History of Switzerland From 150000 Years Ago to Today – Major Timeline Events

History of Switzerland From 150000 Years Ago to Today – Major Timeline Events – videos and WW I & II Scams


Where did the idea of others dictating over HUMANITY come from?


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History of the Swiss Mercenary Templars Funding the Nazis and Benefitting Greatly

Includes the great Nazi (Swiss Bankster enabled) escape to Argentina & South America!


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Shows how the Swiss mercenary banksters infiltrate other nations to make Switzerland the Richest nation on earth.

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The Sinister Face Of ‘Neutrality’ FRONTLINE PBS – Fake Swiss Neutrality when the Swiss planned and directed the war funding and directing both sides.

The Swiss enriched themselves on the FALSE FLAG WORLD WARS being perpetrators funding and guiding the NAZIS. Switzerland was the favorite haven for Nazi bank accounts and safe deposit boxes.

Swiss banksters got rich off the lucrative business provided by the German Reichsbank and with individual Nazi officials. Towards the end of the war, when other neutral states refused to purchase gold directly from Germany, Switzerland continued to carry on this highly profitable trade. That gold generally came from two sources – the gold reserves of the central banks of the occupied countries and gold taken from individuals. Former East German archives (1944), show Himmler sent a train loaded with $100s of Millions in gold, jewelry and art objects to vaults of Swiss banks and steps included smuggling even more $100s of million in gold bullion to Switzerland. Swiss banks attracted and retained these assets. Diamonds stolen from over 1,000 firms in German-occupied Belgium were sold to Swiss and Spanish dealers.

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How Swiss oiled Hitler’s killing machine: Book claims ‘neutral’ Switzerland helped Germany fight on after 1943, by David Brierley March 23, 1997

May 1943, The German economy was wilting under the demand for “total war”. Production of arms had quadrupled since 1939 and this was set to rise still further as the Wehrmacht struggled to replace the losses of equipment on the Eastern Front. A chronic shortages of consumer goods existed. But supposedly neutral, Switzerland was happy to take German gold in return for hard currency and weapons, enabling the Nazis to continue their war effort = Extending the Second World War. Hitler, depended on the Swiss trade in gold for his ability to continue fighting the war. “The Swiss financed Hitler’s war of aggression…Without them, the war would have ended earlier and hundreds of thousands of lives would have been saved.” — Professor Ziegler

Dec 1943, a German freight train was derailed at Thun in Switzerland and its cargo included anti-aircraft weapons, tank turrets and heavy guns all approved by the Swiss government and the Swiss National Bank and commercial banks – were willing accomplices and eager helpers for the commercial greed. For cover, “Many financiers claimed at the time, ‘We’re saving Switzerland’. Yet after the autumn of 1943, Switzerland was no longer in grave danger. The Swiss treatment of the Reich was too generous.”

Switzerland gave Nazi Germany access to hard currency and world markets. Stolen and plundered gold worth $Billions was laundered by the Swiss National Bank, enabling the Germans to acquire crucial raw materials: manganese from Spain, chrome from Turkey, tungsten from Portugal and iron from Sweden. Most of the gold laundered by the Swiss National Bank was stolen from the central banks of occupied Europe. Berne accepted gold from Germany as late as April 1945, when Deputy Head of the German Reichsbank, was wined, dined and given “far-reaching” promises in Berne. Much of the Swiss National Bank’s gold was looted by Swiss “DESK CRIMINALS” numerous in Switzerland. The Swiss National Bank also financed the arms trade with Germany and lent money to Berlin to cover the difference between imports of Swiss arms and German exports. Swiss financial aid to the Nazis was in the $BILLIONS, but the Swiss got “FREE GOLD” with looted Belgium gold alone worth $Billion+.

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150,000 years ago hunter-gatherers settled in the lowlands north of the Alps in the Middle Paleolithic period. By the Neolithic period, the area was relatively densely populated. Remains of Bronze Age pile dwellings from as early as 3800 BC have been found in the shallow areas of many lakes.

1500 BC or so Celtic tribes settled in the area. The Raetians lived in the eastern regions, while the west was occupied by the Helvetii.

58 BC the Helvetii ran from invading Germanic tribes and moved into Gaul, but were driven back by Julius Caesar’s armies and the alpine region became integrated into the Roman Empire and was extensively Romanized in the course of the following centuries. The center of Roman administration was in East border area of Switzerland (Avenches).

