The Black Nobility

The Royal Families by MIP Peru Nov 21, 2013 as described by Duke Mehal Rockefeller

Click for Source Article on Rockefeller Interview

Tony Zee interviewed Duke Mehal Rockefeller — Highlights by Dave Stewart

DOWNFALL OF THE BRITISH MONARCH & EMPIRE by Duke Mehal Rockefeller: All the Queens Horses and All the Queens Men could not put Humpty Dumpty together again.


1953 Ceremony of Elizabeth II had all regalia of the ceremony, the crowns, scepters, robes, sphere and bracelets, were taken from the Tower of London & kept in Westminster Abbey In the House of Jerusalem. Liz’s Coronation Ceremony was steeped in satanic-Aryan tradition even the stone her bum sat on was the Stone of Destiny which Edward I had stolen in 1246 from the Abbey of Scone from Scotland, meant for Ireland from Israel via Egypt known as Jacob’s Pillow. The Archbishop of Canterbury turned to the north, south, east, and west (the four points of the Pagan cross) and the congregation shouted “God save the Queen”. This was symbolic of the story in the Old Testament describing the crowning of ‘Saul’ as King of Israel when people shouted “God save the King” and is found eight times in the Old Testament when the Kings of Israel are crowned. The Queen sat on the Coronation Chair holding the Egyptian symbols, a scepter and a rod. On top of the scepter is the Maltese Cross and on the rod there is a dove. Liz later holds an orb with a Maltese cross on top, like those used by the Dutch wing of the Black Nobility. So Babylon is now London and Queen Elizabeth is seen by the Brotherhood as a symbolic successor to the legendary founder of Babylon, Queen Semiramis, who was symbolized as a ‘dove’. The Queen was also anointed with oil at their coronation, the ancient tradition Aryan and Satanic-Aryan that goes back thousands of years (the word “Christ” means “anointed”). This was all pure Brotherhood symbolism.

The oil was the same mixture as used in the ancient Middle East and was carried in a gold vessel called the Ampulla made in the form of a dove and was the same symbolic process used in Egypt by the Royal Court of the Dragon which supposedly elevates the monarch to the rank of High Priest (of the Church of England). And all while the Archbishop of Canterbury said:

“As kings, priests, and prophets were anointed: and as Solomon was anointed by Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet, so be thou anointed, blessed and consecrated Queen over the peoples that the Lord your God has given you to rule and govern ….

History of Jerusalem Chamber Room in Westminister Abbey built of the same cedar wood brought from Lebanon that was used to build the Pharaonic Temple of Solomon. The Jerusalem Chamber appeared in scene IV of William Shakespare’s Play Henry IV. The tapestry in the chamber depicts the Judgment of Solomon.

1065 Westminster Abbey was Built in its current version was started by the Templar controlled, Henry III. Westminster Abbey, the “catholic church” is in fact a Pagan temple. Even the floor is made of black and white squares like a Templar & Freemasonic temples.

1066 William the Conqueror was directed by the Black Nobility of Venice (Satanists) to conquered England. William and his St Clair supporters invaded England and won the Battle of Hastings. The Windsor family is a Black Nobility bloodline of the Brotherhood, and the Queen was crowned in the Brotherhood ceremony inside a Templar-Masonic Brotherhood temple.

1300s The Jerusalem Chamber at Westminster Abbey was built and was made an ecclesiastical entity of the Church of England (Germany & Norway) in 1540 when they dissolved the monastery.

1413 Henry IV of England died in the Jerusalem Chamber.

1611 The Committee to rewrite the British Authorized Version of the Bible was done in the Jerusalem Chamber as hand-picked “scholars” met to “authorize” the King James Bible under the overall supervision of Sir Francis Bacon and Robert Fludd, the Grand Master of the Priory of Sion (in Switzerland) and the British royal family still holds the copyright for this bible.

1643 Westminster Assembly met there until its dissolution.

British King, Edward VIII & Philips have Nazi Roots were Nazi supporters and Philip maintained communications with Edward after his forced abdication in 1936.

19 US presidents are related to British King, Edward VIII & therefore Prince Charles.

The Queen Mother, formerly Lady Elizabeth is from the Bowes-Lyon lineage of Brotherhood-Satanic Scottish aristocratic family.

British people have been the victims of the theft of 300 palaces and 20,000 pieces of priceless artwork linked to the Black Nobility.

