“The radicalization of Yossi Gurvitz”, a retired Israeli Soldier Interviewed on Mondoweiss



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ISRAEL’S COMING CRISIS = Radicalized Yossi Gurvitz = Wants One State Solution like Ilan Pappe

ISRAELI GOV = Investigated Gurvitz for comments about violent resistance.

Israel’s crisis = Israeli society = Taken over by Jewish Supremacists + Rothschilds

Israel’s crisis = Liberalism is finished here + Soon Israel will lose USA Liberals

Israel’s crisis = Even Zionism and Christian-right are being lost.

Israel’s crisis = Messianic view of Jewish religion dominates Israeli psyche = “every demon that was pushed into the basement is up and has an M16.”

Israel’s crisis = that was suppressed for millennia by the rabbinical tradition

Israel’s crisis = Gurvitz’s convinced two-state solution is dead.

Israel’s crisis = Zionism is Over = “Now three Revisionist Zionists left in the Knesset” = “Likud sees them as dangerous leftists.”

Israel’s crisis = Liberal American Jews coming to save Israel? = “They will be seen as foreigners.”

Israel’s crisis = Can Israel save itself? Awakening of socialism is best sign.

Israel’s crisis = Liberalism = Always meant equal but separate. But Socialists are calling for equality.

Israel’s crisis = Maybe the social democrats of J14 can save us.

Israel’s crisis = 2 State Partition is DEAD with 400,000 settlers in West Bank = Civil War if removed = Leaves one state solution with EXTREMIST ISRAELIS IN CHARGE.

Israel’s crisis = Obama like Bush = Until you’re serious, don’t come to us.

Israel’s crisis = UN could grant Palestinians some sort of rights + some sort of state.

Israel’s crisis = Very good chance Netanyahu GOV attacks Iran = Propagandizing the public for it = Ehud Barak pictured fondling a missile.

Israel’s crisis = Unsustainable situation = Public locks itself into a non-seeing, non-hearing position.

Israel’s crisis = Around the statehood initiative = Makes settlements illegal + Presence of soldiers guarding settlements illegal.

Israel’s crisis = P. A. could demand withdraw and Israel would be pressured from the world to leave.

Israel’s crisis = Obama was swindled & coerced by Netanyahu = A strategic mistake that undermines US position in the Middle East.

Israel’s crisis = Status quo as US Gov = Israeli position = Syria Crisis Distracts attention from Palestine = Planned

Israel’s crisis = Obama inexorable pressure on Israel to grant civil rights to everyone in Palestine and end the occupation.

Israel’s crisis = Israel is losing the support of the US liberal establishment = Unsustainable South African situation

Israel’s crisis = Israel is seeing the Jehovahiztion of the Israeli public by Ignorant, radical Jews turning to Right-Wing symbols of Jewish Superiority

Israel’s crisis = Liberal gone except in Tel Aviv = Every liberal is thinking about a second passport.

Israel’s crisis = Israel is more fanatic + religious + Unable to fit in western world = More extremist than Middle East = Unreal Jewish Brotherhood.

Israel’s crisis = Jewism Brotherhood extremists Wield power but claim the real power is in the hands of the liberal elitists.

Israel’s crisis = Israel has no constitution + No Basic Law granting equality = Blocked by Israeli religious right.

Israel’s crisis = Only reason for freedom of the press is Supreme Court decisions. Right is attacking the Supreme Court = Becoming fearful and less willing to use its power.

Israel’s crisis = Unless something drastic changes – I’m betting on the J14 movement = Death of liberal Israel in 5 to 10 years except as a figleaf.

Israel’s crisis = Liberals will leave – Those who can = US Liberals will no longer defend Israel and its policies.

Israel’s crisis = Without US, Israel will hang by its threat to use nuclear weapons = Like North Korea.

Israel’s crisis = 2004 Extremist columnist demanded government nuke France because France is a Muslim Republic and supporter of Iran = Editor was fired for publishing it.

Israel’s crisis = Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, wanted Israel to nuke Aswan dam = So Egyptians won’t meet him.

Israel’s crisis = Gurvitz suggests Israel could lose the American right as a church was desecrated in Jerusalem. This happens all the time when pricetag people run out of Muslim targets, they attack Christian targets.

Israel’s crisis = American Christian right will realize Israeli right is hostile to Christianity. This is inevitable.

