1748 CE: Peter Kalm of Sweden published map showing oil springs of Oil Creek, PA

1763 CE-1775 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — The development of the Watt steam engine spurs a wave of mechanization in Europe and the United States known as the Industrial Revolution. Coal is the main energy source driving the revolution in its beginning years.

1778 CE: Moravian missionaries reported “oil wells, with the products of which the Seneca Indians carry on trade with Niagara” in Western New York.

1791 CE: Pennsylvania map showed stream named “OYL CREEK”

1795 CE-1800 CE: Crude oil quoted at $16.00 per gallon – Outrageously expensive even today.

1850 CE-TODAY CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — The United States’ dependence on oil has long influenced its foreign policy. This timeline traces the story of U.S. oil development, and the resulting geopolitical competition and environmental concerns, in more than forty milestones. The three major periods include the rise of oil as a commodity, beginning in 1850 CE the post-WWII age of geopolitical competition; and the current era of deregulation and diversification.

1850 CE-1865 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — An oil well near Titusville, Pennsylvania, four years after Col. Edwin L. Drake struck oil on August 27, 1859 CE.

1850s CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Kerosene produced from refined crude oil begins to make its way onto the market in the United States as a lighting fuel, an alternative to the dwindling supply of whale oil. Crude oil is successfully extracted using a new drilling method in Pennsylvania, which sparks a regional influx of speculative oil drilling. The first U.S. oil refinery comes online in 1861, and the United States exports its first shipment of refined oil to London. Over the next century and a half, oil supplants coal as the country’s preeminent fuel source and contributes to its emergence as a major economic power.

1855 CE: Yale chemist Benjamin Silliman, Jr., filed favorable report on petroleum sample from Hibbard Farm Bissell & Eleventh reorganized PA Rock Oil Co. as a corporation in CT

1869 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Rockefeller, Andrews, and Flagler firm operated in Oil City, Cleveland, and New York Oil exploration moved south to Armstrong, Clarion, and Butler Counties, PA

1880 CE-1900 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — A section of the Spindletop Field in Beaumont, Texas, 1901 CE was discovered.

1880 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — The United States is responsible for 85% of the world’s crude oil production and refining, and kerosene is the fourth largest U.S. export. However, U.S. dominance of European and Asian oil markets is challenged by new oil finds controlled by Russia, Britain, and the Netherlands. Still, over the next two decades, major oil finds in states such as Texas, California, and Oklahoma help increase U.S. production from about 26 million barrels of oil annually to around 64 million barrels per year. By 1900, more than 200 oil byproducts—including fuel for stoves and internal combustion engines, as well as lubricants for industrial machinery—begin to enter daily life. The 1901 Spindletop gusher—the largest to date—fuels a major oil rush in Texas, and U.S. oil production nearly triples in a decade.

1880s CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil owns 90% of the U.S. oil refineries and pipelines and the world’s largest oil tanker fleet.

1902 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — A horse-drawn truck employed by Standard Oil delivers gasoline for the first automobiles and stationary engine use.

1902 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Ida Tarbell began publishing Standard Oil series in McClure’s Magazine attacking Rockefeller.

1902 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Alaska OIL — Discovered the first oil field at Katalia on the Gulf of Alaska. By 1933 CE it produced 154,000 bbl of oil before the refinery burned in 1933.

1906 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — U.S. government takes the company to court for violating the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 CE. The U.S. Supreme Court rules as Rockefeller hoped and splay up in 1911 CE and Rockefeller became an instant $Billionaire as Standard Oil was broken into far more Financialized separate entities, including those that later become Chevron, Amoco, Mobil, Conoco, and Exxon. These companies come to dominate much of the international oil market for the next six decades.

1908 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Dubbed by Henry Ford as the “universal car,” between 1908 CE and 1927 CE more than fifteen million Model T’s are built and sold. Henry Ford’s invention of the Model T in 1908 CE — the world’s first inexpensive, mass-produced car—helps pave the way for a significant increase in auto ownership.

1910 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — U.S. consumption of petrol (gasoline) surpasses kerosene.

1914 CE-1918 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — The 148th U.S. Aero Squadron field. During WWI, planes were first employed for reconnaissance, but air battles soon followed. WW I was perfect for maximized extraction of wealth from humanity applied to planes and tanks and war making production and use of OIL.

1917 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Rockefeller and Rothschilds got what they wanted World War I as oil becomes vital for modern warfare, fueling ships, land vehicles, and planes. German attacks disrupt U.S. oil exports to its adversaries Britain and France, causing oil shortages in those countries. When the United States enters the war allied against Germany in 1917 CE, the Wilson administration steps up efforts to supply oil to Britain and France. U.S. production cannot meet both domestic and war demand, so the United States begins importing oil from Mexico to close the gap. During the U.S. war effort, Mexican imports average between 2.5 million barrels and 4 million barrels of oil per month, supplementing U.S. production of about 30 million barrels a month. OIL BECAME A STRATEGIC WAR TOOL!

