Orthodox Jews despise the Rothschild Sabbatean (+ Frankists) Globalist Evil and corruption and total NON-OBSERVANCE of the Torah.  The corruption and perversion of the Rothschild – Rockefeller Connected Sabbateans


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Orthodox Jews = Against Rothschild — EVIL GLOBALISTS that use financial evil to move to one world control = The House of the Rothschilds London = Home of the Rothschild Dynasty

Orthodox Jews despise the Rothschild Sabbatean Zionist State of Israel = Orthodox Goal: ‘To Eliminate the Opiate of the Jews” = EVIL DEVIANTS.

NOTE:  “Rothschild Sabbatean Zionist State of Israel is preparing for the Returning Ten Tribes of the House of Israel”

The House of the Rothschilds = Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire – London Home of the Rothschild Dynasty

Barry Chamish – Jewish Rothschild Sabbatean Illuminate “eliminate people who threaten them.” The murder of Israeli’s Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s (death) proves that.

DEFINITION Sabbateans = Variety of followers of Sabbatai Zevi (1626–1676), a Jewish rabbi who claimed he was the Jewish Messiah in 1665 with many followers + But he converted to Islam in 1666.  Some branches of Sabbateans actually converted to Islam.

DEFINITION Frankism = Jewish religious movement of the 18th and 19th centuries under leadership of Jewish Messiah claimed by Jacob Frank (1726 to 1791) = 50,000 followers = Primarily Jews in Poland + Eastern Europe = Frank claimed that “all laws and teachings will fall” and every boundary will fall = Called antinomianism.  Frankism is commonly associated with Sabbateanism which also violated traditional Jewish taboos and the more radical branches even engaged in orgies including use in rituals.

Frankist, Jesuit, Rothschild methods = “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire…The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire.  And I control the money supply.”

— Baron Nathan Mayer de Rothschild (1777-1836)




Culdee Nazarene mission = Jewish messianic message of salvation and redemption for all mankind = Faked again and agin.

Jewish Messianism = Era of destruction, insurrection, imperialism, oppression, world wars, holocausts and massive economic chaos. = False idealism of the entire economic world order, built on fraud and deceit is collapsing before our own eyes.

1666 Shabbatai Tzevi announced he was the Jewish messiah

Jews began to be corrupted by the demonic forms of evil date = “666” for the date of Shabbatai Tzevi’s messiahship

Jews sold all of their homes and businesses, and were waiting in expectation on the hillsides for the entrance into a new messianic age.

Like Great Awakening in USA New England states 1844 = Karaite Jewish appointed day of Yom Kippur = Early Adventists Christians awaited the Messiah by quit their jobs, sold their businesses and homes for pennies to the dollar to await the literal coming of the Messiah on hilltops.

1666 = END of World = END of corruption and greed and begin the days of redemption and restoration with The Almighty One Preparing the Jews and the Lost Tribes of Israel for the Final Act of the Drama of the Ages.

1666 = A new False Jewish Messianic message of salvation and redemption for all mankind was to bring an era of destruction, insurrection, imperialism, oppression, world wars, holocausts and massive economic chaos. Shabbatai Tzevi with his “666” date FAKED Jewish messiah was FALSE and a corrupt demonic form of evil so-called religion. took control.

Sabbatean actors abandon the commands of the Torah and reject the God of Israel as they spread their messianic faith around the globe imbedded in medieval Judaism + Islam + Apostate Christianity.

Heart of Jewish “Tree of Life” of Rabbi Isaac Luria in the 16th century was ripped from Torah = Corrupted and remolded into the heart of Roman Catholicism by Jewish Jesuits and imbedded within the heart of the Islamic faith by the secret Dolmeh Society, later known as “The Turks”.

Shabbati Tzevi = Jewish movement = “false prophet” = Nathan Levi of Gaza = Bitter enemies of the Jews = Hamas + Muslim Brotherhood = Prophet and new messiah to twist the World of the Divine. = Virulent anti-Semitism + anti-Jewish + anti-Torah

Shabbatai Tzevi = “messianic days when “god” of Sabbateans arrived would permit everything = No more prohibitions of Torah = Including Ten Commandments = END “Do not kill” + “Do not commit adultery” = Over half of Jewish people in Europe joined

Shabbatai Tzevi = Born in Turkey = Satanic transformation from Torah into an anti-Semitic belief.  The Sultan of Turkey in 1666 had Shabbatai Tzevi arrested and he was given the ultimatum and a promise.  If the rabbi would give up his Judaism and his Torah, renounce Judaism, and convert to Islam, the Sultan would relinquish his sentence of a “long, tortuous death”.

