Templars in White Cover with a Templar Red Cross like Switzerland Raided and Conquered and Robbed Massive Wealth

FACT: First Crusade to Holy Land was in 1096.


After the First Crusade (1118) The 9 Middle-Age men, original TEMPLARS all from same family, volunteered to go to Jerusalem as Knights TEMPLARS

9 TEMPLARS spent 9 years on the TEMPLE MOUNT of King Solomon who was likely an Egyptian Pharaoh who placed 200 Tons of Gold somewhere within the Temple Mount = They dug down to find that Gold and then quickly shipped it back to France as they raced home to France.

Templars became VERY RICH after reaching home from Robbing the gold and riches of the Temple Mount by tunneling under the Temple Mount & transferred TONS of gold & silver by ship back to France

Templars then used their “PROTECTING THE CRUSADERS” SCAM to GAIN another FORTUNE! With help of their Church Nephew (A future Saint) & the Catholic Church they soon raise a 2nd TAX FREE FORTUNE in land & donations from NOBLES across Europe

Templars trained their 10s of thopusands of new troops to be the most violent mercenaries in history and willing to mass murder and rob in any situation

In Middle Ages only first born noble son received property & wealth of family. So all the other sons in the Nobel family were left high & dry to make their way on their own = So they BECAME NOBLE TEMPLARS

Like the Muslims of the middle east the Templar Mercenaries did same kind of robbery, pillaging & plundering — Everywhere they went including when they returned home to Europe.

Templars discover & use today a 3rd far MORE VALUABLE FORTUNE = USURY BANKING of SWISS &Rothschilds

1291 was the END of the “PROTECTING THE CRUSADERS” SCAM and was same Year the Templars created Switzerland seeing the end coming they wanted a safe place in the Alps to hide their tons of gold and fortunes = CAVES

Templars lost their PROPAGANDA & SALES PITCH that gave them unlimited PERKS & SUPPORT IN EUROPE

KING PHILIP of France, deeply in debt to the TEMPLAR USURY BANKSTERS and threatened by a possible Templar Nation on his doorstep, went after the Templars capturing around 640 or so of the 20,000+ Templars and he tortured them for 5 years to gain confessions. But 10s of Thousands ran free to the Alps of today’s Switzerland and on their ships to Scotland . Only a hundred or so were prosecuted.

Templars knew Alps for over 100 years and saw King Philip or others possible attacks on them. So the Templars had long before stored their massive gold & wealth in caves in Switzerland & eventually used that wealth Swiss Templar Banks in Switzerland

10s of Thousands of Templars survived. They had prepared in advance their New Country Switzerland in 1291 & had stored nearly all their wealth and gold in Swiss caves and caverns.

Alps are filled with mountain caves & caverns perfect for hiding Templar WEALTH (gold & silver) = Soon used to start secretive SWISS BANKS

1291 Templars combined 3 Cantons to form New Swiss Nation in preparation for their stronghold perfect for raiding and robbing & murdering Europeans and running back to their mountain retreat. = 30 Year war is just one example.

Templars Mercenary Forces STRUCK FEAR in Europeans for 100s of years BUILDING even more Templar WEALTH on Mass Murders during raids.

While most Templars went to their well known Swiss Alps some also went by ship to Scottland (& formed Scottish Rite later Freemasons)

Swiss Templar Mercenary = Used Symbols of the Egyptian Pharaoh that were adopted by the Freemasons and the Swiss.

3+ Fortunes were gained by Templars = All laid foundation for secret SWISS ROTHSCHILDS BANKSTER EMPIRE we see today tha tis trying to create a Bankster World Dictatorship.

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Click for Source Article on Knights Tempalars

Knights Hospitalers = Came first

Templars had similar goals to the Hospitalers soon followed in a few years and gained the title “Knights of the Red Cross” on White background = Like Swiss Flag

Knights Templars = The “Order of the Poor Knights of Christ” with full name, “The Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple which is in Jerusalem” = Formed in Jerusalem in 1118

Today, the Knights Templar is the name of a branch of Freemasonry.

Knights Templars were founded as a small band of warrior monks who established a headquarters and during their travels to protect crusading tourists the Templars gained many possessions including the Ark of the Covenant which they hid for safekeeping.

French knights created the Knights Templars specifically as a military order (Hired mercenaries), with no pretensions of charity or aid to the sick. The hierarchy of the order was the grand master, knights, chaplains and sergeants. Only the knights wore the white cloaks with the red cross.

1128 The Order was confirmed by Pope Honorius II & Knights received White Flag as a symbol of purity of life. That year the papal sanction for the order was given under Spartan rules similar to those of the Cistercian Monks.

