Poroshenko of Kiev, Ukraine looks like Khazars Golda Meir and LBJ

Viktor Yanukovych, Overthrown Leader of Ukraine Looks like KIEV Khazars Golda Meir and LBJ

Golda Meir was such a deceiving evil inhuman person, it is pathetic she can be considered a heroine or “Grandmother of the Jewish people”. Her entire life’s work is zionist supremacy/propaganda to justify an illegal rogue state. She says “an Arab is an Arab”!!?

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Listen to this woman so honored by the MSM — Repeatedly lie and propagandize about the Palestinians.


She had to resign due to internal Government strife following Yom Kippur War/Arab–Israeli War of 1973 against Egypt in Sinai + Syria in Golan Heights about land Israel stole 6 years earlier in Six-Day War

1. Golda MEIR SIGNED her own damn post card — “Tel Aviv, Palestine” in 1930:

2. Even the British Mandate (1923-48) refers to “population of Palestine”

2014 “Israel/Palestine 101” by JVP…/israeli-palestinian...

2012-10 “This Land Is Mine” by Nina Pale (3:32 min)

“The History of Palestine” 2009-05 (9:48 min) — interviewed: Occupation 101 documentary Douglas Dicks (Catholic Relief Services) + Phyllis Bennis (Institute for Policy Studies) + Noam Chomsky (M.E. analyst/author):

3. Jews did exist there & for centuries BUT as a very small minority, a few thousand, while close to a MILLION Palestinians did lived there for centuries! The Israeli “army” was made up of the original terrorist mafia gangs! Gangs like the Stern Gang! Hagganah! Irgun Zvai Leumi ethnically cleansed a million Palestinians & flattened their 400 of 600 villages! (that is hidden history, but actual events!)

“The Nakba of Palestine” or ethnic cleansing: isareli historian Ilan Pappe of Exeter University lecture at Al-Awda Convention 2008 (28 min):

Amnon Neumann, Israeli solider, 1948 war survivor, who regrets zionist ethnic cleansing/genocide on Palestinians, interviewed 2012-01:

“Breaking the Silence” movement by israeli soldiers:

4. Muslims/Jews/Xtians co-existed in peace for centuries in Palestine during/prior to Ottomans!

Live film proof from Palestine 1896. “Palestine: Story of a Land” by Lumiere Bros., dir./writer Simone Bitton:

5. Whilst Meir justifies Israel on being based on not stealing land since Palestinians did not exist, she must excuse the land grab on local people not having any worth, as even Israeli historian Ilan Pappe (2014) admits was an “incremental genocide” which she mockingly says, “we must be doing a bad job at it, if Palestinians still exist”: 

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Zionists love the single-minded Ruthlessness for greed and domination of ATTILA THE HUN, their Khazar relatives is single-mindedly focused on GREED & DOMINATION and care ZERO about HUMAN COSTS. Their mocking “Never Again” cry while terrorizing Palestinians in an APARTHEID ENCAMPMENT is as dangerously RACIST as any other DICTATOR in history.

970 BCE-70 AD: Only two Jewish states ever existed in history until ROTHSCHILDS CRIME SYNDICATE IN 1949 CREATED ISRAEL ON TOP OF PALESTINIANS & Robbing their lands and homes: #1 970 BCE-586 BCE and #2 520 BCE-70 AD

970 BCE-931 BCE: Solomon builds the First Temple on Mount Moriah
587 BCE-586 BCE: First Temple destroyed

520 BCE-515 BCE: 2nd Temple Built
70 AD Destruction of Jerusalem and Destruction of the 2nd Temple

‘Israel’ was such a wake-up call to gentiles.

Just watch Ashkenazis from California, and Brooklyn, celebrating with wicked glee as families are killed and/or their houses knocked down or torched. They love it when the children are inside. They love to watch the Israelis burn crops and torture children or spray sewage water on their homes like insane madmen.

