His main goal was to get plenty of money to fight wars because the ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB gets fantastically richer as the number of debt salves increase (later he and his criminal Chicago Boys did the same thing to the people of Chile during that horrible COUP and Rothschilds MOB-CIA Assassination). Perfectly, in 1943 CE, Friedman joined the Division of War Research at Columbia University, where he spent the rest of World War II focusing on problems of weapons design, military tactics, and metallurgical experiments. — In 1945 CE he got an easy PhD by submitting his government co-authored 1940 CE work, “Incomes from Independent Professional Practice” to Columbia as his doctoral dissertation, and amazingly they accepted it giving his a cheap PhD in 1946 CE. — He tried the University of Minnesota for a year and probably felt they did not like his Ashkenazi ideas, so he moved to teach economics at the University of Chicago and they liked his Ashkenazi ideas so he stayed for 30 years. In 1963 CE he co-authored a book titled “A Monetary History of the United States, 1867 CE–1960 CE.” In 1964 CE Friedman was an adviser to Barry Goldwater. — In 1954 CE-1955 CE he learned more Rothschilds Crime Syndicate ideas from Cambridge economics faculty. — His 1962 CE book “Capitalism and Freedom” consisted of propaganda essays that used non-mathematical ideas to explore issues of public policy. During 1968 CE-1978 CE, he and Paul Samuelson participated in the Economics Cassette Series, a biweekly subscription series where the economist would discuss the days’ issues for about a half-hour at a time. In 1977 CE he finished up at the University of Chicago and moved to San Francisco, where he became a visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and was affiliated with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. — From 1977 CE-1980 CE he created a propagandizing ten part TV Series titled “Free to Choose,” was broadcast by PBS and his book made the bestselling nonfiction book list in 1980 CE. This got him his role as adviser to Ronald Reagan and in 1988 Reagan gave him the National Medal of Science and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Friedman converted America from a free hard-working middle class oriented company concentrating on productive ideas and expansion for humanity to an Elitist Rothschilds MOB driven money-grubbing Rothschilds MOB sucking BANKSTER system of extraction and destruction of the MIDDLE CLASS! He used massive amounts of lies and propaganda to pull off this COUP that was less violent than the Chile Coup but still impoverishes the people to this day.

1973 CE-1982 CE: NEOLIBERALISM OUT OF CONTROL – SEPT. 11 1973 CE COUP IN CHILE AND HOW THE MILTON FRIEDMAN CHICAGO BOYS LOOTED CHILE FOR THE BRITISH ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MAFIA — Declassified CIA documents prove the CIA provided $8 Million to fund the CIA MILITARY COUP IN CHILE against the government of loved socialist President Allende using a Truckers Strike and 40,000 members and 56,000 vehicles being shut down. $2 Million of the CIA funds was to fund the Bosses loss of income due to the trucker shutdown. The CIA think tank actions were defined in the “Plan September” which used the “unions” for a Nationwide Truckers Indefinite Strike and COUP led by Front Man León Vilarín Marín, president of the National Confederation of Transport and he was part of a paramilitary Party. One day before the strike, the then US ambassador to Chile, Nathaniel Davis sent a secret cable to President Nixon informing him that “to protect the interests of the opposition (Rothschilds MOB criminals), confrontation may be inevitable” — In other words the military is going to kill people. — The famous “truckers’ strike,” the final ingredient to topple the elected regime of Salvador Allende. Almost to years later Vilarin was still head of the national truck owners’ syndicate. He now complains bitterly, “228 of our members are in jail for debts and 11 have committed suicide. — An economic crisis has become a moral crisis because people are losing everything.” Vilarin, along with most of Chile’s former capitalist class, are cursing economist Milton Friedman, the author of their destruction. — Immediately after the 1973 CE coup against President Allende, Chicago monetarist Milton Friedman’ and his local proteges, known in Chile as “The Chicago Boys,” outlined a program for “saving the Chilean economy from chaos.” Friedman’s program, like Chairman Mao’s, consisted of “seven reforms” to dismantle all agencies of state intervention in the economy and tum Chile into a model of “free enterprise and free trade.” Their program, which easily won approval from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), mandated massive