Rabbi Tibor Rosenbaum

James Jesus Angleton = OSS-CIA ZIONIST helped the Jewish underground in evil deeds in London & Italy = Israel’s chief CIA contact

Meyer Lansky = ZIONIST MOB BOSS = Godfather of the newly born state of Israel = Money Laundering

Meyer Lansky = Banque de Credit International (BCI) in Switzerland Money Laundering = Israel Mossad operation = Received Lansky Crime Syndicate cash through Lansky dominated Bank of World Commerce in Bahamas.

BCI = Brainchild of Orthodox Rabbi Tibor Rosenbaum & Edgar Bronfman (president), in the World Jewish Congress = Source of funds for the Mossad + Primary ISRAELI WEAPONS BROKER

Rabbi Rosenbaum’s BCI = Did as much as 90% of the Israeli Defense Ministry’s external budget flow

Bank of World Commerce in Bahamas = Run by Lansky’s puppet John Pullman

Rabbi Rosenbaum = The “Mr. Fixit” of Israeli finance and money laundering
Rabbi Rosenbaum = Co-founder of the World Zionist Congress
Rabbi Rosenbaum = Director of the Jewish Agency in Switzerland
Rabbi Rosenbaum = Director General for Finance & Supply for Israel’s secret intel agency = Mossad
Rabbi Rosenbaum = A Swiss national, and dirty money courier for Lansky
Rabbi Rosenbaum = BCI official, Sylvan Ferdman + Associate of Lansky’s Bank of World Commerce
Rabbi Rosenbaum = Worked with Baron Edmund de Rothschild (France) = Important to Israel

Sylvan Ferdman = Also a courier for Investors Overseas Services (IOS), the fiefdom of financier Bernard Cornfield, a major money launderer for Lansky’s drug trafficking via Lansky’s casinos.

Lansky Syndicate = USED the cover of the CIA for $Multi-Billion drug smuggling operations 1950-1970’s

Rothschilds & Rabbi Rosenbaum = Laundered Israeli tax money for spending on WEAPONS for Israeli Defense Forces


The Frankfurt mafia = International dirty money-men using Liechtenstein tax paradise for easy money laundering.

Click for Source Article on Frankfurt Mafia

“European Business Consulting Institute” (EU) = Simply a letter-drop box for covert contributions as tax-free payments

Rabbi Tibor Rosenbaum = Geneva banker at BCI in 1972 gave two major contributions to the Social Democratic Party (SPD) in Germany as payback for members saving BCI from collapse.

1976 = Major fallout from Helaba BCI scandal of 1974 = Hit politicians & bankers in the Federal Republic.

Helaba affair = Rabbi Rosenbaum affair = Helaba company hooked itself up to BCI, a bank entangled with the worldwide network financing the drug trade and organized crime.

Rabbi Tibor Rosenbaum = Had a PhD in philosophy and studied astrological cults = His creed was that one is NOT bound by conscience = Emigrated to Palestine with the help of Britain’s Jewish Agency = First Department Chief for Logistics & Finance for Mossad in Israel.

Rabbi Rosenbaum = Moved to Switzerland in 1951 with full diplomatic status as an agent for Israeli and in 1959 founded the (BCI) Banque de Credit Internationale and Rosenbaum exchanged his Israeli diplomatic papers for Liberian documents, the African tax paradise with William Tubman helping.

Rabbi Rosenbaum = Worked for Mossad and after 1948, 90% of Israeli weapons purchases went through BCI helped by Mafia boss Meyer Lansky = DID “the financing of many of the most daring operations of Israel’s secret service…”

Rabbi Rosenbaum = A career with ENDLESS SCANDALS but never went to PRISON but many others had to resign or go to prison = Israeli Health Minister Yehuda Spiegel caught accepting bribes went to prison.

Rabbi Rosenbaum = Founded (1949) the Helvis Trust Society “for the promotion of trade between Israel and Switzerland”

Rabbi Rosenbaum = Had close friendship with members of the European oligarchy = Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands = At The Hague he advised leading Dutch bankers on successful business practices.

