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“Ukraine, America’s “Lebensraum”. Is Washington Preparing to Wage War on Russia?” by Professor John McMurty on Global Research, Feb 18, 2015

Pro-Nazi militants idolized today by their neo-Nazi descendents
U.S. Installed a Neo-Nazi Government in Ukraine
Ukraine neo-Nazis have armed militias, death squads and the notorious Azov battalion on the ground and in cabinet posts in the post-coup Kiev state.
US-led West Ukraine regime armed with US weapons
$5 Billion spent on political destabilization of Ukraine in recent years

USA Covert special forces
Direct financing and orchestration of the overtly fascist coup leaders
Illegal violent coup a year ago.
Months of abuse with indiscriminate rocket and bombing of the Eastern Ukraine

Neo-Nazi gangs and militias terrorize and mass murdering civilians
Pound civilians and infrastructures into hell with artillery, rockets and bombs.
Truces are just a Space for the US-led Forces to Build More War towards Russia
“financial fascism” = Tyranny of Finance = Degenerate trends of big bank dictatorship
Corporate oligarchies run Europe = Armed forces against weak adversaries
Squeezing workers wages and employment without limit
Devouring attacks on public sectors and programs across nations
Privatize public revenues
Corporate oligarchies outright war at work forming a hell on earth
The Cancer Stage of Capitalism on Ukraine = land clearance
Call resisters “terrorists” = Central concept at the core of Nazi Germany
US has moved far beyond Hitler = Iraq to Honduras to Venezuela to Vietnam
US armed forces move across borders around the world. Where do they stop?
US threaten force everywhere
People resisting suffer US embargoes + bombs + invasion

USA uses Divide and Conquer + Surround and Conquer
USA adds to Nazis with subjugation by financial and trade levers
Corporate oligarchies = World rule has already been largely achieved.
Fascist takeover of Ukriane = the war party demand drive to Russia
Kiev-led sniper mass murders in Maidan square
Downing of a European-filled passenger jet.
USA-NATO armed invading or civil destabilizing of countries against international law
Mass murder, destitution, and oppression in Ukraine
Big-lie pretext for aerial war and destroying Ukraine’s society.
US-led fascist coup in Ukraine
Lies and anti-Russia propaganda
US-EU corporate plan to pry open Ukraine and eventually Russia
US-EU corporate plan = Undefended looting is kept quiet from any public.
Kiev puppet state War Party = Gets US weapons
Ukraine = Suffers a declining population
Serial mass murders by snipers began Ukraine’s violent coup d’eta of Pro-Russian Pres
EU evidence shows Kiev mass murders and the US-led coup leadership
Shootdown of Malaysia flight MH17 killing 298 = tragedy not in interests of resistance
Embargoes from US and EU escalate pain in Ukraine and EU
War-mongering corporate media increasingly foments war fever.
War party’s favorite liars John McCain and NYT declare unsubstantiated accusations
Big-lie pretext for NATO and US armed intervention?
Massive civilians and infrastructures destruction of Eastern Ukraine



Eastern Ukraine one-way shelled and bombed to ruin by US-led Kiev
US-led Kiev aerial bombing and shelling civilians and civilian targets.
Age-old Russian-speaking minority of Ukraine = biggest ethnic cleansing of millennium
Estimated 1,500,000 people have been driven from their homes by Kiev bombings
US-led Kiev bombarded even hospitals, schools and public buses
Stopped Eastern citizens means of existence and social security
Millions of Eastern Ukraine’s victims = bombed + terrorized + deprivation
US-led Kiev-ruled Western territory = Untouched by any rebel bombs and terror
Unreported Genocidal Program of the Eastern Ukraine peoples
Kiev = violent neo-Nazi-led coup overthrowing the elected federal government
Kiev Banker puppet as prime minister = Cries “Russian terrorists”
Kiev-Genocidal clearance took out 95% of the people’s coal + Most exports
Kiev-Genocide = Erase cultural dispossession and abolition of past language rights
Kiev-Genocide = Armed-force terror by fascist militias on ground committing atrocities
Kiev-Genocide = Deliberate mass starvation with More fleeing people than ISIS caused
Kiev = Cut-off of all social security and pensions to Eastern citizens
Kiev = Froze bank accounts Eastern citizens
Kiev = Stopped electricity
Kiev = Prevents Russian food aid by SCREAMING “Russian invasion” = trucks show up
US + UK FINANCE = Impose more sanctions + manipulate global markets=Hurt people
Fascist-led coup with US godfather = Nazi-led dominance = Oligarchy of the rich
US-orchestrated “regime changes” = Catastrophic consequences on innocent people
US-orchestrated “regime changes” = 30+ since WW II = large-scale mass murdering
US-Led Kiev = More deaths than Bosnia by NATO bombing.
US-orchestrated “regime change” in Ukraine = War crimes = Large-scale Mass Murders
US-Led Kiev = Documented torture and rape by neo-Nazi death squads

Infamous Azov battalion = Forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes
DNA of US system = “Economic war” ratcheted up ever higher to destroy the life base DNA of US system = Target is to wreck society = A death machine.
DNA of US system = Corporate takeover of immense assets of Ukraine
Crimea’s massive 90% electoral support for Russia annexation = EU Verified
Poroshenko’s post-coup election in October 2014 = Fraction of Ukraine’s total electorate
Million citizens driven from their homes + Oligarch & Foreign money=Anti-RussianTerror
Laws are not enforced
US-Led Kiev = Sets-up people to be permanent debt-slave under banker-control
US-Led forces in Syria Murdered 300,000 = wartime-generated failed welfare state
DNA of US system = disemploying, defunding and skinning everyone alive
DNA of US system = Divide the population into warring sides.
Germany’s former Secretary for Defense = May 2000 saw NATO map Dividing Ukraine
Kiev armed-neo-Nazi death squads = Land clearances+Murder+Torture+Rape
USA = “weapons of mass destruction of Iraq” + “Gadaffi” + “Assad” + “PUTIN”
DNA of US system = Pretext for bombing always turn out to be false =Syria gas=Turkey
DNA of US system = US dominance opens transnational corporate invasion = .
East Ukraine resisted the Nazi invasion in the 1940’s.
Over one million people forced to flee their homes 2014 = UN High Commission
DNA of US system = Society decapitated in Ukraine = Libya = Iraq = Syria
DNA of US system = Social life supports stripped + Productive base destroyed
DNA of US system = Citizens become Debt Slaves to foreign banks
DNA of US system = Environment and resources are hollowed out.
USA Nuland directed coup = hand-picking Yatsenyuk as PM + Tyahnybok Nazi salutes
NAZI sniper murders of 21 people in Kiev Feb 2014 = Precipitated the bloody coup

Due process of law and criminal prosecution = USA NULLIFIED
Tymoshenko released from jail = “Take up arms..wipe out these damn katsaps”
Tymoshenko released from jail = Murder the Russian minority
DNA of US system = Collapse of Ukraine’s GDP by 60%
Kiev = Fire-bombing of the House of Unions in Odessa by regime gangs May 2
Kiev = Fire-bombing in Mariupol May 9 = Major mass murders without arrest
DNA of US system = Takeover Ukraine a breadbasket of the world + Fracked Oil
DNA of US system = Long Record of USA war crimes and crimes against humanity