Insane Realities Of Life In A Rothschilds Crime Mafia Dictatorship, an authoritarian government with a single group of leaders – Think of the USSR but applied Worldwide:

# 8 Shelves are bare at the grocery store like the Ashkenazi run Dictatorship in the Soviet Union (USSR). No effort that addresses the needs of 99+% of humanity.

# 7 Not even pretended free elections because the leader wins with 80% to 90% of the fixed votes.

# 6 People Can Still Pretend At Politics while the USSR leaders killed anyone they considered an enemy. A total of 66+ Million Russians were killed over 70 years or about one million per year in their rule with not just an iron fist but bullets and prisons far worse that a concentration camp but located in Siberia.

# 5 You Can Be Arrested For Pretty Much Anything — Just think of the fun Facebook and Twitter will provide the Tyrants — Totalitarian “administrative arrests” will be the common mode. Don’t wave the wrong flag or say the wrong thing at the grocery store or say Israel is a criminal state or you will be put in prison without any trial and likely stripped, tortured, beaten, and raped to start with….

# 4 There Is Technically No Unemployment because the labor camps are full and if you have a PhD or Master’s in Engineering or whatever you still do the grunt work of all others as they believe in equality of punishment. Even the elderly are not exempt. That is what a communist dictatorship is. So do not expect to see soup lines unless you are in prison.

# 3 Just Hanging Out Is Illegal after all that is organizing and that is forbidden unless you are part of the Dictatorship. These governments ban gatherings of more than 3 people up to a liberal dictatorship might allow 5 or 10 at most. No more social parties or sports matches or music events. Maybe two people playing chess or checkers will be OK. Any slight sign of a demonstration may result in killings or at least imprisonment. Eventually, no form of public dissent will be allowed – Result will be at least a prison sentence but more likely death.

Stalin and his Ashkenazi comrades.

Stalin and his Ashkenazi comrades.

# 2 Rothschilds Crime MAFIA goal is to eliminate most of the population so life becomes valueless. So Dictators kill first and never ask questions later.

# 1 Life is bleak and suddenly the Dictator is GONE! It happened in 1989 CE and it always happens eventually.  Suddenly, the horrible dictatorship in the USSR ends.

We must stop the Rothschilds Crime Mafia from doing this to 99+% of Humanity:

Evelyn Rothschilds and the DEEDS of the Crime MOB.

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