tax increases, the elimination of tariff protection for national industry, large devaluations, free-floating prices, and wages frozen by dictatorial police powers. — Milton Friedman assured Business Week magazine in 1979 CE that Chile “will be regarded as one of the economic miracles of the twentieth century.” What kind of miracle? Savage reductions in real wages and the opening of floodgates to imported goods caused Chile’s manufacturing output to decline in 1974 CE and then fall another 27% in 1975 CE. Friedman then recommended the firing of 25% of public employees; the dictatorship complied. Manufacturers closed their plants and found profits importing luxuries for the few oligarchic consumers. The president of the Agricultural Producers Association, which also had helped make the 1973 CE coup, noted bitterly in 1979 CE, “Tens of thousands of small and medium-sized farmers who produce wheat, rice, corn, and sugar beets are ruined” by imports from countries where farm labor is better paid and more productive. — A bankers’ paradise, Chile was nothing less than the “economic miracle” which the City of London’s Institutional Investor baptized it in 1979 CE. It paid debt on time, gave away the industries built up by the Chilean taxpayers to foreign speculators at a fraction of their true value, and sold the nation’s rich underground mineral deposits to the same foreigners for similarly ridiculous low prices. — The economy has been destroyed by the “structural reforms” imposed by Friedman and his associates. Rather than “cleaning out inefficiency,” they have markedly reduced the productive efficiency of the economy; resource allocation is increasingly irrational, as the Rothschilds Crime MOB LOOTS the economy. University of Chile surveys found a remarkable shift in the deployment of the labor force 1973 CE-1977 CE as productive workers in industry, agriculture, and mining fell from 30.4% to 26.9% of the employed population; those in useful services such as transport, construction, and education fell comparably. In contrast, the percentage of those paid for totally non-productive jobs, paper-pushing in the burgeoning banking area and other such services, rose from 34.4% to 53.7% of the labor force. The shift out of production has been accompanied by trade deficits which have expanded exponentially since 1977 CE. In 1981 CE Chile’s trade deficits was equal to 62% of its total exports; probably the world’s worst performance. — The Friedman bubble burst massively as wealth was LOOTED into the ROTHSCHILDS MOB’s pockets. The Friedman fake “success story” propped up only by massive infusions of foreign USURY INTEREST loans from the banksters that created the CRISIS. When cautious humanitarian Allende was assassinated in 1973 CE, he left a total foreign debt of just over $3 billion, only about $600 million more than what he had started with three years earlier. Even with Pinochet’s “miracle” shelling out more than half of the country’s export income for debt service, Chile’s debt had now blossomed to $17 Billion by 1982 CE. In contrast to the $200 million debt service paid in 1973 CE, Chile has to pay $4.7 billion in 1982 CE to the ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB. Chile, became far more bankrupt than ever before and so again an $800 million USURY LOAN FOR THE ROTHSCHILDS MOB known as the IMF. — During 1982 CE, even the fantasy of “economic success” has been punctured by waves of bankruptcies and new rounds of unemployment. Domestic consumption is down 30%. Textile companies have fired 41% of their labor force since 1980 CE; metal-working firms have cut payrolls by 50%. The record bankruptcies of the long-looted productive sector during 1982 CE were so severe that even the banks which had run the blood-letting were threatened with bad debts equal to almost their entire capital and reserves. Chile’s monetary authorities have attempted one policy shift after another in an attempt to prevent the oligarchy’s banks from crumbling and keep Gen. Augusto Pinochet in the saddle. Pinochet is desperately trying to get out from under the wreckage left by Milton Friedman’s NEOLIBERALISM SCAMS, and he is using government intervention to do it. Over the past eight months, three economy ministers have tried to contain the collapse with massive devaluations, cuts in real wages, increases in tax levels, and government intervention in support of the flagging banks. There is yet no end in sight to the collapse. The prospects are for more truck owners to be in jail, as Milton Friedman’s Criminal Rothschilds MOB experiment turns into an economic, as well as political, nightmare. — ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB INCLUDED MILTON FRIEDMAN AND THE CHICAGO BOYS AND WHY THEY WERE NOT PUT IN PRISON FOR LIFE AMAZES MOST PEOPLE!

