ROBERT GATES: Dangerous Entangling Alliances = U.S. interests are subordinated to weaker allies = Israel-Saudi Arabia



Robert Gates on How Israel & Saudi Arabia Pressure US into Wars of Choice on Antiwar Jan 21, 2014

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Israel-Saudi Arabia = Mutual fear of peace brought the Wahhabist regime and the Zionist regime together in an alliance to push Americans into wars against their regional enemies.

ROBERT GATES: Always some “existential threat” to Israel = Zero Concern about the effects on U.S. interests.

ROBERT GATES: Israeli-led strike in Iran was against Gates advise — Several administration officials described as “very pro-Israel” gave green light

ROBERT GATES: “the United States was being held hostage to Israeli decision-making.” and Israel bombed the reactor.

GATES: Biggest worry = Entangling alliances of Israel-Saudi Arabia

GATES: Israel-Saudi Arabia = Demonize Iran = Permanent bogeyman

GATES = “I worried about the influence of the Israelis and the Saudis in the White House, particularly PM Olmert and Abdullah” = Destroy Iran while Bush was still president

GATES: Describes meeting with Saudi King Abdullah demanding U.S. bombing of Iran = He wanted a full-scale military attack on Iranian military targets, not just the nuclear sites. = Or Saudis “must go our own way”

GATES: Saudis were asking USA to send its sons and daughters into a war with Iran in order to protect the Saudi position in the Gulf and the region, as if we (USA) were (SAUDI-OWNED) mercenaries – NO Saudi blood spilled.

GATES: Saudis went on and on about how USA was seen as weak. I told him that without an Iranian military attack on U.S. or our allies, the president launching another preventive war would likely lead to impeachment.

FACT: Saudis position in private talks with U.S. administrations (cables from WikiLeaks) — Saudis “repeatedly urged USA to attack Iran’s nuclear program.” = Advising USA to “cut the head off the snake.”

GATES: Describes Saudis outrageous demands = TAIL WAGGING DOG.

GATES: Refers to Bush attack on Iraq as “preventive war” = A war crime = America + World were NOT gravely threatened by Saddam’s WMDs or nefarious ties to terrorism. = Likely Bush officials didn’t believe the attack on Iraq was legal = Law doesn’t apply to them.

Israel–Saudi Arabia relations

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Israel-Saudi Arabia = Both allies of USA and oppose IRAN

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Have behind-the-scenes diplomatic and intelligence cooperation between the countries.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = In recent years, Saudi Arabia now negotiates with Israel.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Renewed formal ties in 1987.
Israel-Saudi Arabia = Saudi Arabia (2005) announced an end of its ban on Israeli goods and services.

Saudi Arabia mended the schism between Fatah and Hamas, with negotiations in Mecca resulting in the Mecca Agreement of Feb 7, 2007 — soon failed but reborn in 2014.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Saudi Arabia will stand down their air defenses to allow an Israeli strike on Iran to pass through their airspace.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Israel views Saudi government as “guarantor of stability” + In 2011 Israel approved a German sale of 200 Leopard tanks to Saudi Arabia.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict = David Hearst said Saudi Arabia was supportive of Israel’s actions in the conflict, and that officials from Mossad and the Saudi intelligence agencies met regularly

David Hearst = Editor-in-chief of Middle East Eye.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Alliance forged in blood

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Israel-Saudi Arabia = Netanyahu’s unholy alliance with brother Arabs = Saudi Royal GUARANTEE = Open secret = Israel’s role for Saudi Arabia and UAE to help demilitarize Hamas. = Funds from Saudi and Emirati used to rebuild Gaza after destroying Hamas.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Israeli says, “Everything is underground, nothing is public. But our security cooperation with Gulf states is unique. This is the best period of security and diplomatic relations with the (Gulf) Arab.” = Celebration by King Abdullah

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Mossad and Saudi intelligence officials meet regularly = Planned OVERTHROW of Egypt’s president Morsi.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Mossad and Saudi intelligence are hand in glove on Iran = Preparing for an Israel strike over Saudi airspace to sabotage nuclear program.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Saudis are financing most of Israel’s very expensive campaign against Iran.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Saudi-Israel make comfortable bedfellows = SHARE FEAR + Overwhelmingly Violent Reactions was similar + Believe only safety against neighbors is by invading them = Lebanon & Yemen or by funding proxy wars and coups = Syria, Egypt, Libya.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Have same enemies = Iran + Turkey + Hamas + Muslim Brotherhood

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Have common allies = US + UK military establishments

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Saudis publication of a book by an Israeli academic

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Prince Turki published an article in Haaretz = “what a pleasure it would be to be able to invite…Palestinians…also Israelis…to visit in Riyadh.” = Turki’s promotion of Arab Peace comes at cost of abandoning support of Palestinian resistance.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Alliance is forged in blood, Palestinian blood, the blood on Sunday of over 100 souls in Shejaiya. + 2,260 OVERALL IN 5 WEEKS


