Hillary Clinton Bought Elections in 33 States = Collusion with DNC = Montana was one of those states. It sold itself for $64,100 = Super Delegates now defying democracy REFUSE to change their votes to Sanders even when Sanders had overwhelming victories in their states.


“How Hillary Clinton Bought the Loyalty of 33 State Democratic Parties” by Margot Kidder, April 1, 2016

Click for Source Article on CounterPunch

THE BUYOUT DEAL = Aug 2015 Democratic Party Convention in Minneapolis = 33 States made deals with Hillary Clinton to do joint fundraising for The Hillary Victory Fund.

THE BUYOUT DEAL = Allowed many of Hillary’s core $Billionaire & Inner circle individual donors to MAKE MAX CONTRIBUTIONS allowed by those state parties to the Hillary Victory Fund in New York and DNC in Washington. MAXIMIZE LOOT FOR HILLARY using 2014 Supreme Court ruling, McCutcheon v FEC, that knocked down a cap on aggregate limits as to how much a donor could give to a federal campaign in a year. It thus eliminated the ceiling on amounts spent by a single donor to a presidential candidate.

THE BUYOUT DEAL = A single donor, could give $10,000/year to of the 33 State Parties = Extra $330,000/year for two years to the Hillary Victory Fund. = DOUBLED EACH DONORS LEGAL CAP TO $660,000 in Both 2015 and 2016. = MAN AND WIFE CAP = $1.32 Million! = Transferred from state coffers to the Hillary Victory Fund in Washington.

THE BUYOUT DEAL = Clinton got the first $2,700 & DNC Got next $33,400 & Remainder was to be split among the 33 signatory states.

THE BUYOUT DEAL = Scheme = Hillary Victory Fund got $26 Million for Clinton Campaign by end of 2015. = Transferred to her PACS and her Campaign = Paying salaries & expenses

THE BUYOUT DEAL = Between the States and the Hillary Clinton Campaign = Act in unity and mutual support and the Super Delegates would either pledge loyalty to Clinton, or, at the least, not endorse Senator Sanders.

THE BUYOUT DEAL = Hillary’s multi-millionaire and billionaire supporters bypassed donation limits + Clinton campaign added bonus of buying that state’s Super Delegates with the promise of contributions to that Democratic organization’s re-election fund. = Route Money around existing donor limits & promise money to that state’s potential candidates (BUY OUT VOTES) = BUY Super Delegates.

THE BUYOUT DEAL = Aug 2015 Montana leadership decided they liked the seductive deal and started getting scores of $10,000 donations coming in from out of state. = Donors reads like a Who’s Who of the Democratic financial elites = same names the other 32 States saw that signed on to the Hillary Victory Fund. = Names like Billionaires from Esprit + Zuberi of CA + Eychaner of Chicago + Sussman hedgefund + Pritzker + Stryker of NY + NRA + Viacom’s Forbes + Israeli Haim Saban = $Millions to Hillary = ALL COULD NOT CARE LESS ABOUT MONTANA!

THE BUYOUT DEAL = MAKES A MOCKERY of Ms. Clinton’s pledge to further the cause of campaign finance reform + Breaks holes in Montana Governor Steve Bullock’s eloquent insistence that he will do anything necessary to overturn Citizen’s United. + Senator Jon Tester’s stated neutrality in the Democratic primary = Sharp & unflatteringly hypocritical focus.

THE BUYOUT DEAL = Proves a system that is rigged in favor of the wishes of lobbyists and billionaires running their money through our state democratic party coffers is a concept that most Montanans would be repulsed by. = But state’s chairperson, Nancy Keenan, approve the deal As did Governor Bullock & Senator Tester to fund both THEIR campaigns, now and in 2018.

FACT: ALMOST No Montana democratic office holders have ever heard of the Hillary Victory Fund.

Montana = 33% are independents so Democrats must win some INDY AND GOP votes to get elected = Peculiar that the Montana State Democratic Party would make a deal with the Hillary Clinton campaign months before the national primaries were underway = BEING TOLD WHO TO VOTE FOR BY THE CLINTONS. = VIOLATES MONTANA TRADITIONS of independence! Collusion by a Montana national candidate with the Hillary Clinton campaign before a primary was held, and the votes counted, could potentially be politically suicidal.