1973 CE-TODAY CE: WHAT IS NEOLIBERAL GLOBALISM? — Neoliberalism is a Corporate-Oriented economic policy agenda like that found in Fascist Italy in the WW II Era. In 1973 CE in Chile the ugly neoliberalism of Milton Friedman raised its ugly head and consisted of a U.S.-organized coup against a democratically elected and loved socialist president and the installment of a bloody military dictatorship notorious for systematic torture. This was the only way to implement the neoliberal model of the so-called “Chicago Boys” under the leadership of Milton Friedman – a student of Friedrich von Hayek (1899 CE-1992 CE), an extremely conservative Austrian economist – into reality. — Let us first clarify what globalization and neoliberalism are, where they come from, who they are directed by, what they claim, what they do, why their effects are so fatal, why they will fail and why people nonetheless cling to them. Then, let us look at the responses of those who are not – or will not – be able to live with the consequences they cause. — The difficulties begin when we are told that there is no alternative to neoliberal globalization, and that, in fact, no such alternative is needed either. Over and over again, we have been confronted with the TINA-concept: “There Is No Alternative!” The “iron lady”, Margaret Thatcher, was one of those who reiterated this belief without end. — The TINA-concept prohibits all thought. It follows the rationale that there is no point in analyzing and discussing neoliberalism and so-called globalization because they are inevitable. Whether we condone what is happening or not does not matter, it is happening anyway. Hence: Go with it and Kill or be Killed! — Some go as far as suggesting that globalization a law of nature. In turn, “human nature” is supposedly reflected by the character of the system’s economic subjects: egotistical, ruthless, greedy and cold. This, we are told, works towards everyone’s benefit (insane but often stated). — The question remains: why has Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” become a “visible fist”? While a tiny minority reaps enormous benefits from today’s neoliberalism, while the vast majority of the earth’s population suffers hardship to the extent that their very survival is at stake. The damage done seems irreversible. — All over the world Rothschilds Crime Syndicate media outlets – especially television stations – avoid addressing the problem. A common excuse is that it cannot be explained. The true reason is, of course, the media’s corporate (Rothschilds MOB) control. — The predecessor of the neoliberal model is the economic liberalism of the 18th and 19th centuries and its notion of “free trade”. Goethe’s (1749 CE-1832 CE) assessment at the time in Germany was: “Free trade, piracy, war – an inseparable three!” — At the center of both old and new economic liberalism lies Self-interest and individualism; segregation of ethical principles and economic affairs, dividing the economy from society; economic decisions made merely on a cost-benefit calculation and GREEDY profit maximization; replacement of a localized productive economy with profit-maximized free foreign trade (preferably using foreign slave-level labor cost advantage’); and no state interference with market forces….The big selling point of Neoliberalism is its global claim applied to all parts of the economy, all sectors of society, of life/nature itself. Money and greed control everything, including political power. A new twisted idea of “human nature…emerges that mocks everything from so-called do-gooders to altruism to selfless help to care for others to a notion of responsibility.” This goes as far as claiming that the common good depends entirely on the uncontrolled egoism of the individual and, especially, on transnational (Rothschilds MOB run) corporations. The only “freedom” in the economy is the freedom of corporations from responsibility and commitment to society. — And this includes maximization of profit with NO OBSTACLES or REGULATIONS within the shortest possible time daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly…preferably through speculation and “shareholder value”. Rothschilds MOB say global economic interests outweigh any local or national interests, since corporations today see themselves beyond both community and nation. A “level playing field” is created that offers the global players the best possible conditions. This playing field knows of no legal, social, ecological, cultural or national “barriers”.[6] As a result, economic competition plays out on a market that is free of all non-market, extra-economic or protectionist influences – unless they serve the interests of the big players (the corporations), of course. The corporations’ interests – their maximal growth and progress – take on complete priority. This is rationalized by alleging that their well-being means the well-being of small enterprises and workshops as well which in fact they strangle out of existence or, if successful, quickly buy up and either kill or incorporate parts. — Capitalism went through a series of ruptures and challenges post-war as “Keynesianism” with its social and welfare state tendencies, internal mass consumer demand (so-called Fordism – Automobiles and luxuries for the masses), and the objective of full employment in the North. This lead to more of the same but added in “globalized”. The main reason for this was the WAR as the ROTHSCHILDS MOB THINK TANKS planned was to wipe out German competition creating a ROTHSCHILDS-USA-UK centered capitalism looking for ways to EXPLOIT the ENTIRE WORLD as CECIL RHODES defined in one of his many wills. Competition between alternative economic systems was gone leaving a somewhat “Global Monopoly System.” This was not a victory of capitalism but a massive