“America’s ‘Humanitarian War’ against the World” by Michel Chossudovsky at the Science for Peace Conference in Kuala Lumpur, August 15-16, 2016

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FACT: The Global War on Terrorism = BIG LIE as CIA & SAUDIS created Al Qaeda and ISIS also involved CLINTON in LIBYA supplying ISIS with WMDs & Conventional weapons via TURKEY!

TOOLS OF ZIONIST MAFIA = Covertly (using hired mercenary terrorists) Destabilize & Destroy countries through acts of war = Support terrorists with goal of Regime change and economic warfare.

U.S.-NATO forces = Deployed in Eastern Europe (Poland & Ukraine) doing military maneuvers on Russia’s doorstep to instigate confrontation with the Russian Federation. + Same thing with threatening China = MAFIA’S “Pivot to Asia”.

U.S. led airstrikes (Aug 2014) against Iraq & Syria pretending to fight their HIRED MERCENARIES in ISIS or Islamic State to escalate military actions from North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean to Central and South Asia.

LIES OF THE AIPAC ZIO-MAFIA = US military documents claim that the new generation of tactical nuclear weapons are harmless to civilians.

FACT: Obama administration has proposed a $1 Trillion plan over to develop a new generation of nuclear DIRTY BOMB weapons largely directed at Russia and China cities = HILLARY’S GOAL IS WW III using the NUKE OPTION! = Preemptive nuclear war is part of her election campaign.

FACT: Publicly available military documents confirm that nuclear war is still on the drawing board of the Pentagon and today’s nuclear weapons are far more advanced than what TRUMAN USED TO MASS MURDER. In addition to China and Russia, Iran and North Korea are targets for a first strike pre-emptive nuclear attack. The Pentagon’s plan to blow up the planet using advanced nuclear weapons is still on the books, because WAR IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS of ROTHSCHILDS ZIONIST MAFIA = GOLDMAN + Lockheed Martin + Northrop Grumman + Boeing + British Aerospace et al

GLOBAL WARFARE = US global war scenario defined in military documents using US-NATO on THREE major regions = Eastern Europe on Russia’s Western doorstep with pro-US puppet regime in UKRAINE using two prominent Neo-Nazi Parties + “The Pivot to Asia” largely directed against China + Middle East and North Africa extending to Central Asia

GLOBAL WARFARE = Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa = Get non-conventional forms of warfare including destabilization, ”regime change”, covert support to terrorist organizations, economic warfare.

FACT: US government Funds Neo-Nazi UKRAINE with weapons and training = Equivalent of America’s Homeland Security with CIA GOAL of Killing Russians in The New HOT War as explained on CBS News, Charlie Rose

FACT: Afghanistan like Iraq is now a US failed State integrated with US supported Al Qaeda terrorists as the model to impose on Syria, Iraq, Libya, and elsewhere. = GOAL is to Destroy national sovereignty and replace it with an Islamic State which conforms to ZIO-MAFIA run Washington’s demands.

FACT: WAR WITH CHINA IS CURRENTLY ON THE DRAWING BOARD OF THE PENTAGON AS OUTLINED IN A RAND REPORT COMMISSIONED BY THE US ARMY = Washington is actively involved in creating divisions between China and its neighbors to create a protracted military conflict between China and ASEAN countries (Mostly victims of Western colonialism) = Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia = Now forced military allies of the United States + TPP is designed to DIVIDE and CONQUER ASIA with ZIO-MAFIA CONTROL OF trade, investment, intellectual property, etc in the Asia Pacific region + THAAD missiles are deployed in South Korea, against China, Russia and North Korea + The Jeju island military base is also directed against China an is 300 miles from Shanghai.