THE BUYOUT DEAL = SCHEME SOLVES some of Montana State Democratic Party’s financial problems for several state and federal candidates. BUT scheme only Creates a benefit if the money raised stayed in the states, BUT that did not happen.

Alaska Democratic party = Raised $43,500 from the Hillary Victory Fund But reported it transferred the same amount of money, $43,500 back to the DNC = Effectively obliterates federal limits on donations to the national committee and is just a way to funnel more to the DNC to support Clinton.

Maine State Democratic Party = SAME SCAM Raised $39,000 and then transferred $39,000 to the DNC for Clinton.

Montana State Democratic party received $43,500 dollars from the Hillary Victory Fund and transferred $43,500 back to DNC. Again it received another $20,600 from the Hillary Victory fund and transferred $20,600, back to the DNC.

22 States got $938,000 from Hillary Victory Fund and sent the same amount back to the DNC.

17 STATES REFUSED THE SCHEME = Nebraska wated to let the people choose which candidate they wanted = CHOSE Democracy over Kick-Backs.

THE BUYOUT DEAL = 33 CLINTONS STATES = A highly unusual arraignment with a unchosen presidential candidate doing an odd fundraising agreements before the candidate actually WON the nomination.

NYT in March = Loudly proclaimed that elected officials in 22 states would not support Bernie Sanders = NYT conveniently left out the BUY OUT DEAL those 22 states signed With Clinton = Perception of fraud and corruption is glaring and damaging = No confusing of morality with legality for 33 states. Corruption is corruption is corruption!

FACT: Those Giving presidential candidates upwards of $6 million expect something in return = Reason they are brilliant business people is they never throw away $Millions for nothing.

FACT: State Parties don’t want Campaign Finance Reform because they can’t afford it and become terrified of voicing support for alternative candidates out of fear of being cut off the Democratic Party gravy train. = In Montana Not one single Democratic official up for election will openly support Bernie in the Democratic primary.

THE BUYOUT DEAL = The psychological damage to the Hillary Victory Fund = That not every vote is equal.

MONTANA State Party Leadership signed a deal with a woman who out here, on our turf, possibly wouldn’t last a week. = Signed away our unobstructed right to choose which Democratic candidate we supported for President. = 15 pledged delegates + 7 Super Delegates = Lost our absolute right to have Super Delegate endorsements proportional to the wishes of the primary voters for $64,100 which we had to give back. = Pretty poor DEAL that SOLD OUT OUR RIGHT to OUR OWN CHOICE.

THE BUYOUT DEAL = Stacked the deck for Hillary and the DNC who get all the face cards dealt from the bottom of the deck. But just give us an ace from time to time, or maybe even a small straight. Don’t rub our hopelessness in our faces as if we are too dumb to know. You will pay for your contempt. If not this year, then the next.


Recipient Party Type** Office Sought Total
Clinton, Hillary D C Pres $4,440,000
DNC Services Corp D P $2,263,436
Democratic Party of Wisconsin D P $207,278
Democratic Party of Oklahoma D P $140,000
Democratic Party of New Hampshire D P $74,700
Democratic Party of Pennsylvania D P $70,500
Democratic Party of Texas D P $69,100
Democratic Executive Cmte of Florida D P $66,200
Democratic Party of Nevada D P $66,200
Democratic Party of Colorado D P $66,000
Democratic Party of Ohio D P $66,000
Democratic Cmte of Utah D P $64,100
Democratic Party of Alaska D P $64,100
Democratic Party of Mississippi D P $64,100
Democratic Party of Montana D P $64,100
Democratic Party of Oregon D P $64,100
Democratic Party of South Carolina D P $64,100
Democratic Party of Tennessee D P $64,100
Democratic State Cmte of Massachusetts D P $64,100
Georgia Federal Elections Cmte D P $64,100
Idaho State Democratic Party D P $64,100
Michigan Democratic State Central Cmte D P $64,100
Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party D P $64,100
Missouri Democratic State Cmte D P $64,100
Rhode Island Democratic State Cmte D P $64,100
West Virginia State Democratic Exec Cmte D P $64,100
Wyoming State Democratic Central Cmte D P $64,100
Democratic Party of North Carolina D P $64,000
Democratic State Central Cmte/Louisiana D P $64,000
Indiana Democratic Congressional Victory Cmte D P $64,000
Democratic Party of Arkansas D P $63,000
Maine Democratic State Cmte D P $59,800
Democratic Party of Virginia D P $43,500

Source: FEC



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