South Carolina has been the capital for Ashkenazis in the south since America began.

1695 CE: Earliest record of a Jew in America was in Charleston, SC and he acted as interpreter for Governor John Archdale.

1702 CE: Jews appeared in numbers and voted at a general election. The early Jewish communities in the South were made up primarily of Ashkenazis who had immigrated from London and the Netherlands, where they had settled following expulsion from Spain and Portugal in the late 15th century.

1740 CE-1741 CE: The Jewish community at Charleston grew substantially following a Spanish invasion of Georgia in 1733 CE.

1750s CE: Charleston was the preferred destination of Jewish immigrants from London, who represented numerous wealthy merchant families. They became involved in business, trade, finance and agriculture in Charleston, with some owning plantations.

1774 CE-1775 CE: South Carolina was the first place in America to elect a Jew to public office

1800 CE: 2,000 Jews in South Carolina and settled mostly in Charleston, which was more than in any other U.S. state at that time.

1820 CE: Racist Jewish Congregation Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim would not accept as converts any free people of color or any mixed-race children of Jewish men and African-American women.
1830 CE: Charleston remained the unofficial capital of North American Jewry.

1830s CE: Massive increases in Ashkenazi German Ashkenazi Jews & Eastern Europe emigrating to America settled largely in New Orleans, Richmond, Savannah, Baltimore, and the Northeast (particularly in Boston, New York City and Philadelphia). They far surpassed the mostly Jewish community in Charleston.


1832 CE-1864 CE: SASSOONS-ROTHSCHILDS UNITED ASHKENAZI CRIME MOB OPIUM DEALERS OF THE EAST AND WEST — DAVID S. SASSOON – The Sassoon family, known as “Rothschilds of the East” were Baghdadi Ashkenazi descents based in Baghdad, Iraq, before moving to Bombay, India, and then spreading to China, England, and other countries. The Sassoon name tracks to Turkic speaking tribes in a mountainous district of Sason, part of a Province of Turkey also the name is commonly shared by many Armenian and Kurdish families and tribes. Besides Turkic-Mongol DNA they may have some Spanish Berber Sephardi DNA add mix. The Sassoons built their wealth on the OPIUM TRADE in the 1700s CE and were shippers from India to China and Asia and also to much of the world. David Sassoon (1792 CE-1864 CE) was the treasurer of Baghdad between 1817 CE-1829 CE. He became the leader of the Jewish community in Bombay (now Mumbai) after Baghdadi Ashkenazis emigrated there. The family starteds as Iraqi Jews, but following increasing persecution of Baghdad’s Jews, the family moved to Bombay via Persia. Sassoon was in business in Bombay no later than 1832 CE, originally acting as a middleman for British India Company and bought valuable harbor or Docks properties. Like his major competitor he gained profits from the Sino-Indian opium trade that started the 1820s CE. In Bombay, he built the international business called David S. Sassoon, with the policy of staffing it with people brought from Baghdad Turkic-Mongols and converts to Judaism. Like the British-German Rothschilds they did not want their methods shared with outsiders. Only these Turkic-Mongol converts were employed in India, Burma, Malaya, and east Asia. They cemented the family’s dominant position in the Sino-Indian opium trade. The family’s businesses in India, China, and Hong Kong especially, were built to capitalize on the OPIUM and related money laundering. In China the Sassoon House on the Bund in Shanghai has become a noted landmark. In each branch/nation Sassoon funded at least one Jacob Frankist (maximized sins) Rabbi. He built Ashkenazi schools, orphanages, hospitals, and museums using the profitable  looting from the drug trade.  One son, Joseph Sassoon went to Aleppo, Syria, where he established a merchant house and later his business interests spread to Alexandria, Thessaloniki, and Athens, which included a shipping company and a money exchange house. His five sons branched out in many directions

1839 CE-1860 CE: SASSOONS-ROTHSCHILDS UNITED ASHKENAZI CRIME MOB OPIUM DEALERS OF THE EAST AND WEST WERE PART OF BRITISH OPIUM WAR KILLER SHIP — The Nemesis Steamer Gun Ship built entirely of iron had two pivot-mounted thirty-two-pounders (canons), several six-pounders (canons) and swivels, and a rocket launcher and was a privately owned (British East India Company) and armed steamer war Ship — Britain’s Secret Weapon in their Opium Wars with British demanding China let Opium destroy their citizens.

