FACT: Huge swaths of the Americans are still drowning in personal debt
FACT: Tens of millions of Americans remain unemployed
FACT: New jobs are largely low-wage, sub-contracted, part-time grunt work.
FACT: Millennials are some of Worst-Hit by the Main Street Depression

“Each of the 5 reforms that I proposed are currently executed in the world and 4 in the USA in the communist hellholes of Alaska, Pennsylvania, and North Dakota – so which one of those has the gulag.”

— Jesse Myerson, in RollingStone – Click for Article


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CNBC so scared of the 5 ideas one of their Crazies said that is the Soviet Union so do you want to end up down by the river eating government cheese.

Five Economic Reforms Millennials Should Be Fighting For

      1. Guarantee Work for Everybody – End unemployment crisis – CHARLES MURRAY
      2. Social Security for All – Universal Basic Survival Income for everyone
      3. Eliminate job-killing income, payroll, and corporate taxesTake Back The Land
      4. Solve Inequality – Make Everything Owned by Everybody
      5. A Public Bank for Everyone to use – like North Dakota – Automated Public Utility

#1 Millions of people want to work and tons of work needs doing = The federal Works Progress Administration like Roosevelt’s New Deal 1930’s – would automatically expand during private-sector downturns and contract during private-sector upswings – a living wage – WORST CASE in down business cycle another job but no unemployment.  People could contribute their skills to projects that inspire them.

#2 Tear down the welfare bureaucracy – Every American gets a Universal Basic Income (UBI) from a SOVEREIGN WEALTH FUND paid automatically each month to each American at poverty line income – now $23,500 – Alaska does a small one – Simpsons Movie explains:

Communism is Haunting Alaska by Matt Bruenig on January 5, 2014 Click here

As automation removes the needs for mundane jobs, people are less bound to basic work – The UBI addresses this by providing everyone, in the words of Duke professor Kathi Weeks, “time to cultivate new needs for pleasures, activities, senses, passions, affects, and socialites that exceed the options of working and saving, producing and accumulating.”  
Let people have the freedom to manage their allotment without government control.

But Fox wants ASKS who is going to clean the toilets?  FOX says it is a vile and despicable concept that will kill 110,000,000 Americans!  FOX says we will end up with lesbian dance majors – says Ben Sharipo to Meggan Kelley

Seven GOP-Controlled States Can’t Be Wrong: Sovereign Wealth Funds Are Awesome – Alaska #1 – Posted by Matt Bruenig on January 7, 2014

#3 LAND-VALUE TAX:  Landlords don’t really do anything to earn their money – claim ownership and charge working people for the privilege of a roof over their heads with little or no taxes to pay. The value of the land reflects the nearby parks and subways and shops thanks to the community and the public = So what value does the community and public derive?  $0  stop letting rich people pretend they privately own what nature provided everyone.

#4 10% own 80% of all financial assets:  GOV buys up their assets – stocks and bonds to produce a  sovereign wealth fund and pays dividends to all permanent U.S. residents in the form of a universal basic income like Alaska on a larger scale.   Everybody gets $23,500 Poverty Line Income (see #2 above).

State Bank of North Dakota

#5 Banking as a Automated Public Utility that collects the surplus the whole economy produces and channel that surplus wealth back to the REAL ECONOMY – The People and businesses.  One small step is to have state government banking like North Dakota state Bank does with collected state tax money which in turn offers cheap loans to farmers, students and businesses – The Bank of North Dakota has no BIG TIME executives extract $Billions and CHURNING FRAUDULENT TRADES – It just makes loans and works with debtors to pay them off.

Click to see State Bank of North Dakota Services


Five Conservative Reforms Millennials Should Be Fighting For

BY DYLAN MATTHEWS January 7, 2014  washington post

      1. End the Long-Term unemployment crisis – CHARLES MURRAY
      2. Tear down the welfare bureaucracy
      3. Eliminate job-killing income, payroll, and corporate taxes
      4. Have Social Security invest in the private sector, not the government
      5. Help Small business grow

#1. Don’t waste tax money on “infrastructure” spending or GOV Winners and Losers, let’s spend money on what we actually want to do: create jobs – with the government directly hiring the long-term unemployed by simply paying businesses to bring on more workers, and then phasing the subsidy out over time. Far better than the minimum wage – More cost-effective than government picking winners and losers with cost of $19,230 per job versus overall stimulus cost of $540,000 and $4.1 million per job + Unemployment costs – Source: CBO

#2 Tear down the fragmented alphabet soup of wasteful government programs – bureaucracy like Milton Friedman said which may or may not be what the recipient needs or wants.  Conservative Friedman’s to Charles Murray solution is to burn down the bureaucracy and replace it with simple checks to everyone on a monthly basis = “basic income” or “guaranteed minimum income” treats all citizens equally – We all get $23,500 or the current poverty line no matter what our income is. This eliminates any incentive to live off of government programs because if they worked they still get the basic income.  This shrinks our bloated government and gives people more choices and  breaks the so-called culture of dependency

#3 Eliminate job-killing income, payroll, and corporate taxes and TAX THE LAND.  Don’t tax things we want more of creating huge burdens on businesses and individuals and hurts Americans’ living standard.  Henry George wrote in “Progress and Poverty,” there is a single LAND tax that replaces all other taxes doing much less harm to the economy in the process. Tax the value of land and other natural resources before improvements are made. Land under Empire State Building pays same land tax with or without the building – you can’t make more land, so there are no economic distortions. So let’s stop punishing job creation and implement the biggest supply-side tax reform in human history.

#4 Have Social Security invest in the private sector, not the government = Make the government a large institutional investor = a government hedge fund, or “sovereign wealth fund.” Texas (which uses oil money to fund public higher education) and Alaska (which dispenses the returns on its fund as a dividend to residents), and conservatives and libertarians like Tyler Cowen and Reihan Salam have expressed support for establishing one in the U.S. – not just to fund entitlement programs but as a general source of funds for the government going forward, reducing taxes while providing a large new source of investment for U.S. businesses – a capitalist win-win if ever there was one.

#5 Help small businesspeople with smart ideas get the capital they need to start and/or expand in the wake of the financial crisis. North Dakota’s public bank serve this very purpose to serve conservative goals with an automated Bank Public Utility.  Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.), who served as president of the Bank of North Dakota from 1993 to 2000 recommended the idea to other states – public banks wouldn’t compete with private ones, but instead partner with them, and in particular with local community banks to greatly increase the amount of lending those banks are capable of doing, which grows the local economy without requiring costly tax preferences or economic development grants.  North Dakota has far more small business lending than neighboring states that lack a public bank and the Bank of North Dakota is profitable so less taxes needed.  



Many people in the Millennial generation regard capitalism with suspicion unthinkable a decade ago. 


“the young are always ready to give to those who are older than themselves the full benefits of their inexperience.” 

 — Oscar Wilde

Jonah Goldberg doesn’t mind high “unemployment” but hates “guaranteed work for everybody” and he especially hates the end of poverty.  

Goldberg LOVES LANDLORDS or any LORDS, but hates economic FREEDOM.


Goldberg HATES that all of Jesse’s ideas come from Capitalist AMERICA, but LOVES TO CALL it COMMY CONSPIRACY! 

Goldberg says there are no NEW GOOD IDEAS OUT THERE (Jesse is just rehashing the old ones) so he LOVES the FEW RICH DOMINATING EVERYTHING MODEL to organize society.