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LIBERAL ZIONISTS = Insincere and whiny apologists for war crimes = TALK PEACE BUT Advocate an ethnically-pure state THAT MASS MURDERS CHILDREN — CALLING IT “WEEDING” = FULL OF RACIST Privileges & Continue The Occupation and Oppression.

LIBERAL ZIONISTS = Handy vocabulary guide on these activists for non-change.

LIBERAL ZIONISTS = Built the Zionist “left” apartheid military regime of today


BDS = Bad because it pushes in favor of actions to resolve the ISRAELI CRIMINAL WARS AND APARTHEID.

IDF ON Aqsa mosqe compound = Israel takes down Palestinian national symbols & gives your CHILDREN free bullet HOLES

ZIO-MAFIA EVIL = Israel mulls legalizing execution of Palestinians: Report

Coexistence = Conducive to Public Relations photo-ops so we Israelis don’t LOOK SO RACIST AND CRIMINAL TO THE WORLD = LIKE A ZIONIST MAFIA = LASTS 30 minutes and then BACK TO CHILD MURDERS and shouting “Death to Arabs” while dancing.

Democracy = Millions live under military rule with ZERO CHOICE OR VOICE in government + Those who do get a vote are constantly having to prove they aren’t traitors + Ethnocratic military regime = NOT a democracy.

Dialogue = Another word for ZIO-PROPAGANDA and we need more of it. We need to talk and come to an understanding that if we kidnap your child for body parts it is for a greater JEWISH GOOD! + We find that torturing her makes the ORGANS STRONGER! + While we talk your heads off we steal more Arab LANDS!

Desert Blooming = Israel is so Beautiful and Green = Not like those Palestinians who get NONE OF THEIR OWN WATER. = How can anyone oppose a place with such lovely parks.

Gaza = A place those cowardly politicians on the right refuse to bomb into oblivion. We want to see Palestinians with broken bones and blown up houses with MASS MURDERED CHILDREN INSIDE. Those KIDS are ruining our dream! + Those Muslims are so uncivilized that they don’t want their mosques to be BOMBED with our democratic missiles.

Islam = Religion of many Palestinians (besides the Christians we als MASS MURDER) who prevent peace with their uncivilized worship of a GOD described in the NEW TESTAMENT with the same Belief in Jesus. Israel is a Jewish state with NO ROOM for OTHERS!

Hummus = Something we want to teach Palestinians to make, then we can sit and eat hummus in peace, but alas, those Palestinians don’t want it for some reason.

Jewish State = We are “liberal” in our support an ethnocracy and RACIAL & ETHNIC CLEANSING of indigenous peoples. Jews need a second spot (PALESTINE) to GO in case Jews in the West lose their POWER OVER THE GOIM. Rothschilds have a helicopter and plane ready at all time to fly to PALESTINE to LIVE in case the GOIM REBEL in U.K. = Can’t hurt to have an extra state that belongs to us and only us.

Khamas = Like that dastardly villain in cartoons, sabotaging noble efforts at coexistence firing homemade rockets at the fragile wall of peace. Where is the Palestinians’ Gandhi, who would bring peace.

Lamentation = Liberal Zionists like Peter Beinart spend at least 2 hours a day lamenting and soul searching about the constant state of tragic existence. See, the right-wing has taken Zionism to uncomfortable places – like dinners with family and friends where they actually have to justify the ongoing ethnic cleansing and violence that’s finally being exposed. Those Palestinians just don’t want peace. Our tears of lamentation will one day bring us Weeping Occupationist Man – First superhero to sit on occupied lands and floods it with his tears.

Likud = War criminals like Tsipi Livni kissing J-street asshats is another reason there is no peace. They are boorish and openly build settlements = NOT SUBTLE at all but speak in a crude, racist language and NEVER SAY peace, peace, PEACE like we LIBERAL ZIONISTS do as we call for more BOMBS in a gentle way!

Occupation = Bad word we must never say and oh those settlers are scary and we don’t want them living with us. Of course, Palestinians must be completely disarmed and STORED IN THE LARGEST OUTDOOR PRISON IN THE WORLD.

