Reflections on Jewish Intermarriage into Native Elites by
Andrew Joyce, Ph.D. Oct 26, 2015

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“I want to thank my Jewish daughter. I have a Jewish daughter. This wasn’t in the plan but I’m very glad it happened.”

— Donald Trump, February 2015.

Most persistent criticism of Trump = His strong links to Jews + Now his daughter, Ivanka, has adopted the Jewish religion and married to Jewish real estate speculator so his two grandchildren are Jewish.


NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 13: Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky attend The Ninth Annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards at 548 West 22nd Street on November 13, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky buy $10.5 million apartment.

Ivanka’s previously = Two significant relationships were also Jews, Greg Hirsch and James Gubelmann + Very close friendship with Chelsea Clinton who married a Jew named Marc Mezvinsky whose father is Edward Mezvinsky = Jewish Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Iowa’s 1st district (1973 – 1977) and convicted fraudster — divorced twice in 1974 and 2007. Son is Marc Mezvinsky married to Chelsey Clinton. Convicted in 2001 on 31 charges of fraud, and served five years in federal prison.

Trump + Clinton = Excellent examples of the centuries-old practice of strategic Jewish intermarriage with native elites = Jewish strategies to maintain and expand influence. = NOT FOR THE “LOW LIFE” JEWS + NOT FOR “LOW LIFE” GOYIM.

FACT: ELITE CLIMBING = Permissible + Eagerly sought if it benefits the Jewish group. = Effects on resource-obtaining abilities within the Jewish community = ELITISTS By targeting the rich and powerful for intermarriage, Jews obtained significant and immediate material resources, an improvement in social status, and also useful genetic material.

TENDENCY: Those Jews who drifted into the non-Jewish gene pool were “swindlers, drunkards, whores, schlemiels, schlemazels, nudniks, and no-goodniks” whose “social, cultural, and even moral level was low.”

TENDENCY: Non-Jews welcomed into the Jewish fold were from the very highest social levels, and the efforts taken to entice young princes, landowners, or heirs of industry to take Jewish wives were remarkable for their long-term, premeditated nature.

1700s Jewish families began baptizing their daughters in long-term strategies for intermarriage with the Prussian elite, the Junkers. = A boom in the wealth of Jewish bankers = Jews did “discrete private loans to those who could afford the high interest rates” = Jewish bankers increased the wealth they acquired in the Seven Year’s War = Indebted nobles began frequenting the homes of their Jewish creditors often to plead for extensions and the first fraternization began between the nobility and daughters of the Jews. + Jews heavily pressured Nobles, via their debts, to take Jewish wives to get easier terms. = Mode of contact evolved into the “salon” culture = Staged teaming and gatherings with specific purpose of encouraging the mixing of the Prussia nobility with Jewesses of the BANKSTERS. But failed to disguise the fact that the Jewish wives of the Prussian nobility continued to carry on Jewish lives.

Jewish families = “Socially opportunistic” strategizers who were motivated by “status-hungry desires” and “craved the higher positions possessed by Christians.” + But retained “strong ties to friends and relatives who remained Jewish.”

#1 Jewish penetration = Was with British aristocracy. 1936 published pamphlet titled Our Jewish Aristocracy: A Revelation. Impressed on Britons that “their race is being displaced and replaced, and without notice to any individual.” = Made a convincing case for the argument that the British elite was being slowly displaced and replaced with Jewish genes. = Lengthy list of British nobles with Jewish ancestry + Jewish intermarriage into the British elite was more “subtle and penetrating” than even the Jewish acquisition of key positions in the institutions of the State.

Beginning of the twentieth century great English families with no Jewish blood were the exception. Most English families had a medium to strong strain of jewish blood and the physique and character had become wholly Jewish in many families. + Were taken for Jews when traveling in other countries.

Began with LIBERAL CIVIL LAWS + Native elites like Nathan Mayer Rothschild in 1884. + 1839 Hannah de Rothschild, daughter of the founder of the English branch of the banking clan, married Henry FitzRoy, younger son of the second Lord Southampton without first becoming a Christian. = Rothschilds and wider Jewish Cousinhood loved the development. = By 1956 “the Jews have made themselves so closely connected with the British peerage that the two classes are unlikely to suffer loss which is not mutual.”

FACT: Jews have tirelessly engaged in efforts to position themselves either in elite positions or in positions that place them between the elite and the great mass of people. = Positions of power and influence in to pursue their goals and interests — very often at odds with the interests of native populations. = Conflict of interests = Root of term “anti-Semitism” = Main strategy Jews employ + Insincere conversions to Christianity then abandoned after marriage. = By inter-breeding with native elites they moved the native elite away from the people it leads = No longer can act on behalf of the people and against foreign influence because intermarriage.

Trump + Clinton Jewish Intermarriages = Part of this greater strategy of expanding power and influence by fakery to blur the image of Jews at the top of our society. = Jewry “immunizes” itself against the threat of a reaction from the financially and politically powerful so they can keep their thousands of scams running.

Our sick society = An elite composed of media types + corporate vultures + Opportunistic politicians. = Power in the hands of the financially rich but morally and ideologically bankrupt. = The SCUM rises to the top = JEWS RISE TO THE TOP! = “Jews are overrepresented overall in the corporate elite. Jews are also now overrepresented in both the Senate and the House.” = Rotten elites, both foreign and domestic, can intermingle in their board rooms and political venues, their fates and interests entwined. = Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky + Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner = Same Social circles of Jewery and those captured by them.

OLD ELITISTS = Inbred, quasi-Jewish of Europe = Crumbling and their toppling from power and influence. These older elites have had centuries to prove that they deserved their positions through service to the folk and concern for the collective material well-being. Time and again they failed. THE FAILURE RATE IS GROWING EVEN FASTER NOW as the MASSES TAKE NOTE OF THEIR FRAUD AND LACK OF CONCERN.

Hereditary elites DO NOT EXIST IN NATURE = A lion may rule a pride but none of his cubs are destined to take his place.

Long history of Europe = Crowns caused Europe to labor under despots = Usually mediocre and inept.

BIG LIE = MEDIA Feeds the masses is an era of meritocracy where elite status goes to the “talented” = When elite status is reserved for the Jews = Overrepresentation in high poditions and 98% of all elite universities. = A flawed “hereditary meritocracy” that benefits from social and ethnic networking in much the same way as the hereditary aristocrats did in earlier periods. = Gatekeepers prevent access to THE TOP universities + Media positions + BANKSTERING + Elite social functions. = Meritocracy is an illusion.

FACT: “Our” elitists include the dying old WASP elitists = Corrupt beyond saving = No salvation of our people from throwing our support behind an imagined non-Jewish ELITIST GROUP. = AS CRIMINAL AS THE JEWISH ELITISTS AND IN REALITY OUR ELITISTS ARE INTERTWINED WITH JEWS = CLINTON + TRUMP! = ONE BIG HEAVY JEWSIH MAFIA. = Only the “distilled Jewish spirit” = Distilled Jewish blood

Svante Pääbo, “The diverse origins of the human gene pool,” Nature Reviews—Genetics 16 (June, 2015), 313–314.

Click to access Paabo_Diverse_NatRevGen_2015.pdf

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