3rd WAY =  Wall Street WAY = THIRD WAY = NO LABELS



bankster Parasites

“Third Way is nothing but a front group for Wall Street interests. The growing movement of progressive populism isn’t about political vanity for DC consultants, it’s about solving the problems faced by working Americans.”

 — Cole Leystra, executive director of Progressives United.

3rd Way = Senior VP Matt Bennett conceded “the majority” of donors are from finance sector – concerned about “banking regulations.”

2001 = Democrats shocked into paralysis by 9ll was a great time for the Third Way GOP wing of the Democratic Party – suppressed progressive initiatives, especially on financial and MIC matters, in favor of solutions they described as centrist but in practice were (EXTREME) conservative.


3rd Way Group

3rd Way President and Founder, JON COWAN, (2nd from right) linked directly to Pete Peterson (R), and ROBERT RUBIN (DLC), WALL STREET SCAMMERS! 


3rd Way Muckety

3rd Way mindset = GOP on fiscal matters but token resistance on few social issues = an enabling appendage for Wall Street = Republican Lite and nobody wants that.

Democrats began winning when they DROPPED the parroting Third Way line with Howard Dean’s declaration that he was from “the Democratic wing” of the party = progressives and elections of President Obama on the center-left, never gave in all the way to Third Way style “centrist” mush.

      1. 3rd Way attacks anything that wants to regulate Wall Street 
      2. 3rd Way attacks anything the least bit populist or progressive
      3. 3rd Way = Morally wrong and a sure loser in elections

Third Way’s Jon Cowan and Jim Kessler = ATTACKED PROGRESSIVES IN OP-ED IN 2013

Candidates who sound like Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama win elections in modern America. The ones that don’t end up on Morning Joe panels – Harold Ford ,Wall Streeter.

Democratic nomination in 2016 = Better be and sounds like a REAL Democrat NOT GOP LITE!

Third Way’s Jon Cowan and Jim Kessler = ATTACKED PROGRESSIVES IN OP-ED IN 2013 saying “economic populism (progressivism) is a dead end.”

Pennsylvania Democrat Allyson Schwartz found the op-ed “outrageous” but is running for governor of Pennsylvania and needs the funding.

“The Third Way has been about promoting (EXTREME) centrist ideas of (FRAUD AND SCAMMING).

“The Third Way was out of line.  It was really ugly. They are dead wrong.  I wish no Democrats would work with them because it reveals who they are and what they are about, which is nothing in the Democratic vision.”

 — Rep. Keith Ellison, chair of the progressive caucus and against 3rd Way’s attacks on the social safety net 


Nancy Jacobson = 2004 helped launch Third Way (EXTREME) CENTRISTS FOR WALL STREET SCAMS AND FRAUD.

Nancy Jacobson = fundraiser for Indiana Senator Evan Bayh since 1995

Nancy Jacobson = Finance Chair of Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) 

Nancy Jacobson = With Mark McKinnon co-founded No Labels, a 501(c)(4) WALL STREET ORIENTED COMBINING GOP AND MULTI-NATIONAL CORP DEMS