1919 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Oil Insecurity was the Rockefeller-Rothschilds Crime Syndicate MANTRA. They used tools like the U.S. Geological Survey estimates U.S. oil supplies to apply the lies and spit out propaganda of OIL SHORTAGES — that OIL will run out in ten years, triggering the country’s first oil security fears. Though the United States produces roughly one million barrels of oil per day, or 65 percent of global oil supplies, more than 90 percent is consumed domestically. All to jack up the price of OIL.

1920 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Hand drilling was used at Dunnellon Phosphate Company’s prospecting in Florida, April 1923 CE.

1920 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Crude prices increase to $3 a barrel, more than double the price in 1914 CE. Congress passes the Mineral Leasing Act of 1920 CE, which requires leasing of federal lands for energy prospecting for the first time. In response to British and French attempts to shut U.S. oil companies out of their Middle East protectorates, the law includes a provision denying access to U.S. mineral rights by any foreign entities whose governments deny similar access to U.S. companies. U.S. oil companies also begin pursuing concessions in Latin America.

1920s CE-1930s CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB British and French attempt to shut U.S. oil companies out of regions they control in the Middle East. The U.S. government begins active oil diplomacy, insisting on an “open door” policy that would allow all companies to compete for foreign concessions regardless of national origins. But the doctrine fails to take hold. Instead, a consortium of seven oil companies is given financial interest in the Iraq Petroleum Company, and the companies agree to not independently develop oil in an area that spans from Turkey to Iraq and Saudi Arabia, but excludes Kuwait, Iran, and Egypt.

1927 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — The United States is the most motorized country in the world, with one motor vehicle for roughly every five people. Comparatively, other major industrial countries like Britain, France, and Germany have about one motor vehicle for every forty-four people. The United States continues to lead auto ownership per capita for the next century, and refined-motor fuel becomes the country’s predominant use of oil.

1928 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — A Red Line Agreement with its “self-denial clause” allows seven companies, five of which are American, to control the bulk of Mideast oil production by the early 1930s CE. All these companies are ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME SYNDICATE COMPANIES!

1928 CE-1933 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Factories must stack drums of oil in warehouses to supply their production efforts.

1928 CE-1933 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Technological breakthroughs and increasing oil production in Latin America, the United States, and the Middle East lead to overproduction. SO MUCH FOR OIL SHORTAGE PROPAGANDA! The disproved the oil shortage lies and propaganda by the U.S. Geological Survey. In less than a decade U.S. oil production more than doubles from what it was in 1920 CE. Britain’s attempt to stabilize European oil prices through the 1928 CE Achnacarry Agreement, which limits sales by oil producers, is met with mixed success. In 1931 CE, oil prices plummet to just a few cents a barrel.

1928 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Iraq Petroleum Company oil storage tanks, Palestine, 1928 CE.

1932 CE-1939 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Governments begin to take a more active role in the oil industry. Iranian leader Reza Shah Pahlavi in 1932 CE cancels the concession of the British oil company Anglo-Persia but then later retreats after striking a deal for a fixed royalty and an increase in Persian laborers employed by the company. Meanwhile, European governments impose import quotas, set prices, and require fuel blending with ethanol made from excess crops, as well as requiring investment in domestic oil infrastructure. In 1938 CE, the Mexican government nationalizes the oil industry and revokes U.S. oil concessions. The U.S. government does not retaliate, in part due to fears Mexico will align with Germany in World War II. Mexico’s actions foreshadow a wave of oil nationalizations that will follow in the decades after the war.

1933 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — The U.S. government imposes a production quota system for states and a duty tax on imported oil to keep cheap oil from flooding the market. Though the Supreme Court overturns the federal quota system in 1935 CE, U.S. oil-producing states voluntarily continue it and prices begin to recover.

1938 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Residents of Mexico City celebrating appropriation of foreign oil companies and Nationalization scares the HELL OUT OF ROCKEFELLER AND ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB!

1941 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, was known and planned by Rothschilds Crime MOB to get Americans to agree to enter World War II. FDR was in on the SCAM to extract wealth and KILL WHITE EUROPEANS!

1941 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Oil Embargo on Japan at the start of World War II, the United States is responsible for 60 percent of world Oil production, followed by Russia and Venezuela. Japan, heavily reliant on U.S. oil imports, begins stockpiling oil and equipment shortly before it invades Indochina. In response, the U.S. government imposes controls on oil exports to Japan, effectively cutting off oil supplies in the summer of 1941 CE. Japan with zero logic suddenly attacks Pearl Harbor as Rothschilds MOB goes 100% into propaganda for Americans enter World War II. Oddly, Japan fails to target the Navy’s on-island oil storage—about 4 million barrels—leaving it to fuel the surviving Pacific fleet. It is as if this was a FALSE FLAG and it was.

