See at bottom a description of Terry Steuck’s book which is not the purpose of this Analysis but illustrates the GOD Complex potential.


GdD COMPLEX ORIGIN:  1923 AD: The first person to document the term GOD-COMPLEX was Ernest Jones (1879–1958) in his Essays in Applied Psycho-Analysis.  His research can be found in The International Psycho-Analytical Library #5: Essays in Applied Psycho-Analysis, by Ernest Jones, M.D., President of the International Psycho-Analytical Association and of the British Psycho-Analytical Society. Ernest Jones (1879-1958), a neurologist and psychoanalyst who was a lifelong friend and colleague of Sigmund Freud from their first meeting in 1908, and became his official biographer. Jones was the first English-speaking practitioner of psychoanalysis and became its leading exponent in the English-speaking world.

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ROTHSCHILDS GOD COMPLEX: Unshakable belief in Self-GODLINESS – Belief in their GODLY Personal abilities, privileges, & absolute refusal to admit any mistakes.

DEFINE: God Complex is an unshakable belief characterized by consistently inflated feelings of personal ability, privilege, or infallibility. A refusal to admit the possibility of their error or failure, even in the face of irrefutable evidence, intractable problems or difficult or impossible tasks. GOD Complex persons are highly dogmatic in their views and views their personal opinions are laws that are unquestionably correct. They have ZERO regard for others and the conventions and demands of society, and demand special privileges.


GdD Complex is a very dangerous and curious sickness with megalomaniac fantasies barely comprehensible to most of humanity. Most of humanity cannot imagine wanting all the wealth in the world of the desire to rule the world as a dictator. Perhaps that is why most people discount this as NOT being possible.

GdD Complex is a purely psychological view that magnifies & idealizes ones Devine powers and abilities. Perhaps it is self-love to an extreme degree that like the past Kings & Queens who have declared themselves as GOD with Devine Rights, Powers, and a Divine Spirit. They see themselves as beyond King or Queen. Of course, this does not involve actual facts, reason or logic.

GdD Complex — The Roman Empire was perpetually exposed to this menace. Likewise in religion we see indications of the same process with Buddha, Mahomet, Peter, and Moses. Believing they have powers of GOD or that GOD has given them. Clearly, there are many degrees of the GdD Complex as some believe they are fully GdD and others think they were given GdD like powers and rights and go beyond mere representatives of God but speak in the name of God’s authority.

GdD Complex — These menacing beliefs that their unconscious phantasy is that they are the one GdD. Unfortunately, this phantasy is not at all rare, especially among the ELITISTS that think they can do no wrong and view all others as their pawns and inferiors.

GdD Complex infects mostly a class of men (and some women) much stronger than is usual in most of humanity. The Complex forms a constant and integral part of their unconscious and many run empires, banks, or corporations.

GdD Complex observed in the EXTREME – We know many such men become visibly insane and profess openly their delusion that they are actually God. Mental institutions have many instances of these kinds of menacing individuals, who respect no one else and therefore do as they please regardless of who it hurts. This GdD complex causes individuals to have no normal inhibitions and no feeling of consciousness around others and ignore others needs. Analysis of a number of individuals with whom this complex is strongly pronounced show clear and definable character traits as follows:

#1 They have no concept of being a loving GdD, but believe anything they do is GdD’s work and this can involve horrible actions and deeds.

#2 A colossal narcissism is the most typical personality feature, far beyond basic narcissism.

#3 Their extreme Narcissism leads to self admiration of their powers, knowledge, & physical-mental qualities

#4 They have primitive Psycho-sexual tendencies involving auto-eroticism & exhibitionism and do things in public that terrify others some involving intimate behaviors. These traits cannot be separated from their character causing very negative impacts.

But there are many semi-functional GdD Complex individuals that live in out society(s). The characteristics of functioning G-d Complex individuals include:

#1 One characteristic of many functioning G-d Complex individuals is a false & excessive self-modesty, which at times is so pronounced as to be truly a self-effacement (act of making oneself seem inconspicuous, humble and timid) and they never using the word “I” in a sentence. This covers for their strong self-conceit and/or vanity. They are obviously aware that they must cover their GdD Complex to operate in society.

#2 They often pretend to be aloof with no interest in playing an active role in the affairs of life, which is a gross exaggeration or affectation and not a primary character-tendency as they feel they are far beyond mortals and have the rights and privileges to dominate all life.

#3 They like to surround themselves in a cloud of mystery and will avoid other people and living in seclusion away from the masses and the normal throng of life. They may come into their daily work but do not mix after work except at their club(s) or at restaurants with others that have similar afflictions. They maintain great secrecy to coverup their auto-eroticism and other perverse tendencies.

#4 They impose a ora of mystery, secrecy and inaccessibility that involves appearance, possessions, behaviors, and especially beliefs. They create secret organizations including secretive corporations and even secretive nations especially in finance. H. G. Wells, in his novel ‘Tono-Bungay’, gives an amusing description of the difficulties in obtaining an audience with a successful financier. The applicants are sorted out in room after room by one secretary after the other, and only a vary few are fortunate enough to penetrate to the Holy of Holies and come face to face with the great man himself. Napoleon also expounded this contemptuous attitude toward the masses very wittily. He is said to have formed the rule, particularly during busy times, of never answering a letter until it was three months old. On being once criticised for this, he remarked taht it saved much trouble for he found that most letters answered themselves in this time.

