America's Top 10 tax dodgers all %22donated%22 (BRIBED = PAY TO PLAY) to The Schill on the take. FACT: A HO is a HO is a Ho! Is a ZIO-MAFIA HO! THE JOHNS LOVE HER!

Hillary Clinton foreign policy experience = Comprised of disaster after disaster.

Click for Source Article on Salon

Juan González = Dug a skeleton out of Clinton’s closet = Her role in the coup in Honduras and SHE SPEWED PURE LIES AS USUAL!

U.S. BACKED Honduran military overthrew the democratically elected left government of President Manuel Zelaya with the military BREAKING INTO and waking him up in the middle of the night to kidnap and whisk him away from his own country.

FACT: The international community immediately condemned the coup.

FACT: CLINTON-OBAMA Response was to defend the coup.

Clinton = A EVIL Committed Hawk to BUILT ROTHSCHILDS ZIO-MAFIA EMPIRE was central hands-on in the coup = Just like she CREATED the equally disastrous war in Libya. = All confirmed by Emails released from Clinton’s BASEMENT SERVE as secretary of state. = Top aides urged her to dub the putsch a military coup and to cut off U.S. aid but she refused to follow the law and the Organization of American States and pushed for the world to recognize the coup government.

Zelaya = ENEMY OF ZIO-MAFIA CLINTON SERVES was challenging THEIR GREED AND DOMINATION to serve his people and not the MAFIA’S Corporations.

AFTER THE CLINTON MAFIA COUP the NEW President Juan Orlando Hernández kicked off his reign with the slogan “Honduras is open for business.” = A violent, repressive and incredibly corrupt government. = JUST LIKE HILLARY WANTED! SHE UNDERSTANDS AND IS A CRIMINAL ALSO! = Murdered Renowned activists in cold blood, and with complete impunity after Cáceres singled out Hillary Clinton for her role the coup. = MASS MURDERED 300+ people becoming the murder capital of the world using death squads.

Clinton has tried to whitewash with sheer fabrication.

CLINTON CLAIM in 2009 = THE CRIMINALS we used followed “the Constitution and the legal precedents”…expressing “concern that it’s not just government actions — drug gangs, traffickers of all kinds are preying on the people of Honduras.” = PURE LIES AND a rewrite of historic facts.

Clinton’s Emails show = Clinton was working with the most CRIMINAL retrograde elements in Honduras to consolidate the putsch.” instead of working with environmentalists, LGBT activists, people trying to make the morning-after pill available, progressive religious folks, anti-mining and anti-biofuel peasants and legal reformers working to humanize Honduras’ lethal police-prison regime.” = “Clinton betrayed them, serving them up to Honduras’ crime-ridden oligarchy…Hundreds of good people have since been murdered by the people Clinton sided with in late 2009 and early 2010.”



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