win for ROTHSCHILDS MOB MONOPOLIES. Another – opposing – interpretation is to see the “modern world system” as a combination of real capitalism and socialism, but that was ended by WW II. Now Rothschilds MOB could run wild and mercilessly dominate all global resources and investment (EXPLOITATION AND USURY IMPOSING) opportunities with the super-rich getting bargain basement prices on everything from minerals to labor. — Ongoing globalization of neoliberalism we are witnessing is NOT a democratic “complete competition” between many small enterprises enjoying the freedom of the market. It is instead only the big corporations win as monopolies and as a recent Princeton study found America is an oligopoly and the world has Rothschilds Crime MOB monopolies of previously unknown dimensions and the market is only free for them, while it is rendered unfree for all others who are condemned to an existence of dependency (as enforced producers, workers and consumers) or excluded from the market altogether (if they have neither anything to sell or buy). About 50% of the world’s population fall into this group today, and the percentage is rising. — In this new system Anti-trust laws have lost all power since the transnational corporations set the norms and cross many boundaries. It is the corporations – not “the market” as an anonymous mechanism or “invisible hand” – that determine today’s rules of trade, for example prices and legal regulations. This happens outside any political control. Speculation with an average 20% profit margin edges out honest producers who become “unprofitable”. Money becomes too precious for comparatively non-profitable, long-term projects, or projects that only – how audacious! – serve a good life. Money instead “travels upwards” and disappears into Rothschild MOB vaults in Swiss Banks and Swiss Caves or on other British run islands like Cayman and Bermuda. Rothschilds MOB’s financial capital dictates more and more what the markets are and do. By Nixons’ delinking the dollar from the price of gold, money creation no longer bears a direct relationship to production. Moreover, these days most of us are, like our governments, deeply in debt. It is Rothschilds Crime MOB that has all the money and wealth and resources – we have none. — Again small, medium, even some bigger enterprises are pushed out of the market, forced to fold or be swallowed up by transnational corporations. As a consequence, social services that are necessary for our existence disappear. Small and medium private businesses – which, until recently, employed 80% of the workforce and provided normal working conditions. The alleged correlation between economic growth and secure employment is false, because only the Rothschilds MOB enjoys that growth and they define economic growth as mergers of businesses and that caused loss of jobs. Are any new jobs are precarious, meaning that they are only available temporarily and badly paid. Today, one job is usually not enough to make a living. This means that the working conditions in are similar for both men and women – a trend diametrically opposed to what we have always been told. Corporations now ship all work, even technology jobs, overseas to people making fifty cents an hour. This is a continuation of a trend happening since the 1970s CE. Most of the world’s computer chips, sneakers, clothes and electronic goods are produced overseas. Even a recent shift in armaments components to overseas labor may happen, and that is our last major industry. Our consumer goods and commodity production is gone to third-world Industrial locations. Many jobs have disappeared entirely due to computerization, also in administrative fields. Medical services serve as a short-term buffer for now. The combination of “high tech” and “low wage”/”no wage” (always denied) guarantees a “comparative cost advantage” in foreign trade for Asia and soon Africa. This is leading to “Chinese wages” in the West. A potential loss of Western consumers is not seen as a threat. A corporate economy does not care whether consumers are European, Chinese or Indian or African. — The means of production is being further concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. New forms of private property are created through the “clearance” of public property. Primarily fields that have long been (at least partly) excluded from the logic of profit – e.g. education, health, energy or water supply/disposal are now seen as part of the Rothschilds MOB plan. These greedy bastards want total commercialization of natural resources like oceans, rain forests, regions of genetic diversity or geopolitical interest (e.g. potential pipeline routes), etc. Communication networks are witnessing frantic efforts to bring these fully under private control as well. — All these new forms of private property are essentially created by (more or less) predatory forms of appropriation. In this sense, they are a continuation of the history of so-called original accumulation which has expanded globally, in accordance with to the motto: “Growth through expropriation!” Or ROBBERY! — The destruction of the welfare state also destroys the notion that individuals can rely on the community to provide for them in times of need. Our existence relies exclusively on private, i.e. expensive, services that are often of much worse quality and much less reliable than public services. NOTE: It is a myth that the private always outdoes the public. What we are experiencing is under supply of goods and services formerly only known by the colonial South. We are witnessing a world system of underdevelopment. Traditionally, it was normally women who are called upon to counterbalance underdevelopment through increased work (“service provisions”) in the household. As a result, the workload and underpay