100 BC Switzerland = Inhabited by Gauls and Raetians = Under Roman rule in the 1st century BC. = Gallo-Roman culture amalgamated with Germanic influence during Late Antiquity.

259 Germanic (Alamanni) tribes overran the area from Basel to Lake Constance (Upper German-Raetian Limes) and became a boundary of the Roman empire = Germanic settlements on Swiss territory at the border with the Roman Empire.

300 to 400 The first Christian areas were founded.

476 the fall of the Western Roman Empire, and Germanic tribes entered Swiss area in West and North and Germanic (Alamanni) settlers slowly forced the earlier Celto-Roman population to retreat into the mountains.

534 Burgundy became a part of the kingdom of the Franks and two years later, the dukedom of the Alamans followed suit. In the Alaman-controlled region, only isolated Christian communities continued to exist.

500s — Eastern Switzerland was incorporated into the Frankish Empire in the 6th century.

600s Irish monks re-introduced the Christian faith.

700s Medieval period Switzerland suffered under the Carolingian kings, the feudal system proliferated, and monasteries and bishoprics were important bases for maintaining the rule.

843 The Treaty of Verdun assigned split Switzerland east (Germanic tribes) and west and the eastern kingdom would become part of the Holy Roman Empire of Europe first under the Frankish king Charlemagne as Emperor.

917 and 926 Hungarians (Magyars) destroyed Basel and St. Gallen, and this ethnic group speaks Hungarian and settled Hungary.

955 the victory of King Otto I over the Hungarians (Magyars) resulted in the Swiss territories being reintegrated into the Holy Roman Empire.

1100s German Dukes gained authority over western territories and founded many cities, including Fribourg in 1157, and Bern in 1191. When the dukes died out in 1218 their cities subsequently became part of the Holy Roman Empire and other dukes then competed with the house of Habsburg over control of the rural regions.

1230-40s alpine passes gained importance as important direct route through the mountains and control of the routes was split up but allowed the empire direct control over the mountain passes.

1270s The Habsburg dynasty to gained much of the territory south of the Rhine under their control, aiding their rise to power and Rudolph of Habsburg, became King of Germany in 1273 and took control of the “Forest Cantons” of Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden and they lost their freedoms.

1291 (Aug 1) Knights Templars founded Switzerland uniting the Cantons of Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden. Knights Templars took control upon the death of Emperor Rudolf I of Habsburg, forming nucleus of the Old Swiss Confederacy. So Old Swiss Confederacy established its independence from the House of Habsburg and the Duchy of Burgundy

The Red Cross of Templar Switzerland

1300-1798 Old Swiss Confederacy

1300s Swiss Templars often invaded neighbors to ROB and murder when not hired as mercenaries. In their drive for WEALTH the Templars fought the Italian Wars gained territory south of the Alps from the Duchy of Milan.

1353 More Cantons added to the three original cantons = Cantons of Glarus and Zug and the city states of Lucerne, Zürich, and Bern, forming the “Old Federation” of eight states that persisted during much of the 15th century.

1386 Battle of Sempach the Swiss Templars defeated the Habsburgs, gaining increased autonomy within the Holy Roman Empire.

1440 to 1450 Zürich was expelled from the Confederation due to a conflict over the territory of Toggenburg = The Old Zürich War

1470s The Confederation’s power and wealth increased significantly, with victories over Charles the Bold of Burgundy with the success of Swiss Templar mercenaries.

1481 Even more Cantons added to Confederation = The traditional listing order of the cantons of Switzerland puts eight “Old Cantons” at top of list followed by cantons that joined the Confederation after 1481, in historical order.

1499 The Swiss Templars defeated the Swabian League to gained greater collective autonomy within the Holy Roman Empire, including exemption from the Imperial reforms of 1495 and immunity from most Imperial courts. = SIMPLY AMAZING POWER!

1506, Pope Julius II engaged the Swiss Templar Guard, which continues to serve the papacy to the present day.

Pre-1515 Templars Expansion, ROBBING FRANCE (Tortured Northern Italy and took control of Milan – The French gateway to Italy) and Europe, as the Confederation adds wealth and the reputation of invincibility acquired during the earlier invasions.