Helaba company = Hooked up to BCl entangled in financing the drug trade & organized crime and A governor of Hesse sat on the board of BCI = Real Helaba scandal.

Rabbi Tibor Rosenbaum CBl = Most important transfer points for Meyer Lansky’s Mafia scams MOB operations. + Was treasurer of the World Jewish Congress = ZIONISM

Rabbi Rosenbaum = BCI in 1963 described as the largest of the newly founded Geneva banks = Board had Liberian Foreign Trade Minister + Various Geneva lawyers + Denis de Rougemont + Walter Hesselbach, Swiss military intelligence + Ronald Brown, the brother of Lord George-Brown, British Foreign Minister under Harold Wilson + in 1972 Albert Osswald + Helaba chief Wilhelm Hankel

Rabbi Rosenbaum = Had an insurance agency in London to bribe then-British Prime Minister Wilson.

Rabbi Rosenbaum = Linked to Pierre Dan of Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb = Believed to have ordered several OAS assassination attempts against French President Charles de Gaulle.

Rabbi Rosenbaum = Linked to SUITCASE DEALS in airports by his agents traveling between Geneva-Rome-Miami-Bahamas-Bermuda-Sicily = Deals often involved transfer of dirty money from international organized crime illegally into banking paradise Switzerland for ”money laundering” by MAFIA in heroin and other drug trade and terrorism. = In US a centralized courier service in Florida gathered together the proceeds of the sales and dispatched them as cash in a stream of tourists to Swiss and Italian banks in Bermuda, an hour’s flight away — Then on to banks in Switzerland and on to other locations including Italy = Italy-United States-Bermuda-Switzerland-Italy route for drug money = The’ “Swiss connection” was BCI = THOUSANDS OF SUITCASES.

Rabbi Rosenbaum = BCI in Geneva handled money for Most powerful crime syndicate of the century = Meyer Lansky = Most important transfer point for money from countless gambling, smuggling, extortion, and drug deals of Mafia.

Rabbi Rosenbaum = BCI was down a back ally from The bank on the Rue de l’Universite that had a quite remarkable sort of customer traffic = An astonishing stream of couriers carrying $Millions in cash in elegant leather suitcases from Lansky syndicate = A gigantic empire of Gambling+Whiskey-Smuggling+Drug Money+TERRORIST MONEY+Dozens of other Scams.

Before WW II to Early 1950s = Transfers were to a number of other Swiss banks

Rabbi Rosenbaum = BCI took-over from 1959 through the 1960s to do the lion’s share of MAFIA FLOW.

Rabbi Rosenbaum = BCI exposed in a series in Life magazine in 1967 on tips from the FBI = American public was ASTONISHED at some of well-known names among Lansky’s couriers. = Sylvain Feldmann, a rich Swiss dream family but Feldman became manager at BCI carrying suitcases full of American dollars = One day he dropped a slip of paper later found and given to authorities. It read: “This is to confirm the receipt today, Dec. 2, 1964, of $350,000 in American banknotes for credit to the Maral account 28 12 at the International Credit Bank in Geneva, delivered to me in the presence of the undersigned (John Pullman of Lansky Mafia).”

John Pullman, a partner of Lansky, founded the World Commerce Bank of Nassau in the Bahamas (with Lanksy), through which, according to Life, $10 million in illegal monies had been “laundered.” = Later on living in Switzerland became Lanky’s most important courier.

Rabbi Rosenbaum = BCI accounts showed for had Lansky and Joe Stacher, Lansky associate since their NY Bronx days = Lansky’s account called “Bear” = Rosenbaum-Lansky connection = “the Kosher Connection.” = Central bank of organized crime

Rabbi Rosenbaum = Hot Saturday afternoon in 1965 at old Geneva Synagogue for his son’s coming of age = Shakes hands with Prominent Israeli Politicians + American Jews + BANKSTERS + Powerful casino-sharks of Lanksy Empire in Vegas & Caribbean + Italians = All honoring BCI MONEY LAUNDERING!