Shabbatai Tzevi = He convert to Islam and then revised his interpretations of the Torah to fit Islam.  Soon many of his followers became disillusioned and returned back to Orthodox Judaism.  But a larger group of Jews did convert to Islam in Turkey called the Dolmeh Cult = “We infiltrate Islam and other religions, but keep our Sabbatean beliefs with us at all times.” And the Dolmeh still infiltrate other religions and cults.

Talmudist  Rabbi Jacob Emden in early 17th century became exposed to teachings of Sabbateans in Poland.  = defender of orthodox-Jews against the Sabbateans destruction in Europe.  Emden reviewed all fifty odd messiahs that had risen over the prior 16 centuries = He did an evaluation back to Jesus the Messiah in the 1st century who lived the life of the Torah “letter of the law” = Opposite of Shabbatai Tzevi (1600 years later).

Emden was a RADICAL follower of the Torah of Moses = forbid circumcision of gentiles because Gentiles are too weak and DUMB to observe the Torah of Moses. He claims Jesus strengthened the Torah of Moses + he even helped the weak and pathetic Gentiles but only the less foolish ones. = This Rabbi could not stop the Sabbatean Jews.  It would not be until 1976 that another Rabbi named Marvin Antelman exposed the modern agenda of the Jewish Sabbateans – he wrote a 1974 book called “To Eliminate the Opiate, Volume I” = A List of conspiracies the Zionists committed.  Then in 1998 the vast influence of the Sabbateans was exposed within the modern Jewish Zionist State of Israel = Their full Relationships with the globalists wanting Full World Control.

Rabbi Marvin Antelman as Chief Justice of the Jewish Supreme Court in the United States, ex-communicated Henry Kissinger from Judaism in the 1974 Rabbinic Council for his ties with the Council on Foreign Relationship and as the United States Secretary of State sought to destroy Israel during the Yom Kippur War of 1976 and to this day, Rabbi Antelman continues to expose the criminal activities of these Jewish Sabbateans.

Rabbi Antelman = Most profound voice exposing the satanic roots of the Jewish Sabbateans = Exposed the insidious evil the Sabbateans + Antelman famous protégé and investigative reporter and author, Barry Chamish exposed the corruption and evil within the Labor Zionists of Israel.  Barry Chamish documents the insidious evil the Sabbatean Jews have committed.  He exposes  Ariel Sharon, the Prime Minister of the Labor Zionist government of the State of Israel in 2005, who exiled his own Jewish orthodox people = Expulsion of 10,000 Jewish orthodox farmers, nurserymen and families from Gush Katif at Gaza = Sharon created thousands of Jewish refugees.  The Sabbateans allows Jews to systematically break every law of the Torah.

After Shabbatai Tzevi the Turkish Dolmeh cult laid dormant until 1770s when Jacob Frank, a European Sabbatean who had lived and studied with the Dolmeh Turks, returned to Europe and spread a new messianic era across Europe to the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel who now claimed Europe to be their own homeland.  Frank’s desire for power, greed, and control motivated him to become friends with the elite of Europe and he became a darling in the courts of the royalty.

FRANK HISTORY:  Yakov ben Judah Leib Frankovich (1726-1791) was born in area of Ukraine to a Jewish rabbi.  He traveled to the Middle East as a cloth merchant and while in Turkey he was initiated into the secret Donmeh Shabbataism.  He returned home changed into a Turkish Sephardi Jew and changed his family name to ‘Frank’.  At age 29 Jacob Frank was fully indoctrinated into the anti-Torah, anti-Talmudic Shabbataism and spread his teachings to central Europe.  Eventually he founded the Jewish sect called Frankists.  Frank convinced the Catholic bishop his group was against the Jews and was allies with the Catholic Church.  The bishop offered Frank and his followers protection from the Jews and oddly all Jewish Talmuds were destroyed in this diocese — Impressed his Catholic benefactors and the Frankists established a power base and were financed by the Catholic Church.  The bishop did not know the Frankists were living dual lives with  sexual orgies part of the “purification of the soul” including an annual wife-swapping event.  A new wave of conversions under the ministry of Frank brought thousands of Jews to be baptized in huge ceremonies — One giant ceremony baptized 5000 Jews into Jesuit Illuminati Catholicism — Actually became Frankists.  With thousands of new converts under his control, Frank organized into underground cells of small and separated groups with the goal of the final messianic era.  Frank claimed direct revelations from heaven and he taught an underground religion engaged in sexual activities forbidden by Torah and the Frankists claimed a new wisdom beyond Torah depending on Frank’s relationship with God and His commandments = A new ‘Torah of emanations’ which he controlled — Proclaiming they ‘were like God’.  In 1759, the influence of Frankists caught the eye of the nobility due to large ceremonies and the Catholic Church filed charges against Frank and imprisoned for the next thirteen years (1760-1773).  Frank upon release emigrated to Bruno, Austria (now Czech Republic) where his works in 1773 caught the eye of Maria Theresa, the archduchess of Austria who hired Frank to be the Christian spokesperson to the Jews.  Maria Theresa (1717-1780) ruled over Austria, Hungary, Croatia, and Bohemia — By her marriage to last member of the House of the Habsburgs she became Queen of the Holy Roman Empire with her son.