Israel’s crisis = Zionism as a force is dead.

Israel’s crisis = People use Zionism in religious, metaphysical, and mystical terms — Not the secular Zionist tradition.

Israel’s crisis = Poll shows 70% of Israelis think they are the chosen people. = No mainstream force stands against this Radical Jewish brotherhood.

Israel’s crisis = Israeli Jews (secular included) think we are the CHOSEN PEOPLE OF GOD = Chosen to do anything we damn well please. = Take people’s land + Murder people

Israel’s crisis = Religious and Secular Israelis buying into CHOSEN SCENARIO.

Israel’s crisis = Israel’s Jews = Refuse marriage of Jews and non-Jews.

Israel’s crisis = USA Jews perception is Israelis are gutsier American Jews or Zionist liberals = USA Jews think of Israel in a late 70s, early 80s time warp of golden age Israel’s liberalism. USA Jews unlike Israeli Jews think Jews are chosen to do social justice — Not Murder and Rob lands from others.

Israel’s crisis = Religious right refers to leftists as the mixed multitude who left Egypt — ERAV RAV Concept in Kabbalah = the Amalekite Jew who isn’t really a Jew but is an enemy of God. Erav rav is used in the Knesset.

Israel’s crisis = Judaism is NOT the wisdom of Israel but is the Judaism forced underground by Christian regimes, censored time and again. But it’s surfaced and just about everyone in Israel knows this code.

Israel’s crisis = J14 movement will be coming back after Passover and has put Israeli Arabs speakers out front. 2011 Israeli social justice protests involving hundreds of thousands of protesters from a variety of backgrounds opposing the continuing rise in the cost of living (particularly housing) and the deterioration of public services such as health and education. A common chant; “The people demand social justice!”.

Israel’s crisis = J14 Results were not good for many Palestinian Israelis. But once Israelis realize that inequality harms everyone in Israel aside from the 1 percent, then they will begin to see the Palestinian as a partner in struggle. We’ve seen it in the north, if the movement isn’t crushed.

Israel’s crisis = Liberals are dead, socialists favoring equality are here.

Israel’s crisis = Meretz Party used to embody liberal thinking = Prevent atrocities by joining the fighting units in the territories where you can see and prevent atrocities. Simply a lie and doesn’t happen.

Israel’s crisis = Radicalization is on both sides. The leftists are becoming more radical and the right wingers, too. It attracts more radicals. Going to demonstrations is the definition of a radical in Israel.

Israel’s crisis = Israeli government uses our demonstrations to legitimize itself by saying, ‘You see, we’re a democracy.’

Israel’s crisis = Protests have very little influence on the general public, but build important solidarity and to get international coverage.

Israel’s crisis = Rambam [Maimonides in the 12th century] writes, If a Jew has intercourse with a gentile child three years old and a day, the child should be executed for misleading the Jew, making him sin. Those texts are still valid. We don’t understand them, but they are valid.

Israel’s crisis = Israeli Jews took nationalistic elements of religion that were dormant for 100s of years and awakened them = Hatred of mankind persisted in Judaism for millennia and gave it voice and force.

HISTORY of Jews: Former rabbinical tradition was for rabbis to housetrain Jewish messia COMPLEX from leading Jews to victory over humanity to a kinder supernatural, mystical, messiah capable of talking to birds and animals. This image held back Ashkenazi Judaism eliminationist elements against Christianity. But once Israel was created, many Jews saw it as the end of the three oaths = Jews could mass-emigrate to Israel and could provoke the gentiles and gentiles had to respct Jews = Israel has the right to use force, and every demon that was pushed into the basement is up and has an M16.





Ashkenazi Jews Total population 10–11.2 Million – 50% in USA 25% in Israel

Language: Yiddish
Religion: Judaism, some secular, irreligious
Related Ethnic Groups: Levantines, Italians other Europeans, Samaritans, Assyrians

Jews in Central Europe (1881) Ashkenazi Jews

Jews of Germany = Jewish ethnic division from 1st millennium of Holy Roman Empire = Communities throughout Central and Eastern Europe

Ashkenazi made a contributions to humanity = Northern Jews of Germanic lands

11th century Ashkenazi Jews = 3% percent of world’s Jewish population

1931 Ashkenazi Jews = 92% of world’s Jews.

Genetics = some ancient Levantine origins + predominant non-Levantine genetic origin

Origins of the Ashkenazim are obscure = Jewish migration through what is now Italy and other parts of southern Europe.

