'Goldman Sachs defrauds the world!'

‘Goldman Sachs defrauds the world!’

The Pathology of the Rich White Family by Chris Hedges May 17, 2017

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RICH WHITE FAMILY = Most dangerous curse on Americans = Devoid of empathy + Lifetimes of entitlement + No sense of loyalty to People + No self-sacrifice.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Friendship is reduced to “What can you do for me?”

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Insatiable lust for Increased fortunes and power.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = False SUPREMACY = Wealth and privilege

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Unchecked hedonism and narcissism.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = See life through a lens of self-adulation and greed that renders it delusional.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Menace to Society damaging the 90+% of people

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Acolytes and propagandists dominate our airwaves = Blame poverty + Societal breakdown + Urban violence + Crime on poor black families—not that they know any = Argue it must be some defect

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Peddle simplistic and racist garbage = Column at The NYT for sucking up to rich white families especially if you are Black = You can become president or a Supreme Court justice.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Sycophants opine they have given poor people numerous resources and government programs to lift them out of poverty, but poor people of color, are defeated by self-destructive attitudes and behavior.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Say Government programs are wasted on POOR families especially their children = Poor black people need to pull up their pants, stay in school, get an education, find a job, say no to drugs and respect DOMINATION = BE HAPPY a nickel for every WHITE dollar

RICH WHITE FAMILY = DO awful things to the disenfranchised = Sociopaths.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Treat the poor like human refuse = Layers of institutionalized racism in courts + schools + police + probation officers + banks + unemployment + underemployment + collapsed infrastructures + HORRIBLE PRIVATIZED prison system = Keep poor — poor = DOMINATION + Poor whites replicate this behavior = Infuse minority lives with despair and hopelessness.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = STUDY concludes that the poor have more empathy than the rich + Poor have NO ability to dominate their environments.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Control their environments, do not need to bother with the concerns or emotions of others = Live at the center of their own universe = BECOME more callous, insensitive and cruel over time.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Unrivaled aptitude for crime = Run corporations into the ground (Lehman Brothers), defraud stockholders and investors, sell toxic mortgages as gold-plated investments to pension funds, communities and schools, and then loot the U.S. Treasury when SCAMS implode

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Steal $100s of millions on Wall Street fraud and theft + Pay little or no taxes + Never go to jail + Write laws and regulations legalizing their crimes.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Criminals asked to become trustees at elite universities and sit on corporate boards

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Set up FRONT foundations pretending to be philanthropists while controlling wealth with NO TAXES = GATES + BUFFETT

RICH WHITE FAMILY = And if they get into legal trouble, they have high-priced lawyers and connections among the political elites to get them out.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Steal with greater finesse than anyone else VERSUS Poor black teenager sprinting out of a CVS with a few looted bottles of shampoo = Shot in the back or sent to jail for years.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = SWEEP the Olympiad for crime medals = Minorities are utter failures as criminals in COMPARISON.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Monarchs of crime who wallow in their pilfered wealth while locking away in prisons a huge percentage of poor men of color.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Most efficient killers on the planet for five centuries = genocide against Native Americans, and continuing through today’s wars in the Middle East.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Don’t actually kill or risk their NECKS but HIRE the POOR KIDS to do their MASS MURDERS = 25 MILLION SINCE WW II

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Want petroleum + Minerals + JEWELS = Waving the FALSE FLAGS + Spewing patriotic slogans

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Want endless wars = ENDLESS LOOTIG OF THE MIDDLE CLASS for benefit of arms industry + ISRAELI DOMINATORS

RICH WHITE FAMILY = HIRE POOR IGNORANT COPS TO use lethal force against the poor with impunity and build the LARGEST PRIVATE PRISON COMPLEX IN THE WORLD = 25% of the world’s prisoners

RICH WHITE FAMILY = There is no decadence like the decadence of rich white people = Billionaires yacht + smoking weed + Use high-priced prostitutes.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Children surrounded by servants and coddled in private schools, never having to fly on commercial airlines or take public transportation = Often leads to idle away their lives as social parasites.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Mothers never have to be mothers. Fathers never have to be fathers. The help does the parenting.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Live encased in little kingdoms guarded by their own private security, where the real world does not intrude.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Philistines preoccupied with acquiring more wealth and more possessions. “Material success is their sole basis of authority.”

RICH WHITE FAMILY = SUPER-RICH meld into the world of celebrity worshipped by the mass media they control who turn them into idols solely because they are rich.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Public-relations specialists manufacture their public personas. Teams of lawyers harass and silence their critics. Acolytes affirm their sagacity. They soon believe their own fiction.

RICH WHITE FAMILY LIES = Daniel Patrick Moynihan 1965 Report = “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action.” = “at the heart of the deterioration of the fabric of Negro society is the deterioration of the Negro family.” = Offers a classic example of a neoliberal economic model repacked as an ideology = SICK RICH BS.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Will soon drive AMERICA over an economic and ecological cliff and WILL LAND SOFTLY ON OUR DEAD BODIES.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = “The secret of a great success for which you are at a loss to account is a crime that has never been discovered, because it was properly executed.” — Honoré de Balzac

RICH WHITE FAMILY = SUPER Rich executed a coup d’état that transformed the three branches of the U.S. government and nearly all institutions, including the mass media, into wholly owned subsidiaries of the corporate state. = License and power to amass unimaginable wealth at our expense by inflicting grinding poverty on growing % of the population.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = SUPER-RICH = Use the worst of crimes as a TOOL FOR DOMINATION —as George Bernard Shaw wrote, “all the other crimes are virtues beside it.” = Let the children go hungry and suffer and even die.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = WALLOW IN self-worth while others STARVE OR DIE in abandoned cities to decay and squalor.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = Toss the mentally ill and the homeless onto the streets + Slash meager services that give some hope + PROFIT FROM Locking MILLIONS IN PRIVAE PRISONS = Cages with SLAVE LABOR


RICH WHITE FAMILY = Unleash POLICE TERROR STATE to extinguish ALL hope among the least fortunate.

RICH WHITE FAMILY = SUPER-RICH OLIGARCHS = Most dangerous and destructive force in America.