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Amnesty International An Instrument of War Propaganda

Amnesty International = Calls for the decriminalization of prostitution = Heartless neoliberal-grotesque commodification of human beings = Predatory capitalism.

Amnesty International = “Sex workers are one of the most marginalized groups in the world who in most instances face constant risk of discrimination, violence and abuse. Our global movement paved the way for adopting a policy for the protection of the human rights of sex workers which will help shape Amnesty International’s future work on this important issue.”

Amnesty International = Sickness of modern culture = EVIL Ability to Exploit Women and Children and Boys with impunity = Distortion of human rights = A horrifying card trick.

Amnesty International = Makes wretched of the earth chattel and sex slaves = Most prostituted women and girls = PROFIT SCAM beyond inhuman

Amnesty International = EXPLOIT vulnerable women and girls crushed by poverty, racism and sexism + Unable to find other ways to make a sustainable income. = Treated like livestock transported to markets for consumption.

Amnesty International = So-called human rights organization parrots vile justifications is emblematic of the depth of our moral degeneration and the triumph of misogyny.

Women and girls who are prostituted = Should be treated as victims.

Amnesty International = ENABLES the criminals or johns legally PIMP or EXPLOIT VICTIMS + Traffickers who profit from the sale of human flesh.

Amnesty International = Decriminalizing prostitution = Allows slave masters to openly EXPLOIT WOMEN FOR GAIN = Explosive Growth of VICTIMIZED WOMEN and BOYS suffering from poverty and destroyed lives = Weak and the vulnerable women and children.

SOLUTION: DRIVE those who profit from prostituting women and girls and boys out of business.

“In sheer numbers, it is the poor brown women of the world who pay with bruises, humiliation and deaths for this ignorant and hideous decision that has brought Amnesty International so low.” — Lee Lakeman, Canadian feminist

Amnesty International = Calls ‘free choice to prostitute’ = WEIRD LOGIC FOR 99% of those being prostituted = NOT A CHOSEN FEW YEAR CAREER = TOSSED OUT AS THEY AGE.

Prostitution = Imperialism in third world brothel cities = man-camps of resource thieves overrun indigenous communities

VICTIMS = Women from refugee camps + Abandoned migrant + Addicted kids and women + Robs babes in arms of migrants from war zones + Indigenous girls groomed with drugs and alcohol = Uses Free rides to the city from hopeless homelands = Racism + Exoticizing every racial stereotype of woman

SOLUTION: Fight for Immigrants to have a public life of full citizens.

Amnesty International = Sets a PRICE TAG on every potential VICTIM

Amnesty International = Imagines prostition = Free choice = “We know Amnesty International sold us out.”

Amnesty International = Uses FAKERY Movies like “Pretty Woman” that are pro-prostitution to sell this SCAM of “sex industry” EXPLOITATION.

FACT: Read “Paid For: My Journey Through Prostitution” by Rachel Moran, = Life of a 15 prostituted on the streets of Dublin endured 7 year nightmare.

FACT: 3 types of men use prostitutes = Those who treat women as not human + Choose to ignore their humanity + Derive sexual pleasure from crushing the humanity of the women they buy.

Amnesty International = Capitalizes on a CULTIVATED Culture of manipulative propaganda + Mesmerizing images glorifying violence and sexual exploitation + Indoctrinated by pornography and personal gratification at any cost + Indoctrination into twisted feminism and misogyny = Tangles together fantasy with reality.

Amnesty International = Organized genuine feminists into “SlutWalks”

NEOLIBERAL FEMINIST GOOD: A HIGH quality female president + More female CEOs = MOSTLY WHITE ELITISTS

NEOLIBERAL BAD: ABOLISH social and governmental programs that provide assistance to poor and working women and their children = MORE PIMP VICTIMS ARE GENERATED = MOSTLY MINORITIES = PROFOUND SETBACK TO HUMANITY

Amnesty International = “Capitalism and prostitution are the new method of imperialism and colonization….pornography and prostitution use racial stereotypes to sell and exploit women…subjugates women, especially women of color, reinforcing sexism and the global racial hierarchy….women of color and poor women are dispensable/disposable…They can occupy our bodies and define our worth…see us as less than human.”” — Alice Lee, a member of the Asian Women Coalition Ending Prostitution

Amnesty International = Upside down BS = Prostitution is about Choice + Empowerment = Legalizing prostitution protects women = A BIG LIE

FACT: Being prostituted = Perpetual Rape = Penetrated a dozen or more times a night by strangers who often insult, maul and beat you. = PIMPS + TRAFFICKERS MAKE THE REAL MONEY

Amnesty International = IGNORES FACTS = Being prostituted means vaginal and anal tears, bruises, broken bones, sexually transmitted diseases including HIV, severe psychological damage, and sometimes death or early death.

Amnesty International = IGNORES FACTS = VICTIMS endure abuse are almost always women of color = Many shipped by traffickers from poor countries to more affluent countries to be sexually exploited.

Amnesty International = LIE = Pro-prostitution argument that prostitution prevents men from raping ordinary women. = Meaning paid rape of expendable women is better + NOT PROVEN TO BE TRUE!

FACT: “Only when all women achieve liberty and autonomy can we be free.”

FACT: PTSD in prostituted women and girls I interviewed in refugee and displacement camps in Latin America, Africa and the Balkans.

FACT: Once a culture descends into the sickness of violence, once a culture allows human beings to become racialized objects of exploitation, there is an explosion of rape and prostitution. = WOMEN as commodities with NO ability to feel pain and joy.


Amnesty International = BUILTS Prostituting women and girls into a lucrative business = Germany in 2002 legalized prostitution is now called “Europe’s biggest brothel.” = Industrialized sexual exploitation with terrifying corporate efficiency. = 1+ million men/day sexually exploiting women and girls mostly from poor countries in Africa and Eastern Europe.

Amnesty International = Encourages TRAFFICING in women and girls shipped to Germany to satiate the physical desires of the affluent and enrich the pimps and traffickers who control them. = SOME ABDUCTED AND FORCED + MANY MORE Desperate and poor. = German magazine Spiegel investigative piece lays out abuse in detail, “How Legalized Prostitution Has Failed.”

Amnesty International = Legitimized the weapon of male objectification and violence in the war against women. = Part of evils of global capitalism.

FIGHTING Male violence against and slavery of women = FIGHTING global capitalism = We must liberate ALL from these imprisonments by ROTHSCHILDS MAFIA OF MONOPOLY SCAMS.

Anti-Exploitive Capitalists = Authentic left who stands against oppression.

Fact: Radical feminism = NOT Mock feminism of neoliberalism = NOT Amnesty International

FACT: EXPLOITIVE Capitalism = Morally Bankrupting = Male assault and violence and exploitation of women and girls = A female piece of meat to the ROTHSCHILDS MAFIA’S organized crime syndicates wicked or cruel to pleasure the male client for PIMP CASH while EXPLOITING VICTIMIZED women slaves.

Amnesty International = The new pornography and prostitution is left-wing = A vast graveyard where the Left has gone to die.