The Rothschilds are papal court Jews also known as Hofjudens, hired by Popes & Monarchs to manage their money.

1250 AD: Freemasons — Matthew Paris drawing shows Henry II in conference with operative Masons.

1356 AD: Freemasons — The formation of the London Masons Company and ordinances governing the Lodge at York. The Masons are were created by the Catholic Church. But to confuse most people they pretend to be at war with each other which is a standard ploy used by secret societies around the world — To always appear on the outside to be against the powers of authority, while all the time working for them.

1356 AD: Freemasons — Evidence shows Masons were already a well-established group, and accepted and evolved from the inclusion of the Knights Templar that had escaped Catholic suppression to Scotland. The first official documentation is from 1356 from England describing the formation of the London Masons Company and the ordinances governing the Lodge that was already established at York Minster. Unfortunately, these are only the papers that have survived and speak of groups that were forming – it does not deny the fact that there must have been preexisting groups that do not have “paperwork to prove their pre-existence.”

1376 AD: Freemasons — The first use of the word Freemason and their influence is obvious and universal. Freemasons are linked to many other “orders,” including the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta, The Templars, and incorporated institutions like the Weishaupt Illuminati.

1390 AD: Freemasons — The Regius Poem from Salisbury Cathedral is Masonic.

1410 AD: Freemasons — The Cooke Manuscript written for the Masonic school at Salisbury.

1425 AD: Freemasons — Henry VI forbids the yearly congregation of Masons.

1597 AD-1616 AD: Freemasons — Rosicrucians earliest documentation of their ideals. The freemasons branched out as alchemist across Europe to begin a society to carry to carry out newly discovered alchemical ideals. The Fama Fraternitas and the General Reformation of the World appeared in 1614 as fully fledged documents, so he must have succeeded. The founder is claimed to be a Christian Rosenkreuz, Rosicrucian Founder, which is obviously a false name and means the rosy cross of the Christians. It is claimed that this character traveled across Arabia, studied at Fez in Egypt and returned to Europe with his message – a message that is decidedly ancient. The origin of this enigmatic group is false. The rosy cross, the Rosicrucian symbol clearly on display at Rosslyn Chapel, Edinburgh. The coat of arms of Martin Luther, that staunch anti-Catholic, included the rose and the cross. It appears that Rosicrucianism is yet another form of that Catholic-bred Diaspora – just like the Jesuit creation of the Illuminati, drawing on the undercurrents of mysticism to create a seemingly anti-self organization. Clue is “The easiest way to win a war is to own both sides.” The Rosicrucian ways were linked to the influential Sufi mystics, who had influenced the world for such a long time using mind control. Today the Rosicrucians are a worldwide order with thousands of members – but their influence on the world now is minimal.

1599 AD: Freemasons — Minutes taken at Aichisons Haven Lodge and St. Mary’s Lodge in Edinburgh.

1600s AD: Freemasons — Evidence of large-scale Masonic Lodges in Oxford and London Museums that show the Masons Operate much like the Catholic Church’s sub groups and monasteries, such as Cistercians, Franciscans, and even Jesuits – they are all from the same original source. The Bible and specifically the Temple of Solomon gave the Freemasons a religious and acceptable framework to work on, and the symbolism employed with the operative mason’s tools was worked to match the ancient mysteries such as the “as above, so below” Hermetic principle.

1600s AD: Freemasons — Masonic Lodges began admitting men who were not operative Masons and were termed gentlemen Masons. The terms developed through time, within the operative Masonic Lodges, and were taken on by these gentlemen Masons – becoming part and parcel of their ritual nature.

1646 AD: Freemasons — Elias Ashmole is initiated into the Masons.

1690s AD: Freemasons — Court Jews began with the complete outlaw of Christians doing Usury Interest Loans = Hofjudens, Hofjude, or Hoffaktor = Given control of Church & Royalty money = Rothschilds = Court Jews gained social privileges, including in some cases being granted noble status. Court Jews were needed because prohibitions against usury applied to Christians but did not apply to Jews. They were also called money changers employed as financiers. Among the most notable of these were Aaron of Lincoln and Vivelin of Strasbourg. They uses their Jewish family connections to provide their clients with finance, food, arms, ammunition, gold, and precious metals. The rise of the absolute monarchies in Central Europe brought many Ashkenazis into the position of negotiating loans for the various courts. They could amass personal fortunes and gain political and social influence. Court Jews gained social connections and influence through the Christian nobility and church. Some court Jews lost everything including their lives when their Noble died. The most famous was in Württemberg when Charles Alexander died in 1737 and Joseph Süß Oppenheimer, his court Jew was put on trial and finally executed. To avoid this in 1790s Mayer Amschel Rothschild successfully setup full-fledged banks as corporate fronts.

