ISIS(L) = NEW ISRAEL — By Chris Hedges

ISIS(L) = NEW ISRAEL — By Chris Hedges

ISIS(L) = Quest for an ethnically pure Sunni state
ISRAEL = Quest for an ethnically pure Jewish state

Click for Source Article on TruthDig by Chris Hedges

ISRAEL = Carved out of Palestine in 1948 using Jewish guerrillas tactics = Violence + Terrorism + Foreign fighters + Clandestine Arms Shipments + Foreign Money = Horrific ethnic cleansing using massacre of thousands of Arab civilians.

ISIS(L) = Carved out of CALIFATE using guerrillas tactics = Violence + Terrorism + Foreign fighters + Clandestine Arms Shipments + Foreign Money = Horrific ethnic cleansing using massacre of thousands of Arab civilians.


ISIS(L) + ISRAEL = Religious fundamentalism

ISIS(L) = Example of successful nation-building in today’s Middle East

ISIS(L) = USA Frankenstein = USA pieced together ISIS(L) with leftovers from Iraq and with help of BIG OIL MONARCHS, USA jolted ISIS(L) to life = Bathed it in blood and trauma.

ISIS(L) = USA gave it intelligence and a vicious heart of vengeance and heart of war to kill and torture and conquest = USA CIA POLICIES

ISIS(L) = Building a state driven by hatred and death and overwhelming violence to control an area the size of Texas.

ISIS(L) = Imparts to Muslims is radically different from other jihadist groups, especially AQ. = Launched war against secular and discredited regimes in the Middle East rather than against Western targets abroad.

ISIS(L) = Like the Zionists in Palestine, want a utopian, religious state = Ancient Caliphate to unite Muslims throughout the Middle East. = Like Jews held up the biblical kingdoms chronicled in the Hebrew Bible.

ISIS(L) = Builds its state with engineers, doctors, and technicians who immigrate to the area new state it controls.

ISIS(L) = Wahabist fundamentalist form (Salafist Islam) like Saudi Arabia but it is thoroughly modern using sophisticated electronic communications + Uses televisions and radios and other advanced modern tools.

ISIS(L) = Managed by professional elitists who guide the rank and file = Uses Terror like the earlier Jewish fighters in the late 1940s for effective intimidation of opponents and to accelerate ethnic cleansing.

ISIS(L) = Uses intimidation to scare Iraqi army troops into dropping their U.S.-supplied weapons and fleeing.

ISIS(L) = Consciously orchestrate conflict between Sunnis and Shiites using ancient ethnic hatreds = Politically expedient.

ISIS(L) = HEAD is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi = Changed the name to ISIS(L) and moved its members to Syria to fight in the civil war there — funded by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar — He build his group, but not to overthrow the Syrian regime — He began attacking other jihadist and rebel groups and craved out territory under his exclusive control.

ISIS(L) = Estimated by The Wall Street Journal to earn $2 million a day in oil exports alone + Building to 12,000 foreign fighters.

FACT: USA OFFERS a reward of up to $10 million for information leading to Baghdadi capture or death.

ISIS(L) Caliphate = Religious and political authority is above Every single Muslim government = A huge threat to countries like Saudi Arabia religious authority.

ISIS(L) = Seen as an anti-imperialist force because it is erasing the borders within the old Middle East drawn after World War I Europeans = Tribal communities are being reunited + ISIS is restoring a semblance of harsh law and order.

ISIS(L) = Sensitive to the population plagued by war for a very long time including warlords, criminal groups, and jihadi groups. = Works so people have access to basic infrastructure such as water or electricity.

ISIS(L) = Has instilled Sunnis pride and even a feeling of omnipotence — Showing how weak and ineffectual Washington is.

ISIS(L) = Protects the people from criminal organizations and warlords and protects the borders from outside enemies.


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