Zionist Rothschilds bankers’ conspired against Israel and wrecked Israel’s industrialization strategy in Report filed by Laurent Murawiec

Click for Source Article on Zionist Bankers

Walter Hesselbach + Chairman of the board of the German trade union Bank fiir Gemeinwirtschaft (BfG) and a leading West German supporter of the Zionist lobby. Oddly said about him in 1970s, “I never could understand why Walter Hesselbach, this ‘great friend of Israel,’ could be so bent on ruining the best chance Israel had to receive credit for industrialization.” = Hesselbach & Rothschilds Bankrupted & killed funding of capital goods industries that collapsed in 1974 by mounted a vast financial-political “black operation” by the international “black aristocracy to destroy the industrial-political potential in Israel as part of their campaign for world fascist austerity.

Walter Hesselbach & Rothschilds = Responsible for 1973 Yom Kippur War + Oil crisis + Watergate coup of Nixon + Financial warfare operation = Bankrupted Vatican-linked financier Michel Sindona and wiped out the entire body of Israeli leadership committed to industrialization and peaceful cooperation with the neighboring Arab nations = GOAL to create the current Middle East mess.

Walter Hesselbach & Rothschilds = Grasp the CRIMINALITY of their actions which also BANKRUPTED BCI and LIQUIDATED ITS ISRAELI CORPORATE SPONSORS

GRAND DESIGN of early 1970s international politics = Pope Paul VI and France’s General Charles de Gaulle = Create a US + France + USSR + UK International development fund for 3rd World industrial development. = Articulated by Pope Paul’s 1967 encyclical letter Populorum Progressio centered on a sound GOLD-BASED monetary system = ENDING ROTHSCHILDS ZIO-MOB RULE of BANKING! = The political destruction of the London-dominated ROTHSCHILDS RUN BANKSTERS in IMF & WORLD BANK and establishment of an era of quality human oriented global development. = ONBOARD was NIXON and his associates + Vatican & Italy + Spain + France = Included was a nuclear energy centered to provide cheap energy to Arab nations and Israel and even Israel appeared to be onboard with a powerful Jewish French faction to free Israel from regional ostracism & underdevelopment = Root of Israel’s problems was and still is the horrible stranglehold on Israeli policy of Edmond de Rothschild and the British monarchy’s “Zionist lobby.”


#1 Follow the “Grand Design” as defined above using the developed skills and culture of Israel’s population to develop high technology industry and agriculture, seeking markets and partners in the Arab nations. This policy implies an Israeli peace policy towards the Arabs as the French were then seeking.

#2 Follow British-Israel Rothschilds ZIO-CRIME SYNDICATE “BATTERING RAM” MISSION = Development solely of those industries which contribute to Zionist lobby-assigned geopolitical goals of WORLD DOMINATION through CONSTANT WARS to first takeover the Middle East for the Rothschild London Syndicate. = Military + Aerospace + Electronics + High Tech + Metals = Artificially boosted by Warburg + Bronfman + of course Rothschilds banking networks. = ZERO attention to broadening Israel’s markets or developing its industry as a whole, including industrial.

#3 Follow French-British Rothschilds turn of the century kibbutzim (communist) economy (Naphtali Foundation plan): labor-intensive small-scale agricultural output and exports. For all practical purposes, options two and three are harmoniously blended in the Histadrut, Israel’s all-powerful trade union confederation. Not coincidentally, Walter Hesselbach happened to be a founder and member of the board of the Tel Aviv Fritz Naphtali Foundation.

The French and a group of powerful Israelis resolved to politically break with Rothschilds rule over Israel, and launch a massive agro-industrial development boom in the years following 1968 with rapid modern, capital-intensive agriculture (no labor-intensive ”kibbutz” ideology), they faced the predicament of STRANGULATION OF INVESTMENT FUNDING FOR AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY BY THE ROTHSCHILDS ZIO-MOB = IMF and World Bank turned their backs as ordered by the Rothschilds MOB = ZERO MONEY for industrial development of Israel.