Peace = We liberals love PEACE but thos Palestinian Peace activists are an obstacle to peace. All Israelis want PEACE WITHOUT ARABS so we must purify with US supplied Israel bombs on residential HOUSES & SCHOOLS & HOSPITALS! + We find Israeli torture of Palestinian children as a way to clean or jewish state of Arabs. But those damn Arabs object to any of this and are ANTI-PEACE

Peace Partner = Liberal Zionists want a Palestinian Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. and then we can talk about whether or not there should be illegal settlements on Palestinian land.

Peace Process = Process that creates peace without Arabs once we STEAL ALL THE LAND AND EITHER MURDER OR IMPRISON THE LAST ARAB there will be PEACE! But we cannot rush it as we CREEP UP ON THIS GOAL GRADUALLY while making sure World Opinion is NOT against us too much. So what if Oslo was an intentionally & colossal failure it bought us a DECADE OR TWO OF DELAYS WHILE WE CREEP to OUR GOAL. No jew believes Arabs are equal anyway — They are more like LIVESTOCK to manage and use! So nobody cares if they suffer. A true peace can only be achieved with dialogue and REMOVAL of the Arabs and ETNIC PURITY.

Racist = Liberal Zionists are definitely not racist at all. They just want to live in an ethnically-pure state, they just fear an Arab demographic threat (i.e. Too high an Arab percentage so we WEED THEM OUT EVERY COUPLE YEARS WITH MASS MURDERS!) There’s nothing racist about that! So what if some of us carve “Death to Arabs” in our skin. That would never happen in an ethnically pure state = NOT racist at all!

Rockets = Those HOMEMADE Arab rockets interfere with our peace goals. Our PEACE Missiles are used to warn people about the NEXT BATCH OF MISSILES. Those HOMEMADE rockets, on the other hand, fired by the Khamas are BAD and sometimes make dents in our WALL and scare the cats up a tree.

Settlers = DIRTY AMERICANS AND RUSSIANS spawned by Likud & Netanyahu = 600,000+ Settler Obstacles to peace and we don’t want those settlers living in OUR neighborhood! SO NO TWO STATE SOLUTION for OUR ethnically-pure Israeli NEIGHBORHOODS = Those settlers cause us to lament almost as much as Arabs.

People like Sarah Tuttle-Singer, who moved from the US to occupied Palestine because it’s her “birthright” spend most of their days drinking coffee on occupied Palestinian streets and soul searching

Soul-Searching = On TOP of lamenting we Liberal Zionists spend a lot of time soul-searching the question “Is ZIONISM corrupting the heart of Jewish culture? Have we gone too far in our ethnic cleansing?” Oh it makes the heart weary too weary to actually do anything but call up Weeping Occupationist Man.

Token Arabs = A few People who give us hope that coexistence works and who will one day just leave, or lay down and die.

Two-Sides = Sure, one side is occupied, the other is the DOMINATING occupier. One side has rocks and HOMEMADE rockets, the other has precision guided missiles that somehow land PERFECTLY RIGTH WHERE CHILDREN AND FAMILIES ONCE LIVED. One side goes into homes at night and kidnaps children, tortures them and imprisons them. The other side can’t even arrest settlers who burn children alive. Those scary rock throwing Palestinian terrorist often threaten our US MADE Jewish $BILLION Tanks

Two-State Solution = Only possible solution to ISRAELI WAR ON HUMANITY! Otherwise we LIBERAL ZIONISTS would mean have to live with Arabs — So I guess Settlers would be slightly better after all — LAMENT. Those Arabs just will NOT LEAVE OUR PALESTINE even living in an apartheid prison they stay and grow demographically threatening our Jewish State. But our illegal settlements are taking up more and more STOLEN LANDS in the West Bank.

FACT: Israeli politicians on the right and “left” are all firmly RACIST AND PRO-ETHNIC CLEANSING AND PRO-OCCUPATION of a Palestinian state = Even Israeli-puppet, Abbas accept the SETTLEMENTS as they GROW and ROB MORE ARAB LANDS!


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