The Bizarre Far-Right Billionaire Behind Bannon and Trump’s Presidency on The Real News Jan 17, 2017 = $Billionaire hedge fund manager Robert Mercer, and his daughter Rebekah/Rebecca = Activist billionaires in American politics isn’t new = THE 0.0000001% SHEARING THE GULLIBLE SHEEP!



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Trump = $15 Million Funding from $Billionaire hedge fund manager Robert Mercer (Renaissance Technologies, based on Long Island) after spending $13 Million on CRUZ DEFEAT = Shadowy billionaire offered up his own massive political infrastructure = Steve Bannon + Kellyanne Conway

BANNON = ex-Goldman Sachs investment banker + First documentary in 2004 about Ronald Reagan (cult following) as a Hollywood actor and a brave protector of Western democracy from the threat of Communism. = “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We’ll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we’ll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.” — Reagan = Film demonized America’s current establishment, while lamenting the death of old-time conservatism under Reagan.


TRUMP = ALIGNED WITH TITANS OF ZIONIST MAFIA Wall Street to roll back Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act = Schwarzman says, “Even if you modify or eliminate Dodd-Frank, there’s still the same regulatory people there with that philosophy. So even if you got rid of that law, you have to address the managerial component of enforcing laws and regulations.” = EXCUSE is to achieve a higher rate of economic growth for all of America for the ZIONIST MAFIA SUPER-RICH SCAMMERS.

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FACT: John McCain + Mitt Romney + BUSH CREEPS = Skipped TRUMP GOP convention = PART OF NEVER TRUMP GOPers = Kendall Unger is one of the leaders for the AIPAC ZIONIST MAFIA

David Bossie = Head of the corporate advocacy group, Citizens United = TRUMP’S Deputy Manager of the campaign + Data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica

Mercer’s Medallion Fund = Averaging 72% returns before fees, over more than 20 years = IMPOSSIBLE WITHOUT CRIMES AND EXTREME INSIDER TRAING AND/OR MASSIVE MARKET MANIPULATION!

FACT: Shortly after Cruz droped out = Ivanka Trump and Jewish husband Jared Kushner approach Mercers asking for support for Trump = ANSWER WAS YES!

The Mercers = Furnish the Trump campaign with $Millions + New Leadership + Vast network of non-profits + Strategists + Media companies + Research institutions + Super PACs they funded & controlled.

FACT: Mercer = A top investor in Breitbart News + Kellyanne Conway headed up operations for Robert Mercer’s super PAC + David Bossie president of Citizens United that Mercer heavily funded since 2010.

Cambridge Analytica = Mysterious data-mining firm PREDICTED THE ELECTION ALMOST PERFECTLY! = Funded by Mercer.

Mercers’ political infrastructure is so entrenched, that Rebecca Mercer herself sits on the 16-person executive committee of Trump’s transition team. = Systematic & Calculated rise to power with goals to dismantle tax law + Weaken IRS + Reducing United Nations funding and power + Hawkish foreign policy

Bannon = Connected to Breitbart & conservative author Peter Schweitzer to establish a fresh conservative narrative with partly inspired by a trip to Jerusalem and unapologetically pro-Israel = Built a global, centre-right, populist anti-establishment news site + Multi-tiered effort to push their agenda & infrastructure big enough to pump their ideology into America’s national discourse. = Needed more investors (MERCER & KOCH BROS) to capture & transform Americans’ rage especially among largely white, rural, working class marginalized population. = Citizens United created in 1988 to NEUTRALIZE HOLLYWOOD + JEWISH RUN MEDIA (TV & PRINT) = GOAL was to reshape and move public opinion and RESHAPE America to MINIMIZE ZIO-MAFIA CONTROL OF WASHINGTON. = NEXT BANNON FILM WAS “Hillary: The Movie” (FEC BARRED FROM BEING SHOWN 30 before primaries and 60 days before election – Led to Citizens United Case) & then push CITIZENS UNITED Supreme Court case that opened up UNLIMITED FUNDING for ELECTIONS for the SUPER-RICH!