Jews were required to pay a poll tax until the reign of Emperor Julian in 363.

After Christianity became the official religion of Rome and Constantinople in 380, Jews were increasingly marginalized.

Jews after the 2nd and 3rd centuries, accompanying the establishment of Roman garrisons, were sufficient in numbers to form communities and build a synagogue. Jewish troops were among the Syrian soldiers transferred there, and replenished from the Middle East, after 175 C.E. Jews and especially Syrians came from Antioch, Tarsus and Cappadocia, together with Jews from Italy and the Hellenized parts of the Roman empire.

Initially Jews first lived in isolated enclaves attached to Roman legion camps, and intermarried among other similar oriental families within the military orders of the region. Jews showed little or no difference in either customs, manner of writing or names from the people among whom they dwelt, and it was especially difficult to differentiate them from Syrians.

433 the garrison populations were withdrawn to Italy with few traces remaining of a possible Jewish presence in the area some centuries later.

No evidence of a Jewish presence in ancient Germany beyond its Roman border nor in Eastern Europe. Archeological evidence shows a fleeting presence of perhaps Jewish itinernt traders in Gaul and Germany itself, with possible exception of Cologne. A substantial Jewish population emerges in northern Gaul by the Middle Ages, but Jewish communities existed in 465 CE in Brittany, in 524 CE in Valence, and in 533 CE in Orleans.

The early Middle Ages, some Jews assimilated into the dominant Greek and Latin cultures, mostly through conversion to Christianity. The Franks expelled the Jews in 629 due to harsh anti-Jewish Church rulings.

Charlemagne’s around 800, included northern Italy and Rome, brought a brief period of stability and unity in Francia and Jewish merchants settled again north of the Alps similar to under the Roman Empire. Jews from southern Italy began to move into central Europe and returned to Frankish lands, many Jewish merchants took on occupations in finance and commerce, including money lending, or usury, because the Church banned Christians from lending money in exchange for interest.

From Charlemagne’s time to the present, Jewish life in northern Europe is well documented. By the 11th century Ashkenazi Jews were known for their Talmudic studies, but were criticized for their lack of expertise in Jewish law and general ignorance of Hebrew linguistics and literature. Yiddish emerged as a mix of Hebrew and German vernaculars in the medieval period — Heavily influenced by Hebrew and Aramaic.

Evidence of Jewish communities north of the Alps and Pyrenees show up as early as the 8th and 9th century. By the 11th century Jewish settlers, founded from southern European and Middle Eastern centers, appear to have begun to settle northwards, especially along the Rhine, often in response to new economic opportunities and at the invitation of local Christian rulers. In England, William the Conqueror extended a welcome to continental Jews to take up residence there for their know-how and capacity to jump-start the economy, improve revenues and enlarge trade. Typically they relocated close to the markets and churches in town centers, where they were accorded administrative autonomy.

11th century, both Rabbinic Judaism and the Talmudic Babylonian culture that underlies it became established in southern Italy and then spread north to Ashkenaz.

The Crusades = Expulsions from England (1290) + France (1394) + Parts of Germany (15th century) = Jewish migration eastward into Poland (10th century) + Lithuania (10th century) + Russia (12th century). Over several hundred years Jewish economic activity focused on trade, business management, and financial services. Christians in Europe were prohibitions from certain financial activities such as “usurious” loans.

15th century, Ashkenazi Jewish communities in Poland were the largest Jewish communities of the Diaspora, which eventually fell under the domination of Russia, Austria, and Prussia (Germany), would remain the main center of Ashkenazi Jewry until the Holocaust.

Why was there so little assimilation of Jews in central and eastern Europe: Jews lived almost exclusively in shtetls or small villages of Jews that maintained a strong system of education for males, heeded rabbinic leadership, and scorned the life-style of their neighbors — All these tendencies increased with every outbreak of antisemitism.

11th and 12th century Ashkenaz (Germany) had the language of Ashkenaz and the country of Ashkenaz or the kingdom of Ashkenaz with the ritual of the synagogue and certain other observances. In the 13th century references to the land and the language of Ashkenaz often occur. Ashkenaz, Riphath, and Togarmah were referred to as German tribes in German lands. In the Talmud Gomer, the father of Ashkenaz, is translated as Germamia, perhaps Germany — similar in sound.