1700s AD: Freemasons — Illuminati — The Illuminati ever since their inception in 1700s AD this secret society has created fear of world domination by a greedy & blood thirsty set of Elitiists. The Illuminati is linked closely to the Freemasons, the Catholics, Jesuits, and Secret Knight orders like the Templars, Teutonic, and Malta Orders. Freemasons History & Origins may involve, according to their own materials, serpents as a central part of their origins. But they are also linked to the Catholic Church, Templars, and the Illuminati. Freemasons are a large organization, but are split into many lodges that hold virtual autonomy and evolved differences of opinion and ritual. The Freemasons admit that their “secret knowledge” has been passed down the centuries. The hard evidence we have is their symbolism employed in both their rituals and in the great building works of Europe with their gargoyles and dragons and pagan symbology. They built on such organizations as the Knights Templar and Cistercians (who were instrumental in bringing back building skills to Europe). Their non-warrior cousins, the Cistercians, practiced alchemical enlightenment and created buildings with arches and octagonal designs as seen in most Templar and Cistercian buildings. Also built into these structures are numerological symbols and “mystical” metaphors. Today the Freemasons ritualize these ancient ways, with many not fully understanding their correct purpose which derive from ancient pagan Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids. The Jesuits certainly played a key role for the Catholic Church in creating the Illuminati, as did the Rothschilds Crime Syndicate and in turn enhance the Freemasons. Before the Illuminati merged into the Masons, they had been implicated in the creation of several other groups such as the Rosicrucians, Golden Dawn, and even the Lutherans and Protestants!

1708 AD: Freemasons — Pope destroyed the Jansens & Jansenism in France that emphasized original sin, human depravity, the necessity of divine grace, and predestination. The movement originated from the posthumously published work of the Dutch theologian Cornelius Jansen, who died in 1638. Jansenism was opposed by many in the Catholic hierarchy, especially the Jesuits who said they had Calvinist affinities. Further controversy led to the apostolic constitution Unigenitus Dei Filius, promulgated by Pope Clement XI in 1713.

1717 AD: Freemasons — The formation of the first Grand Lodge of London. Templars had been their for 600 years already.

1733 AD: Freemasons — The first American Lodge is opened. Today the Freemasons are a global phenomenon, with members from across the business community, religious establishment, and politics.

1760s AD: Freemasons — PROTOCOLS OF ZION AND OF ELDERS OF BOURG-FONTAINE — The Rothschilds are papal court Jews also known as Hofjudens, hired by Popes & Monarchs to manage their money.

1776 AD-1917 AD: Freemasons — Freemasons have with the Rothschilds Bankster Crime Syndicate instigated in full or in part the revolutions in France, Russia, and even the American Revolutionary War. Freemasonry has worked in a hidden but constant manner to prepare the French Revolution.

1823 AD: Freemasons — Jews also implicated in the earlier Secrets of the Elders of Bourg-Fontaine.

1823 AD: Freemasons — Protocols over a hundred years earlier, “The Secrets of the Elders of Bourg-Fontaine” = The secret assemblage in the forest of Bourg-Fontaine, the plan of the “conspirators” to destroy the Papacy and establish religious tolerance among all nations, the alleged plot against Throne and Altar, and the setting up of a world-government in opposition to the Catholic Church.

1864 AD: Freemasons — French political satirist Maurice Joly writes The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu. Joly’s book included the Protocols ideas.

1868 AD: Freemasons — Prussian writer Hermann Goedsche publishes the novel Biarritz, about the twelve tribes of Israel meeting secretly in Prague to discuss the Protocols.

1876 AD: Freemasons — “A great part of Europe – the whole of Italy and France, and a great portion of Germany, to say nothing of other countries – are covered with a network of these secret societies, just as the superficies of the Earth is now being covered with railroads. And what are their objects? They do not attempt to conceal themselves. They do not want constitutional government. They do not want ameliorated institutions; they do not want provincial councils nor the recording of votes.” — Benjamin Disraeli, future Chancellor of the Exchequer of Great Britain and Prime Minister – Hansard’s Parliamentary Debates, 1876

1896 AD: Freemasons — Quotes from Freemason Sources include, “Conventional wisdom says the Philippine Insurrection of 1896 was ignited because of native opposition to the power of the Catholic Church in the Islands. The revolutionary fire was fuelled by the writings of Jose Rizal, augmented by the political leadership of Emilio Aguinaldo.” In reality the Philippine Insurrection was orchestrated by Freemasonry, and while Emilio Aguinaldo indeed led that revolution, he did so as a dedicated member and tool of the Craft. This fact of Philippine history was suppressed by the United States Government for 45 years, until it finally was revealed by historian John T. Farrell in 1954.