People related to Third Way from Muckety

      1. Georgette F. Bennett – trustee
      2. William D. Budinger – trustee
      3. Thomas R. Carper – honorary co-chair
      4. James E. Clyburn – honorary co-chair
      5. Christopher Coons – honorary co-chair
      6. David A. Coulter – trustee
      7. Jonathan Cowan – president & co-founder
      8. Joseph Crowley – honorary co-chair
      9. Lewis B. Cullman – trustee
      10. William M. Daley – trustee
      11. Scott Delman – trustee
      12. John D. Dingell – honorary co-chair
      13. John S. Dyson – trustee
      14. Robert R. Dyson – trustee
      15. Andrew Feldstein – trustee
      16. Brian L. Frank – trustee
      17. Michael B. Goldberg – trustee
      18. Kay Hagan – honorary co-chair
      19. David B. Heller – trustee
      20. Peter A. Joseph – trustee
      21. Derek Kaufman – trustee
      22. Ron Kind – honorary co-chair
      23. Derek Kirkland – trustee
      24. Ronald A. Klain – trustee
      25. Thurgood Marshall Jr. – trustee
      26. Claire McCaskill – honorary co-chair
      27. Susan McCue – trustee
      28. Herbert S. Miller – trustee
      29. Michael E. Novogratz – trustee
      30. Andrew Parmentier – trustee
      31. Jared S. Polis – honorary co-chair
      32. Kirk A. Radke – trustee
      33. Howard Rossman – trustee
      34. Allyson Y. Schwartz – honorary co-chair
      35. Bernard L. Schwartz – trustee
      36. Jeanne Shaheen – honorary co-chair
      37. Jonathan Silver – visiting fellow
      38. Ted J. Trimpa – trustee
      39. Mark Udall – honorary co-chair
      40. Barbara Manfrey Vogelstein – trustee
      41. John L. Vogelstein – chairman
      42. Joseph C. Zimlich – trustee
      43. Other current Third Way relationships:
      44. Peck, Madigan Jones – fundraising consultant
      45. think tanks – think tank
      46. Third Way past relationships:
      47. Dwight Anderson – trustee
      48. Elizabeth B. Dater – trustee
      49. Joseph H. Flom (deceased) – trustee
      50. Nancy Jacobson – founder/senior adviser
      51. Claudia Kennedy – trustee
      52. Reynold Levy – trustee
      53. Peter B. Lewis (deceased) – trustee
      54. Daniel S. Loeb – trustee
      55. David N. Roberts – trustee
      56. Adam Solomon (deceased) – trustee, co-founder
      57. Douglas B. Wilson – trustee
      58. People related to Third Way Foundation Inc.:
      59. Alvin From – chairman
      60. Other current Third Way Foundation Inc. relationships:
      61. Progressive Policy Institute – project of
      62. Third Way Foundation Inc. past relationships:
      63. Walton Family Foundation – funder



Third Way = lobbyists for and from Wall Street to enrich Wall Street by privatizing Social Security = Great Betrayal

Third Way =  Created by Wall Street to fool some of the people all of the time = fictional claims of being Democrats privatizing Social Security  =  faux “liberal Democratic” quotes to discredit Democrats and Democratic policies such as the safety net.

3rd WAY = NOT a “liberal think tank.”

3rd WAY = NOT run by “fellow progressives.”

3rd WAY = NOT concerned with “protecting entitlements.”

3rd WAY = NOT even a “think tank.”

3rd WAY = A creature of Wall Street.

3rd WAY = ON SAFETY NETS = “it became necessary to destroy the village in order to save it.”

3rd WAY =  Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party

3rd WAY = TRIES TO Defeat Democratic candidates like Elizabeth Warren

3rd WAY = Wall Street sycophants like Senator Scott Brown and seeks to unravel the safety net

3rd WAY = Wall Street’s “natural” party is certainly the Republican Party + THESE FRAUDS

3rd WAY =  Serves financial interests and the personal interests of its senior executives.

3rd WAY = Wall Street = Always the enemy of Social Security and its greatest dream is to privatize it =  Great Betrayal

3rd WAY = Wall Street’s senior executives live in terror of being held accountable for “control frauds” = So defeating Warren is a top priority.

3rd WAY = Run by an “acolyte” of Pete Peterson (R) NlXONIAN Wall Street SCAMMER with 2 PRIORITIES:  Imposing austerity on Americans and privatizing Social Security = unholy grail = MASSIVE FEES that would drain the FUNDS.


– John L. Vogelstein – Chairman of New Providence Asset Management, LLC = huge private equity firm

– Bernard L. Schwartz –  Chairman and CEO of BLS Investments, LLC.

– David Heller – was … the Global Head of Equity Trading for Goldman Sachs.