Then you have their leaders, the Ashkenazi bankers, creating wars and coups literally all over the world, owning and controlling governments and media, mass-brainwashing, and put all of humanity in an APARTHEID PRISON that can have bombs dropped on us at any time.

If you think all this is crazy, maybe you should do an in-depth religious study of Judaism and the Talmud! It describes repeatedly and in explicit detail that non-Jews must be robbed and murdered without concern of any kind.

When Israel joined the United Nations on 11 May 1949 its membership was conditional on it fulfilling several UN requirements including a allow the Palestinian to have their own territory and later allowing all 800,000+ refugees to return to their homes. It’s been 68 years and the world has seen ZERO progress by the Israeli criminals. Israel constantly violates the conditions it accepted in order to become a full member of the UN, including failing to honor UNGA Resolution 181 (on two states) as well as UNGA Resolution 194 (on the right of return of Palestinian refugees).

CENTRAL ZIONIST THEME: The Palestinians never existed? A central myth of Zionism to erase the presence of Palestinian Arab society in the land of Palestine prior to the Ashkenazi European Hun settlements that began in an organized way in the late 19th century. The Zionist repetition of this myth serves to erase Palestinian land OWNERSHIP using TERRORISM & MASS VIOLENCE & MURDER!

A list of some of the massacres committed by Israel against Palestinians until 1993 show the massacres and expulsions were organized atrocities with only one aim, that is to have a RACIST ZIONIST STATE using ETHNIC CLEANSING:

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Jenin is typical of Israeli behavior The following is a list of massacres committed by Israel against Palestinians. The list is by no means exhaustive. The list contains only the events that took place until 1993, but they reflect the nature of the Zionist occupation of Palestine and show that massacres and expulsions were not aberrations that happen in any war, but organized atrocities with only one aim, that is to have a Zionist state free of Palestinians:

• Yehida: Dec. 13, 1947: Men of the Arab village of Yehida (near Petah Tekva, the first Zionist settlement to be established) met at the local coffee-house when they saw a British Army patrol enter the village, they were reassured especially that Jewish terrorists had murdered 12 Palestinians the previous day. The four cars stopped in front of the cafe house and out stepped men dressed in khaki uniforms and steel helmets. However, it soon became apparent that they had not come to protect the villagers. With machine guns they sprayed bullets into the crowd gathered in the coffee-house. Some of the invaders placed bombs next to Arab homes while other disguised terrorists tossed grenades at civilians. For a while it seemed as if the villagers would be annihilated but soon a real British patrol arrived to foil the well-organized killing raid. The death toll of 7 Arab civilians could have been much higher. Earlier the same day 6 Arabs were killed and 23 wounded when home-made bombs were tossed at a crowd of Arabs standing near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. In Jaffa another bomb killed six more Arabs and injured 40.

• Khisas: Dec. 18, 1947: Two carloads of Haganah terrorists drove through the village of Khisas (on the Lebanese Syrian border) firing machine guns and throwing grenades. 10 Arab civilians were killed in the raid.

• Qazaza: Dec. 19, 1947: 5 Arab children were murdered when Jewish terrorists blew up the house of the village mukhtar (governor).

• Al-Sheikh village: Jan. 1, 1948: On that night around two hundred Zionists armed with hand grenades and machine guns sneaked into a small village called Al-Shaikh village (5km South East of Haifa). The attackers came through the southern hills (most possibly from Nisher Jewish settlement which lies about 5 Kilometers south of the village). They attacked the houses on the edges of the village with hand-grenades and finished off with machine-guns killing around 40 of the Palestinians inhabitants of the village, mostly women and children.