1897 AD–1899 AD: Freemasons — Showed up in Russia in the hands of Pyotr Rachovsky, chief of the foreign branch of the Russian secret police in Paris.

1903 AD: Freemasons — An abbreviated version of the Protocols is published in a St. Petersburg, Russia, newspaper, Znamya (or The Banner).

1905 AD: Freemasons — Russian mystic Sergei Nilus includes the Protocols as an appendix to his book, The Great in the Small: The Coming of the Anti-Christ and the Rule of Satan on Earth. By 1917, Nilus publishes four editions of the Protocols in Russia.

1920 AD: Freemasons — The first non-Russian language edition of the Protocols is issued in Germany.

1920 AD: Freemasons — The Protocols were published in Poland, France, England, and the United States. These editions show the Russian Revolution was a Jewish Plot to attack the CHRISTANS of Russia who suffered the must in the USSR with over 66 millions Russians murdered from 1917 to 1889.

1920 AD: Freemasons — One lone British journalist and British Rothschilds puppet diplomat, claims the Protocols are plagiarism as if that matters since the prior documents were also from Ashkenazi sources.

1920 AD: Freemasons — Automaker Henry Ford’s Dearborn Independent publishes The International Jew, an Americanized version of the Protocols. The International Jew is translated into more than one dozen languages.

1921 AD: Freemasons — Another Rothschilds puppet journalist Phillip Graves resells the story of plagiarism in London Times still the sources were all Ashkenazi.

1921 AD: Freemasons — Another Ashkenazi puppet New York Herald reporter Herman Bernstein publishes The History of a Lie: The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion. He rehashes the irrelevant plagiarism charge.

1923 AD: Freemasons — Nazi theorist Alfred Rosenberg (1893 AD-1946 AD) writes The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Jewish World Policy. Rosenberg’s book reaches a wide audience, necessitating three printings within the year.

1917 AD: Freemasons — The Scottish Rite monthly [New Age] added: “The first Revolution in March 1917 is said to have been inspired and operated from these lodges and all the members of Kerenski’s government belonged to them.” — Paul A. Fisher in “Behind the Lodge Door” and Freemasonry along with the Rothschilds Crime Syndicate were primary drivers of both the French Revolution & the Russian Revolution that created the Ashkenazi Communist USSR. Fisher also credits the rebellion in Italy against Papal governments during the 1830s to same sponsors then called the Risorgimento, which, in reality, was a classic Masonic revolutionary movement with Giuseppe Mazzini, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Camillo Cavour and King Victor Emmanuel II – all ardent Freemasons. Mazzini, according to the Grand Commander of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in America, was the first head of modern Freemasonry in Italy. Historian, Charles Heckethorn, in his book, Secret Societies, uses the chilling word “Mafia” for this group.

1919 AD: Freemasons — Rosenberg, an Ashkenazi, was a recognized author & committed anti-Bolshevik heavily involved in the post-World War I ultra-nationalist in Munich. In early 1919 he became an early member of the Nazi Party’s predecessor organization, the German Workers’ Party (Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, or DAP). Rosenberg made clear a key component of his ideology that Ashkenazis were behind Bolshevism and the communist revolution.

1923 AD: Freemasons — Rosenberg became editor of the fledgling Nazi Party newspaper, Völkischer Beobachter. He made clear that Ashkenazis were behind the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

1923 AD: Freemasons — Rosenberg participated in the Munich Beer Hall Putsch, which resulted in Hitler’s arrest. He was a key ally of Hitler & Rosenberg struggled to prevent the Nazi movement’s disintegration.

1924 AD: Freemasons — Benjamin Segel, a German-Jewish journalist and puppet of the Rothschilds rehashes the irrelevant plagiarism charge Calling it forgery.

1924 AD: Freemasons — Joseph Goebbels, later the Nazi Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, writes in his diary: “I believe in the intrinsic but not the factual truth of the Protocols.”

1925 AD–1926 AD: Freemasons — In his treatise, Mein Kampf, Hitler writes: “To what an extent the whole existence of this people is based on a continuous lie is shown by the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion, so infinitely hated by the Jews. . . . For once this book has become the common property of a people, the Jewish menace may be considered as broken.”

1927 AD: Freemasons — Henry Ford directs that remaining copies of The International Jew be burned, and he orders overseas publishers to cease publishing the book. Ford’s directives to foreign publishers are ignored.

1930 AD: Freemasons — After Hitler’s release, Rosenberg returned to journalism and began his chief work, The Myth of the Twentieth Century (Der Mythus des 20. Jahrhunderts), published in 1930 and sold one million copies all in German. He positioned the “Aryan” and the Jewish “races” irreconcilably against one another. All the fruits of Western culture, Rosenberg posited, had evolved solely from the Germanic tribes; yet the Roman “priestly caste” which had arisen with Christianity had combined with Freemasons, Jesuits, and “international Jewry” to erode this culture and with it German spiritual values. Hitler himself held political reservations about Rosenberg’s anti-Christian rhetoric.

