Big Pharma’s Diabolical Effort to USE FDA to Destroy the Vitamin-Herbal Supplement Industry

Big Pharma’s Diabolical Effort to USE FDA to Destroy the Vitamin-Herbal Supplement Industry


Big Pharma’s Diabolical Plan to Destroy the Vitamin-Herbal Supplement Industry by Joachim Hagopian, a West Point graduate, former US Army officer with a Masters in Clinical Psychology, Global Research, January 20, 2015

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FACT: Richest 1% = Own more than the rest of us 99%-ers combined

Our world has been hijacked and stolen by a handful of psychopathic rulers in Big Pharma drug DEALERS who are killing humanity with TOXIC KILLER DRUGS FOR PROFIT = Weakening immune systems = MASS MURDER 106,000+ AMERICANS PER YEAR = Gestapo-like tactics USED TO ATTACK vitamin-herbal supplement industry

AMERICANS = Turned away from the TOXIC PETROLEUM KILLER DRUGS = To more affordable alternative health for treatment and health maintenance = Vitamin supplement industry.

BIG PHARMA ZIO-MOB CRIMINALS = Descended on Washington to destroy the vitamin and herbal supplement industry = Pours $Millions into our elected representatives POCKETS!

BIG PHARMA ZIO-MOB CRIMINALS = 2011 GOT Law designed to kill the natural supplements industry.

Health expert Dr. Gary Null FIGHTS BIG PHARMA ZIO-MOB CRIMINALS = Produced an incisive, mind-blowing documentary called “War on Health” exposing the evils of the Food & Drug Administration that’s 40% funded by Big Pharma thugs out to destroy the vitamin herbal nutritional supplement companies.

Food & Drug Administration = USES Nazi tactics to raid + ransack + lock up + extort + attack small American companies selling healthy safe natural supplemental products = OPPOSITE of Big Pharma = TOTAL TRAITORS TO AMERICANS! = Big Pharma funds Fascist fed army of 100,000 FDA Gestapo agents to eliminate our choice over our own self-care, health and well-being.

2011 Owner and farmers supplied products to Rawesome Foods, an organic private food coop near Los Angeles = Raided and arrested and seizing $70,000 worth of healthy organic products. = Big Pharma out to kill all fresh food and natural supplement products to RUIN AMERICANS and or FREEDOM OF CHOICE to live an ORGANIC LIFE free from MONSANTO & GMO POISONS.

Big Pharma-FDA = Synthetic toxins endorsed by FDA who Serves Big Pharma + Big Agri-industry + Monsanto = WHO DESTROYS NON-GMO SEEDS AS WELL!

SAD FACT: Pomegranates, walnuts, cherries cannot be sold or advertised with the true claims that they have certain medicinal effects on human health = America is not longer a FREE nation.

Germany = An international organization in cahoots with the FDA to completely eliminate any and all options we have to use natural means of vitamin and herbal supplements for our own health = Regulates potency of vitamins reducing necessary strength of vitamin supplements to make them useless.

Article “The Evils of Big Pharma Exposed” = BIG PHARMA & MONSANTO = Growing cancers on HUMANITY! 50% OF BIG PHARMA DRUGS ARE LATER RECALLED AFTER DOING MASSIVE DAMAGE! = Vioxx killed 60,000 Americans before it was taken off the market and NOT one executive from either Bayer or Baxter was arrested or charged with MASS MURDERS = NOT ONE RAID AGAINST THESE Totalitarian CRIMINALS! BUT USE MILITARY & FASCIST METHODS AGAINST ORGANIC & NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS


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