14th century the word Ashkenaz is used to designate southern and western Germany as different from eastern Germany and Poland.

End of the 11th century, 97% of Jews were Sephardic to whom ethnicity was irrelevant + 3% Ashkenazi who refused intermarriage with non-Ashkenazi Jews.

17th century Sephardim outnumbered Ashkenazim 60% to 40%.

18th century Ashkenazim outnumbered Sephardim 60% to 40% = Improved living conditions in Europe versus Ottoman Muslim world.

1931, Ashkenazi Jews = 92% of Jews in world = Demography of Jews migrating from Southern and Western Europe to Central and Eastern Europe.

1740 first time Ashkenazi Jews settled in the Jerusalem.

A thriving publishing industry that printed hundreds of biblical commentaries precipitated the development of the Hasidic movement as well as major Jewish academic centers. Two centuries of comparative tolerance to massive westward Jewish emigration occurred in 19th to 20th centuries after the pogroms of the18th century.

Ashkenazi Jews made up majority of USA Jewish community since 1750.

Haskalah or Jewish Enlightenment + Goal of integrating modern European values into Jewish life. Zionism was also developed in modern Europe.

The Holocaust = Estimated 8.8 million Jews living in Europe at beginning of World War II with majority Ashkenazi — Estimated 6 million were murdered in the Holocaust.

80% of Jews were Ashkenazi after the Holocaust – Down from 92% in 1931. Many of the surviving Ashkenazi Jews emigrated to countries such as Israel, Canada, Argentina, Australia, and the United States after the war — With USA having 50% of the Jewish population today.

83–85% of Jews worldwide are Ashkenazi today.

47.5% of Jews in Israel are Ashkenazi Jews.

Ashkenazi in Israel = refers to all Jews who settled in Europe including Sephardic Jews. Jews of mixed background are increasingly common, partly because of intermarriage between Ashkenazi and non-Ashkenazi as many do not see historic markers as relevant to their life experiences.

Religious Ashkenazi Jews in Israel are obliged to follow the authority of the chief Ashkenazi rabbi in halakhic matters and is more likely to support EXTREME religious interests and Far-Right religious political parties.

Ashkenazis are prominent in media and politics of Israel since its founding.

First decades of Israel as a state, strong cultural conflict occurred between Sephardic and east European Ashkenazim chiefly attributed to the concept of the “melting pot”. All Jewish immigrants who arrived in Israel were strongly encouraged to “melt down” their own particular identities in order to become Israeli.

Orthodox Jews are required to follow the customs of their ancestors, and do not believe they have the option of picking and choosing.

Ashkenazi Jew is any Jew whose family tradition and ritual follows Ashkenazi practice.

Centers of Jewish religious authority were in the Islamic world, at Baghdad and in Islamic Spain prior to Middle Ages.

Then the Ashkenazi community in Germany began to develop in the Early Middle Ages.

Ashkenazi Jew can be identified by their “Jewishness” = Meant the study of Torah and Talmud for men, and a family and communal life governed by the observance of Jewish Law for men and women. = Manners of speech, styles of humor, and patterns of association — culturally with Jews, supports Jewish institutions, reads Jewish books and periodicals, attends Jewish movies and theater, travels to Israel, visits ancient synagogues in Prague, and so forth.

Modernization MEANS Jewishness now encompasses Orthodoxy + Hasidism + A broad range of practices in which Ashkenazi Jews participate + Given way to mixing with other cultures and non-Ashkenazi Jews + France has blended Jewish communities or cultural recombination among Jews. 1920s and 1930s, Ashkenazi Jews from Europe arrived in France in large numbers as refugees from antisemitism, the Russian revolution, and the economic turmoil of the Great Depression. By 1930s, Paris had a vibrant Yiddish culture, and many Jews were involved in diverse political movements. After the Holocaust, the French Jewish population was augmented once again, by Ashkenazi refugees from Central Europe, and later by Sephardi immigrants and refugees from North Africa, many of them francophone. In 1990s, another Ashkenazi Jewish wave began to arrive from countries of the former Soviet Union and Central Europe resulting in a pluralistic Jewish community but it is difficult to sort the differences as a distinctly French Jewishness has emerged.