1930 AD: Freemasons — Alfred Rosenberg was elected to Germany’s national parliament (Reichstag) in 1930.

1933 AD: Freemasons — Nazis rise to power in Germany. The Nazi Party publishes at least 23 editions of the Protocols before World War II begins.

1933 AD: Freemasons — Shortly after Hitler’s appointment as Reich Chancellor in 1933, Rosenberg took charge of the Nazi Party’s foreign policy office (Aussenpolitisches Amt der NSDAP). He had major input to membership in the circle of the Party’s top leadership as Reichsleiter (1933), and plenipotentiary for supervising the Party’s ideological training (1934). He was not good at forge alliances and was claimed to be an inept administrator.

1935 AD: Freemasons — A Berne, Switzerland, court rules against a party of Swiss Nazis charged with circulating the Protocols at a pro-Nazi demonstration.

1938 AD: Freemasons — Hitler approved Alfred Rosenberg’s idea for a new, fully Nazified university system (Hohe Schule) that would ground the Party’s and the nation’s future elite in Nazi ideology.

1938 AD: Freemasons — “Radio priest” Father Charles E. Coughlin serializes the Protocols in his newspaper, Social Justice.

1943 AD: Freemasons — An edition of the Protocols is issued in German-occupied Poland.

1964 AD: Freemasons — The US Senate Judiciary Committee issues a report titled The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: A Fabricated “Historic” Document. The committee concludes: “The subcommittee believes that the peddlers of the Protocols are peddlers of un-American prejudice who shread hate and dissension among the American people.” AIPAC WOULD BE PROUD!

1974 AD: Freemasons — The Protocols is published in India under the title International Conspiracy Against Indians.

1985 AD: Freemasons — An English-language edition of Protocols, published by the Islamic Propagation Organization, is issued in Iran.

1988 AD: Freemasons — Article 32 of the Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) reads: “The Zionist plan is limitless. After Palestine, the Zionists aspire to expand from the Nile to the Euphrates. When they will have digested the region they overtook, they will aspire to further expansion, and so on. Their plan is embodied in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and their present conduct is the best proof of what we are saying.”

1993 AD: Freemasons — Trial of Pamyat leader Nikolai Detkov, charged with disturbing public order and disrupting the activity of journalists when 25 Pamyat members stormed the editorial offices of the daily Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper demanding fair coverage by reporters. One of the Pamyat groups goal is the “revival of Russia’s national identity.” The same capital that funded the 1917 revolution and provoked and organized genocide against the Russian people still runs the world and Russia. 40 Pamyat members in uniforms & a number of black-robed priests from the Russian Orthodox Church crammed into the small wooden court to support Detkov. Judge Tatyana Gubanova kept the prisoner in a cage during the trial. The trial confined itself to the narrow facts of the January event. The judge’s speech was punctuated by Smirnov-Ostashvili’s shouted interruptions. “Why are there only Jews in the list of witnesses…They threw out all the Russian names…Court, you serve the laws of Zionism.” Zionists used this Zionist fixed trial to say that somehow the trial fraud run by ASHKENAZIS showed the Protocols were not valid In a Kangaroo Court with NO justice.

2002 AD: Freemasons — Egyptian satellite television broadcasts a 41-part miniseries Horseman Without a Horse, which is based largely on the Protocols.

2002 AD: Freemasons — AIPAC-ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB Ashkenazi controlled US Senate passes a resolution urging the government of Egypt and other Arab states not to allow government-controlled television to broadcast any program that lends legitimacy to the Protocols. Meaningless.

2003 AD: Freemasons — A 30-part television miniseries called Al Shatat (The Diaspora) airs on Hizbullah’s Al-Manar TV. The series depicts a “global Jewish government,” as described in the Protocols.

2003 AD: Freemasons — An exhibition of holy books of monotheistic religions at the Alexandria Library in Egypt includes a copy of the Protocols next to the Torah. UNESCO issues a public denunciation of the Alexandria Library exhibition.

2004 AD: Freemasons — The Protocols is published in Okinawa, Japan.

2005 AD: Freemasons — A edition of the Protocols published in Mexico City suggests that the Holocaust was orchestrated by the Elders of Zion in exchange for the founding of the State of Israel.

2005 AD: Freemasons — An edition of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, authorized by the Syrian Ministry of Information, claims that the Elders of Zion coordinated the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States.

2007 AD: Freemasons — A typical Internet search for the Protocols yields several hundred thousand sites.


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