1840s CE-1909 CE: SASSOONS-ROTHSCHILDS UNITED ASHKENAZI CRIME MOB OPIUM DEALERS OF THE EAST AND WEST — Moses Sassoon (1828 CE-1909 CE) moved to Egypt where he built the financial house Joseph Sassoon & Sons and became an agent for Crédit Foncier in Egypt.

1840s CE-1900 CE: SASSOON OPIUM TRADERS CONTINUED TO TRAFFIC IN DRUGS PROBABLY TO TODAY — The Sassoon family is a generation of the kingdom of King David’s family. Sassoon’s eight sons also branched out in many directions like ROTHSCHILD’S SONS. The Sassoon family was heavily involved in the shipping and OPIUM production and trade industry from India to poison China. Elias David (1820 CE–1880 CE), his son by his first wife, had been the first of the sons to go to China, in 1844 CE. He later returned to Bombay, before leaving the firm to establish E. D. Sassoon in 1867 CE, with offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Another son, Albert Abdullah David Sassoon (1818 CE–1896 CE) took on the running of the firm on his father’s death, and notably constructed the Sassoon Docks, the first wet dock built in western India. With two of his brothers he later became prominent in England, and the family were friends of the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII. One daughter of the family, Rachel Sassoon Beer bought a number of newspapers in England, including The Sunday Times (1893 CE–1904 CE) and The Observer, which she also edited and spread the BRITISH ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB LIES AND PROPAGANDA!

1857 CE: SASSOONS-ROTHSCHILDS UNITED ASHKENAZI CRIME MOB OPIUM DEALERS OF THE EAST AND WEST — A rebellion against THE BRITISH EAST INDIA TRADING CRIMINALS in India was called the Indian Mutiny with mass murders and massive starvation imposed on the Indians by the British traders. The government took over rule of India from the East India Company.

1859 CE: SASSOONS-ROTHSCHILDS UNITED ASHKENAZI CRIME MOB OPIUM DEALERS OF THE EAST AND WEST — Gustave Samuel James de Rothschild, Baron de Rothschild (1829 CE-1911 CE) was a French banker and scion of the French branch of the Rothschild family. He was the second son of James Mayer de Rothschild and Betty Salomon von Rothschild (of the German branch of the same family). In accordance with Rothschild tradition, Gustave was expected to marry a cousin, and his family hoped that he would propose to his cousins Mathilde Hannah von Rothschild or Evelina de Rothschild. Instead, in 1859 CE Gustave married Cécile Anspach, the daughter of a high official in the Court of Cassation and they had six children.

1870 CE-1900s CE: BRITISH ROTHSCHILDS AND SASSOON CRIME SYNDICATE IN ENGLAND — Of those who settled in England, Sir Edward Albert Sassoon (1856 CE–1912 CE), the son of Albert, married Aline Caroline de Rothschild, and was a Conservative member of Parliament from 1899 CE until his death. The seat was then inherited by his son Sir Philip Sassoon (1888 CE–1939 CE) from 1912 CE until his death. Philip served in the First World War as military secretary to Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig and, during the 1920s CE and 1930s CE, as Britain’s undersecretary of state for air. Another descendant of David Sassoon is the British banker and former Treasury’s commercial secretary James Meyer Sassoon (1955 CE-TODAY CE). He was mentioned in the Paradise Papers as one of the beneficiaries of a tax exempt Cayman Island trust fund worth $236 million in 2007 and defended it as being of non UK origin.