1515 the Swiss suffered its first setback as Swiss Templars were defeated in the Battle of Marignano when an amazing SURPRISE hit the Templars as the French remarkably used an Alpine passage by building a new road to haul 72 72 huge cannons over a previously unknown High mountain route. Some compared the feat to Hannibal’s crossing of the Alps.

Meanwhile east of Milan at Villafranca the French, captured the Papal commander in a daring cavalry raid deep behind the Swiss-Papal lines and the French seized a great deal of booty on the raid and 600 horses. This stunned the Templars who sought terms with the French as the Swiss Templars retreated to Milan and many Templars stung by the defeat were eager to return home to Switzerland with the MASSIVE BOOTY ROBBED over the years and urged terms with the French, that gave Milan back to the French. But more fresh Swiss Templars arrived ignored the agreement and were HUNGRY FOR MORE BOOTY as the Templar’s Cardinal of Sion (PROTOCOLS) sold the idea that a smaller Swiss Templar Army had always beaten the larger French army and that there were enormous profits of victory and ROBBERY for SWISS BANKSTERS and urged the Swiss to Templars into immediate battle and they sprang to arms from Milan in frenzied columns. Swiss and German Templar mercenaries encountered French forces at the little burnt-out village of Marignano on a featureless plain. The French had a combined arms force of infantry, cavalry and artillery wiped out the TEMPLARS leaving a battlefield of death and loss for the SWISS as the battle was a decisive victory for the French, the expected outcome for the far more heavily outnumbered and outgunned French but it still took more fresh forces from Venice to finish off the Swiss Templars. The Swiss had shown a lack of discipline under an ineffective command structure using a democratic vote by the troops which caused the foolish effort with NO UNITY under a strong command, but instead greed drove the vote to attack.

1523 The Protestant Religion was adopted during the Swiss Reformation led by the Great Minster church in Zürich and was then joined by Berne, Basel, and Schaffhausen, while Lucerne, Uri, Schwyz, Nidwalden, Zug, Fribourg and Solothurn remained Catholic. This led to multiple inter-cantonal religious wars.

1529 and 1531 Religious Wars brook out as each canton made the opposing religion illegal. But despite these wars the Confederation survived.

1618-1648 During the Thirty Years’ War, Switzerland was a relative NEUTRAL “oasis of peace and prosperity” in war-torn Europe (most severe in Germany), mostly because all major powers in Europe depended on Swiss Templar mercenaries, and would not let Switzerland fall into the hands of one of their rivals.

1648 At the Treaty of Westphalia, Switzerland attained legal independence from the Holy Roman Empire and the Treaty remained until the founding of the Cisalpine Republic by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1797 that aimed to unite all Italian lands into a single state, created tensions with Switzerland, which included Italian-speaking areas south of the Alps. On Oct 10, 1797, the French took control of northern Italy (Swiss controlled) and joining them to the New Italian republic. But A Cisalpine attempt to conquer Lugano by surprise failed in 1797.

1653, peasants of territories subject to Lucerne, Bern, Solothurn, and Basel revolted because of currency devaluation. Although the authorities prevailed in this Swiss peasant war, they did pass some tax reforms and the incident in the long-term prevented a Dictatorship as would occur at some other courts of Europe.

1656 Peasant tensions remained, and erupted again in the First War of Villmergen, and again in the Toggenburg War (or Second War of Villmergen), in 1712.

1789-1799 The French Revolution proclaimed the equality of citizens before the law, equality of languages, freedom of thought and faith.

1798 to 1848 Overview — In the wake of the French Revolution, Switzerland fell to a French Nepoleanic invasion in 1798 and was became the Helvetic Republic, a French client state. But Napoleon’s Act of Mediation in 1803 restored the status of Switzerland as a Confederation, and after the end of the Napoleonic period, the Swiss Confederation underwent a period of turmoil culminating in a brief civil war in 1847 and the creation of a federal constitution in 1848.

1798-1848 Napoleonic French army invaded and setup the Helvetic Republic with a central government with little role for cantons destroying traditional liberties and this was deeply resented and resistance was strongest in the more traditional Catholic bastions, with armed uprisings breaking out in spring 1798 in the central part of Switzerland. The French Army suppressed the uprisings. Most Swiss resented their loss of local democracy, the centralization, the new taxes, the warfare, and the hostility to religion. Note: Jews demanded to be recognized as in 1798, but were not granted equal rights with the Christians until 1879.