1942 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — NYC OIL PROPAGANDA BY BERNAYS LIES — Four “Roller Vanities” of the Broadway campaign to save gas on New York’s Fifth Avenue – building fear of OIL AND GAS RATIONING AND SUPPORT FOR WW II.

1942 CE-1945 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — By 1941 CE, oil shipments from the United States to allies in Europe are impeded by German U-boat attacks. When the United States enters the war, it embarks on a nationwide rationing plan that includes gas coupons and limiting driving speed to 35 miles an hour. Efforts also are made to bolster U.S. oil production and transport. Meanwhile, Venezuela enacts a new “fifty-fifty” oil law, which gives the country half of all oil profits but leaves U.S. concessions in place.

1943 CE-1945 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — PETRO DOLLAR GROUNDWORK PLANNED BY ROTHSCHILDS MOB THINK TANKS SHOW ITS UGLY FACE — With a Budding U.S.-Saudi Relationship. In 1938 CE, Saudi Arabia is found to have vast quantities of oil. In 1943 CE, with concerns growing about the diminishing U.S. oil production capacity, President Franklin Roosevelt declares Saudi oil vital to U.S. security and provides financial support. In February 1945 CE, Roosevelt and Saudi King Abdul Aziz meet aboard a U.S. ship on the Suez Canal to discuss closer ties. A few years later, the world’s biggest oil field is found in Saudi Arabia, and the country quickly becomes the world’s largest exporter of oil—though it does not become a significant U.S. supplier for several decades.

1945 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Rothschilds-Rockefeller CRIME MOB puppet U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud in discussion aboard the USS Quincy north of Suez, Egypt, on February 14, 1945 CE.

1945 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — End of the World War II, the United States is an economic and military superpower. The country plays a central role in the global recovery, including providing energy aid to a devastated Europe. The war’s end also brings about the end of U.S. gas rationing. The U.S. auto industry booms, with the number of cars in the United States jumping from 26 million to 40 million in the five years after the war. In the decades that follow, the transportation sector’s (mainly automobiles) share of oil consumption rises from about 50 percent to more than 70 percent.

1948 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — The Marshall Plan — The European Recovery Program, also known as the Marshall Plan, helps war-torn Europe get access to petroleum imports. Over the course of the forty-five-month program, the United States supplies more than $11 billion in oil aid, about 10 percent of the total aid provided by the program. The continent begins to become more dependent on oil for its energy needs as Europeans turn away from coal. But European oil needs begin to be increasingly met by the Middle East and not the United States. The United States is a net oil exporter [PDF] in 1945, but by 1950 it is importing nearly one million barrels a day and within two decades the country is importing over six million barrels per day—more than a third of U.S. demand.

1954 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — The Shah of Iran speech lying and saying oil issues would be settled by the nationalization law.

1954 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — U.S.-Iran Oil Consortium — In August 1953, the Iranian military, with the help of British and U.S. intelligence agencies, overthrows Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeq—who nationalized the country’s oil industry two years earlier. The U.S. government works with U.S. oil majors and the Iranian government—now run by the Shah—to bring Iranian oil back online following a British embargo of oil shipments. Iran’s oil remains nationalized, but in October 1954 the government agrees to a consortium of mainly U.S. companies to manage Iran’s oil industry. To prevent running afoul of U.S. antitrust laws, U.S. oil majors relinquish a small portion of their share in the consortium to allow independent U.S. producers to buy in.

1956 CE-1957 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — French commandos go ashore during the Suez conflict, Port Fuad, Egypt, November 10, 1956. As ordered by the Rothschilds Crime Syndicate and this was the reason Rothschilds MOB wanted control over Palestine in the Middle East.

1957 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Alaska OIL — Large oil fields in and around the Cook Inlet began production with the development of the Swanson River field.

1956 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Suez Canal Crisis — In July 1956, Egypt nationalizes the Suez Canal, which has been controlled by Britain and France. The two countries, in a coordinated attack with Israel, temporarily seize the canal in October. Half the canal’s traffic is petroleum, and the ensuing crisis from its closure threatens Middle East oil shipments, which supply about 800,000 barrels a day to Europe. The intervention stokes Cold War tensions, and U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower compels a withdrawal to avoid a showdown with the Soviet Union. In a 1957 CE speech to Congress, Eisenhower says the Middle East would be a prize for international communism (ROTHSCHILDS MOB) and asks Congress to provide economic and military support for any nation or groups of nations in the region with “governments manifestly dedicated to the preservation of independence and resistance to subversion.”

1958 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Alaska OIL — Natural gas was discovered in the Kenai Peninsula, and by 1962 CE was supplying gas to Anchorage, 85 miles away. There was sufficient natural gas available that, in 1969 CE a liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant was built and began shipping LNG to Japan, the first such export from the US to Asia. By 2009 CE some 1300 tanker loads, with an original deadweight capacity of 36,896 tons, had been shipped.

