OIL WARS: Obama Is Fighting ISIS, Iran and Russia With… Oil? by Michael T. Klare October 9, 2014 in The Nation

Click for Source Article in THE NATION by Michael T. Klare



USA targeted an oil refinery in Syria for airstrikes — Reuters1973 An attack on the American way of life. It was “the oil weapon” OIL EMBARGO – the efforts of Arab producers to dissuade the United States from supporting Israel by cutting off the flow of petroleum. OPEC, Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries CUT oil exports to USA during the Arab-Israeli war of 1973, causing scarcity in the USA and long lines at filling stations + a global economic recession.USA after suffering from that embargo, took steps to disarm the oil weapon, including increased domestic oil production.2014 Obama appropriated “the Oil Weapon” as a major tool of foreign policy — a new war with nations it considers hostile without relying on planes, missiles, and troops.
USA in a surprising reversal used the oil weapon against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq with devastating effect in the 1990s, USA is #1 user of the Oil Weapon using trade sanctions to curb exports of energy-producing states it calls an enemy. Obama uses this aggressive strategy even at the risk of curtailing global energy supplies.

1973 USA #1 Heavy dependence on petroleum imports from Middle East

2014 Producing countries ever more dependent on oil revenues to finance GOVS

2014 USA #1 in selectively denying access to world oil markets as TOOL OF WAR

2014 Sept 23rd USA BOMBED OIL Installations in Syria controlled by ISIS(L)

ISIS(L) = ROBS $2 MILLION/DAY from confiscated Syrian oil fields and refineries to finance further recruitment and munitions for thousands of ISIS(L) MURDERS using Black-market dealers setup by Saddam during Bush Iraq sanctions and war.

Obama is also wielding OIL Weapon against Iran and Russia — Embargoes + Sanctions

Obama has put immense pressure on major oil-importing countries to not allow Iran and Russia OIL imports — China + India + South Korea + EU = Tough restrictions on financial transactions

1 MILLION BARRELS/DAY SUPPLY lost due to Iran Sanctions = Iran’s income from OIL Exports dropped from $118 billion in 2011-2012 to $56 billion in 2013-2014.

Obama has created a upsurge in North American energy production using hydro-fracking + Increased crude from non-OPEC sources.

8.4 MILLION BARRELS/DAY is 2014 USA crude PRODUCTION says (DoE) = 47% gain in 3 years — Going to 9.6 Million in 2020 = USA back in top group of global producers.

2014 World OIL GLUT + USA NO LONGER DEPENDENT OF FOREIGN OIL = USA is absorbing ever less non-domestic supply

Obama strategy = USA will use sanctions + USA OIL + Efficiency = In OIL WARS

USA has been able to secure greater cooperation from other countries now that an OIL GLUT exists

USA leaders = New sense of energy omnipotence = “America’s new energy posture allows us to engage from a position of greater strength. Increasing U.S. energy supplies act as a cushion that helps reduce our vulnerability to global supply disruptions and price shocks. It also affords us a stronger hand in pursuing and implementing our international security goals.”

USA hardline sanctions with Iran and Russia reflects USA OIL Wars = Killed Exxon-Rosneft deal to exploit Arctic OIL – But Russian officials SCOFFED at that, saying their companies will proceed in the Arctic anyway.

USA’s New Weapon of Choice = OIL WEAPON OF WAR to supplement full-scale USA military action + air strikes + drone attacks + special ops force = OIL combat to control oil flows across the planet and deny market access to enemies = USA foreign policy.

USA’s FAILURES with military force for decades makes OIL WARS the TOOL of Choice

Iranians did come to the negotiating table and a favorable outcome on the nuclear talks

ISIS continues to score battlefield victories

OIL Weapon.= Application of force = Entails substantial risks.

USA = Remains dependent on some oil imports for the foreseeable future as Solar and Wind Grow

USA OIL WARS Risk = Could result in a genuine contraction in global supplies = Driving Up Prices + Other countries innovative oil tactics = OIL WEAPONS against USA

USA led in Drones = Temporary advantage like OIL WARS = Ensures others will seek to match and turn it against us.

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