Mary Theresa, a devout Catholic, was an energetic and capable ruler became an economic, educational, agricultural, and military reformer.  Her conflicts with Prussia in the Seven Year War (1756-1763) followed by the War of the Bavarian Succession.

Under the royal protection of Maria Theresa, Frank secretly planted the seeds of insurrection and international intrigue — Frank sent secret emissaries to the archbishop of the Eastern Orthodox Church and to the Tsar of Russia — To assist him in overthrowing Poland and the Polish Catholic Church.

Frank again played the role of a messiah and established a miniature royal court where this Jewish-Catholic Messiah selected twelve female disciples — his concubines and twelve male disciples as his emissaries. But the Archduchess of Vienna began to suspect that Frank was not a Christian but a Jew in Christian clothing — Frank was excommunicated — Now by Jewish rabbis and Polish Catholics and now expelled from Vienna.

Frank at age 60 moved to a small German village, Offenbach, where he lived in luxury as the “Baron of Offenbach” for the last five years of his life (1791) holding his own court of 600 attendees — It is unknown who supported him during this time?

1786, Frankfurt, Germany was headquarters of Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit Catholic and the founder of the Bavarian Order of the Illuminate built upon The Black Pope, Ignacio López de Loyola’s (1491-1556) Society of Jesus or the Jesuits.  Loyola controlled the most powerful intelligence organization in the world at that time.  Loyola was born into a wealth Basque, Spain Jewish family (Marranos) and as a young man was joined the Jewish Illuminati Order in Spain while also active in the Catholic Church.  He was wounded permanently in battle, and moved to Paris and then Rome where the “Jesuit Order” was given birth.

Joseph Johann Adam Weishaupt (1748-) was born in Ingolstadt, Bavaria to a professor, and was educated as a Jesuit but raised as a secret Sabbatean Jew.  Weishaupt family was secretly Jewish but pretended converts to Catholicism during the time of Shabbatai Tzevi in 1666.  In 1773 he broke his allegiance with the Jesuit society amazingly the same year Pope Clemens XVI dissolved the Jesuit order — Did he have Insider Info?

1776 just months before the American Revolution and Signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Bavarian Order of the Illuminate was formed by Jesuit Adam Weishaupt = “The Black Pope – The Most Powerful Man in the World,” but he seems to have played a subordinate but conspicuous role in the officially founding in the old Jesuit stronghold of Bavaria. The Illuminati Company’s Jewish House of Rothschild had financed the French Revolution and the rise of Napoleon and his Freemason Jesuit-trained advisor, Abbe Sieyes.

But it was the Jesuit Society of Jesus that financed the Revolution to punish the Monarchs who expel the Jesuits from the Spanish Empire.  Jesuits found refuge in Islan of Corsica and helped their great avenger, Napoleon Bonaparte overthrow the Monarchs.

The “Illuminate” was founded in 1492 by Crypto Jews who called it Alumbrado in Spain during severe persecutions of the Jews beginning in 1391 when hundreds of thousands of Jews were forced by the threat of death to convert to Catholic Christianity in Spain and Portugal.  In 1492 Jews were expelled from Spain by King Ferdinand.

Meyer Amschel (1744-1812) was born into a German Jewish family and was trained to become a Jewish rabbi, but took the name of Rothschild to go into a form of banking for the elitists. Rothschild established a banking house in Frankfurt, Germany in 1764.  Recall Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Order of the Illuminate in 1773.

1786 Jacob Frank arrives in Frankfurt, Germany and the 13 American colonies declared their independence from Great Britain in 1776 as the 13th Tribe of Manasseh added to the Twelve Tribes of Israel (1775-1783).