– Georgette Bennett – criminologist, and journalist

– William D. Budinger –  Rodel, Inc. manufactured semi-conductors.]

– David A. Coulter – Managing Director at Warburg Pincus, focusing on financial services practice – WAS WITH JPM

– Jonathan Cowan – co-founding Third Way,  co-founded Lead…or Leave, lobbied to protect “second amendment rights” to bear arms and led a Pete Peterson group of “Gen X” to WIPEOUT the safety net

– Lewis Cullman –  Cullman Ventures, Inc.,  manufactures and markets diaries….

– William M. Daley – President Obama’s Chief of Staff from January 2011 until January 2012 – JPM DID NAFTA under Clinton and in US Chamber of Commerce  Capital Markets DEREGULATION

– John Dyson – Chairman of Millbrook Capital Management, Inc. (MCM), a private investment firm.

– Robert Dyson – Chairman of the Dyson-Kissner-Moran Corp., a privately investment company….

– Andrew Feldstein – CEO and Chief Investment Officer of BlueMountain Capital Management…JPM.

– Brian Frank – Portfolio Manager at MSD Capital, L.P., the private investment firm

– Michael B. Goldberg – Kelso & Co in 1991 as a Partner and Managing Director. [Private equity.]

– Peter A. Joseph –  private equity investment business for over twenty years….

– Derek Kaufman – Head of Global Fixed Income at Citadel LLC….JPM

– Derek Kirkland – Global Financial Institutions Group at Morgan Stanley’s Investment Banking.

– Ronald A. Klain – President of Case Holdings investment fund for the holdings of AOL’s founder.

– Thurgood Marshall, Jr. – Partner at Bingham McCutchen LLP, strategies for advancing clients’ interests before Congress and executive branch – lobbyist

– Susan McCue – President of Message-Global, LLC, advance progressive campaigns, activism and issue advocacy in the U.S. and globally.

– Herbert Miller – Chairman of The Mills Corporation, mall developers and managers

– Michael Novogratz – President of Fortress Investment Group LLC…. Goldman Sachs….

– Andrew Parmentier – Managing Partner of Height Analytics – financial services industry

– Kirk Radke – top private equity attorneys during his 28 year career at Kirkland & Ellis….

– Howard Rossman – President of Mesirow Advanced Strategies fund management

– Tim Sweeney – CEO of the Denver-based Gill Foundation – advance equality

– Ted Trimpa – partner with the international law firm, Hogan Lovells LLP.

– Barbara Manfrey Vogelstein – venture capital and Warburg Pincus, private equity firms.

– Joseph Zimlich – CEO of Bohemian Companies,  real estate and private equity holdings.

Twenty of the twenty-nine trustees come from finance (counting the lawyer whose specialty is representing private equity firms). Their most common background is Mitt Romney’s — private equity — and hedge funds. The nine non-finance members include:

  • A Pete Peterson acolyte who previously created supposedly centrist front groups for gun rights and an effort to enlist “Gen X” in Wall Street’s assault on the safety net
  • A developer of giant malls
  • A semi-conductor manufacturer
  • A manufacturer of diaries
  • A criminologist/journalist
  • A PR specialist
  • A gay rights activist
  • A lobbyist at a firm best known for representing finance
  • A lawyer

Third Way is Wall Street. It is run by Wall Street for Wall Street. It is liberal only on social issues such as gay rights — and Wall Street created Third Way to focus on finance.

3rd WAY = Incoherence and ineptitude financial policies can throw the nation back into recession

3rd WAY = learned nothing from their errors and push the Great Betrayal and austerity.

3rd WAY = Overriding goal = Privatize Social Security = causing a gratuitous recession + misery + terrible electoral losses to Democrats

3rd WAY = Makes Wall Street the grand winner

LEFT = KNOWS the need to oppose austerity and the Great Betrayal = OPPOSE Third Way GOP LITE