FACT: PLAN for US-NATO WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA under the pretext of waging a “war on terrorism”, US-NATO are intervening militarily in the broader Middle East Central Asian region extending from the Mediterranean to Central Asia: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen, resulting in several million civilian deaths. + Objective is to destabilize and destroy sovereign countries and to displace secular governments under regime change. + OBLITERATE IRAN AS HILLARY PROMISED with LIE OF FIGHTING TERRORISM!

FACT: US actively supports Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist organizations since Afghanistan Wars. + Israeli intelligence confirms Al Qaeda opposition fighters in Syria are recruited by US-NATO and the Turkish high command = The foot-soldiers of the Western military alliance supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, UAE, Turkey, and other Gulf Oil Dictators.

FACT: U.S. counter-terrorism agenda is bogus = Criminal Undertaking to BOMB SYRIA INTO THE DARK AGES including CIVILIAN HOMES & HOSPITALS & SCHOOLS & EVEN SHOPPING! = Brzezinski (1979) pep-talk to Al Qaeda (AQ) terrorists to MASS MURDER RUSSIANS! = “That land over-there is yours – and you’ll go back to it some day, because your fight will prevail, and you’ll have your homes, your mosques, back again, because your cause is right, and god is on your side.” = Reagan called AQ our “Freedom Fighters” + CIA used Pakistan’s ISI as a U.S.-AQ go-between + CIA-sponsored AQ guerrilla training integrated with Wahabi EXTERMISM financed by Saudi Arabia — Pakistani dictator created thousands of Wahabi EXTREMIST schools to GROW TERRORISTS! + US CIA spread the teachings of the Islamic jihad in textbooks “Made in America”, developed at the University of Nebraska = ZIO-MAFIA in AMERICA spent $51 Million to supply Afghan schoolchildren with textbooks filled with violent images, guns, bullets, soldiers, mines, and militant Islamic teachings filled with talk of jihad to spur resistance to Soviet occupation = Even the Taliban used the American-produced books published in the dominant Afghan languages of Dari and Pashtun.

FACT: IN AMERICA War criminals occupy positions of authority and the CRIMINALS RUN THE MADIA to BRAINWASH AMERICANS into supporting the CRIMINAL RULERS AND THEIR FALSE FLAG FAKED WARS. = SELLING WARS as the ruling CRIMINALS are “committed to their safety and well-being” and war is given a humanitarian glossy coating.

FACT: Antiwar sentiment alone does not disarm a military agenda. ZIO-MAFIA CORPORATE BACKERS OF WARS MUST BE ATTACKED AND REMOVED! = Targeted including the oil companies, the defense contractors, the financial institutions and the corporate media, which has become an integral part of the war propaganda machine. ELECTING A NON-ZIO-MAFIA GOVERNMENT IS CRUCIAL KEY TO ENDING THESE WAR CRIMES! = ONLY THE GREEN PARTY AND JILL STEIN OFFER SOME HOPE OF STOPPING ENDLESS WARS FOR ISRAEL & ROTHSCHILDS ZIONIST MAFIA IN LONDON!

TRUTH = The real threat to global security emanates from the ZIO-MAFIA US-NATO-Israel alliance WARMONGERING CRIMINALS = WHO ACT LIKE THEY ARE HUMANITARIANS COMMITTED TO PEACE! = Warmongers committed to peace AS THEY DESTROY 35+ NATIONS SINCE WORLD WAR II AND NOW WANT WORLD WAR III to destroy NON-JEW humanity.

FACT: When war is upheld as a humanitarian endeavor, Justice and the entire international legal system are turned upside down: pacifism and the antiwar movement are criminalized. Opposing the war becomes a criminal act. Meanwhile, the war criminals in high office have ordered a witch hunt against those who challenge their authority. = THE BIG LIE to sanction indiscriminate killing of men, women, children & Destroys entire families = Results in Destruction of humans commitment towards their fellow human beings and being in solidarity with those who suffer. It upholds war and the police state as the sole avenue for the FUTURE by destroying nationalism and internationalism. = A CRIMINAL PROJECT OF GREED AND WORLD DOMINATION AND A ZIONIST MAFIA WORLD DICTATORSHIP!