1786 A new alliance was formed in Frankfurt, Germany between Masonic leadership in USA Continental Congress and Rothschild and The order of illuminte. = USA and the Order of the Illuminate combined together for a decade with Adam Weishaupt only 38 years old and Amschel Rothschild 42 years old and Jacob Frank 60 years old.

USA Revolution was financed by Meyer Amschel Rothschild building on his desire was to gain control of the world’s financial marketplace combining Jesuits with Sabbatean Jews who posed as Catholics = All Jewish agents like ancient Jewish Sadducees IN FRANKFURT.

#1 Meyer Rothschild provided the “money:
#2 Adam Weishaupt, Jesuit, offered structural international organization
#3 Jacob Frank was adept at Underground spying networks cells for subversive acts by the Order of the Illuminati.

Primary Goal = Roll back the tide of Protestant Reformation

Primary Goal = Bring back the Pope & Roman Catholic Church in Europe

Primary Goal = Combine Illuminati + Jesuits + MONEY = Return Power back to Rome

FACT:  Frankfurt = Birthplace of Illuminati + Rothschild Financial Money Empire + Frank brought spy network for covert acts + Weishaupt also provided conspiratorial resources of the Jesuit Order.

MISSING:  Way to spread the agenda of the Illuminati Frankists Rothschilds

The George Washington Masoner’s Temple in Alexandria, Virginia

1785-86 A satchel of a man who died from a fall off his horse contained plans for the French Revolution by the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati.

At time the illuminate was banned from European states, but went underground.

At time Franz Thomas von Schoenfeld, under assumed names of Moses Dobruschka and Junius Frey entered upper echelon of British & Scottish Freemasonry = Member of the Jacobins following Shabbatai Zevi teachings

Frey spread these teachings to British/Scottish Freemasonry lodges = The Scottish rite’s = Continental Masonry = Origins in Europe from mid 17th century.

1761-86 = Constitutions of the Scottish Rite were written and went global following British Imperialism. =  Still practiced in Europe + North America + South America + Parts of Asia + Africa + Australia + New Zealand.” = Scottish Rite Masons =

1786 Constitution of the Scottish Rites = Corrupted ideology of Sabbatean false-Jewish imbedded in Scottish Freemasonry.

10 of 20 singers of the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons

8 to 30 of 56 signers of USA Constitution in 1787 were Masons

FACT: Back of USA Dollar = Shows the “All Seeing Eye” above the pyramid = Very foundation of America = Homeland of 13th Tribe of Manasseh = Above pyramid reads, “Annuit Coeptis” = God Favors our Understanding + below reads, “Novus Ordo Seclorum” = The New Order for the Ages. = Sabbatean-Jesuit-Illuminati slogans.

NOTE:  The Anti-Messiah Muslims Dajjal = Reputed to have “One Eye”



18th-19th Centuries Centers of Illuminati Sabbateans Globalization = Frankfurt + London = Economic and geo-political forces of British Empire Seeking world Domination

Frankfurt = At time was financial capital of the world
London = Capital of the British Empire and Scottish Freemasonry

1978  Illuminati Sabbateans Globalization = Code-named by Pope John Paul II = The Golden Internationale

18th-19th Centuries =Karl Marx and Frederick Engel, both Jews from Germany frequented London and Frankfurt as they prepared the “Communist Manifesto” a brilliant document building on the Jesuits early 17th century enslavement of 150,000 Paraguay Indians (South America) enslaved in communes  of 30 concentration camps called “reducciones” for 158 years = Activities of EVIL Sabbateans of Germany put into international action with the coming British Empire.  Finally, international attention on these evil acts, incensed the citizens of Europe until the Spanish king, Carl III issued a royal decree that drove out the Jesuits from all Spanish colonies.

1905 John D. Rockefeller in 1905

Jewish Sabbateans have matured today with international military crusades of Neo-Cons and Neo-Libs farcical War on Terror for almost 15 years = Afghanistan + Iraq + Libya + Syria with more added to finish off NON-USURY BANKING.


Leo Strauss = Criminal father of the American Neo-Cons at Univ of Chicago = A German Jew who “inspired people raping and pillaging Iraq in 2004″ + “young Americans dying for Sabbateans in war in Iraq”.  They are forcing new alliances between Pakistan and Taliban for Nuclear power to destroy empires.

Infiltrations by the Sabbateans in America = The Rockefeller Agents of the Rothschilds = in middle of 19th century.