1959 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — The world once again faces an oversupply of oil and prices are slashed. U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower imposes the Mandatory Oil Import Program, a quota system on oil imports, so that they cannot exceed more than 9 percent of domestic consumption. The program also gives preferential treatment to Canada and Mexico. The quota lasts for fourteen years. U.S. oil prices remain stable, and eight years later are 60 percent to 70 percent above Mideast crude prices.

1960 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — OPEC meeting — Arab nations, relying heavily on oil revenue, are increasingly frustrated by oil price cuts by largely Western oil companies—and by U.S. import caps, which also depress prices. In August 1960 CE, Western oil majors once again slash prices without consulting exporting countries. In September, representatives from Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Kuwait, Qatar, and Iran meet in Baghdad with Iraqi officials—together representing 80% of the world’s crude exports, form the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Nations (OPEC) with the purpose of defending oil prices. However, in its initial years, OPEC exerts little influence and is virtually ignored by the U.S. government.

1960 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Alaska OIL — The first Alaskan pipeline was built to carry oil from there to the Nikiski refinery (which later supplied the fuel to the International Airport in Anchorage. The Cook Inlet fields peaked in oil production, at 227,400 bd, in 1970 CE. The largest oil field in the region was the McArthur River field, discovered in 1965 CE, but while discoveries continue to be made, the majority of the wells are now past their prime, and will need significant work to be brought back into production.

1967 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Israel enters into an armed conflict with Egypt, Syria, and Jordan, known as the Six Day War. The next day, Arab oil ministers call for an embargo on countries friendly to Israel. Oil shipments halt to the United States and Britain. U.S. domestic production, however, surges by one million barrels a day and largely offsets the temporary loss of Mideast oil globally. By September, the embargo is lifted, and, for a short time, the world experiences another oil glut.

1971 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — OPEC moves to rebalance profit-sharing and oil prices and refuses to allow foreign oil companies to deal with the organization as a whole. The bloc instead forces them into separate negotiations, one for Persian Gulf producers (Tehran Agreement) and one for producers on the Mediterranean (Tripoli Agreement), resulting in higher prices. The incident marks a turning point for OPEC’s clout. Within a decade, many of OPEC’s members begin to partially or fully nationalize their oil resources and have greater influence in setting oil prices. By the end of the 1970s, international oil companies have unfettered access to just 7 percent of the world’s oil reserves, down from 85 percent in the 1960s. U.S. oil production, meanwhile, peaks in 1970 and declines about 45 percent within three decades.

1972 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — President Nixon makes a trip to Iran

1973 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — End of U.S. Import Quota — U.S. spare production capacity is evaporating. Faced with a looming gasoline shortage, Nixon announces he is ending the limiting of Oil Imports Program, but rejects recommendations to implement conservation efforts and develop fuel alternatives. The import mandate comes two years after Nixon imposes oil price controls as part of his anti-inflation strategy. Oil imports, representing about 30% of U.S. consumption in 1973 CE, increased to nearly 50% of consumption by 1957 CE.

1973 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Oil Crisis — Syria and Egypt attack Israel and with the war still underway, the Nixon administration announces a $2.2 billion military aid package to Israel. Arab states respond by suspending oil shipments to nations supportive of Israel. The embargo reduces traded oil supplies by 14% internationally. Gasoline prices in the United States increase as much as 40% within a few months. Consumers in Europe, Japan, and the United States begin to panic over oil shortages. Hours-long lines at gas stations form across America as people start to hoard gas supplies following gas rationing and price controls. President Nixon on November 7 announces a swath of new energy policies and “Project Independence,” a goal of U.S. energy independence by 1980 CE.

1974 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — End of the Second Arab Oil Embargo that wreaked economic havoc on US Economy. Rothschilds Crime MOB has Nixon send their top agent Henry Kissinger to negotiate disengagement between Israel and Egypt and the Arab embargo suddenly ends with a cease-fire and withdrawal of Israeli forces from some captured territories. The world’s top economies form the International Energy Agency to coordinate “in times of oil supply emergencies” — Step towards Rothschilds Control of OIL and at a summit in France in 1975 CE Rothschilds take direct control of the global economy and energy dependency. They call this forum the Group of Six and later becomes the G8 and then the G7, but it is really the Rothschilds MOB taking tighter control over those nations.

1974 CE-1978 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — GAS SUCKING DETROIT CARS cause U.S. consumption of imports to nearly double, and U.S. oil demand rises by about 2.1 million barrels per day. In 1977 CE, the Carter administration organizes energy agencies into the Department of Energy. President Carter also puts out his first set of energy proposals focusing mainly on conservation, and signs legislation in 1978 CE to encourage fuel switching and efficiency by electric utilities and other U.S. industries. OIL COMPANIES love this as they can simply pump out a nice steady volume but profits soar!