ALTERNATIVE TO BRITISH ROTHSCHILDS MOB FINANCING = Use the Israel Corporation, which Tzur ran single-handedly against any Rothschild-Warburg MOB with official goal to raise foreign capital for Israeli industrialization with French help and Lansky & Geneva banker Rabbi Tibor Rosenbaum, owner & chairman of the BCI (Banque de Credit International) using German contacts Rosenbaum developed with Helaba, one of the top ten banks in Germany to create a stable credit line from the vast West German credit markets into Israel. = France and Israel could at last break the financial rule of ROTHSCHILDS London.

NOTE: France and Israel’s choice of Tibor Rosenbaum and BCI for their credit link was at first glance rather outlandish as Rosenbaum was an associate of Edmond de Rothschild himself, and had a record of involvement
in bizarre and sometimes crooked international financial dealings (1960s swindles with Lansky & with Socialist International and the Rothschilds).

NOTE: Wheeler-dealer, Rabbi Rosenbaum could be easily hooked by the prospect of a fast buck and a share of the pie if France had a factional victory in the World Jewish Congress, which Rosenbaum served as a board member and treasurer.

FACT: No better alternatives so Rosenbaum and BCI were the choice including Helaba and its new chairman attracted by Rosenbaum’s offer in 1972 as Helaba was trying to diversify the bank’s assets into industrial paper and international markets. To fulfill their goal, the group selected two instruments: the Frankfurt Investitions- und Handelsbank (lHB), a bank with a stormy history, and in which Walter Hesselbach held a double job as head of the credit committee and member of the supervisory board; and BCI, which, unlike Helaba, already enjoyed established international banking connections. Helaba bought over 36% of BCl’s stock, with 50% voting rights and corresponding positions in the bank’s governing bodies and Helaba Bank held the chairmanship.

FACT: Rabbi Rosenbaum’s = Mixed his personal finances with BCl finances + BCI was known as a quiet middleman for Israeli purchases of European arms and even Arab oil.

Despite all the MAJOR FLAWS = BCI & Helaba closed the merger due to a combination of political motivations, and Rosenbaum’s promises to clean the bank’s books of his personal business.

Helaba & BCI began to fulfill the planned French-Israeli role and became a nexus for international financial operations associated with the Mediterranean Grand Design (#1 above) advanced by the Vatican-Italy + France’s de Gaulle + Israel Corporation, which Tzur ran single-handedly against Rothschilds

Tzur’s Israel Corporation maintained large short and medium term deposits with BCI and its affiliates, as well as with banks owned by Vatican financier. = These brute force financial operations had started to break the BRITISH ROTHSCHILDS ZIONIST MOB FINANCIAL STRANGLEHOLD also called the Israeli Monopoly.

NOTE: Prior to ROTHSCHILDS DOMINATION OF ISRAEL FINANCES = Israeli finances had been the preserve of the British (Jewish) Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Barclays Bank which owned (through London’s Charterhouse Japhet) the Private Bank Japhet of Tel Aviv, the Israeli Discount Bank, and Bank Leumi Le Israel (formerly known as the Bank of Palestine, founded by 1902 by Theodor Herzl, the Zionist high priest, with money contributed by a top British oligarch, Moses Montefiore).

Barclays = Allowed the “Jews” of the Rothschild family to keep one of the four top banks in Israel in their control, Bank Hapoalim, the Histadrut (trade-union) bank. NOTE: Barclays now connected with Rothschilds by marriage to a Rothschilds daughter.

Walter Hesselbach & Edmond de Rothschild = ANGER WAS IMMENSE at the actions against them in Israel.

Hesselbach & Rothschilds = Had both Power and one the other hand FEAR of the French-Vatican & others.

