“Witness 40”: Exposing A Fraud In Ferguson Dec 15, 2014 by William Bastone, Barbara Glauber, and Daniel Green on The Smoking Gun

Click for Source Article by William Bastone, Barbara Glauber, and Daniel Green on The Smoking Gun

DEC 15, 2014 FERGUSON — Grand jury witness #40 LIED to the Michael Brown Grand Jury.

SANDRA McELROY Witness #40 = Dec 16, 2014 said she is “Witness 40”




SANDRA McELROY #40 = McElroy Dec 16 deleted their Facebook accounts that contains racist and purgering remarks.

SANDRA McELROY #40 = “After I speak with the prosecutor, attorney, and Police if they say its alright I will call you.” — McElroy

SANDRA McELROY #40 = She then asked to have an off-the-record conversation, a request to which a The Smoking Gun reporter agreed.

SANDRA McELROY #40 = St. Louis resident was nowhere near MURDER SCENE at Canfield Drive on Saturday afternoon when Brown was shot to death.

SANDRA McELROY #40 = 45 Year old woman with a history of racist remarks including her recent Facebook posts and those of her children.

SANDRA McELROY #40 = Tried to testify in a previous high-profile St. Louis criminal case =  BUT REJECTED by police as a “complete fabrication,”

SANDRA McELROY #40 = Bipolar woman with a criminal past

SANDRA McELROY #40 =  Delivered a preposterous and perjurious account of the fatal encounter in Ferguson to the Grand Jury = Contradicting prior lies she told authorities.

SANDRA McELROY #40 = LIED to Grand jury that she saw Michael Brown pummel a cop before charging at him “like a football player, head down.”

SANDRA McELROY #40 = Appeared on two separate appearances before the grand jury as St. Louis Officials had to have know she is a proven racist liar.

SANDRA McELROY #40 = Concocted a Faked story now baked into the narrative of the Ferguson grand jury = Never should have been allowed to TESTIFY = JURY WAS RIGGED BY PROSECUTERS!

SANDRA McELROY #40 = Denied the “hands-up” account of Dorian Johnson and other witnesses that Brown was running away for his life until he was shot and then turned around and was murdered.

SANDRA McELROY #40 = Repeated Officer Wilson’s story for him.

SANDRA McELROY #40 = Testified that Brown battered Wilson + Rushed at the cop like a defensive end = Used by Wilson supporters as direct corroboration Wilson’s version.

SANDRA McELROY #40 = Fox News repeatedly uses it as proof that Brown’s killing was justified and the jury was NOT RIGGED.

SANDRA McELROY #40 = Provided NO immediate account of the Brown-Wilson confrontation = But claimed to see it in front of her as she stood on a nearby sidewalk smoking a cigarette.

SANDRA McELROY #40 = Waited 4 weeks after the shooting to contact cops and she gave St. Louis police a statement on September 11 after knowing a general press outline of Wilson’s version of the shooting. = CLONE of Wilson.

SANDRA McELROY #40 = Used her Facebook account to comment on the case on August 15 + She “liked’ a Facebook comment that Brown stole cigars before the confrontation with Wilson.

SANDRA McELROY #40 = August 17 wrote about “hands up” on Facebook —  “The report and autopsy are in so YES they were false.” = Odd comment from someone who claims to have been present during the shooting.

SANDRA McELROY #40 = Wrote on August 17, “Prayers, support God Bless Officer Wilson.”

SANDRA McELROY #40 = On September 12 wrote, “But haven’t you heard the news, There great great great grandpa may or may not have been owned by one of our great great great grandpas 200 yrs ago. (Sarcasm).”

SANDRA McELROY #40 = On September 13 wrote, on Facebook a graphic photo of Brown lying dead in the street — “Michael Brown already received justice. So please, stop asking for it.”

SANDRA McELROY #40 = On Oct 21, 2014  St. Louis Post-Dispatch published a lengthy story detailing exactly what Wilson told police investigators about the Ferguson shooting.  On October 22  McELROY at FBI field office in St. Louis was interviewed by an agent and two Department of Justice prosecutors presenting a clone of the Wilson article the day before.

SANDRA McELROY #40 = Claimed she saw Brown and Johnson walking in the street before Wilson encountered them while seated in his patrol car. She said that the duo shoved the cruiser’s door closed as Wilson sought to exit the vehicle, then watched as Brown leaned into the car and began raining punches on the cop. She claimed she heard gunfire from inside the car, which prompted Brown and Johnson to speed off. As Brown ran, she said, he pulled up his sagging pants, from which “his rear end was hanging out.” + But instead of continuing to flee, Brown stopped and turned around to face Wilson, she said. The unarmed teenager, she recalled, gave Wilson a “What are you going to do about it look,” and then “bent down in a football position…and began to charge at the officer.” Brown, she added, “looked like he was on something.” As Brown rushed Wilson, McElroy said, the cop began firing. The “grunting” teenager, McElroy recalled, was hit with a volley of shots, the last of which drove Brown “face first” into the roadway.


St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch = Some of the witnesses called lied under oath. = “Clearly some were not telling the truth.” = At least one witness appeared to have pulled her account of Michael Brown’s death from The Post-Dispatch = Sandra McElroy.


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