#5 They are extremely BAD CITIZENS because they care nothing for the rest of humanity.

#6 They have an inability to learn outside their belief system — They shut out or reject any facts that go against their GdD-like beliefs. Their attitude that they “know it all” so there is NO new knowledge they need, and reject all help in their reasoning. This is so pronounced in their character that it cannot be ignored. On the other hand they will tell you they are always open-minded to new ideas but then when they hear a new idea they either immediately reject it or quickly grab it, modify it, and make it their own. They think nothing of robbing others of their ideas, wealth, and resources. They never give credit to the originator of the idea or the wealth they confiscate by any means.

#7 To maintain mystery their writing is never clear and concise and to the point. Often there is no point or the point is instead deeply hidden under a mountain of jargon and useless banter or stories. This is done to add to their self-important mystery status. They make their message, if they have one, as obscure and unreadable and confusing as possible.

#8 They tend to try to dress with a distinctness peculiar to themselves. The suggestion that they resemble someone else is unacceptable. The veil of mystery and obscurity that they cast over themselves naturally extends to their entire way of life of narcissistic self-importance including their auto-erotic perversions. During confidential chats with intimate friends they take the greatest pleasure in talking about himself in the fullest minuteness and is never weary of discussing and dissecting his own mental attributes. They are apt to be successful lecturers and after-dinner speakers, showing a fondness for this that contrasts with his other reactions to exhibitionism.

EXAMPLE: Actual Phatasy Expressess by GdD Complex Patient – He confessed his greatest wish was to own a castle on a distant mountain at the very extremity of the country (near the sea); as he drove up to it he was to sound a terrific horn in his automobile so that the blast would reverberate along the hills (thunders of Jehovah and Zeus, paternal flatus), and on hearing it the servants and retainers were to disappear to their underground chambers, leaving everything prepared for him in the castle; under no circumstances were they ever to see him. Such men in actual life all manner of access difficulties by screening appointments by secretaries interviewing all visitors first to be sure they meet his requirements. This accessibility feature is prominent among nobility, kings, popes and many high-level business men as they desire distance from the masses. They impose their desire for secrecy and inaccessibility through these extreme exaggerations.

EXAMPLE: Actual Phantasy expressed by a GdD Complex Patient – King Lewis of Bavaria was a typical case of this as he began to imitate Louis XIV (named ‘ Stekel), and proceeded to identify himself formerly with the French Musical, Le Roi Soleil. It is further related that at this stage he refused to interview people unless there was a screen between him and them, and that when he went out, his guards had to warn people of his approach, to get them to hide in time and shelter themselves from his Magnificent Presence. Such behavior can only indicate the belief that the rays emanating from his GdDly presence were charged with the power of destruction. The king’s solicitude possibly covered repressed death-wishes. We have here a recrudescence (copying) of the old Egyptian, Persian and Grecian projection of the father as a sun-god, one that played an important part also in early Christianity. The significance of the phantasy is both paranoia and an aire of mystery as Freud pointed out in his Schreber analysis. In full insanity, the patient may identify both his father and himself with the sun, as in the instance just mentioned, or else only the former, as with a paranoid disorder patient of mine who spent the greater part of ten years defiantly staring at the sun. In more normal people such fantasies remain in the unconscious, and only a refined form of them can penetrate through to consciousness, such as the desire for aloofness. This desire, therefore, seems mainly to express, in an indirect way, a colossal narcissistic exhibitionist tendency, being based on the person’s belief that his proximity is fraught with tremendous power on other people, and that the glory of his presence may dazzle or even blind them; as a precaution against such terrible consequences he withdraws to a distance whenever possible. A repressed tendency that also plays a part in determining this attitude is revealed by consideration of the fear of blinding others. This of course symbolizes the fear, i. e. the repressed wish, that he may castrate them. This wish and the accompanying fear of being castrated are prominent characteristics of the group of complexes under consideration.


Other Well-Known Similar Complexes

1910 AD The Oedipus complex or Oedipal Complex is a concept of psychoanalytic theory coined by Sigmund Freud. It refers to a child’s unconscious desire for the opposite-sex parent, thought as a necessary stage of psychosexual development. Freud considered that the child’s identification with the same-sex parent is the successful resolution of the complex and that unsuccessful resolution of the complex might lead to neurosis, pedophilia, and homosexuality.

1913 Freud deprecated the term “Electra complex”, which was introduced by Carl Gustav Jung in regard to the Oedipus complex manifested in young girls. Freud further proposed that the Oedipus complex, which originally refers to the sexual desire of a son for his mother, is a desire for the parent in both males and females, and that boys and girls experience the complex differently: boys in a form of castration anxiety, girls in a form of penis envy.



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Ernest Jones (1879–1958), a neurologist and psychoanalyst was a lifelong friend and colleague of Sigmund Freud from their first meeting in 1908, and became his official biographer. Jones was the first English-speaking practitioner of psychoanalysis and became its leading exponent in the English-speaking world.

Dr. Ernest Jones

Publications & Books by Ernest Jones:

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“Being God” by Terry Stueck, exposes Man’s Failure to Live under God’s Ownership.

We have a tendency to own ourselves which makes us our own God in practice. Adam did a felony of grand theft of God’s power by stealing God’s position as owner of the garden and rule-maker by directing our own life and ignoring the creator who is the true owner. This truth lived out in the lives of the first century Christians and turned the world upside down. Elevating God to His rightful position as owner is the foundation of humility and the only way to defeat pride.

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