CITIZENS UNITED Supreme Court’s decision = Heavily funded BREITBART by KOCH BROS & Mercer and Mercer put $10 million in BREITBART to become top investor = Spent to expand & sharpen media connections = Schweitzer published, “Clinton Cash”, in 2015, on Hillary & Bill Clinton & Clinton Foundation “PAY-TO-PLAY.”

MERCER = Funds Heartland Institute + Heritage Foundation + Cato Institute + Citizens United + Many more.

2012 Andrew Breitbart, 43, suddenly dies from a heart attack. = ODD and he also was a researcher for Ariana Huffington, and helped create an early model for what would become the liberal Huffington Post.

Bannon = Becomes Executive Chairman of and Schweitzer focuses on feeding content to Breitbart News, and Citizens United, for their documentary projects, called the Government Accountability Institute.

REBECCA MERCER (daughter) = At the NYU Club in New York, after ROMNEY LOSS IN 2012 = SHOCKED a small group of wealthy donors by blasting the Romney team for dropping the ball on their data mining and canvassing operations. = She then became her father’s right hand and Rebecca changed her father’s direction to more accountability over the money her father spent to magnify their impact. = She took formal leadership positions at think tanks and non-profits her father funded including the Mercer family foundation and Super PAC, alongside Kellyanne Conway = Engage in a kind of sniper fire politics, investing money in very specific races and causes = Backing challenger to AIPAC John McCain + Support Ted Cruz.

CRUZ = Took positions counter to Bannon’s conservative agenda = Supported TPP = Mercer & Bannon this ZIO-MAFIA CORPORATE MOVE that uncovered CRUZ as a Harvard-educated ZIONIST MAFIA LOYAL WASHINGTON LAWYER.

Robert Mercer = Rare 2014 public appearance (Hour long) to receive a lifetime achievement award from the Association for Computational Linguistics talking about his passion for computers + One comment about the air force weapons lab in New Mexico to make their computers run about a hundred times faster and saw the waste causing him to have a very jaundiced view of government-financed research. = Today Mercer has 300 employees = MANY advanced mathematicians and physicists coming at finance through a different route known for their secrecy and closed to outside investors since 2005. = Renaissance Technologies founder James Simons (Dem founder) + co-CEO Peter Brown = Quantitative Trading gaming the stock market using advanced algorithms and data analysis to create unprecedented profits.

BILL BLACK CRITICISM OF MERCER = Computer software applied to GAMBLING to Make one set of billionaires, slightly richer than other groups of billionaires to make themselves billionaires = Adds absolutely nothing to the economy, or the world. = Scamming off ignorant GAMBLING using MATH SOFTWARE! = CASINO C’R’APITALISM! = They get their money doing nothing socially useful — in fact it is the opposite as they DEMONIZE THOSE WHO DO NOT using ZIO-MAFIA RUN MEDIA PROPAGANDA!

BILLIONAIRE GOP MANIPULATORS = Tom Steyer (hedge fund) + Sheldon Adelson (Casino Gambling) + Donald Sussman (Quant fund) manager.

Activist billionaires in American politics isn’t new = THE 0.0000001% SHEARING THE GULLIBLE SHEEP!

FACT: Top 1% of Americans = 40% of wealth = Direct control over Politicians and Government = PARTIES ARE QUICKLY DYING.

TRUMP’S Propaganda = Represents Workers = The little guy = TAKE ON THE ZIO-MAFIA CORPORATE CROOKS WHO ARE DESTROYING AMERICANS AND AMERICA! = HIS GOLDMAN & HEDGE FUND & WARMONGER FOR RESOURCES APPOINTMENTS SHOW IT IS ALL A LIE! = Tillerson + Stephen Schwarzman + Gary Cohn + Wilbur Ross + Steven Mnuchin + Carl Icahn + Peter Theil PROVE THE TRUMP LIES = ZERO workers + ZERO little guys on Trump team.


  1. There is a Third Way Movement on the rise in Haiti. I would like to get some help to defeat it. Haiti cannot afford another 200 years of zionism


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