• Deir Yassin: April 9-10, 1948: The massacre that became the symbol of Zionist aggression for the Palestinians as well as Zionist treachery. The mukhtar of the village had agreed with the Zionists to provide information on the movement of strangers in the area as well as other intelligence provided their village is spared. The Zionists were not to keep their side of the promise. In an operation, which was called Operation Unity, the Haganah co-operated with the Irgun and the Stern Gang is this operation. At 4:30 am on Friday April 9th 1948 surrounded the village, which was overlooked by two Jewish settlements, Givat Shaul and Montefiore. For two days Zionist terrorists killed men women and children, raped women and stole their jewelry. A chilling account of the massacre is given by a Red Cross doctor who arrived at the village on the second day and saw himself — the mopping up as one of the terrorists put it to him. He says that the mopping up had been done with machine guns, then grenades and finished of with knives. Women’s bellies were cut open and babies were butchered in the hands of their helpless mothers. Around 250 people were murdered in cold blood. Of them 25 pregnant women were bayoneted in the abdomen while still alive. 52 children were maimed under the eyes of their own mothers, and they were slain and their heads cutoff. The Jewish Agency and the commander of the British ground troops knew of the massacre while it was going on, however, no one intervened to stop it.

• Naser Al-Din: April 13-14, 1948, a contingent of Lehi and Irgon entered this village (near Tiberias) entered the village on the night of 13 April dressed as Arab fighters. Upon their entrance to the village the people went out to greet them, the terrorists met them with fire, killing every single one of them. Only 40 people survived. All the houses of the village were raised to the ground.

• Beit Daras: May 21, 1948, after a number of failed attempts to occupy this village, the Zionists mobilized a large contingent and surrounded the village. The people of Beit Daras decided that women and children should leave. As women and children left the village they were met by the Zionist army who massacred them despite the fact that they could see they were women and children fleeing the fighting.

• The Dahmash Mosque: July 11, 1948, after the Israeli 89th Commando Battalion lead by Moshe Dayan occupied Lydda, the Israelis told Arabs through loudspeakers that if they went into a certain mosque they would be safe. In retaliation for a hand grenade attack after the surrender that killed several Israeli soldiers, 80-100 Palestinians were massacred in the mosque, their bodies lay decomposing for 10 days in the mid-summer heat. The mosque still stands abandoned today. This massacre spread fear and panic among the Arab population of Lydda and Ramle, who were then ordered to march out of these towns after they were stripped of all personal belonging by Israeli soldiers. Yetzak Rabin, Brigade Commander then says: “There was no way of avoiding the use of force and warning shots in order to make the inhabitants march ten to fifteen miles to the point where they met up with the legion.” Most of the 60,000 inhabitants of Lyda and Ramble came to refugee camps near Ramallah, around 350 lost their lives on the way through dehydration and son stroke. Many survived by drinking their own urine. The conditions in the refugee camps were to claim more lives.

• Dawayma: Oct. 29, 1948, the following is the testimony of a soldier who participated in the occupation of the village of Dawayma (in the Haifa sub-district): “They killed between 80 to 100 Arab men women and children. To kill children they fractured their heads with sticks. There was not one home left without corpses …. One commander ordered a soldier to bring two women into a building he was about to blow up… Another soldier prided himself on having raped an Arab women before shooting her to death.” The massacre was perpetrated by the 89th Battalion, the authors of Lydda massacre.

• Sharafat: Feb. 7, 1951, Israeli soldiers crossed the armistice line to this village (5 Kilometer from Jerusalem) and blew up the houses of the mukhtar and his neighbors. 10 were killed (2 elderly men, 3 women and 5 children) and 8 were wounded.

• Kibya: Oct. 14, 1953, 9:30 PM about 700 regular Israeli troops attacked the border Jordanian village of Kibya, north-west of Jerusalem. Using mortars, machine guns, rifles and explosives they blew up 42 houses, the local schools and the mosque. Every man woman and child found by these criminals was killed. 75 innocent villagers were murdered in cold blood. The raids were ordered by Ariel Sharon.