Science = Used to support the development of weapons industry and the war economy = Support what President Eisenhower called “The Military Industrial Complex” = Also called “US Foreign Policy” = America’s global military agenda. = Dangerous United States & Its allies agenda threatens the future of humanity = Western military alliance of U.K.-U.S.-NATO-Israel = Highly Coordinated Actions in Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Palestine, Ukraine, Syria and Iraq = Simultaneous military and intelligence COVERT operations to DESTABILIZE & USUALLY DESTROY & OVERTHROW NATIONS the Middle East + Eastern Europe + Sub-Saharan Africa + Central Asia + Asia Pacific region + US-NATO seem to want war on Russia + China + Iran = Presented as political and military options to American public.

Science for Peace = Requires reversing the logic = A massive redirection of science and technology towards solving broad societal objectives.


“We have discovered the most terrible bomb in the history of the world…This weapon is to be used against Japan … [We] will use it so that military objectives and soldiers and sailors are the target and not women and children. Even if the Japs are savages, ruthless, merciless and fanatic, we as the leader of the world for the common welfare cannot drop that terrible bomb on the old capital or the new…It seems to be the most terrible thing ever discovered, but it can be made the most useful.” — President Harry S. Truman, Diary, July 25, 1945 = CLINTON WANTS TO REPLACE AND OUT-MASS MURDER THIS CRIMINAL!

1956 TRUMAN Plan = H-Bombs Used Against Priority Targets in the Soviet Union, China, and Eastern Europe = Cities like East Berlin = “From East Germany to China”, National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 538, December 2015 = 1200 cities targeted for nuclear attack.


FACT: War is not an inevitable process and can be prevented through mass action.



1. AIPAC ZIO-MAFIA MEDIA, a handful of powerful MAFIA CORPORATIONS, spreads disinformation to SELL AND GROW the MASS MURDERING MILITARY AGENDA. These ZIONIST MAFIA CRIMINALS MUST BE MADE IRRELEVANT AND REMOVED! NEW FACTUAL MEDIA MUST REPLACE THE CRIMINAL RUN MEDIA to inform our fellow citizens. It requires an effective counter-propaganda program which refutes mainstream media assertions.

2. AIPAC ZIO-MAFIA runs the political parties and establishment in the US as well as within the ranks of the Armed Forces. These ZIONIST MAFIA PUPPET CRIMINALS MUST BE MADE IRRELEVANT AND REMOVED! = Discredited and ultimately dismantled including the FAKED “war on terrorism.” Jill Stein and the Green Party is an alliance of political and social forces that must be expanded to STOP this ZIO-MAFIA DRIVEN military adventurism that is destroying humanity for LOOTING AND DOMINATION.

3. While France and Germany are broadly supportive of ZIO-MAFIA US led wars, there are VERY STRONG VOICES OF RESISTANCE IN EUROPE that firmly opposes THE ZIO-MAFIA US led military agenda at the grassroots level and within the political system resisting the Rothschilds ZIO-MAFIA. NATO MUST BE DISBANDED AS A USELESS ENTITY to neutralize the MAFIA DOMINATION OF EUROPE AND TO FREE EVEN FRANCE AND GERMANY FROM THEIR CLAWS!

4. Large antiwar rallies will not in themselves reverse the tide of war unless it is accompanied by the development of a cohesive grassroots antiwar network and mass movement at national and international levels that challenges the legitimacy of the ZIO-MAFIA military, CORPORATE, & PUPPET Political Actors. The construction of this type of network will take time to develop around existing citizens’ organizations (e.g. trade unions, community organizations, professional groups, student federations, municipal councils, etc.). Eventually the network must close down the weapons factories and the military bases and bring home the troops as members of the armed forces begin to disobey orders and refuse to participate in a criminal war.

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