1975 CE-1977 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Highway workers change a speed limit sign from 70 mph to the new federally mandated limit of 55 mph as part of Rothschilds MOB controls and institute Energy Conservation again propagandizing that OIL supply is dying out to jack up prices and rake off $Trillions in LOOTING. The U.S. Congress run by the Rothschilds AIPAC MOB mandates a 55-mph limit on highways and passes the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975 CE, which establishes the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and fuel efficiency standards for new automobiles. Rothschilds MOB keeps Nixon-era price controls for domestic oil to depress production and jack up oil prices.

1978 CE-1979 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Rothschilds Crime MOB uses SCARE TACTICS to keep OIL PRICES HIGH! — A poster of exiled Muslim leader Ayatollah Khomeini is carried by marchers with clenched fists during the anti-Shah demonstrations in Tehran. In October 1978, thousands of oil workers go on strike in Iran, as part of a cycle of unrest protesting leader ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB PUPPET Mohammed Reza Shah. Oil output in Iran drops from more than five million barrels a day to zero by December—amounting to about a 5 percent loss in global production, BUT ROTHSCHILDS MOB GETYS FAT ON HIGHER PRICES! The Shah is forced to leave the country in January 1979 CE. Exiled senior Shiite cleric Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returns to assume control of Iran under an Islamic government. A group of Iranian students takes over the U.S. embassy in Tehran on November 4, 1979 CE in a move to insure CARTER is OUT and REAGAN is in actually delaying the release of the hostages until Reagan takes over as president in a ROTHSCHILDS MOB COUP. After 444 days the 63 American hostages are suddenly released. President Carter responds by severing diplomatic relations and embargoing Iranian oil imports. Between January 1979 and December 1979, global oil prices more than double. ROTHSCHILDS CELEBRATE THE GOLD FLOWING INTO THEIR VAULTS AND CAVES IN SWITZERLAND. Rothschilds CRIME MOB slaps Americans in the face with the hostages released the DAY REAGAN TAKES OFFICE – January 20, 1981.

1979 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Rothschilds CRIME MOB COUP requires a Crisis of Confidence — Iran’s revolution sparks panic over another oil-supply shortage, and oil prices double. Long gas lines return to the United States. In July, President Jimmy Carter gives his fifth major speech on energy policy, which includes announcing more energy conservation measures and a phase-out of oil price controls. A frustrated Carter admonishes the nation for worshiping “self-indulgence and consumption” and having “a crisis of confidence.” In 1980 CE, Carter signs the Energy Security Act, which includes incentives for geothermal, solar, and biomass energy to give electricity generators new alternatives to oil. It also establishes the U.S. Synthetic Fuels Corporation, intended to produce two million barrels a day in liquid fuel from non-petroleum sources like coal within five years.

1980 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Rothschilds CRIME MOB instigates the Iran-Iraq War with WMD weapons supplied by American Government to IRAQ — Iran and Iraq go to war in September. Though the United States is officially neutral, it renews diplomatic ties with Iraq, which have been severed since 1967’s CE Arab-Israeli conflict. Continuing attacks on both Iraqi and Iranian oil facilities remove four million barrels a day in oil production from the global market.

1981 CE-1983 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB orders the Reagan administration issues a national security directive in 1983 CE to increase the U.S. military presence in the Persian Gulf to help protect the oil facilities and shipments to allies. The war lasts eight years. Keeping OIL PRICES HIGH AS ROTHSCHILDS MOB RAKES IN THE OIL LOOT! They have REAGAN IN OFFICE TO BEGIN RAPING THE WEALTH OF AMERICANS INTO THE POCKETS OF THE ROTHSCHILDS MOB BANKSTERS!

1981 CE-1983 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — ROTHSCHILDS CRIME SYNDICATE WANTS HIGHER OIL PRICES SO THEY ORDER The U.S. Congress to impose a moratorium on new offshore drilling off the California coast in 1981 CE in response to public outcry and lingering environmental concerns caused by an oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara in 1969 CE (HOLY CRAP). Within a few years, the ban is extended to all new leases in U.S. coastal waters, except for parts of the Gulf of Mexico and some waters off the coast of Alaska. This ban continues to the present day. However, existing offshore drilling, from leases before the moratorium and from allowed parts of the Gulf and Alaska, represents about 8% of all U.S. production in 1981 CE. Between increasing production in allowed offshore areas and a drop in overall U.S. production, offshore drilling rises to about 30% of U.S. production in the next three decades.

1981 CE-1986 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — In 1981 CE President Reagan addresses the nation, noting the deregulation of oil prices to MAXIMIZE ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB LOOTING OF AMERICAN WEALTH! Rothschilds MOB U.S. producers Raise Prices quickly. Non-OPEC production begins to outstrip that of OPEC—which hinders the cartel’s influence on oil prices but ROTHSCHILDS MOB LOOTS BIGTIME. Of course, Global Demand begins to drop due to ROTHSCHILDS MOB imposed high prices and conservation measures, and another oil surplus ensues – THERE ARE NEVER ANY REAL SHORTAGES. By 1982 CE, the United States imports about 28% of its oil, down from more than 45% in 1977 CE. By 1985 CE, U.S. fuel economy averages for automobiles reach nearly 28 mpg, up from 20 mpg in 1978 CE, and consumer fuel switching for heating and electricity helps lower oil consumption. Oil prices drop from a yearly average of $35 per barrel in 1981 CE to less than $15 in 1986 CE and you can BET THAT THE ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB SHORTED ALL THE WAY DOWN. The collapse in price encourages oil companies to shift to cheaper foreign exploration, and U.S. imports begin to steadily rise again.