1803, Napoleon’s Act of Mediation partially restored the sovereignty of the cantons, and the former tributary and allied territories of Aargau, Thurgau, Grisons, St. Gallen, Vaud and Ticino became cantons with equal rights. Napoleon and his enemies fought numerous campaigns in Switzerland that ruined many localities.

1814-15 The Congress of Vienna of 1814–15 fully reestablished Swiss independence and the European powers agreed to recognize permanent Swiss Templar Mason neutrality. The Swiss state added cantons of Valais, Neuchâtel and Geneva to extending Swiss territory to its current boundaries.

1814 (April 6) Delegates from all the nineteen cantons met at Zurich to replace the constitution. Cantonal constitutions were worked out independently from 1814, in general restoring the late feudal conditions of the 17th and 18th century. A Federal Treaty was passed Aug 7, 1815.

1840s The liberal Free Democratic Party of Switzerland was strong in the largely Protestant cantons obtained the majority in the Federal Legislature. It proposed a new Constitution for the Swiss Confederation which would draw the several cantons into a closer relationship. In addition to the centralization of the Swiss government, the new Constitution also included protections for trade and other progressive reform measures. The Federal legislature, with the approval of a majority of cantons, had taken measures against the Catholic Church such as the closure of monasteries and convents in Aargau in 1841 including the seizure of their properties.

1844 Catholic Lucerne, in retaliation for closures of Catholic institutions, recalled the Jesuits to head its education and succeeded with seven Catholic cantons to form the “Sonderbund.”

1847 This caused a liberal-radical move in the Protestant cantons to take control of the national legislature and ordered the Sonderbund dissolved, igniting a small-scale civil war against rural cantons where strongholds of pro-Catholic that strongly favored the Pope’s opinions. The Protestants charged the Sonderbund with violation of the Federal Treaty of 1815, that forbids such separate alliances and decided to dissolve the Sonderbund on Oct 21, 1847. Catholics refused to honor the demand but were heavily outnumbered in population and soldiers by 20,000 and were not well-trained soldiers, officers and generals. A brief civil war between the Catholic and the Protestant cantons broke out (“Sonderbund War”) and The Sonderbund was easily defeated in less than a month with 130 killed and many Sonderband leaders fled to Italy. Eventually, the Protestants invited the defeated Catholic cantons to join them in writing a new constitution granting religious freedoms, but the Jesuits were expelled. The Swiss voted heavily in favor of the new constitution by 2 million against 300,000.

1848 Swiss Confederation a federal state with relatively autonomous cantons = Some 700 years = Among world’s oldest republics.

1848 to present Overview history of Switzerland and its Banksters have been largely prosperous. The Templar Banksters, like Rothschilds still instigate false flags and faked wars but let others fight their battles to mass murder and loot. The Swiss Templars hired out as mercenaries to all sides and so AMAZINGLY were protected as a FAKE NEUTRAL state for 170+ years now. BANKSTERIZATION and Industrialization transformed the traditionally agricultural economy of Switzerland. The so-called Swiss neutrality kept the SWISS UNTOUCHED during the World Wars and the success of the banking industry furthered the ascent of Switzerland to DOMINATION WITH ROTHSCHILDS OVER BANKING AND FAKED WARS claiming to be one of the world’s most stable economies while DRIVING THE DESTRUCTION OF NATIONS AROUND THE WORLD AS THEY have done since the Swiss Templars founded Switzerland in 1291.

1848-Present — Modern history of Switzerland. After the small the civil war, Switzerland adopted a federal constitution in 1848, amending it extensively in 1874 and establishing federal responsibility for defense, trade, and legal matters, leaving all other matters to the cantonal governments. From then, and over much of the 20th century, continuous political, economic, and social improvement has characterized Swiss history.

Switzerland has large primarily rural areas, but BANSTERING and BIG PHARMA and other industrialization including textiles, and silk products led the change in cities.

1888 women made up 44% of the wage earners with 50% working in textile mills followed by household servants. The share of women in the workforce was higher between 1890 and 1910 than it was in the late 1960s and 1970s.