However, Ashkenazi Jews like Hasidic and Hareidi groups continue to use Yiddish in daily life.

Ethnically an Ashkenazi Jew is has ancestry that traces to Jews who settled in Central Europe – A reproductively isolated population in Europe, despite living in many countries, with little inflow or outflow from migration. Human geneticists argue that Ashkenazi Jews did not interact with th general European population. University of Huddersfield in England, suggests that at least 80% of Ashkenazi maternal lineages derive from those indigenous to Europe, probably as a consequence of conversion.

2006 study found Ashkenazi Jews to be a clear, homogeneous genetic subgroup strikingly similar, regardless of the place of origin = Poland, Russia, Hungary, Lithuania, or any other place with a historical Jewish population, they belong to the same ethnic group. Lends credence to the idea of Ashkenazi Jews as an ethnic group.

Starting in mid-20th century Ashkenazi Jews have intermarried with members of other Jewish communities and with people of other nations and faiths, while some Jews have also adopted children from other ethnic groups or from other parts of the world and have raised them as Jews. Conversion to Judaism, rare for nearly 2,000 years, has become more common. Though intermarriage among Jews of Ashkenazi descent has become increasingly common, many Haredi Jews, particularly members of Hasidic or Hareidi sects, continue to marry exclusively fellow Ashkenazi Jews. This trend keeps Ashkenazi genes prevalent and also helps researchers further study the genes of Ashkenazi Jews with relative ease. It is noteworthy that these Haredi Jews often have extremely large families.

Ashkenazi Jews originated in the Middle East during the Bronze Age (2500 BC to 700 BC, spreading later to Europe. = “Ashkenazim branched off from other Jews around the time of the destruction of the First Temple, 2,500 years ago … flourished during the Roman Empire” Then went through a reducing of population from several million to just 400 families who left Northern Italy around the year 1000 for Central and eventually Eastern Europe.

JEWS + ARABS = “A recent analysis based on the whole genomes, not just mitochondrial DNA, of Jewish communities around the world noted that almost all overlap with non-Jewish populations of the Levant, “consistent with an ancestral Levantine contribution to much of contemporary Jewry.”

Whole genomes research of mixtures of European ancestries found Northern Italians showing the greatest proximity to Jews of any Europeans perhaps due to 6 million mass conversion to Judaism in the early Roman empire and four European lineages entered the Jewish community becoming very numerous later in the Ashkenazi population.

Genetic findings to show Ashkenazi Jews had ancestors from the Middle East and support a story that Jews came from Israel and were largely eschewed intermarriage when they settled in Europe. Others found a similar genetic line among Greeks, and Macedonians.

Historical documents prove by 70 CE, as many as 6 million Jews were living in the Roman Empire — outside Israel and mainly in Italy and Southern Europe. By contrast, 12 TIMES less lived in Judea.

Female lineages in Ashkenazi Jewish communities “did not seem to be Middle Eastern”, and that each community had its own genetic pattern closely related to that of the host community.

2013 study of Ashkenazi mitochondrial DNA in England on 16,600 DNA units found that four female Ashkenazi founders had descent lines that were established in Europe 10,000 to 20,000 years in the past while most of the remaining minor founders also have a deep European ancestry + Great majority of Ashkenazi maternal lineages were not brought from the Near East – non-Israelite + non-Khazar, but instead they came from the North Caucasus located along the border between Europe and Asia between the Black and Caspian seas. = Debunks hypotheses: that most Ashkenazi Jews can trace their roots to ISRAEL OR KHAZAR KINGDOM.

2013 study = 80% of Ashkenazi maternal ancestry comes from women indigenous to Europe = 8% from the Near East

2007 study found Ashkenazi Jews were most closely clustered with Arabic North African populations + Share similarities only with Greeks and Southern Italians.

2010 Study refuted large-scale genetic contributions of Central and Eastern European and Slavic populations to the formation of Ashkenazi Jewry

2010 study found that between 35% to 55% of the modern Ashkenazi genome = European origin = “matches signs of interbreeding or ‘admixture’ between Middle Eastern and European populations”. Ashkenazim are more diverse than their Middle Eastern relatives.

2012 research found Khazar descent of Jewish European Ancestry

2013 study found no significant evidence of Khazar in Ashkenazi Jewish DNA

2013 study says Ashkenazi Jewish genetic origins found no evidence of Khazar


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