1871 CE: SASSOONS-ROTHSCHILDS UNITED ASHKENAZI CRIME MOB OPIUM DEALERS OF THE EAST AND WEST — Moses’ son Jacob Sassoon (1850 CE–1936 CE) was one of the largest cotton plantation and slave owners in Egypt, and owned cotton mills. During the American civil war his older brother Nissim (1840 CE–1917 CE) made a fortune exporting Egyptian cotton to England making him Egypt’s largest cotton exporter. In 1927 CE Jacob Sassoon co-founded of Misr Spinning and El-Ghazl Weaving Company also using many slaves from Africa. In Aleppo, Syria Nassim Eliau Sassoon (1911 CE-1988 CE) was a wealthy drug trader and Bankster in Aleppo. Elias Sassoon was Joseph Sassoon’s most influential and wealthiest descendant, in 1940 he was sent to Alexandria to attend the prestigious boarding school, Victoria College. He later joined his family’s business in 1946 where he worked for the family’s business in Egypt.

1887 CE-1912 CE: SASSOONS-ROTHSCHILDS UNITED ASHKENAZI CRIME MOB OPIUM DEALERS OF THE EAST AND WEST AND FORMAL UNION OF SASSONS AND ROTHSCHILDS CRIME FAMILIES — Edward Albert Sassoon (1856 CE—1912 CE) was a graduate of the University of London and became an opium drug dealer for the Rothschilds Crime MOB and even married a ROTHSCHILD daughter, Aline Caroline de Rothschild in 1887 CE and they two children Philip Albert Gustave David Sassoon (1888 CE-1939 CE) and Sybil Rachel Betty Cecile Cholmondeley (Sassoon), Marchioness of Cholmondeley (1894 CE-1989 CE) both tie the Sassoons and Rothschilds together for EVIL. In 1899 CE Edward Albert Sassoon was elected as the Liberal Unionist Party Member of Parliament (MP) and was an Anglo-Jew from India. In 1910 CE Sassoon proposed a bill in the House of Commons that would make installation of wireless telegraphy on passenger ships compulsory, and with the planned sinking of the Titanic the 1914 CE International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea made Sassoon’s proposal a reality. This gave Rothschilds Crime MOB control of key military assets at sea. In 1912 CE he died and was placed in a mausoleum in an Indian style in Brighton, UK.

1890s CE-1970s CE: SASSOON-ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB INVESTED THEIR OPIUM DRUG MONEY IN OIL COMPANIES — Among the many holdings, the family had at the time included interests in the Burmah Oil Company (1886 CE-2000 CE), Turkish Petroleum Company (1929 CE-1972 CE) and the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company or APOC became BP (1908 CE-Today), a textile factory, a large cotton export business and interests in both the General Company of Commerce and Industry of Greece (later Attica Enterprises Holding S.A.) and Atlas Maritime. David Solomon Sassoon (1871 CE–1956 CE) had been an investor in Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, which later partnered with Standard Oil to provide markets for the oil reserves in the Middle East. In 1906 CE, SOCONY (later became Mobil) opened its first fuel terminals in Alexandria with financing provided by David Solomon Sassoon. Elias Sassoon was a devoted Zionist and in 1952 CE he cofounded Banque Du Caire and expanded his drug and cotton trading (family’s) businesses to France, Brazil, South Africa and the United States where the family exported cotton to and had maintained trading posts since the 1800s CE.