The Queen owns Virginia Company and its vast wealth from USA citizens and The British Crown still owns America (with the Vatican) + London-based Satanic Brotherhood

FACT: It is forbidden to mention the queens wealth in parliament

Delta Airlines uses the Delta symbol that refers to Pharaonic triangle or pyramid like the elitist U.S. military unit called Delta Force and the Trilateral commission + The Pornographic collection in Congress is known as Delta.

500+ foreign banks have offices in the City of London & UK-based banks accounted for 16+% of all global lending = Staggering figure for these small islands. The interlocking of directorships between these 500+ banks and businesses are simply breathtaking.

British Rothschilds own and/or control of the media = AP + BBC + Reuters + Hollinger Inc. + Thomson, News Corporation + Pearson + Reed Elsevier + Washington Post + New York Times + CNN + NBC + CBS + ABC + ……

British-Swiss Rothschilds use the British Royalty as part of a CRIMINAL SYNDICATE are Robbing Humanity & The planet + Causing massive death & destruction & misery around the world. All paid for by TAXES ON 99% OF HUMANITY!

House of Windsor are the family of the Black Satanic Nobility bloodline that works the Brotherhood Agenda. The Rothschilds & Windsors are the most prominent satanic families on earth & operate humanity as animals for periodic harvesting using global manipulation.


The Queen’s Crown with 12 jewels has two depictions of the Maltese Cross used by the Nazis.

The ‘Lord Almighty’ was formerly El Shaddai or Ishkur, the son of Marduk, who says he was the son of the scientist Anunnaki, Enki, who according to the Sumerian texts was created as a human-Anunnaki hybrid.

Queen Elizabeth II bloodline of William III (1650-1702) and Black Nobility that invaded British Isles, William the Conqueror (1028-1087). William III of the Black Nobility ordered the creation of the Bank of England and firmly established the power of the City of London over humanity. William the Conqueror is a descendant of Robert the Bruce, Kenneth MacAlpine, and the Kings of Scotland, and is related to the ancient Irish Kings.

Queen Elizabeth carries the bloodline of the Black Nobility in Germany back to the Black Nobility Venetians through to the Phoenicians, and Egyptians.

Prince Charles traces to Edward III (1312-1377), the monarch who formed the Brotherhood Order of the Garter.

William of Orange, William III, died in 1702. He and his wife, Mary, left no heirs and so Mary’s sister, Anne, became queen. Anne was the last of the Stuart monarchs because although she had 17 children of her husband, George of Denmark, she survived them all. In 1714 the scene was set for the takeover of the British Crown by the German Black Nobility family, the Hanover.

The first Hanoverian king was a minor nobility, George I, who could not speak English and refused to learn yet ended up as King of Britain. He kept his wife, Sophia, in jail for 32 years for his alleged adultery with a Swed and evidence indicates he ordered her Swedish lover be murdered.

House of Hesse was the launching pad for the House of Rothschild.

1744 LINK TO HOUSE OF HESSE: Mayer Amschel Bauer, an Ashkenazi Jew, was born in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1744, the son of Moses Amschel Bauer, a money-changer and the proprietor of a counting house and decides to change the family name to Rothschilds, meaning “RED SIGN” that he hung outside his money changing house. Some say the family traces back to Izaak Elchanan (Rothschild), born in 1577. Virtually unknown for 167 years the secretive family became known for money-changing with a RED SHIELD outside the storefront and his father had traded with the Prince of Hesse (House of Hesse) and so they focused their efforts to serving Nobles and Monarchs. The new kind of international bank created by the Rothschilds was impervious to local attacks as their assets were held in financial instruments, circulating through the world as stocks, bonds and debts, so their real wealth was beyond the reach of the old-time MAFIA and greedy monarchs. They operated in TOTAL SECRECY ABOUT THE SIZE OF THEIR FORTUNE JUST LIKE THE TEMPLARS OF SWITZERLAND AND SCOTLAND and they only allowed family members to run the business and arranged marriages for centuries to insure family integrity. Later they saw a chance to infiltrate high nobility using marriage as a tool for wealth building. So the Rothschilds became the NEW CRIME SYNDICATE or MAFIA, and were virtually untouchable. They branched out with brothers founding branches in all the major centers of Europe and their CRIME SYNDICATE covers virtually all the world.

During Queen Victoria (1837-1901) the Empire British controlled 40% of the Earth’s land mass and 25% of the population and was the greatest empire the world had ever seen. Victoria married Prince Albert of the German Black Nobility House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and had nine children. Victoria has an image of being very prudish, but like the Rothschilds, Winston Churchill, and other apparent pillars of the establishment, was a frequent user of cocaine and heroin. Drug parties were held at the royal summer residence at Balmoral in Scotland. The first son of Victoria became a Grand Master of English Freemasonry until 1910. During WW I the name of the royal house was changed from the German Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to the House of Windsor. The reason for this sudden change was public relations. The Germans and the British were slaughtering each other in the trenches of northern France at the time.