1989 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB justify conservation, meaning higher PROFITS per gallon with the Exxon Valdez oil spill and pictures of oil covered harbor seal swimming through the oil-tainted water in Prince William Sound. The super tanker Exxon Valdez strikes a reef in Prince William Sound, Alaska, spilling eleven million barrels of oil and damaging coastline and fisheries (nothing compared to GULF OF MEXICO BP SPILLS). MEDIA calls it one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. history, the spill—and its $2 billion cleanup cost—bolsters the environmental movement and leads to policies that further restrict offshore drilling and increases ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB PROFITS. In 1990 CE, Congress passes the Oil Pollution Act for offshore accidents, which creates a three-tiered emergency response plan for spills, caps liability for operators of offshore facilities, and establishes a trust fund that makes up to $1 billion available for each spill incident.

1990 CE-1991 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB WANT A MINI-WAR TO INFLATE OIL PRICES — Iraq our ally in the Iraq-Iran War is given the order to invade the Greater Burgan oil field in Southern Kuwait including set ablaze some of the wells. The ONE WORLD ORDER PUPPET GHW Bush gives a speech saying Iraq’s amazingly claiming the Iraq aggression poses an economic threat to the United States.  He claims their oil is OUR OIL because we import half of Iraq’s oil. NOTE: It is believed that the CIA and Bush told Saddam to invade Kuwait. Bush also declares the “sovereign independence of Saudi Arabia [a] vital interest” and deploys troops to the Kuwait without APPROVAL OF CONGRESS. GHW Bush is a part of the ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB. Nations dependent on Persian Gulf imports, such as Japan (Rothschilds MOB puppet), provide much of the funding for a U.S.-led, multinational military effort to liberate Kuwait in January 1991 CE. The Bush administration releases thirty-four million barrels of oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve in anticipation of an oil shock, but contrary to predictions, oil prices drop from about $30 per barrel in September to less than $20 in January. Iraq surrenders in late February 1991 CE. Turns out Iraqi oil was not that big a part of US oil consumption — So the Bush Criminal lied.

1993 CE-2005 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — In 1993, the Clinton administration announces a partnership to develop and produce affordable, fuel-efficient, low-emission vehicles. But inexpensive oil and a booming economy drive up consumption in the United States. While Japanese and European car companies move ahead with commercialization of the first hybrid passenger vehicle, sales of gas-guzzling sports utility vehicles (SUVs)—considered light trucks and thus exempted from tougher U.S. fuel economy standards—explode and so does ROTHSCHILDS MOB LOOTING! SUVs make up a large part of the fleet of U.S. automakers, garnering significant profits in comparison to smaller, more fuel-efficient cars. Between 1993 CE and the country’s record demand for oil in 2005 CE, consumption increases by 3.6 million barrels a day to 20.8 million barrels per day. ROTHSCHILDS MOB celebrates their PROPAGANDA AND AMERICAN STUPIDITY!

1997 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — ROTHSCHILDS MOB WANTS TO KEEP THE FEAR OF OIL SHORTAGES ALIVE AND THEIR THINK TANKS COME UP WITH a “focus on energy security” and “greenhouse gas emissions” as a DOUBLE WHAMMY WHIPSAW SCAM — In 1997 the Rothschilds MOB Kyoto Protocol is a ONE WORLD ORDER control supposedly to reduce and adapt to rising greenhouse gas levels. But Rothschilds MOB wants United States to keep up the CONSUMPTION AND SUV CRAZE to MAXIMIZE THEIR LOOTING, as USA is the largest greenhouse emitter. U.S. policy on oil consumption remains focused on energy security and air quality which is implying you can consume all you want but reduce pollution. This focuses on the WORLD versus AMERICA which is a plan by the ROTHSCHILDS MOB to destroy America and Americans so they will join the ONE WORLD ORDER. Rothschilds MOB orders Environmental advocates to target the U.S. for its refusal to join in and be better OWO puppets.

1998 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Exxon acquires Mobil for a record $80 billion in 1998, creating the world’s largest oil company. Rockefellers and Rothschilds Crime MOB love MONOPOLIES and consider competition a sin (for them).