1890s Swiss Universities had large numbers of female students receiving medical education.

1914-45 World Wars — PROTECTION OF THE BANKSTERS of Switzerland during both World Wars was a sickening aspect of Swiss Telpar Bankster history as they financed both sides of both wars — ROTHSCHILDS & TEMPLAR BANKSTER WARMONGERS Heavily funding Hitler through the Rothschilds Most Criminal Bank of International Settlements in Basel. The BANKSTER sold the idea as NEUTRALITY which is far from the truth as they instigated both wars with false flags, media lies, and propaganda. It was purely a POWER PLAY to protect themselves from being bombed. The Sound of Music was part of the after war propaganda.

1945 and the Glow from Wars — BANKSTERISM BUILT ON THE TEMPLARS MODEL AND THE ROTHSCHILDS ZIO-MOB caused Switzerland to emerge as the most prosperous nation in Europe—sold as the “Swiss miracle” by the LYING MEDIA when it was SCAMS AND FAKED WARS that they avoided using NEUTRALITY as their EXCUSE – A SUPREMACIST MESSAGE!

The LYING MEDIA claimed that during World War II, Hitler considered Switzerland. Which is insanely false as the Swiss were funding and directing Hitler. The SWISS BANKSTERS even pretended by having the Swiss General Henri Guisan, prepare the army for mass mobilization of militia forces against invasion. So bizarrely BANKSTER MENTALITY of manipulation. To this day Switzerland remains in their FAKE NEUTRAL POSITION in the HEART OF EUROPE as the Rothschilds-Templar MOB prepare for their ONE WORLD DICTATORSHIP! The BANKSTERS called Swiss funding of Hitler “economic concessions to Germany to delay invasion.” Concessions reached their zenith after a crucial rail link through Vichy France was severed in 1942, POOR TEMPLARS could not get their delicacies and panicked when no panic was ever necessary. Tell all this BULL to the French and Germans and Russians and even gullible Americans that DIED HORRIBLE DEATHS to enrich CRIMINAL MOB OF BANKSTERS! Listen to how the BANKSTER LIED as they FUNDED HITLER = “Attempts by Switzerland’s small Nazi party to (help) Germany failed miserably, largely due to Switzerland’s multicultural heritage, strong sense of national identity, and long tradition of direct democracy and civil liberties. The Swiss press vigorously criticized the Third Reich (WHILE FUNDING THEM), often infuriating German leaders. Switzerland was an important base for espionage by both sides in the conflict and often mediated communications between the Axis and Allied powers.” What a massive pile of LIES & PROPAGANDA!

Switzerland’s TEMPLAR BANKSTERS & ROTHSCHILDS FUNDED BOTH SIDES under the table but pretended they were being blockaded by both the Allies and by the Axis. Oddly, in earlier times the SWISS REMAINED NEUTRAL IN WARS BECAUSE THEY PROVIDED MERCENARY MASS MURDERERS TO BOTH SIDES! = 1618-1648 During the Thirty Years’ War, Switzerland was a NEUTRAL “oasis of peace and prosperity” in war-torn Europe (most severe in Germany), mostly because all major powers in Europe depended on Swiss Templar mercenaries, and would not let Switzerland fall into the hands of one of their rivals.

FACT: SWISS TEMPLARS & ROTHSCHILDS BANKSTERS COMBINED have created MOST IF NOT ALL OF THE WARS IN THE LAST THOUSAND YEARS. It is insane to think otherwise as they still do their false flags and MEDIA INDUCED WARS!


1940s War years — MORE EVIDENCE OF SWISS TEMPLARS POWER = They continued to export precision machine tools, and jewel bearings used in bombsights and MOST AMAZINGLY all during WW II the Swiss franc remaining a freely convertible currency which NO other currency in world enjoyed plus Germans sold large amounts of gold to the Swiss National Bank and BIS for 1.3 Billion francs = An unbelievable amount in today’s dollars. And Swiss knew that much of the GOLD WAS PLUNDERED LIKE THE TEMPLARS DID DURING THE CRUSADES from victimized NATIONS AND PEOPLES! As long as the TEMPLARS & ROTHSCHILDS had more TRILLIONS TO PUT IN THEIR VAULTS that was all that mattered to these SOUL-LESS CRIMINALS as millions of PEOPLE DIED IN THEIR FAKED BLOODY WARS! They even played up the Holocaust and the Holy-Cost Industry to coverup their INCREDIBLE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! THE SWISS TEMPLAR BANKSTERS HAVE THE NERVE TO SAY THEY DID NOT SIGNIFICANTLY HELP THE NAZIS — The TEMPLARS OUTRAGEOUSLY estimate their impact at 0.5% of the NAZI WAR FUNDING, an unbelievable LIE!