Prince Philip of Denmark & Greece, like LIZ was an equal member of the Black Nobility, Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark and was born in Greece as a Battenberg (Jewish name) and changed that name to Mountbatten for acceptance in England. So his marriage to LIZ made the British Royal house, the House of Windsor-Mountbatten (Actually Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Battenberg). Both have the genes of the Black Nobility with a pagan satanist origin.

FACT: The “families” of European royal families are one family = Offshoots of the same Black Nobility bloodline operating to the same Satanic Agenda.

An example of this is the way Prince Philip’s clan became the royal family of Greece, after British Intelligence organized a coup against the Greek King Otto I (a German!) in 1862, Prince William, the nephew of the Danish king become King “GEORGE” of Greece. The Black Nobility operated like a multinational company covering its executive (per-made) vacancies. George, had married a granddaughter of the Russian Tsar Nicholas I and Prince Philip is related to seven Tsars and to Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and more. One of Philip’s ancestors is Count of Oldenburg (?-1167) was one of the two people who founded the European dynasties of the Black Nobility. Philip was in line King of Greece but another coup removed the Greek monarchy and the family fled to France and was educated there in “Schloss Salem” school training students to be a Supremacist FASCISTS under the control of the Nazi party at that time. It had quite an impact on Philip.

Philips Fascist relative headed the Intelligence Bureau in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin during the war and was the director of Max von Baden at the Versailles Peace Conference Rothschild controlled.

Philip helped direct Prince Charles to study in Scotland at the Gordonstoun Academy, to become a good supremacist Fascist and Prince Charles was fully indoctrinated. Prince Philip’s family was in favor of the Nazi Party and by 1935 Prince Christoph, the husband of his sister Sophie, was a colonel in the SS on Himmler’s staff and headed an Elite intelligence operation controlled by Hermann Goering to gathered intelligence on Jews and others whom the Nazis targeted. This Intel agency ran the famous Night of the Long Knives when Hitler removed his key opponents. Christoph’s brother, Philip of Hesse, was related to the King of Italy and was the official liaison between the fascists of Italy and Germany. At the same time, the British King, Edward VIII, was also a Nazi supporter and Philip maintained communications with him after his forced abdication in 1936.

SAD FACT: The British & American public school system are a vital part of the Brotherhood network used to produce robots or emotionally broken people who have learned to do exactly as they are told. = PURE MIND CONTROL and legalized child abuse. ‘Prep’ means preparation to be indoctrinated.

SAD FACT: THE ROYALS & PRETEND ROYALS face even more MIND CONTROL IN SCHOOLS (like Philip & Charles). While the public school system is horrific the Royals faced worse than that in a different way. Prince Charles, was sent to Eton prep school where children must conform to the rules, regulations and thought control or they incur wrath and are forced to serve as slaves to senior students teaching domination and control over others including the ‘joys’ of inflicting pain and torture on others. If you refuse to be a slave you face endless beatings and being forced to stay in ice-cold baths in an attempt to break your spirit. These schools and the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, produce deeply imbalanced psychopaths who enter positions in finance, politics, and military. These psychopaths give the orders and those of broken spirit do as they are told without question, as they have been trained to do. They also force a lack of female company which encourages homosexual activity (like the Knight Templars) and many of these people find it very difficult to relate to women.

Tony Blair, the Brotherhood chose to become British Prime Minister (1997), attended Fettes College in Edinburgh, Scotland, run by a pedophile Satanist who persistently abusing children in the school. Then Blair, who is close to the Windsors, went to Oxford University and became a lawyer in Inns of Court, a professional association in London at Old most important entrance to the City of London called the Temple Bar.

Edward VIII, was also a Nazi supporter and the official reason for abdicating was Edward’s relationship with the American divorcee, Wallis Simpson. Edward went into exile to the Rothschild mansion in Austria for only 325 days and later settled in a Paris home, later bought by Edward Mohamed Al Fayed in the 1990s and Diana and Dodi Fayed visited the house on the day they died. One of the biggest supporters of Edward was the fascist pedophile and Satanist Lord Louis Mountbatten, uncle of Prince Philip and Philip’s ticket to British royal family. While Mountbatten (Battenberg) was fake fighting on the British side during the war, he maintain communications with his German clan perhaps providing key information.