1146 Pope Eugenius added “the red cross with two bars”, now seen in the Swiss Flag.

The Templars rose to higher glory and power.

It is known that their adventures & incursions included robberies that built up their massive financial empire with vast holdings. From that the Templars created the first international banking system. The system covered the entire route to the Holy Land and allowed tourists to deposit funds in one location and withdraw capabilities at another location all along the route to the Holy Land.

Innovative early form of banking and may have been the first formal Banking

Templars Gained a reputation as great warriors in battles defending the Holy Land. But in 1187 Jerusalem fell to the Muslims, and the Templars retreated, first to Antioch, then to Acre (the port city of Akko).

The Knights Templars then moved to Acre, France for a century until the Siege of Acre (1189–91).
The Siege of Acre was a counter attack by King Guy of Jerusalem in response to the kingdom’s losses to Saladin, leader of the Muslims in Syria and Egypt. It became part of what later was known as the Third Crusade. The siege lasted two years and finally the Crusaders won which was a serious setback for the Muslim leader Saladin.

Then 100 years later in 1291, Acre fell to the Muslims, with Templar Grand Master William de Beaujue dying in the battle. The surviving Templars were the last to leave, departing to coast and then to Cyprus and the Templars at Limmasol. Finally, the Templars set their headquarters at the Temple Monastery in Paris and became Bankers using all the riches they had looted gold and other bounty in the crusades (taken from Palestine to Europe) and some donations from the Pope and others resulting in a TRUE FORTUNE. = This led to Templars gaining enormous wealth and power.

In 1200s France’s King Philip sought more loans from the Templars to finance his wars. And at some point the Templars refused Philip IV’s request for money, perhaps because King refused to repaying prior loans he had from the Templars.

Though the Templars had risen to higher glory and power, King Philip of France ended it a spectacular fashion by being prosecution and effectively driving the Templars out of France by a fraudulent King Philip into today’s Switzerland and Large portion of Austria and even into Scotland and Portugal.

Templars sensing problems in France, in 1291 FOUNDED SWITZERLAND after being harassed by the French King Philip.

By 1300s Knights Templar had become Europe’s dominant religious order with 7,000+ members strong and held 900 castles where unimaginable wealth in gold, land, silver, and that Ark of the Covenant.

The templars experienced smaller persecutions for years prior to 1300s. Prior to the King’s coming arrests and Court trials many Templars had fled over the Alps to Switzerland prior to the King’s large-scale persecution.

In France, King Philip IV owed the Templars a lot of money, and refused to repay. So he hatched a scheme with Pope Clement V. In 1307, the Pope summoned Jacques de Molay, the group’s Grand Master, to Paris. There they were supposed to enter negotiations on merging the Knights Hospitallers with de Molay’s group. But instead, he and his staff were arrested by King Philip and turned over to the Inquisition. Philip’s men swept through the country, in just two days arresting 15,000 men associated with the accused.

NOTE: The Templars believed that Jesus Christ after rising from the dead had conceived three children with Mary Magdalene, and moved to France after the crucifixion. The Templars traced and protected Jesus’s extended family who had married into royalty and became members of the French nobility who had divine blood in their veins. The Knights Templar dedicated themselves to protecting the lives of these descendants of Jesus, the Merovingians. King Philip found these Templar beliefs unacceptable and used it against them in court.

In 1307 After years of buildup on the First Friday in October The Kings Army rounded up most of the Templars still in France and put them in prison for what the King’s court call Satanism and many other “unnatural” acts, beliefs, and practices. Most were fabricated charges, but some could have been distortions of secret beliefs & rites of the Templars.

After the torture and trials the Templar order in France was Disbanded. Some Templars escaped to Portugal with short-term protection of its king. Many Templars that saw the events coming had fled to Switzerland and also Scotland and Portugal.

The Pope forcibly disbanded their organization in March 1312, announced in a Papal Bull accusing the Templars of having fallen “into the sin of impious apostasy, the abominable vice of idolatry, the deadly crime of the Sodomites, and various heresies.” Plus, renouncing Jesus and spitting on the cross.

The King tortured the Templars to encouraged confessions in the style of the Spanish Inquisition. Many templars were found guilty for refusing to “confess” and many were killed by burning at the stake. One was done in 1314 near the Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral.

March 1314, Templar Jacques de Molay was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Inquisition. The sentence was announced during a public ceremony at Notre Dame cathedral. In exchange for his full confession under torture, de Molay received leniency. But then de Molay suddenly retracted his confession saying, “I confess that I am indeed guilty of the greatest infamy. But the infamy is that I have lied. I have lied in admitting the disgusting charges laid against my Order. I declare, and I must declare, that the Order is innocent. Its purity and saintliness have never been defiled. In truth, I had testified otherwise, but I did so from fear of horrible tortures.”