Israel-Saudi Arabia = Attack on Gaza by Saudi Royal Appointment

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Israel-Saudi Arabia = Israeli army’s MASS MURDERS on Gaza HAS MANY HANDS = America is happy saying Israel had every right to defend itself + Egypt blames Hamas deaths + 3rd undeclared partner in this unholy alliance with brother Arab — Saudi Royal warrant


“In broad daylight, a Saudi-Israeli alliance” by Asa Winstanley, associate editor with The Electronic Intifada

Click for Source Article in Middle East Monitor

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Alliance of Apartheid state of Israel and Dictator Saudi royals. = Both want to destroy Iran = Zionist freak-outs + Saudi Prince was bluntly against Obama easing of sanctions against Iran: “Iran is a huge threat …. The threat is from Persia, not from Israel”. KISS KISS!

SAUDI PRINCE = Boasts about Jordan, Palestine and Yemen being “under our hegemony” with the rule of his cheque book.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Israeli and Saudi regimes in the same trench across the region.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Saudis accused of bombing the Iranian embassy in Lebanon. + Saudi car bombs in Lebanon attempt to goad Hizballah into a sectarian war – something it has so far resisted.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Israeli spies are operating in Syria under the cover of the civil war + Evidence of chemical weapons use was gathered “with the help of an Israeli agent”.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Saudi spy chief Prince Bandar met with Israeli spy to discussed Iran, Syria and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Saudis al-Saud family gave $5 billion to the generals for Egypt’s military coup regime + Israeli loved Prince Bandar funding bombings in Lebanon.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Mutual fear of peace brought the Wahhabist regime and the Zionist regime together in an alliance to push Americans into wars against their regional enemies.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Israel and Saudi Arabia both share sectarian hatred =

NOTE: Israel sectarianism establishment of the ZIONIST state BY ROBBING Palestine’s LAND in 1948. NOW THEY USE RELIGION AND RACISM TO MURDER AND ROB EVEN MORE LAND. They hate democracy for their RACIST STATE.

NOTE: Saudi royals wield unchecked power in region HATING democracy and loving their VIOLENT AND MURDEROUS DICTATORSHIP.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Their permanent counter-revolution is now open for all to see.

FACT: If USA + UK were really serious about “democracy” THEN cut all ties with both oppressive states.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Israel working with Saudi Arabia on Iran strike plan

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Israel-Saudi Arabia = Coordinating plans for military strike on Iran. SAUDIS agreed to let Israel use its airspace in a military strike on Iran and cooperate over the use of rescue helicopters, tanker planes and drones.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = FEAR West may come to terms with Iran, easing sanctions and allowing IRAN to prosper.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = “The Saudis are furious and are willing to give Israel all the help it needs”

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Netanyahu is GOING PSYCHO in lobby against any Iranian deal. = Netanyahu urged France to remain firmly against Iran + The Netanyahu IMBECILE will visit Putin and lobby against the Iran. = His normals “existential threat” line is so old and tarnished but he keeps using it anyway. = “threatens directly the future of the Jewish state” on CNN – CIA network.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = If a deal is reached with Iran then Israel-Saudis wll want a military option back on the table. Saudi tactical support for Israel would be necessary to target Iran’s nuclear program.

New alliances for a 2015 Middle East peace conference?

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Israel-Saudi Arabia = Israel is now one of the leading military powers in the world; yet, it is unable to defeat a terrorist group of 20,000 fighters, surviving underneath the Gaza Strip.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = USA Senior State Dept policy analysts are talking about a new configuration of forces in the aftermath of Operation Protective Edge. = Regional coalition of interests = Egypt + Israel + Palestinian Authority + Jordan + Saudi Arabia.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = EXCUSE is as always Islamic radicalism (FOSTERED BY SAUDI WAHHABISM) but they blame Syria + Iraq + Gaza for instability

Israel-Saudi Arabia = ANTSY SAUDIS want to strengthen Fatah in the West Bank and Gaza – DESTROYING HAMAS. = Israel + USA Goal

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Think the growing support for Hamas in the West Bank as a temporary phenomenon. = They made Hamas a part of the new axis of evil. = Typical demonization. Abbas is their FLUNKY and image of moderation and advocated a Fatah-led economic rehabilitation of Gaza + continuing security coordination with Criminals of Israel.

FACT: Most have given up on Netanyahu as one-sided.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Collective umbrella and international peace conference = Quartet, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, and would deal with conflict resolution.

Israel-Saudi Arabia = Israel must decide on a post-war strategy that will strengthen Abbas at the expense of Hamas. Netanyahu views this in the context of Gaza. As this GREEDY CRIMINAL Netanyahu is planning a massive propaganda drive in the West Bank = More LAND ROBBERY and settlement construction.


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