After WW II British King George VI, Liz’s father, sent ex-MI5 officer, Anthony Blunt, to the Kronberg Castle of Philip’s sister, Sophie, and her Nazi husband Prince Christoph of Hesse, to recover correspondence between the British royal family and these NAZI relatives. And Blunt was exposed as a member of a unit of the “KGB” within British Intelligence working with Lord Victor Rothschild. In fact it was a unit of the Brotherhood and, ultimately answerable to the KGB. Victor Rothschild, 3rd Baron Rothschild, (1910-1990), was an officer of the UK Security Service (MI5) during World War II that worked with a known KGB SPY and was likely one himself. He was born into Jewish family, but in adult life Rothschild declared himself to be an atheist. Rothschild was recruited to work for MI5 during World War II in roles including disinformation and espionage and was the head of the “explosives and sabotage section”. In 1993, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, six retired KGB colonels, including Yuri Modin, the spy ring’s handler, alleged Rothschild was the “Fifth Man” saying, “Rothschild was the key to most of the Cambridge ring’s penetration of British intelligence…He had the contacts. He was able to introduce Burgess, Blunt and others to important figures in Intelligence such as Stewart Menzies, Dick White and Robert Vansittart in the Foreign Office…who controlled MI-6.”

Click for Source Article on Victor Rothschild

Later Rothschild channelled funds to Encounter, an intellectual magazine founded in 1953 to support the “non-Stalinist left” in advance of US foreign policy goals. When Anthony Blunt (MI 5) was unmasked as a member of the Cambridge Spy ring in 1964, Rothschild was questioned by Special Branch. Rothschild was head of the Central Policy Review Staff think tank from 1971 to 1974 and provided policies to the Government of Thatcher until Thatcher realized the impact and need it at least in public. Oddly, Rothschild continued to work in security as an adviser to Margaret Thatcher.

1971 Rothschild was awarded an honorary degree from Tel Aviv University for ”the advancement of science, education and the economy of Israel”.

1987 During the Thatcher Government, Victor Rothschild played a role in the sacking of BBC Director General Alasdair Milne, who backed programs Thatcher government did not like.

1987 Parliamentary privilege was used to call for Victor Rothschild’s prosecution for a chain of events he had that was a “breach of confidence in relation to information on matters of state security given to authors”.

When Blunt was finally caught in 1980, Queen Elizabeth apparently demanded that Victor Rothschild not be questioned on his clandestine mission to Kronberg Castle. Always on the spot, Lord Mountbatten, the arch manipulator for the Black Nobility, helped Rothschilds.

The Black Nobility

Click for Source Article on Victor Rothschild as KGB SPY

The Windsors are wealthy beyond description & called the “world’s richest woman” in the Royal FIRM that inherited the accumulated wealth of the Black Nobility ancestors of the Queen in land, homes, art treasures and jewels. Most of it is tax-free including the Royals 300 castles and palaces like Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Kensington Palace (where Diana lived), St James Palace, (the London base of Prince Charles), Holyrood House in Edinburgh, Balmoral Castle in Scotland and Sandringham in Norfolk where Diana first met Prince Charles.

Click for Source Article on History of the Black Nobility

Cullinen Diamond was a peace-offering to British royalty after they INSTIGATED the Boer War in South Africa which was FAKED (Engineered) by the Rothschilds, Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner, and the Rothschilds run Round Table.

Like the Rothschilds The Royal family lets the ROTHSCHILDS BANKSTERS do “Insider trading” of their positions using privileged information to make financial killings through their secret Black Nobility network no common person can even dream of. It was revealed in 1977 that the Bank of England, the creation of the Black Nobility, had founded a company called Bank of England Nominees Ltd (Boen), to hide investments of the Queen.

King Eduardo VII of United Kingdom (1841-1910), a leading Freemason, was also close to the Rothschilds, the Sassoons (an offshoot of the Rothschild bloodline), and Americans Payseur Rothschild clones, Morgan + Harriman + Barings + Morgan Grenfell + Bank of England.

Queen Elizabeth invests Rio Tinto + Royal Dutch Shell + ICI + + BP + General Electric = Makes sense because these are all pillars of the Black Nobility. + She also invests in Rothschilds DRUG RUNNING (since at lease 1873) out of places like Afghanistan and the reason Americans are forced to pay soldiers to guard poppy fields. + She invests in fixing the price of uranium for LOOTING more FORTUNES, as Discovered in 1976 U.S. Senate committee, chaired by Frank Church, that exposed the sting. + She even screwed the Nation of Australia out a fortune in uranium and tossed out the Prime Minister (SHE HAS THAT POWER) to cover it up.