1900s CE-TODAY CE: SASSOONS-ROTHSCHILDS UNITED ASHKENAZI CRIME MOB OPIUM DEALERS OF THE EAST AND WEST — wanted Iraq and Syrian OIL and used the the Turkish Petroleum Company (TPC) . David Solomon Sassoon secure the interest of the Imperial German banks and companies, already involved in the building of the Berlin–Baghdad railway, which he played an active role in its financing (USURY INTEREST). This Rothschilds German interest was followed by British Rothschilds MOB interests when David Sassoon became an agent for the ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB in the Ottoman Empire. In 1911 CE, in an attempt to bring together British and German interests competing in the region, Sassoon formed a consortium of British investors composed of banks and companies and formed the African and Eastern Concession Ltd (expanding the Rothschilds Crime MOB). In 1953 CE Elias Sassoon used these MOB networks to expand his family’s investment interests to include mining concessions in Africa, of course, using slavery. In 1957 CE the new Egyptian post-revolution government under Nasser nationalized all European particularly British and French companies and banks. The government also began expelling foreigners and the Jewish community of Egypt once again and many were forced to leave the country with no more than one suitcase and most had their assets and properties seized by the Revolutionary Council. The Sassoons were among those, whose assets were confiscated and in 1966 CE Elias Sassoon and his wife were taken to the port in Alexandria and expelled from the country. Elias’ wife who was an Egyptian citizen was declared a non-citizen, and at the request of the Egyptian government, Elias’s Syrian citizenship was revoked. They were given laissez-passer (travel documents) and ordered aboard a ship bound for Greece, however, their son Edouard Elias Sassoon (1948 CE–1985 CE) who was a medical student at the University of Alexandria was denied exit visa. The Egyptian government accused Elias Sassoon of using his family’s banking MOB network to help smuggle assets out of the country and demanded that he return his assets held in Europe before his son is allowed to leave. After paying what amounted to ransom money, totaling £4 million and the intervention of both the French and the Greek governments, Edouard Sassoon joined his family in 1971 CE, with his wife. Elias Sassoon had established Sassoon Cattaui Investment Holding (later, Providence Group), a privately owned family hedge fund with Moise Cattaui in 1961 CE in Switzerland with assets from the Sassoon Family Trust, which had been formed in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1910 CE. In 1970 CE, the partners moved the company Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles) a private family investment group, which is not required to register with the SEC or comply with reporting requirements under the Dodd–Frank, reform act. It is said that at the time of formation of the Fund, the total value of assets under management in 1961 CE was £25 million. It is rumored that at the time of Elias Sassoon’s death, the Fund, which is not required to file its financials with the SEC had over $100 billion of assets under management, most of which are assets of both the Sassoon and Cattaui families. Today, Elias Sassoon and Moise Cattaui’s only heir is their grandson, Eli (Elias) David Sassoon (1973 CE-TODAY CE), an American born former counterterrorism analyst and partner in a U.S. defense company but lives in Europe.

1900s CE: SASSOONS-ROTHSCHILDS UNITED ASHKENAZI CRIME MOB OPIUM DEALERS OF THE EAST AND WEST — Joseph Sassoon Sassoon (1855 CE-1918 CE), son of the Opium Dealer David Sassoon, went to Aleppo, Syria and setup a trading house serving mostly Jews in Alexandria, Thessaloniki, and Athens and he also setup a money laundering or money exchange house. Like the Rothschilds he had five sons that all branched out in specific directions.

1960s CE-1985 CE: SASSOONS-ROTHSCHILDS UNITED ASHKENAZI CRIME MOB OPIUM DEALERS OF THE EAST AND WEST — BRITISH RABBINICAL SASSOONS — The branch which carried on the rabbinical tradition has been represented by Rabbi Solomon David Sassoon (1915 CE–1985 CE), who moved from Letchworth to London and then to Jerusalem in 1970 CE. He was the son of David Sassoon who collected Jewish books and manuscripts and who catalogued them in two volumes, at Ohel David Eastern Synagogue, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, New York. This David was the son of Flora Abraham, who had moved from India to England in 1901 CE and established a famous salon in her London home. Solomon Sassoon had two sons, Isaac S. D. Sassoon and David Solomon Sassoon, who are both rabbis.

2016 CE: SOUTH CAROLINA — 8,000 – 11,000 Jews live in Charleston in 2011 CE the estimate was 6,000. But due to name changes these numbers are likely far below the actual counts.


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