1998 CE-2001 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — MONOPOLY TIME FOR THE ROTHSCHILDS MOB OR BIRTH OF THE SUPER-MAJORS — Asia’s economic crisis in 1997 CE causes a drop in demand in what has been a growth region for oil markets. Though OPEC tightens its oil production quota, global prices plunge to below $10 per barrel at the end of 1998 CE, down from nearly $20 per barrel in late 1997 CE. The downturn, plus an increasingly constrained environment for oil concessions globally, encourages a string of oil mergers among the world’s largest private oil companies, including ones between BP and Amoco (the largest foreign takeover of a U.S. company to date), Exxon and Mobil, and Texaco and Chevron. Accused of stifling competition, these mergers face political scrutiny in the next decade as U.S. gas prices increase significantly.

1999 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — In February, Hugo Chavez assumes office as president of Venezuela, and embarks on a social revolution that includes financing new social programs with the country’s oil revenues. Venezuela continues to be one of the largest sources of U.S. oil imports, but Chavez is increasingly critical of U.S. foreign policy over the course of the next decade and threatens repeatedly to cut off oil shipments. In 1999 CE, Vladimir Putin takes office as president of Russia, which has the largest conventional oil reserves outside of OPEC. Both Venezuela and Russia nationalize much of their oil resources and restrict access by international oil companies. ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB ARE STEAMING MAD!

2001 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — A Ford assembly plant in Louisville, Kentucky, keeps right on building new gas guzzling SUVs that maximize the LOOTING OF AMERICANS by the ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB!

2004 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Canada surpasses Saudi Arabia as the largest single exporter of oil to the United States, providing 1.6 million barrels per day compared to the Saudi’s 1.5 million barrels. A decade before, Canada begins investing heavily to develop its oil sands and destroy the environment in that area. This requires more money and effort to extract and refine than conventional oil. Many estimate oil sands place the country’s oil reserves second to Saudi Arabia. In 1999 CE, oil sands represent about 15% of total Canadian crude production, but by 2010 CE oil sand production is nearly 50%. Heavily polluting oil sand production increasingly becomes an environmental concern, but Rothschilds MOB do not care.

2005 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — The U.S. Congress passes the Energy Policy Act, which includes new incentives for transportation fuel alternatives and flex-fuel cars as well as new subsidies for domestic oil exploration. The law mandates that 7.5 billion gallons of renewable fuels be blended into gasoline by 2012 CE. In his 2006 CE State of the Union address, U.S. President George W. Bush says “America is addicted to oil.” The law is criticized for adding billions in federal subsidies to the oil industry, and subsidies of corn-based biofuel are criticized as a threat to food security and the environment. Some energy experts criticize U.S. tariffs on Brazilian sugarcane ethanol, which is cheaper and more energy-efficient to produce.

2006 CE-2008 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Rothschilds CRIME MOB LOOTS HUMANITY on Skyrocketing Oil Prices but have a plan to CRASH the WORLD ECONOMY AND LOOT $TENS OF TRILLIONS — In 1998 oil prices were below $10 per barrel By 2008 CE oil prices topped at a record $147 a barrel in the summer of 2008 or almost 15 X higher. This translates to gasoline averages above $4 per gallon in much of country and near $5 in some locations. People were in shock and simply stopped driving and the ECONOMY CRASHED as the ROTHSCHILDS MOB THINK TANKS PLANNED IT WOULD. THE ROTHSCHILDS MOB MADE A FORTUNE LOOTING HUMANITY FOR 10 YEARS and now were after OTHER SCAMS! Rothschilds MOB jacked up Both Fuel and food prices in nations that “Live on the Edge” to cause massive unrest and overthrows and simply told us it was the “ARAB AWAKENING” when people could no longer make ends meet and feed their families, but that is what the ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB WANTED. Rothschilds MOB wanted unrest around the world. In the United States, high gas prices in a presidential election year invigorate debate about increasing domestic production, especially ending the moratorium on offshore drilling and in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Reserve. “Drill baby drill” becomes a rallying cry defined by the ROTHSCHILDS MOB THINK TANKS for the Republican Party. Then the ROTHSCHILDS MOB’S REAL GOAL HIT THAT WOULD LET THEM SHEAR THE FLOCK LIKE NEVER BEFORE, called the global financial crisis, and oil prices plummeted to around $15 a barrel by December 2008 CE from $147 a barrel in the summer of 2008 CE. The Rothschilds MOB GOT OFF FREE AND BEGAN A $48.6 TRILLION MILITARY AND BANKSTER ROBBERY OF AMERICANS! THIS WAS THE BIG PAYOFF THE MOB WAS LOOKING FOR!

2007 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Congress passes the Energy Independence and Security Act, which will increase Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards from 27.5 mpg to 35 mpg by 2020 CE, and ends the light truck exclusion. CLEARLY ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB HAD MOVED ON AT LEAST FOR A SHORT TIME TO OTHER SCAMS AMONG THE HUNDREDS OF THEIR THINK TANK SCAMS ALREADY DEVELOPED. The law also mandates greater production of non-corn-based ethanol, and requires biofuels blended with gasoline and diesel to be at least 20 percent less in greenhouse gas life-cycle emissions than the petroleum-based fuels. In May 2009 CE, the Obama administration announces accelerated CAFE standards of 39 mpg for cars and 30 mpg for light trucks, which the administration highlighted as part of its climate change policy goals.