Hesselbach TOOLS = Link to Histadrut + His own Bank fur Gemeinwirtschaft was linked to Hapoalim, through
the Israeli Continental Bank and Basel’s Handelsbank.

Hesselbach & Rothschild = Alarmed by France having the chairman of the powerful Jewish Agency with broad popularity in Israel

Hesselbach & Rothschild = Had the Israel “hawks” committed to the Britain-defined “geopolitical” role for Israel as method for TAKING OVER CONTROL OF THE Middle East AND EVENTUALLY THE WORLD! + Had the GERMAN ROTHSCHILDS they believed they could count upon.

Hesselbach & Rothschild = Set out to destroy the NEW FINANCING OPTION with BCI and Helaba = GOAL BANKRUPT THE ENTIRE BUNCH! = Method used to WIPE OUT both the BCI and Helaba managements is closely parallel to that used by the same forces to wreck the financial empire of the brilliant Vatican financier = DISCOVER & LEVERAGE the “soft spots” which would allow political recapture of Helaba management, and DESTROY BCI.

Hesselbach & Rothschild = First weapon was Helaba’s purchase of a majority stake in the Frankfurt IHB, which Hesselbach was still a part owner and knew the dismal state of IHB’s assets and rotten investments with IHB throwing good money after the bad in an effort to rescue its debtors from a chain of bankruptcies that could wipe out IHB. = Facts all hidden from Helaba until after their takeover of IHB was complete. = Hesselbach from the inside block all efforts to rescue and reorganize IHB debtors. Walter Hesselbach rejected every proposed solution despite the fact that Hesselbach’s personal reputation was heavily involved in his role as a high-ranking IHB. Finally the head of Helaba resigned with no options.

Hesselbach = Phase Two was to politically recaptured Helaba and tighten the noose around BCl’s neck exposing the MANY CRIMES OF Rosenbaum’s operation. And Edmond de Rothschild uses his many personal agents within BCl’s to gather intelligence and evidence (LANSKY CRIME SYNDICATE + OTHER SCAMS) = Used Francois Mitterrand funded by Hesselbach + Ronald Brown, a British Labour MP and the brother of Prime Minister Harold Wilson’s Foreign Secretary Lord George Brown + Swiss oligarchist-fascist Denis de Rougemont + Hesselbach’s friends at BCI = DESTROY THE FRENCH-VATICAN-BCI-HELABA pro-development of Israel’s industries.

Hesselbach & Rothschild = Organized a run on BCl’s deposits using the evidence of Rabbi Rosenbaum’s criminal operations + Rumors were soon planted in the press that BCI was in trouble = A flight of capital from Israel weakened both BCI and the Israel Corporation; banks severed their credit lines with BCI.

Mid-summer 1974 = Rabbi Rosenbaum knew he was doomed unless Helaba helped, but under the “very strong and pressing advice of Walter Hesselbach” who had recovered all his influence with a new set of Helaba management rejected any help to BCI. + Then Demanded publicly that Rosenbaum repurchase the 36% interest held by Helaba in BCI = THAT BLOW WAS FATAL FOR BCI and it was SHUT DOWN and in May 1975 Rabbi Rosenbaum was jailed.

Hesselbach & Rothschild = Were NOT SATISFIED and went after the French = NY Times reported, “In early September 1974. Edmond de Rothschild received a telephone call from a business associate(!) in West Germany, telling him that the Israel Corporation had deposits in the financially troubled BCI. Done without the authorization of the (Israel Corporation – ed.) board of directors.”