Queen owns massive hidden parts of America (Virginia Company) & The British Crown still owns America.

1966 two U.S. congressmen in the congressional record showed Queen Liz owned one of the world’s largest plantations in America called Delta worth even at that time some $44.5 million ($BILLIONS TODAY) paid a pittance to its hundreds of black laborers. The criminal Khashoggi, a relative of the Fayeds, is a partner of George Bush, who is a close friend of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Since 1968 the company Delta and Pine Queen government subsidies attracted $1.5 million and $120,000 to the Queen for not planting cotton on farmland she owns in Mississippi. + The Queen is the biggest owner of slum property in New York City and her holdings include the theater district, Calle 42.

The core families that own and control the world economy is a relative handful = Rothschilds & Windsors are two at the top = A Black Nobility Brotherhood Cartel or CRIME SYNDICATE that controls every aspect of the global economic network from Banks to Media to Intel Services all coordinated through their secret societies and think tanks. One of their most important vehicles is the operation of the City of London & the Windsor House called the Club of the Isles. They Engineered the Crimean War, the Russo-Japanese war, preparations for the First World War and the Opium Wars with China, WW II, Vietnam, Iraq and all wars since WW II.

One of the Rothschilds-Windsor Black Nobility companies in the United States is Archer Daniels Midland, headed by the Bilderberger, Dwayne Andreas, one of the main financial backers of deeply corrupt U.S. politicians. They control & fund all sides of every war and all parties and policies in America and UK.

BRITISH-SWISS ROTHSCHILDS & The Black Nobility has made the City of London financial center worldwide since its arrival en masse with William of Orange. Today this center is home to over a quarter of the turnover of foreign exchange in the world and London Stock Exchange lists more foreign companies than any other. Ninety percent of the cross-exchange trading in Europe is managed by the City and is the largest issuer of Eurobonds in the world. Futures markets leading commodity in Europe are based here, such as the London Metal Exchange, the International Financial Petroleum Exchange and the London Commodity Exchange. ALL LOOTED WEALTH IS CHANNELLED BACK TO THE ROTHSCHILDS IN UK OR SWITZERLAND the most secret enterprises in the WORLD. THESE SATANIC CRIMINALS VIEW 99% as ANIMALS TO BE HARVESTED! The city of London Criminals dominate the global fund management for foreign institutions and governments and all these City operations have ZIO-NAZI Freemasons in prominent positions with 500+ foreign banks having offices in the City.

Resume of the Brotherhood?.

Lord Armstrong of Illminster : Treasury civil servant British (1950-1964), Assistant Secretary of the Treasury (1967-1968) private secretary to the Minister of Finance (1954-1955 and 1968), Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister Edward Heath (1970-1975), Deputy Permanent Secretary of State (1977-1979), Secretary of Cabinet (1979-1987), head of the Home Civil Service (1981-1987); Poster Rhodes (1975 -), Director of Inchcape ( 1988 -), Director of NM Rothschild (1988 -), Director of Rio Tinto (1988 -), Director of Shell (1988 -), Director of the Royal Opera, Covent Garden (1988).

Imagine the power you have to control events when you control all companies and the governments that make decisions affecting those companies. Add to that the control of the media via organizations such as the BBC, the Reuters & AP news agency, New York Times, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc., and you control the world. More than that, people do not know this is happening and therefore you can continue indefinitely without challenge or exposure.

The Rothschilds made much of his fortune funding wars and became heavily involved in British and American Intelligence. The coordinator of these frauds include Evelyn de Rothschild and Jacob Rothschilds. These criminals bleed and mass murder across all humanity (CARE NOTHING ABOUT SIDES LIKE RIGHT & LEFT) and even bleed the Vatican Bank of enormous sums (P2 Scandal). They setoff false flags all planned by their think tanks including 911 and started ever MAJOR WAR SINCE 1770s. Each part of the network sub-contracts its assassinations to another branch to make the truth harder to establish. Rothchilds CRIME SYNDICATE stinks so high it cannot be measured. The Windsors are part of this CRIME SYNDICATE controlled out of the Rothschilds City of London with the WAR MAKING ARM PAID FOR BY AMERICANS IN THE RANGE of $20+ TRILLION SINCE YEAR 2000. These criminals care ZERO about right & left and USE EVERY TOOL LIKE ZIONIST + NAZIS + COMMUNISTS + BANKSTERS + EVERY EXCUSE FOR HUMANITARIAN WAR TO DESTROY HUMANITY AND LOOT MASSIVE WEALTH WHILE THEY CREATE A NEW WORLD DICTATORSHIP!


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