SICKENING CASE OF ROTHSCHILDS MOB’s SPY Christopher David Steele (1964-Present) an ex-British MI6 spy (1987-2009)

SICKENING CASE OF ROTHSCHILDS MOB’s SPY Christopher David Steele (1964-Present) an ex-British MI6 spy (1987-2009) Who was Hired by Rothschilds Crime MOB agents in DNC & Hillary to DIG UP DIRT on Trump & Russia


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Steele – look at those sneaky eyes of a MOB hired DIRT DIGGER.

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1964 AD: Steele was born to a Welch father and his grandfather was a coal miner in Wales. The background of his mother is not clear.

1986 AD: Steele went to Cambridge and wrote for the student newspapers, Varsity and was in the debate society. He received a degree in Social and Political Sciences in 1986 and instantly had a job with MI6 in London.

1990 AD-1992 AD: Steele worked in Moscow for MI6 at the British Embassy. British government tried to suppress his name being shown in a DSMA-Notice in 1999.

1993 AD-1998: Steele worked in London for MI6.

1998 AD-2002 AD: He was assigned to Paris under diplomatic cover.

2003 AD-2006 AD: Steele was at MI6 torture site at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan training troops in “kill or capture” missions and also taught new MI6 recruits.

2006 AD-2009 AD: Steele served MI6 as head of the Russia Desk in London. He reported to John Scarlett, Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), from 2004 to 2009. Steele developed case that Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned by Russians in 2006.

2009 AD: Steele with another ex-MI6 spy setup a London-based private spying firm near Buckingham Palace. Steele is the author of debunked dossier that claims Russia had a file of blackmailing & compromising info on Donald Trump.

2010 AD: Steele helped FBI organize an attack on FIFA, The Football Association of England, who were seeking to be hosts for the 2018 or 2022 World Cups. Steele and FBI claimed FIFA was part of “Eurasian Organized Crime” (Russia attack). Steel met with the FBI to organize the attack on FIFA.

2014 AD-2016 AD: Steele privately worked for high level British & created over 100 reports on Russian and Ukrainian issues. Likely helping Rothschilds Crime Syndicate think tanks formulate their plans to overthrow the Ukraine Government that mass murdered 10s of Thousands of Russians & Ukrainians. Of course, all this was shared with Soros & CIA in Switzerland & USA and Hillary Clinton who assigned Ashkenazis to do the overthrow. The Ashkenazis in the UN & USA loved the stuff Steele reported and used it to develop case for sanctions against Russia and to blame Russia for the CHAOS the UK & USA created in Ukraine.

2015 AD: The GOP Washington Free Beacon, hired Fusion GPS, a private D.C.political dirt digging firm, to dig up dirt on GOP candidates. DNC & Hillary used the same firm through their shared attorney at Perkins Coie, Marc Elias.

2016 AD: DNC & Hillary directed and funded Fusion GPS to hire & pay British Private Spy Christopher Steele to dig up DIRT on Trump & Russia – Verified by CNN. DNC & Hillary crowd financed the Steele DIRT digging on Trump and together produced the now DEBUNKED Trump dossier. Steele sold the DNC by providing a July 2016 report he had written to a senior FBI agent in Rome that was the result of DIRT digging done with the FBI on FIFA and the “EURASIAN MOB”. The coverup claim is that Steele by early October 2016, he had grown frustrated at the slow rate of progress by the FBI investigation, and cut off further contact with the FBI. Like he would toss away his $$ bread and butter arrangement with the FBI.

2016 AD: COLLUSION of FOREIGN SPY STEELE WITH US MEDIA — In September Steele held a series of off the record meetings with journalists from The New York Times, The Washington Post, Yahoo! News, The New Yorker, CNN, and David Corn of Mother Jones. Obviously, Steele was closely working with the British GOV & Rothschilds Crime Syndicate to undermine TRUMP who the MOB claims to HATE for short-circuiting their plan for One World Dictatorship (Like USSR worldwide).

2016 AD: Steele lied that he (Not Rothschilds MOB) decided to pass his dossier to both British and American intelligence officials after concluding that the material should not just be in the hands of political opponents of Trump, but was a matter of national security for both countries. Always they use the HIGH SOUNDING BULL to sell their VILE PLAN.

2016 AD: David Corn article October 31 mentions the dossier that Steele had briefed him on but did not publish the bizarre dossier itself. But Corn did detail the unverified allegations.