Hesselbach = Phase Three after spreading about BCI told Edmond Rothschilds to call an emergency board meeting of Zionist Lobby for WARFARE AGAINST ISRAEL INDUSTRIAL & AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT and cause the following:

June 1974: Collapse of Gerling’s Herstatt
July 1974: Collapse of the BCI-connected Wm. Stern Property Group, London
July 1974: Shutdown of the Sapir-linked Israeli-British Bank of London
August 1974: Resignation of President Nixon
Early Sept. 1974: Mysterious phone call from Germany to Rothschild concerning shaky condition of BCI.
Mid-Sept. 1974: First press leak about trouble at BCI.
End of Sept. 1974: Emergency Board meeting of Israel Corp. and Tzur was ousted.
End of Sept. 1974: Collapse of Sindona’s Franklin National and Banca Privata Italiana
October 1974: BCI shuts down
May 1975: Rosenbaum jailed

May 1975: The Israel Corporation, held in Paris at the instigation of Edmond de Rothschild, which used “insider” information to show that Tzur had made Israel Corporation deposit $23 million with BCI affiliates. On the strength of this Tzur was kicked out as chairman of Israel Corporation. Edmond Rothschilds later initiated a lawsuit against Tzur and Rosenbaum for criminal fraud which resulted in an incredibly long-year jail sentence being imposed on Tzur. French influence was soon broken destroying political careers in Israel = The Israeli warhawks recaptured their unchallenged position of rule. ALL OPPOSITION WAS DESTROYED BY ZIONIST LOBBY including the left-wing pro-development party in Israel = Like was destroyed in late 1940s and early 1950s.

Hesselbach & Rothschild = Destroyed all hope for peaceful development of Israel with economic cooperation and peace with the Arabs surrounding them = INSTILLED EXTREME HATE OF ARABS AND THAT CAUSED EXTREME HATE THE OTHER WAY = ROTHSCHILDS GOAL!

Rothschilds Created = Today’s mess triggered by the Camp David “separate peace” accords and the ensuing threat of a global thermonuclear confrontation stemming from a Middle East crisis created by THESE ZIONIST MOB CRIMINALS = TOO POWERFUL (THEY CALL IT CLEVER) TO BE PROSECUTED!

Hesselbach & Rothschild = SECONDARY DAMAGES = J.D. Herstatt Bankhaus was pulled down + Destroyed a facet of the Vatican-led Grand Design + Nixon was DESTROYED

Hesselbach & Rothschild = HATED positive, pro-industrial, pro-development German intervention into Mideast and Israeli affairs. = Their own private domaine.

Hesselbach & Rothschild = Were thrilled with Kissinger’s Black September massacre of 1970 through the October War he engineered in 1973 + Ensuing oil embargo + Financial collapses of financial opponents + Opportune assassinations of Spanish Prime Minister Carrero Blanco + Blocked the Grand Design at least for awhile.

Walter Hesselbach = German and no real “friend of Israel” that he claims to be. = A secretive financier = “we can also live with lesser growth rates” + There exist “alternatives to growth policies, which burden the environment and are themselves limited in scope…” = Hesselbach for years chaired the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research = A “socialist Zionist” = Hesselbach’s loyalties are not to the German workers’ movement, nor to the German republic, nor to Israel

Walter Hesselbach = Body and soul, Hesselbach is Edmond de Rothschild’s man = Sat on the boards of 60+ banks, insurance companies, leading corporations, foundations and pooled all the trade union money. = An invaluable asset of the Rothschilds ZIO-CRIME SYNDICATE doing financial and “dirty” warfare against humanity using “FILTHY RUMORS AND LIES” to shut down through bankruptcy the leaders of today’s resurrected Grand Design for peace & human prosperity.

Hesselbach & Rothschild = Robbery via ”asset-stripping” operations against German industry + Nations like Libya & Iraq + OVERTHROWS of 30+ nations since WW II + Destroys companies and corporations using dirty buyouts & asset-stripping & other dirty tricks that buy at “tricked” bargain basement prices and then places its own men at the helm to strip the assets of its corporate victims. = “It is not profit that matters for us.” = “Fascism with a Democratic face” using assassination if the other dirty tricks fail. = Feudal policies + helped pushed the “European Currency Union” & slave labor schemes for the Third World and southern Europe.

If asked, who really is Walter Hesselbach? Edmond de Rothschild could answer: “The faithful house servant of us, (Zionist) bankers and moneyed aristocrats.”


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