1940s War years — To FAKE their NEUTRALITY the SWISS BANKSTERS funded the internment of 300,000 refugees, but that was required by the Hague Conventions for neutral nations. But the racist Templars refused to allow refugees to hold jobs. They still harshly treat & discriminate against foreigners living in Switzerland.

1940s War years — The TEMPLAR BANKSTER run government attempted to thwart the activities of any individual, party, or faction in Switzerland that acted with extremism since BANKSTERS had interests on both sides and they wanted to APPEAR NEUTRAL!

1960s Naturally significant controversy arose among historians regarding the SWISS TEMPLAR & ROTHSCHILDS BANKSTERS funding Nazi Germany.


1950s Swiss Used the FAKED Cold War and the BANKSTERS even threatened construction of a Swiss nuclear bomb by the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich BUT SWISS POVERTY (ISN’T THAT A LAUGH) “Financial problems” prevented it + THE SUCKER AMERICANS ARE UNDER BANKSTER CONTROL SO LET THEM FUND IT!


1959 Funny how TEMPLAR BANKSTER DOMINATED SWITZERLAND pretends to be a leader in DEMOCRACY when the BANKSTERS CONTROL EVERYTHING IN THE NATION. They use the RIGHT-LEFT DIVIDE AND RELIGIOUS DIVIDE AND SOCIAL DIVIDE TO PREVENT ANY REAL DEMOCRACY! = “reflecting the powerful position of an opposition in a direct democracy.”

1963, Switzerland joined the Council of Europe.

1971 Women’s suffrage in Switzerland was introduced by popular vote but REJECTED.

1972 Switzerland signed a free-trade agreement with the European Economic Community and has participated in the process of European integration by way of bilateral treaties, but it has notably resisted full accession to the European Union (EU) even though its territory has been surrounded by EU member states since 1995, showing its SUPREMACY BANKSTER STATUS OVER EUROPE AND NOW THE BRITISH ROTHSCHILDS ZIO-CRIME SYNDICATE are exiting the EU to show THEIR SUPREMACY as well.

1979, A part of the canton of Bern setup a new canton of Jura.

1981 THE BIASED TEMPLAR BANKSTERS finally allowed an equal rights amendment to be ratified.


2002, Switzerland voters gave 55% of their vote in favor of joining the United Nations — AMAZING IT ONLY TOOK about 60 years and involved rejecting the idea in 1986 by 3 to 1. WE ALL KNOW THE UN IS A ROTHSCHILDS-TEMPLAR RUN FIASCO FOR BANKSTER WORLD DICTATORSHIP!

TODAY = Switzerland & CRIMINAL RUN Liechtenstein refuse to belong to the BANKSTER CRIMINAL CREATED European Union even though they are surrounded by EU NATIONS with even Austria joining in 1995.

2005, Switzerland BANKSTERS agreed to join the Schengen treaty and Dublin Convention.

2014, THE RACIST SWISS TEMPLARS voters approved a referendum to reinstitute quotas on immigration to Switzerland — COMPLETELY COUNTER TO JEWISH GOALS FOR DIVIDE AND CONQUER WITH IMMIGRATION!


2 thoughts on “History of Switzerland From 150000 Years Ago to Today – Major Timeline Events

  1. Very interesting and rings true but the evil that is manifested in the Swiss banks seems to run in all our INSTITUTIONS world wide. The hidden hand of the occult sciences is even deeper into this whole situation than we can hope to find in just one place or country. I try to be true to myself and faithful to the idea that we should do no harm while in this world. I refuse to belong to any association or union and no longer vote for others to bring ruin down on the country they run.
    It’s about all I can think of to do.
    Thanks for this blog post. I’m trying to keep away from the social media platforms now as they are just mind control projects for that hidden hand I just mentioned.


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