of women takes on horrendous dimensions: they do unpaid work inside their homes and poorly paid “housewifized” work outside. Yet, commercialization does not stop in front of the home’s doors either. Even housework becomes commercially co-opted (“new maid question”), with hardly any financial benefits for the women who do the work. Robots even threaten this kind of work. We may get to an economy some day that most people no longer work. — This results in men and women being increasingly coerced into prostitution, one of today’s biggest global industries. We see that neoliberal globalism does not increase “freedom.” — Today, hundreds of millions of quasi-slaves, more than ever before, exist in the “world system” made that way by a new authoritarian imperialism. The redistribution of wealth runs ever more – and with ever accelerated speed – from the bottom to the top. The gap between the rich and the poor has never been wider. The middle classes disappear. This is the situation we are facing. — It becomes obvious that neoliberalism marks not the end of colonialism but colonization of the world by a select criminal few. This new “colonization of the world” points back to the beginnings of the “modern world system” in the 1500s CE with the conquering of the Americas, Australia and other locations. It is a new form of exploitation and transformation that allowed for the rise and “development” of Europe. This is the main feature of modernity’s latest stage. — Under Rothschilds Crime MOB Neoliberalism social, cultural, traditional and ecological considerations are abandoned and give way to a mentality of plundering. All global resources that we still have – natural resources, forests, water, genetic pools – have turned into objects of utilization. Rapid ecological destruction through depletion is the consequence. If one makes more profit by cutting down trees than by planting them, then there is no reason not to cut them. Neither the public nor the state interferes and the obvious fact that the clearing of the few remaining rain forests will irreversibly destroy the earth’s climate – not to mention the many other negative effects of such actions. Climate, animal, plants, human and general ecological rights are worth nothing compared to the interests of the corporations – no matter that the rain forest is not a renewable resource and that the entire earth’s ecosystem depends on it. If not for greed we would have never reached this day. — The commander of the Space Shuttle that circled the earth in 2005 CE remarked that “the center of Africa was burning” referring to the Congo, the last great rain forest of the continent. Without it there will be no more rain clouds above the sources of the Nile. However, it needs to disappear in order for corporations to gain free access to the Congo’s natural resources that are the reason for the wars that plague the region today. After all, one needs diamonds and coltan for mobile phones. — Today, everything on earth is turned into commodities, i.e. everything becomes an object of “trade” and commercialization (which truly means liquidation, the transformation of all into liquid money). In its neoliberal stage it is not enough for capitalism to globally pursue less cost-intensive and preferably “wageless” commodity production. The objective is to transform everyone and everything into commodities, including life itself. We are racing blindly towards the violent and absolute conclusion of this “mode of production”, namely total capitalization/liquidation by “monetarization” as Milton Friedman called it. — Rothschilds Crime MOB believes in their monopolies of market as if it is their god and nothing could ever happen without it. They believe in total global maximized looting as their abstract wealth (paper and gold) and their sole purpose in life. They want their one world dictatorship functioning in the interests of their Banks and corporations without limitations of any kind and they are installing that with dazzling speed. It creates new profit possibilities like they did in Ukraine and Iraq and next they want Iraq, the rest of Eastern Europe and India and China. — They are collecting abstract wealth (paper and gold) through the destruction of nature, which is concrete or real wealth. So they are trading “holes in the ground” near a garbage dump with used commodities, outdated machinery to get money without value to human life, the last of nature and natural resources. However, once all concrete wealth is gone, the abstract wealth will disappear as well and have no value as it cannot provide the necessities of life. In Marx’s words, the phony wealth will “evaporate” and the idea of “abstract wealth or money” is not real wealth will become at last obvious. Of course, they may be the last ones to be alive and that may be good enough for them. So what will neoliberalism achieve besides abstract wealth and giant inequality and death of billions? , The answer is in the end it is nothing but monetary wealth stored in electronic accounts by a tiny minority. With their program diversity is suffocated and billions of people are left wondering how to survive. And really: how do you survive with neither, food, resources, a means of production and no way to buy what you need? We see this in parts of the world today. Eugenics applied by people like Bill Gates and Prince Philip are examples of where they call for reduction of the populations so they can squeeze out more looting and still gather abstract money. — The nihilism of this economic system is evident. The whole world will be transformed into money – and then it will disappear. After all, money cannot be eaten. What no one seems to consider is the fact that it is impossible to re-transform commodities, money, capital and machinery into nature or concrete