So, instead of life in prison, de Molay and his subordinate Geoffroy de Charnay three days later were slow roasted (burned) over charcoal alive taking hours for them to die. Their ashes were collected for relics by Augustinian monks.

At the beginning of the Templar purge, Philip coerced the Popes to excommunicate the Templars and even attempted to have Pope Boniface VIII kidnaped. As a result the king was excommunicated, but Pope Boniface died as a result of the kidnapping attempt.

The new Pope Benedict XI lifted the excommunication of King Philip, but it was his successor, Pope Clement V, who finally went along with the King and, in 1312, ordered the Templars disbanded in not just France but all of Europe. The Templar’s wealth and property that remained in France (NOT Switzerland) was officially assigned to the Knights Hospitalers. But, in France, King Philip had confiscated all of the Templar’s French possessions at the beginning, in 1307 and that left very little for the Hospitalers.

Likewise, in England, King Edward II seized the Templars lands and possessions, including the Temple in London, and didn’t pass on anything to the Hospitalers.

The Templars had moved massive wealth to Switzerland and also continued to conduct raids and murders of Europeans to rebuild what they had lost to the Kings of Europe. That wealth resulted in the VAST BANKING SYSTEM of SWITZERLAND basically run by the Rothschilds and Templars.

NOTE ON PRIME TEMPLAR SITE: You can still visit the Knights Templars Castle at Greoux, France and events are offered to tourists. That location makes the end for the Old Templars in France.

After the declared end of the Templars in Europe in 1312 the Order continued in secret (Strong in Switzerland), with Jean-Marc Larmenius the first Grand Master of the now-secret organization, and the Order continued with an uninterrupted line of Grand Masters.

1705 a convention of New Templars was held at Versailles and the (NEW) Order of the Temple was renewed and legitimized as a Secular Military Order of Chivalry. The order continued above ground in France through the French Revolution in 1782 and in the early 19th century, the Order expanded, with over 20 Convents in France and Priories set up across Europe. The Templars brought back craft and custom from the East and left a legacy of fortresses and shrines. Their architecture is well noted for its skilled stonework, and their masonry expertise later helped Europeans build the great castles and churches of the Middle Ages.

Famous Templar places in France include:

Biot in Povence
Le Fugeret
Greoux-les-Bains – Templars’ castle dominates the town.
Lorgues – Templars Commanderie du Riou (1156)
Le Monêtier-Les-Bains -Templars chateau
Richerenches – Templars first Commanderie here.
Senez – once a Templars building in tiny village.
Trigance – Legends of Templars treasure hidden in castle.
Vacqueyras – Templars ruled.
Elancourt – a Templars Commanderie
In the Alpes-Maritimes, Templars from Vence to Nice.


Everywhere Templars establish themselves they also put up a monument from ancient Egypt such as the Washington Monument, a tall single stone Obelisk. These obelisks are still seen frequently in much of France, Switzerland and other surrounding areas.

An obelisk is a tall, four-sided, narrow tapering monument (single stone) which ends in a pyramid-like shape at the top. = Called “tekhenu” by Ancient Egyptians. = Necessitates technological ingenuity to elevate into vertical position a massive rock weighing hundreds of tons.

Obelisks were prominent in the architecture of the ancient Egyptians, who placed them in pairs at the entrance of temples.

Most modern obelisks are made of several stones = Washington Monument

Term “Stele” = Used for other upright, inscribed and sculpted stones.

Pylon of the Temple of Luxor = Has one remaining obelisk in front.

Obelisks of Egypt are now dispersed around the world, and fewer than half of them remain in Egypt.

Earliest temple obelisk is still in position at 68-foot and weighs 130-tons = Symbolizes the sun-god Ra. It was also thought that the god existed within the structure.

Largest tallest Egyptian obelisk is in Rome at 105.6 feet weights of 502 tons

In Constantinople, the Eastern Emperor Theodosius shipped an obelisk in AD 390 and had it set up in his hippodrome and it weathered the Crusaders in modern Istanbul at 95 feet and 420 tons.

Rome = Obelisk capital of the world. Many obelisks were transportation from Egypt to Rome by order of the Emperor Gaius (Caligula).



Terrorist Attacks are False Flags and no Hoaxes and a common strategy for the Templars.

Disinformation Agents say, nobody died – But People really die, as World Bankster Mafia has no problem sacrificing some of us in their geo-strategical game towards one World Dictatorship.


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