1850s = House of Rothschild sent John Jacob Astor and Jacob Schiff as emissaries from Frankfurt Illuminati-Sabbateans to USA around time of the Civil War. A Rothschild agent, Judah Benjamin, became financial advisor to Southern Confederate States and soon had Rothschild control of the Southern banking industry.

Rothschild GOAL = Invisible takeover of American financial System by Sabbatean-Illuminati = First mission of Astor-Schiff was to finance the robber barons and major businessmen and bankers that dominated their industries.  Using unethical business practices they amassed huge fortunes. = Astor + Carnegie + John D. Rockefeller + Vanderbilt + Harriman + JP Morgan + others = Financed and therefore partially owned by the Rothschilds = Promised Wealth + Power + Control in exchange for promoting Rothschild-Illuinati’s financial interests.

1922 JP Morgan + JD Rockefeller created the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) = A Sabbatean-Illuminati Front organization Rothschild Control. = Purpose to overthrow the government of USA controlled by a global unified order of 350 year old Rothschild-Illuinati’s global financial empire of Frankist’s Sabbateans.

1922 Sabbateans were trying to overthrow Judaism-Torah to transform all Jews into anti-Torah Sabbatean Jews = Germany’s Reform Judaism Movement + Conservative Judaism Movement = Goal to dilute orthodox Jewish elements, but Orthodox Jews choose to NOT convert to sins of a twisted sick religion of EVIL, PERVERSION, and GREED.  So,  Sabbatean Jews devised a new plan called “Zionism” with international assistance of the British Freemasons to rob the land of Israel and create a EVIL Sabbatean state = “Israel was conceived in utter sin!” Zionist Movement was formed in Vienna by the Sabbatean movement.

HOLOCAUST = Given by Sabbatean Illuminati masters of Jewish people, because that is what it took to force them to go to the land of Israel = Concentration camps + Ovens at Dachau = SUCH EVIL!


Sabbateans after the 1880s = European pogroms of the 1880s, with assistance of the Jesuits who provided the militaristic communities and cells called “Cossacks” = Life in Russia became a living hell and this time 2 Million Jews did leave to America.  But the Illuminati-Sabbateans conspire against these Jews with a USA ban on large scale immigration to shut the doors to America so that the Jews would be diverted to “Palestine”.

Sabbatean Jew Natan Birmbaum (1864-1937), a Jewish writer and journalist founded Kadimah, the first Jewish Zionist student association. He went on to become the Secretary-General of the Zionist Organization and became the Zionists leading spokesman. He quickly became disillusioned and learned to loath them as they were transformed into power brokers for Sabbateans. 

Herzl (1860-1904) became the leader of the Zionists movement and took credit for the book called “The Jewish State”written by a ghost writer. But Herzl’s charisma made him an “amazing” Zionist leader.

Herzl had a sincere idea to buy “Palestine” legitimately from Abdül Hamid II, the Sultan of Turkey.  The World Zionist Organization liked the idea and sent Theodor Herzl in the year of 1912 to negotiate with the cash poor Ottoman government to purchase Palestine that was the private possession of the crown.  The Sultan refused. Soon after World War I began.

Alternative plan was for Jews to move to Uganda but the Sabbateans wanted to take possession of “His chosen land Israel.” Herzl’s dies at the young age of 43 after entering a Paris Sanatorium for unknown reasons and never came out.

Barry Chamish – “I have no problem believing that he was murdered in there…They eliminate people who threaten them.”

Head of the Jewish Zionist Movement was replaced with a German educator called Chaim Weizman = Fake developed a way to make acetone from dried paint into Bombs that ‘saved the war.’ Fact is Not one bomb in World War I used this method but we are told: “The British were so (impressed by his) explosives, they gave him ‘Palestine'” and Weizmann became 1st President of the State of Israel.

1915 Zionist leader, Chaim Weizmann met British Prime Minister Lord Balfour.  Lord Balfour asked Weizmann why Zionists refused UK’s offer of Jewish refuge and living in Uganda.  Chaim said, “…we had Jerusalem.” So two years before “Balfour Accord” Balfour promised UK’s intent to seek international approval for an Israeli homeland in the land of “Palestine.”

TODAY: 2015 Revelation of Faked Jewish Rothschild Sabbatean Illuminate fraud and deceit appears to be collapsing before our own eyes.




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  2. There is quite a lot here that encourages the reader to do their own research. This is a great, although unpolished and avant-garde, reference for a curious reader. Thank you for your work.


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