wealth. It seems that underlying all “economic development” is the assumption that “resources”, the “sources of wealth”, are renewable and everlasting – just like the “growth” they create, but already we see that is false as species are eliminated and food is infected or made poisonous with genetic manipulations. Lets make it clear that this kind of future is ignorant and cannot be followed. Greed leads to an empty useless end that benefits no one. — The notion that capitalism and democracy are one is proven a myth by neoliberalism globalism and its “monetary totalitarianism” as an end goal. There must be smarter upcoming leaders who see the stupidity of this stragtegy — The primacy of human politics over corporate economy has been lost as bought politicians in all parties have abandoned the need for moderation of corporate (Rothschilds Crime MOB) greed. The Rothschilds Crime MAFIA and their Banks and Corporations have bought and dictate human politics. Only their interests are considered and human interests are put asisde completely, we even see that in our lack of a working criminal justice system. Only those in power still have rights and privileges and “licenses to plunder” and the “license to kill”. Those who get in their way or challenge their “rights” are vilified, criminalized, called “terrorists”, threatened or attacked like Gaddafi in Libya or Bashar al-Assad in Syria. They kill those who slightly deviate from their orders and world domination goal. We look at Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, now they talk about Iran and Russia. The ignorance and insanity of this is mind-bending and raises serious questions regarding their mental abilities. — For them Neoliberalism and war are two sides of the same coin. Free trade, piracy and war are still “an inseparable three” – today maybe more so than ever. War is not only “good for the economy” of the Rothschilds MOB with millions more debt slaves, but is indeed its driving force and can be understood as the continuation of their agenda and philosophy of Abstract wealth. The Rothschilds Crime MOB use America’s WAR machinery so War is the economy, producing useless tanks and planes and imposing 5,000% markups for equipment charged to the American People. No wonder the Pentagon cannot account for $21 Trillion. Militarism once again appears as the “executor of (Rothschilds MOB) capital accumulation” making tens of millions of even in the future billions of people as debt slaves to the Rothschilds MOB and their usury loans that can never be paid off. — Human rights and rights of sovereignty have been transferred from people, communities and governments to corporations. The notion of the people as a sovereign body has practically been abolished with a quiet coup of our government(s). The political systems of the West and the nation state are increasingly dissolving. Nation states are developing into “periphery states” according to the inferior role they play in the proto-despotic “New World Order” Dictatorship, similar to the USSR. they claim Democracy is outdated because it “hinders business” and demands a new international division of labor following International Law that is TOP-DOWN dictated and eliminates all local and regional rights. — The logic of neoliberalism as a sort of totalitarian neo-mercantilism is that all resources, all markets, all money, all profits, all means of production, all “investment opportunities”, all rights and all power belong to the Rothschilds Crime MOB and their monopoly corporations. Everything to the Rothschilds MOB Corporations! Now!” — The corporations are free to do whatever they please and Nobody is allowed to interfere. Ironically, some thought the corporations were smart and would end the insane Neoliberal policies on their own. But the Rothschilds MOB smells blood and wants that World Dictatorship more than ever. This puts the entire globe at risk since responsibility is something the Rothschilds MOB and their corporations do not even recognize. They say what social contracts? In fact, our pointing out the crisis they are creating alone has become a crime and leads to censorship. All critique will soon be defined as “terror” and persecuted as such. — This built from the 1980s CE Rothschilds MOB’s World Bank and the IMF that act as the enforcers of neoliberalism. The MOB’s puppets were the actor Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher who introduced neoliberalism in Anglo-America. It is also called by some the Washington Consensus and was promised to lead to prosperity and great freedom if we just deregulate the corporations and privatize all of government. These programs are levied against countries which can be extorted due to their debts. Meanwhile, 30+ overthrows since WW II and numerous military interventions and wars help to take possession of the assets that still remain, secure resources, install neoliberalism as the global economic politics, crush resistance movements (which are cynically labeled as “IMF uprisings”), and facilitate the lucrative business of reconstruction. Today we know that the promise of Neoliberalism has not come true except for the corporations and that was the lie and propaganda that sold the programs. — In continental Europe, neoliberalism began with World Bank and the IMF and military intervention. The NATO war in 1999 CE, fragmented the Balkans placing it under neoliberal control and large Usury Debts. — It is odd that all governments and parties, whether left, right, liberal or green, accept these horrible Rothschilds Crime MOB tools of Domination. There is no analysis of the connection between the politics of neoliberalism, its history, its background and its effects on Europe and other parts of the world. Likewise, there is no analysis of its connection to the new militarism.

