Click for Source Article: We All Must Become Zapatistas by Chris Hedges, TruthDig 2014

Media tried trivialize the Mexico Zapatistas Movement = Subcomandante Marcos, the spokesman for the Zapatistas de Liberación Nacional (EZLN), announced his rebel persona no longer exists because it went from “spokesman to a distraction” fed by an easy cheap WESTERN MEDIA narrative to trivialize our social revolution into a cartoon. = Western Media ignores OUR movement by destroying our persona and the most important resistance movement of the last two decades.

Zapatistas = Global Resistance Movement to save the PLANET and prevent the rape of the planet and the subjugation of the poor by global capitalism – to survive.

Zapatistas = A new language drawn from the indigenous communal Mayan culture

Zapatistas = Understands corporate capitalism launched a war against the People

Zapatistas = Fights back (originally using violence) by now using slow, laborious work of building 32 autonomous, self-governing independent Zapatistas municipalities NOT recognized by the Mexican government.

Zapatistas = These 32 councils oversee community programs that distribute food, set up clinics and schools and collect taxes. = All Resources are given to those who live in the communities – NO CORPORATE PROFIT EXTRACTED.

Zapatistas = Allow us to see a future where we have a chance of surviving.

Zapatistas = A Zapatista teacher, José Luis Solís López, was murdered by Mexican paramilitary members. May 2 murder of the teacher is part of a government-allied paramilitary group to assassinate rural Zapatista leaders and destroy the self-governing Zapatista enclaves. = 15 unarmed Zapatista civilians were wounded May 2 + Destruction of a Zapatista clinic + A school + 3 vehicles

Zapatistas = First public appearance by Marcos (public face of the Zapatistas) since 2009 = Spoke to public May 25 about his rise as a media figure following the first uprising by the movement = The people demanded an identifiable leader = Later the MEDIA distorted that role to fit into its familiar destructive narratives. = Days after the uprising with the blood of our fallen still fresh in the city streets, we realized that the MEDIA blocked the outside world from seeing us = ignoring our indigenous who they customarily humiliate + Negating our dignified rebellion. = “They only see their own smallness, let’s make someone as small as them, so they may see him and through him they may see us.”

MEDIA = A complex maneuver of distraction = A terrible and marvelous magic trick = A malicious play against a indigenous MOVEMENT that challenges Capitalism and the media

MEDIA = Those who destroyed the character called “Marcos” = A visual icon of our clandestine rebellious movement begun by a handful of originators.

Zapatistas = First group in 1983 started in the densest part of the jungle = documented in film “Remembering Ten Years of Zapatismo” = Produced by the Chiapas Independent Media Center and Free Speech Radio News.

Zapatistas = A handful of “people that repeated to themselves every day ‘this is the right thing to do,’ ‘the right thing to do.’ There was nothing in the world telling us this was the right thing to do. We were dreaming that someday all of this would be worth something.”

Zapatistas = Early Jan. 1, 1994, armed rebels (EZLN) took over five major towns in Chiapas. = Same day NAFTA came into effect. = EZLN announced it no longer recognized the legitimacy of the Mexican government + Denounced NAFTA that widens the inequality between the poor and the rich. = So-Called Free Trade

Zapatistas = Understood free trade of US was a SCAM against PEOPLE and initially resorted to violence because peaceful means of protest had failed.

Zapatistas = Alarmed and suprised the Mexican government who sent several thousand members of the military and police to Chiapas to crush the uprising.

Zapatistas = The military handed out food to the impoverished peasants. It also detained scores of men. Many were tortured. Some were killed. There were 12 days of heavy fighting in which about 200 people died. = By February the Zapatistas, who hoped to ignite a nationwide revolution, were reeling under the military assault, agreed to negotiate.

Zapatistas = Most retreated into the surrounding jungle with Marcos, faced by a choice between the movement surviving and CHANGE after seeing his assassinated comrade, saying:

“Should we prepare those who come after us for the path of death?
Should we develop more and better soldiers?
Invest our efforts in improving our battered war machine?
Simulate dialogues and a disposition toward peace while preparing new attacks?
Kill or die as the only destiny?
Or should we reconstruct the path of life, that which those from above had broken and continue breaking?
… Should we have adorned with our blood the path that others have charted to Power, or should we have turned our heart and gaze toward who we are, toward those who are what we are—that is, the indigenous people, guardians of the earth and of memory?
Nobody listened then, but in the first babblings that were our words we made note that our dilemma was not between negotiating and fighting, but between dying and living.
… And we chose.
And rather than dedicating ourselves to training guerrillas, soldiers, and squadrons, we developed education and health promoters, who went about building the foundations of autonomy that today amaze the world.
Instead of constructing barracks, improving our weapons, and building walls and trenches, we built schools, hospitals and health centers; improving our living conditions.
Instead of fighting for a place in the Parthenon of individualized deaths of those from below, we chose to construct life.
All this in the midst of a war that was no less lethal because it was silent.”

Zapatistas Movement’s = Shift from violence to nonviolent civil disobedience = Cautioned not to turn their vengeance against the STATE’S killers manipulated to murder by the STATE.

Zapatistas = Focused on dismantling the system of global capitalism by NON-VIOLENCE = MLKJR + African National Congress (ANC) = Resiliency and Strength.

Marcos stressed this point:

Small justice looks so much like revenge. Small justice is what distributes impunity; as it punishes one, it absolves others.
What we want, what we fight for, does not end with finding Galeano’s murderers and seeing that they receive their punishment (make no mistake this is what will happen).
The patient and obstinate search seeks truth, not the relief of resignation.
True justice has to do with the buried compañero Galeano.
Because we ask ourselves not what do we do with his death, but what do we do with his life.

Zapatistas = Transformation by the EZLN from Violence to Peaceful protest = Crucial to Success in severing ourselves from the corporate state to build self-governing communities. = NOT Destroy but Transform

Zapatistas + MLKJR = Teach us Violence is counterproductive in creating a slow but radical shift in consciousness = Takes time to draw in larger and larger numbers of people acting in civil disobedience.

Like Zapatistas = Citizen awareness of the mechanisms of power must be taught with strict adherence to nonviolence even against violence of the state even using state’s hired goons and vigilantes. = Nonviolence makes CONVERSION of our oppressors possible.

As Marcos said:

“Maybe it’s true. Maybe we were wrong in choosing to cultivate life instead of worshipping death.
But we made the choice without listening to those on the outside. Without listening to those who always demand and insist on a fight to the death, as long as others will be the ones to do the dying.
We made the choice while looking and listening inward, as the collective Votán that we are.
We chose rebellion, that is to say, life.”


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