2016 AD: SURPRISE TRUMP WIN shocked the DNC & HILLARY so badly they dropped the ball on Steele’s DIRT digging for a short time. DNC may have even turned off further funding of Steele’s DIRT digging via Fusion GPS.

2016 AD: But supposedly Steele continued to work for Fusion GPS on the dossier without a client to pay him (Rothschilds MOB of course continued their funding as they never let go).

2016 AD-2018 AD: After the election, Steele’s memos “became one of Washington’s worst-kept secrets, as reporters — including from The New York Times — scrambled to confirm or disprove them.”

2016 AD: Nov 18, Rothschilds KEY US SENATE PUPPET John McCain met with Andrew Wood, ex-British ambassador to Moscow (1995-2000) & Rothschilds MOB agent at the Halifax International Security Forum in Canada, briefed McCain about details of the FAKE DOSSIER to be used to DESTROY TRUMP! Wood easily sold the long-term MOB puppet McCain on the Steele Dossier being real. In Dec 2016 McCain was given a copy of the debunked dossier by Ashkenazi David J. Kramer, a former U.S. State Department official working at Arizona State University and within days met with FBI Director James Comey to pass on the information for the Rothschilds MOB as if he did not already have access to that garbage.

2017 AD: Steele setup another SPY Company called Chawton Holdings with the same MI6 guy, Christopher Burrows. Probably funded by SOROS (& Rothschilds Crime MOB).

2017 AD: January 11, The Wall Street Journal finally revealed that Steele was the author of the faked DIRT dossier on Trump. By then the dossier had circulated among the COMPROMISED MSM and was OLD NEWS & “common knowledge” among journalists for months. Ironically, the British Telegraph newspaper claimed Steele’s anonymity had been “fatally compromised” but the Telegraph knew the Rothschilds MOB had wanted his name released. Along with the other MOB rag, The Independent, they pretended Steele was afraid the RUSSIANS would do him in, but nothing happened as of today inn 2018. Even after all this release of information Steele’s partner in DIRT DIGGING would not “confirm or deny” that Orbis had produced the dossier. Obama received a two-page summary (he had the Dossier long before as he and Hillary were in on hiring Steele) by early January from Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, FBI Director James Comey, CIA Director John Brennan, and NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers. Trump also received the same two-page summary around that time.

2017 AD: March 7, Some members of the U.S. Congress wanted to Steele’s testimony and after weeks of hiding out Steele appearing publicly on camera and stating, “I’m really pleased to be back here working again at the Orbis’s offices in London today.”

2017 AD: Jan 10, BuzzFeed published the full 35-page dossier even though they could NOT verify or corroborate any of the allegations. This makes BuzzFeed a Rothschilds MOB Puppet. In August lawyers for Russian internet entrepreneur Aleksej Gubarev, who was mentioned in Steele’s dossier, demanded Steele give a deposition regarding the dossier, as part of a libel lawsuit against BuzzFeed News. A US Judge forced Steele to comply.

2017 AD: Jan 10, UK GOV (ROTHSCHILDS MOB) issued a notice to their media not release Steele’s identity as the Rothschilds MOB wants full control using their BBC puppets to release Steels’s name that same day. Obviously, both the Rothschilds and Israelis arre in on the EXTREMELY FAKE DIRT DIGGING REPORT! Israeli news spread Rumors and Dirt on Steele Dossier implying Russian influence over Trump.

2017 AD: Trump & Putin both vigorously denied the dossier’s allegations, calling it fake news. Even Former British ambassador to Russia the Dossier “look pretty shaky” & expressed doubts due to discrepancies in the dossier and doubted Steele having any insider access to Russian information. Supposedly Steele bribed enemies of Putin to get his DIRT.

2017 AD: Summer Investigators from Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation team met with Steele to interview him about the dossier’s claims.

2018 AD: Jan 5 Senator Grassley called for a DOJ criminal investigation of Steele lying to the FBI and his COLLUSION with US Media regarding the contents of the dossier. McCain & Democrats want that BLOCKED! Ashkenazi Fusion GPS lawyer, Joshua A. Levy, and Peter Zeidenberg called the referral “nonsense.” Grassley said Steele’s conduct was equivalent to that of George Papadopoulos and Michael Flynn, two Trump aides that pled guilty to lying to the FBI.


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