1973 CE-TODAY CE: NEOLIBERALISM SOLD WITH GREAT PROMISES AND PROPAGANDA WRAPPED AROUND DOZENS OF GIANT MIDDLE CLASS ELITISTS ROBBERY SCAMS BY ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB THAT LEAVE A MAJORITY OF AMERICANS IN POVERTY! — The Poverty of Neoliberalism includes its anti-human policies and its lies and propaganda of pretending to be a new kind of liberalism. Neoliberalism is a conservative program of zero for the 98% and everything for the 0.00001% or the Rothschilds Crime Syndicate. In 1983 CE Charles Peters, editor of the neoliberal Washington Monthly joined conservatives in lambasting public programs, skewering bureaucrats, celebrating the power of the market, privatizing everything in the hands of the SUPER-RICH. That included our employees, the bureaucrats who are in 2018 CE virtually gone and replaced by corporations inside our government under the control of the Rothschilds Crime MOB. We have no employees loyal to Americans but they are instead loyal to BOOZE-ALLEN or the next version of them — as they move the shells around – so no one ever finds the bean! In the end neoliberalism only reinforces the conservative impulses of our day and disdains anything that serve the 98% and applauds welfare for the 0.00001% and their MONOPOLY CORPORATIONS. The Rothschilds MOB’s press accepted the claim that neoliberalism is what we need. It is if we were all filthy rich and could buy politicians, but they would hate that every happening. Bill Clinton was a total neoliberal and wiped out all welfare and robbed the middle class to enrich the super-rich and he was just an extension of Reagan and GHW Bush as were Bush II and Obama — All were Neoliberals and some were hybrids with Neocon war mongers! Neoliberals support the Rothschilds Crime MOB plan of WARS and hundreds of millions of more DEBT SLAVES and, of course, lots of mass murders, for as far as the eye can see. They are planning their next move to create WW III with another BIG FALSE FLAG like 911, but probably far worse to motivate the WORLD to another GREAT WAR. Neoliberals and Neocons fully support the ONE WORLD ORDER DICTATORSHIP, like the USSR where 66+ million Russians were murdered. They sell it with the same lies and propaganda they used to sell us NEOLIBERALISM! — Liberals have had a few big ideas like social security, health care for all, and care for the extremely disadvantaged which more than pays for themselves with surpluses or healthy citizens, but NEOLIBERALS are against even these programs as are Neocons. They believe welfare it for WAR AND THE SUPER RICH! In other words they are anti-Americans and PRO-BRITISH ROTHSCHILDS CRIME SYNDICATE. — Neoliberalism at its core is stripped of any liberal character and is squeezed into a conservative frame with specific policies that come out sounding like contradictory lies propaganda sold to the public. Neoliberals lie and profess allegiance to core liberal principles, but implement a PRIVATE PRISON SYSTEM AND INSTALL AN UNREGULATED DERIVATIVES MARKET THAT CAUSED A MAJOR DAMAGING GREAT RECESSION-DEPRESSION! Thank god the DLC is DEAD but they call it the DNC and Democratic Party now and is dumping the majority of Americans into poverty or near poverty. Noeliberals and Neocons care nothing about wide inequality with the majority of AMERICANS LIVING IN POVERTY. — SOLUTION: Americans must drive the Rothschilds Crime Syndicate out of our government and do away with AIPAC and other Rothschilds Crime MOB tools that misinform, undereducated, and intimidate and bribe our carefully selected MOB political puppets. We need full prosecution of anti-American criminals and full accountability to Americans so $21 TRILLION cannot go missing from the Pentagon.


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