Here are 19 ways Bernie Sanders has stood up for civil and minority rights


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#1 Raising Money For Korean Orphans: International solidarity was an unusual concept for any American to have in the 1950s, let alone a high school student.

#2 1962 Arrested For Desegregation Protest as a student at the University of Chicago for protesting segregation in public schools in Chicago

#3 Calling For Full Gay Equality: 40 years ago, called for abolishing all laws related to discrimination against homosexuality.

#4 Standing Up For Victims Of U.S. Imperialism In Latin America as mayor of Burlington, Vermont protested the Reagan government’s policy of sending arms to Central America to repress left-wing movements (1985) on trip to Nicaragua.

#5 Condemned And Opposed Welfare Reform and Dog Whistle Politics:While President Bill Clinton and most Democrats in Congress supported so-called welfare reform politics, Sanders not only voted against this policy change, but wrote eloquently against the dog whistle politics used to sell it, saying, “The crown jewel of the Republican agenda is their so-called welfare reform proposal. The bill, which combines an assault on the poor, women and children, minorities, and immigrants is the grand slam of scapegoating legislation, and appeals to the frustrations and ignorance of the American people along a wide spectrum of prejudices.”

#6 Vocally Condemned and Opposed Death Penalty and Prisons His Entire Political Career: Sanders has long been a critic of “tough on crime” policies. “My friends, we have the highest percentage of people in jail per capita of any nation on earth….What do we have to do, put half the country behind bars?….I’ve got a problem with a president and Congress that allows five million people to go hungry, two million people to sleep out on the street, cities to become breeding grounds for drugs and violence….Let’s not keep putting poor people into jail and disproportionately punishing blacks.”

#7 Voted Against Cutting Off Prisoners From Federal Education Funds and Pell Grants in the 1990s against the CLINTONS — the most effective ways to reduce recidivism.

#8 Took  IMF and Clinton Admin To Task For Oppressing Developing World Workers (1998) saying, “Tell the world now that no more IMF money goes to that country, goes to [dictator] Suharto!” he thundered to the ZIO-MAFIA agent Robert Rubin.

#9 Achieved High Ratings From Leading Civil Rights Organizations: A frequent In 2002, he achieved a 93% rating from the ACLU and a 97% rating by the NAACP in 2006.

#10 Voted Against the PATRIOT Act and has voted against renewing it every single time. = Violate the rights of Arab and Muslim Americans, but few know how extensively it has been used in the drug war; from 2009 to 2010 = 3,034 narcotics cases

#11 Opposed Both Iraq Wars on Moral Grounds — Sanders went further, saying that the “death and destruction caused” would “not be forgotten by the poor people of the Third World.”

#12 Traveled to Costa Rica to Defend Exploited Workers opposing the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). Sanders instead practices a form of solidarity politics, saying that workers in both countries are being exploited by corporations and so we must organize workers in both countries.

#13 Endorsed Jesse Jackson (1988) + Spoke Up For Palestinians right to have there own nation. = Jackson came under fierce attack for his advocacy of Palestinian statehood and Bernie defended the position.

#14 Strongly Condemned Police Violence Over the Past Year — Joining with the Black Lives Matter movement.

#15. Embraced Immigrants and Talked To Them = Bernie Sanders agreed with their call for executive action.

#16 Defended Voting Rights Against Voter Suppression Efforts

#17 Fought Against Employment Discrimination = Workplace discrimination against LGBT Americans

#18 Called For End to War On Drugs, For-Profit Prisons and Migrant Detention Quotas

#19 Put Out Detailed Plan to End Economic Crisis in Minority Communities



“It is obscene that people are getting arrested at near record rates for smoking marijuana, but not one Wall Street CEO has been prosecuted.”

“Rich get richer. Everyone else gets poorer. And all these guys can talk about is war and defunding Planned Parenthood.”

“I will be damned if we are going to balance the budget on the backs of the elderly, the SlCK, the CHlLDREN and the POOR. That’s WRONG!”

“We should be very aware that (FREE TRADE) is not only leading to the DESTRUCTlON of traditional blue-collar manufacturing, … It is leading to the loss of millions of high-tech information technology jobs as well….The question that the American people have to ask is why it is that CORPORATE America — with … leadership — is selling out the American people and making China the economic SUPERPOWER of the 21st century.”

“It makes no sense to me that the United States of America has more jails and prisons than colleges and universities.”

“I don’t believe it is a terribly radical idea to say that someone who works 40 hours a week should not be living in poverty.”

“You go to (Democratic Socialist) Scandinavia, and you will find that people have a much higher standard of living, in terms of education, health care and decent paying jobs.”

“It is absurd that college graduates today are carrying debts of $50,000, $100,000 or more. We must deal with the issue of student debt.”

“You have given the wealthiest [portion] of the population a break, and now you are coming before the American people and saying, ‘We don’t have enough MONEY to protect the SlCK and the old.”

“If the environment were a bank it would have been saved already….It is our moral responsibility to leave this planet in a way that is habitable and healthy for our children and our grandchildren….We need an energy revolution by breaking our dependence on fossil fuels, polluting fuels, … I am very, very confident our small state will lead this. We will be noticed by the country and the WORLD.”

“The time is long overdue for the Federal Reserve…to start making fundamental changes in their economic policies, so that GOVERNMENT begins to represent the needs of all Americans, and not just the wealthy and their LOBBYlSTS.”

“Out of 185 countries, the U.S. is one of only two that does not grant paid maternity leave. Papua New Guinea is the other.”

“Will you tell the American people to whom you lent $2.2 trillion of their dollars? … Can you tell us who they are?” Bernanke: “No”

“Whether it is television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books or the Internet, a few giant conglomerates are determining what we see, hear and read…Congress Can No Longer Ignore CORPORATE CONTROL of the Media.”

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