• Kafr Qasem: Oct. 29, 1956 Israeli frontier guards started at 4pm what they called a tour of the Triangle Villages. They told the mukhtars of those villages that the curfew from that day onwards was to start from 5pm instead of 6pm. They reached Kafr Qasem around 4:45 and informed the mukhtar protested that there are about 400 villagers working outside the village and there is not enough time to inform them of the new times. An officer assured him that they will be taken care of. Then the guards waited at the entrance to the village 43 Kafr Qasem inhabitants were massacred in cold blood by the army as they returned from work, their crime was violating a curfew they did not know about. On the northern entrance of the village 3 were killed and 2 were killed inside of the village. Amongst the dead were men, women, and children. Lutanat Danhan was touring the area in his jeep reporting the massacre, on his wireless he said, “minus 15 Arabs”; after a while his message on the radio to his H.Q. was, “It is difficult to count”.

• Al-Sammou’: Nov. 13, 1966, Israeli forces raided this village, destroyed 125 houses, the village clinic and school as well as 15 houses in a neighboring village. 18 people were killed and 54 wounded.

• The Sabra and Shatila: Sept. 15-18, 1982, after the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon Phalangist puppets of the Israelis massacred over 3000 Palestinian men, women and children under the watchful eyes of the Israeli army. A body count by the International committee of the Red Cross revealed 2750 dead, the real figure is thought to be much higher and may never be known.

• Oyon Qara (Rishon Lezion): May 20 1990, an Israeli soldier lined up Palestinian labors and murdered seven of them with a sub-machine gun. 13 Palestinians were killed by Israeli Forces in subsequent demonstrations at the massacre.

• Al-Aqsa Mosque: Oct. 8, 1990, Israeli police opened fire on worshipers in Al-Aqsa Mosque killing 22 people.

• The Ibrahimi Mosque: Feb. 25, 1994, A Jewish terrorist, from Keryat Arba’ settlement massacred 60 worshipers in the Ibrahimi Mosque in Al-Khalil(Hebron) and wounded about 200. Later massive demonstrations took to the streets of Palestine and the Zionist army responded by life ammunitions killing 23 and wounding hundreds more. Reports indicate there were 3 Jewish settler gunners, not only one.

• The Jabalia: March 28, 1994, A Jewish undercover police opened fire on Palestinian activists brutally killing 6 and injuring 49. Some of the wounded activists were taken out of their cars and shot in their heads to death.

• Eretz Checkpoint: July 17, 1994, Palestinian sources reported that the occupation forces had committed Sunday morning a disgusting massacre against Palestinian workers at Eretz Checkpoint. Eyewitnesses and Israeli sources reported that 11 Palestinians have been shot dead and 200 injured. Israeli sources also reported that 21 Israeli soldiers including 1 settler were injured. Two soldiers were shot by bullets, one died. As reported by Palestinian and Israeli sources, the scene was described as a war zone which lasted for 6 hours. Four Israeli tanks and helicopters were brought by the occupation forces, while number of settlers were taken part firing at Palestinians. Protest had spread all over the Occupied Territories. In Gaza, Palestinians raised black flags and called for revenge. In Ramallah, shops closed while several clashes were reported. Several clashes were reported at Hebron University, and two Palestinians were shot in Hebron. These are just some of the massacres committed against the Palestinians by the Zionists. If the raids on southern Lebanon old and new were to be taken account the true magnitude of Zionist crimes against humanity could start to emerge. If one were to go into the gruesome details of the atrocities committed in 1948 the — mopping up operations —, the deliberate humiliation and massacre of Arabs and the desecration of the holy places of both Muslim and Christian as well as the looting of these holy places and personal property by the Israeli Army and settlers; one might just start to appreciate what Zionism is all about.

“Destroy all of the land; beat down their pillars and break their statues and waste all of their high places, cleansing the land and dwelling in it, for I have given it to you for a possession”; (Joshua 33:52:53); “And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both men and women, young and old and ox and sheep and ##### with the edge of the sword.” (Joshua 6:21)

(Source: Palestine Times, March 1993): 

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