2010 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Like the seals in the EXXON VALDIS CRISIS NOW THE MEDIA showed Brown Pelicans, covered in oil from BP’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill at the same moment in 2010 CE Goldman Sachs WAS BEING CHARGED WITH THE LARGEST FRAUD SCAM IN FINANCIAL HISTORY! Ironically, the International head of BP and Goldman was the same man named Sutherland! The local Goldman head should have been headed to prison but NEVER DID as ROTHSCHILDS MOB protects their CRIMINALS! Goldman did suffer the largest $HALF-BILLION+ FINE in history which is basically a slap on the WRIST! In the spring of 2010 CE, Rothschilds MOB puppet Obama lays out his plans for U.S. energy policy, including supporting more biofuels and opening more U.S. waters to offshore oil drilling. But in April, a deepwater drilling rig explodes and sinks in the Gulf of Mexico, causing a massive, four-month oil spill. The Obama administration, in response, places a temporary ban on all new offshore drilling projects in order to review U.S. safety and environmental enforcement. Calls renew for strengthened measures to reduce U.S. oil consumption, now at less than nineteen million barrels per day, down nearly two million barrels from 2005 CE record levels.

2011 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — ROTHSCHILDS MOB CANNOT RESIST THE EASY MONEY IN OIL SCAMS — SO THEY ORDER NATO AND TERRORISTS TO DESTROY LIBYA AND GADDAFI TO PROTECT NOT JUST THEIR OIL LOOTING SCAM BUT ALSO TO PROTECT THEIR USURY INTEREST SCAMS. In February 2011, Libya becomes the first major oil-producing nation to be attacked by NATO. Gaddafi had plans for an African Currency that would remove the USURY SCAMS of the ROTHSCHILDS MOB in Africa and he had the GOLD, SILVER and OIL to back up his new currency. The ROTHSCHILDS MOB was TERRIFIED AND SIMPLY ORDERED THE NATO HIT ON GADDAFI AND LIBYA, the richest nation in Africa. Libya has the largest reserves in Africa, Libya represents about 2% of global oil production. Global oil prices spike nearly 10% in one day. Though the country does not supply oil to the United States, concerns grow that the situation in Libya and potential unrest in other oil-producing nations could lead to a new global oil crisis. In 2011 MOB puppet Obama said: “We will keep on being a victim to shifts in the oil market until we get serious about a long-term policy for secure, affordable energy.” He pledges to reduce U.S. oil dependence by one-third within a decade. Rothschilds CRIME MOB has been seen for the MAFIA THEY ARE! The MOB puppet Obama administration announced it will release thirty million barrels from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve over thirty days. He has to pretend he did not know about the MOVE by NATO and ROTHSCHILDS MOB.

2014 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — ROTHSCHILDS MOVE BACK TO OTHER SCAMS IN EUROPE — U.S. Oil Imports Hit Two-Decade Low as USA exploits its own oil. Imports of crude oil and petroleum products fall to less than 260,000 barrels per day, the lowest in almost two decades. The reduced reliance on foreign oil is the result of both declining demand and hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. OPEC Meets as Global Oil Prices Tumble and U.S. oil producers contribute to a global supply glut that puts downward pressure on prices. You can bet ROTHSCHILDS MOB are shorting the oil market all during this time. By November 2014 CE, crude oil falls below $75 a barrel, down from $110 in June. OPEC members meet in Vienna, where, despite opposition from some members who want to cut OPEC oil production to halt the price slide, Saudi Arabia (ROTHSCHILDS MOB PUPPETS) pushes the group to maintain a production target of thirty million barrels per day. The organization meets and regularly exceeds that target, leading to further price declines below $50 a barrel by early 2015 CE, which squeezes the finances of oil-exporting countries and forces unconventional drillers in the United States to curb costs and sharply cut production.

2015 CE: ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER CRIME MOB BIG OIL MONOPOLY — Obama Administration Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline, which would have transported more than 800,000 barrels of oil per day from Canada to Texas. Subject to multiple rounds of State Department review since its conception in 2008 CE, supporters said it would have created jobs and enhanced energy security, while opponents worried about potential damage to the environment from spills and increased carbon emissions. Debate over the merits of the cross-border pipeline will continue, as TransCanada, the company behind the project, files a lawsuit against the U.S. government charging discriminatory treatment under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Congress Lifts Oil-Export Ban after four-decades of restrictions on U.S. crude oil exports, and a shipment immediately leaves the port of Corpus Christi, Texas, for sale in Europe. The shipment consists of light sweet crude oil drawn from south Texas’s Eagle Ford shale deposits. Even as the United States continues to import oil, opportunities for exports will arise since many of the country’s existing refineries are not optimized to process the type of light crude drawn from shale. However, most analysts believe that the impact on production, prices, and geopolitics of lifting the restrictions will be modest.


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