Bill Maher gets offer to work for BEBE in Israel – video below

1993 CE-TODAY CE: Bill Maher (1956 CE-TODAY CE) is a cable propagandist pushing the British-Israel Rothschilds Crime Syndicate agenda and targets religions since he pushes the atheists’ agenda. He supports abortion, same-sex marriage, legalizing prostitution (fits), legalized drugs starting with cannabis, the democratic socialist agenda (like USSR) and his mother was an Ashkenazi. Maher said: “selling pot allowed me to get through college and make enough money to start off in comedy.” He spreads a very establishment Rothschilds MOB agenda to a young audience. He believes in the Rothschilds MOB agenda for fighting global warming by restricting consumption of Oil and Gas. He pushes an Elitist agenda with the “smart” people in charge like Obama and Clinton. Maher supports Israel saying he is “more on the side of the Israelis.” Maher has admitted he is a member of the CFR that dumps all their lies in the media and forces them on our so-called Representatives using AIPAC tool of the Rothschilds.

2003 CE: Maher has never married and says on his website, “I’m the last of my guy friends to have never gotten married, and their wives—they don’t want them playing with me. I’m like the escaped slave—I bring news of freedom.” In 2003 CE, he began dating former Playboy Cyber Girl Coco Johnsen. In November 2004 CE, at the end of their 17-month relationship, she sued him for $9 Million for “pain and suffering” for alleged “insulting, humiliating and degrading racial comments”. Maher’s filing stated that, after the relationship had ended, Johnsen “launched a campaign to embarrass, humiliate, and extort ridiculous sums of money from Bill Maher”.

2004 CE: Maher appeared on stage as Satan in The Steve Allen Theater production of “Hollywood Hell House”, a spoof of the Christian-run hell houses.

2008 CE: Maher and director Larry Charles teamed up to make a movie called Religulous, described by trade publication Variety as a documentary “that spoofs religious extremism across the world”. Maher is highly critical of all religions saying “they’re all stupid and dangerous” and in his 2008 feature film Religulous, he refers to himself as agnostic.

2013 CE: Maher became one of the executive producers for the HBO newsmagazine series Vice.

2016 CE: Maher and his friend Michael Moore announced on YouTube that they are going to make a movie called “The Kings of Atheism”.

2014 CE: Maher defended Israel’s military actions against Palestinians in 2014 CE when hundreds of children were killed in UN protected facilities and over 2,000 innocents were mass murdered by Israelis.

2009 CE: Maher received the 2009 CE Richard Dawkins Award from Atheist Alliance International and is an advisory board member of author Sam Harris’s Project Reason, a foundation that promotes scientific knowledge and secular values within society, a religion of selective science.

2006 CE: In one episode of Maher’s show, Netanyahu of Israel offered to hire him and Maher said, “I mean I could roll that way, I am telling you if the Jews want to pay me, I love HBO, I mina the other Jews.” In summary, Maher is a loud voice for the British-Israel Rothschilds Crime Syndicate and furthers their agenda of one world dictatorship.


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2006 CE: On same extremely controversial Maher show Netanyahu stated that Israel had a right to devastate Lebanon. He claims the psychology of Europe that labeled Israel Nazis, are all pathologically suffering from collective guilt for the holocaust! Netanyahu also said that for 2000 years Ashkenazis and real Jewish people have been moral and “perfect victims”, so the world is not comfortable seeing these poor victims defend themselves. He went on rambling about how persecuted his people are and labeled Arabs as violent mass murderers. Bill Maher sat back in calm reverence and deference to Netanyahu. Of course, Maher’s mother was Ashkenazi so he is therefore also Ashkenazi. Oddly, Bill Maher talked as if he isn’t Jewish and said that he’d come to work for Israel, he’d work for the Jews. Then smirking said, “I mean I’d work for the other Jews (other than HBO).” Now you know why television is free of charge. Every lie during every minute is piped into our homes and we are encouraged to leave it on 24 hours so sound clips with lies can be slipped into our ears. Time to rip out the cable and save a $1000 per year replaced by a one-time $40 Fire TV Stick or similar device. — Maher was totally fawning over Netanyahu, but then he has always been a shill for Israel-Rothschilds and a shill for the official 9-11 story, as his panel ridiculed 9-11 “conspiracy theories.” Maher on one show said he was not Ashkenazi and then on another show he proudly proclaimed he is. But in Bill Maher’s case, his behavior is 100% kosher certified.

Netanyahu’s other accomplice in robbery of American National Nuclear Secrets and Nuclear Triggers, Arnon Milchan, Hollywood producer.

OTHER OCCASIONS: Netanyahu has demanded release from prison for convicted Spy Jonathan Pollard, his partner in robbing National nuclear secrets and triggers from America. So again we see Israelis are treated in U.S. media as gods among men and never prosecuted. Netanyahu is a very dangerous character, besides his 911 involvement, he grew up in New York and speaks a smooth idiomatic American English tale of lies without a sign of embarrassment or even a blush on his white Ashkenazi face as he rehashes the holocaust exaggerations. Having family killed in an incredibly exaggerated incident is not an excuse to mass murder and drive nearly a million people from their homes the way Israelis have in Palestine. Lets stop and think about why people seem to dislike Ashkenazis so much, despite the constant media brainwashing efforts like Maher and cable media. Most Americans are still supporting the suffering Palestinians after the expenditure of $Billions in media propaganda and lies. The argument is that Ashkenazis are so brilliant so they can do as they please. Ashkenazis claim that because they have been awarded 158 Nobel Prizes out of 750+ total or around 20% they are therefore should rule over everyone else as the Rothschilds MOB has planned. But remember that Alfred Nobel was driven out of France where he lived for 20 years because of his nearly 100 Weapons Factories that were used in wars to mass murder French people, he was forced to relocate to Italy. His only claim to fame is the invention of Dynamite and weapons used in wars. He was always a depressed and lonely man, who never married, likely because he was responsible for so much death including members of his own family. He even cheated his family at death and as a surprise he gave virtually all his Money to the Nobel Trust. Since its creation by Alfred Nobel, the Nobel prizes have been soon run by Ashkenazis. Some people even claim that Alfred Nobel himself was a Russian Ashkenazi.


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