“F*** the EU” — Victoria Nuland Kagan, Senior US diplomat in conversation with Ukraine envoy recorded choosing next leader of the Ukraine – two weeks before the elected government was overthrown in a bloody coup.

Kagan family brought us the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) and the war of aggression against Iraq. 

Merkel = Soft Cop in False Flag Offensive on Russia” by Finian Cunningham, Strategic Culture Foundation 


Click for Source Article by Finian Cunningham

FACT: 5,000+ Total Dead mostly civilians over past 8 months caused by NATO-supported Kiev regime use of Grad rockets, shelling, cluster bombs, white phosphorus incendiaries, unguided ballistic missiles and warplanes to strike civilian centers = State-sponsored terrorism but Western media and leaders like John Kerry and Angela Merkel remain silent.

MERKEL = Bribe Russia = EU sanctions on Russia lifted if Ukraine goes to EU

MERKEL = Bankrupt EU is offering something very juicy at time when civilians are being massacred in eastern Ukraine

MERKEL = Moscow must capitulate to West by ceding Ukraine to West’s full control = Then Russia is paid with Western free trade with EU. = Generous  Frau Merkel!

MERKEL = Wants Russian-speaking population of Ukraine’s eastern Donbas regions to be abandoned to fate of FAR-RIGHT Western-installed Kiev regime.

New York Times headlined: ‘War Is Exploding Anew in Ukraine; Rebels Vow More’. = Blaming Russia for the violence and quoting its usual NATO and Kiev regime sources.

NYT = Renewed fighting has… put to rest the notion that Russia’s president, Putin, would be so staggered by the twin blows of Western sanctions and a collapse in oil prices that he would forsake the separatists in order to foster better relations with the West.

FACT:  MERKEL + NYT agree Putin = WILL NOT FORSAKE SEPARATISTS to foster to Remove sanctions and stop London-Wall Street-Saudi Manipulation of oil prices

MERKEL = Shameless free trade bribe to Russia says to Putin just be a good boy, roll over and we will call off the economic war of sanctions and oil price crash.

MERKEL = Known as ardent partner with USA = Shows she is dutifully following USA bidding on Ukraine crisis = GOAL of subordinating Russia to Western DOMINATION = Better relations with the West.

WEST = Other pincer offensive on Russia = CIA-Kiev regime in full false flag terror mode to criminalize Russia for its diplomatic and moral support of the besieged ethnic Russian population in eastern Ukraine where another 30+ CIVILIANS were MURDERED by Kiev Rockets.

WEST MEDIA = Shameless propaganda campaign = Ignored 30+ more civilians MURDERED by Kiev’s multiple-rocket attacks + Instead amplified LIES by Kiev that perpetrators were Russian-backed separatists with ZERO evidence = France 24 LIED the 30+ MURDERS was done by Donetsk leader of separatist militia – Vladimirovich Zakharchenko admitted no such thing but blamed Kiev military for launching multiple rockets to MURDER separatists.

WEST MSM = Never reported that ceasefire ended because the Kiev regime repeatedly violated it with indiscriminate shelling of civilian areas.

John Kerry supports LIES = “We join our European counterparts to condemn Russian-backed separatists”  + “we call on Russia to immediately end its support for separatists”

Western puppet-leaders in Kiev = PM Yatsenyuk + President Poroshenko =  LIED by callinng the Kiev massacre in Mariupol a crime by Russia —  violating international law and humanity. = But Separatist militia has NO long-range weapons to carry out such a strike from their positions = Atrocity fits recent pattern of similar attacks on civilians by Kiev forces = False flags aimed at framing rebels and Russia.

FALSE FLAGS = 3 days before attack on Mariupol, 13 people were killed in rebel-held Donetsk City by Grad rockets hitting a trolleybus & vehicles + January 13, 12 people were Murdered on bus hit by Grad rockets = All blamed on Russian terrorists killing their own people.

KIEV PATTERN = 8 months of Western-sponsored military offensive on eastern Donbas regions = Indiscriminate constant shelling of civilians mostly from the airport by KIEV = Reason Donetsk’s major goal was to capture airport to end to the barrage.

Kiev regime = Pattern of criminality, terrorism and pathological lying = Fits perfectly with latest massacre in Mariupol as another false flag vile capability.

5 civilians were killed when apartment blocks were bombed by Kiev artillery fire comprised of neo-Nazi volunteer battalions who also use cluster bombs, white phosphorus incendiaries, unguided ballistic missiles and warplanes to strike civilian centers.

Kiev regime = Massacre in Odessa on May 2 murdering 40+ people burned or executed inside a Customs Building that was deliberately torched by Right Sector paramilitaries.

Kiev regime = Mysterious sniper shootings that killed 80+ Protesters and police in Maidan Square and precipitated the coup on February 22 = Blamed on Russia and Yanukoych = Evidence shows CIA-backed Right Sector in a classic false flag psy-ops.

Kiev regime = Aviation records show that Kiev’s airforce shot down the Malaysian civilian airliner on July 17 over Donetsk region murdering all 298 onboard = West Media blamed Russia to impose economic sanctions.

Western GOV + Western media = Working in concerted propaganda war against Russia = Framing every atrocity to justifies Western economic sanctions and further NATO militarization on Russia’s borders.

Frau Merkel = US-led gang beat-up on Russia = Softy whispers to Russia just give us Ukraine & abandon Donbas = Let our capitalists rape the population = Allow NATO takeover with NUKES on your border and enjoy a quiet life with an EU free trade bonanza.

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