LaRouche Supports New Silk Road and Alternative No Usury Interest Banking of the BRICS including Russia & China

Fireside Chat with Lyndon LaRouche, February 4, 2016

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Obama & Clintons = London & Wall Street & Drugs (BIG PHARMA & DRUG TRAFFICKING) from Afghanistan & Anti-Glass-Steagall & Escalate 7 WARS to bring WW III & Agents of the British-Israel ZIO-MOB Empire Racketeers-Mass Murderers-Ritual Killings & Willing to use thermonuclear war for ZIO-MOB GOALS

The Real Enemy = Hillary & British-Israel ZIO-MOB = “I know that she’s a faker. I’m going to organize the kind of activity which will bring down Hillary.” — LaRouche

Larouche = Never Bernie won’t work Even though Larouche loves FDR. Refuses to Rally around Bernie Sanders who believes same things as FDR including the original Glass-Steagall. Bernie = Very weak on foreign policy issues and is just like Hillary and both are fakers. The medicine they represent is Poison and some of it sounds great but it is Poison & Bernie is not very bright.

Hillary = Takes drug money from George Soros, who is funding her campaign. Big Pharma doesn’t want to cure the disease = Goal of British Empire are for the spread of diseases + They’re against allowing the cure of that disease to be supplied. = Goal of TTIP & dominant feature in the trans-Atlantic agreement is the British ZIO-MOB Empire EVIL must be shut down this whole speculation system of FRAUD & DESTRUCTION OF HUMANITY & Reduce NON-JEW populations throughout the planet to make a cheaper and easier to RULE World Dictatorship not for humanity (as done before with mass death induced in periods of history almost wipe out the entire population of nations).

MSM media power of suggestion over a rather uninformed America = Can MSM be nationalizes and would it help? The fact is the quality of education in US since Bertrand Russell’s arrival on the scene in the 20th century has been in constant decline = Very children will have any minds at all left = Killed by these SICK CONCEPTS & MEDIA & HOLLYWOOD/MUSIC = Degeneration of the opinion of the American people away from thinking using facts = Poisoned Minds by British-Israel ZIO-MOB = So now if you are for popular opinion, there may be little chance of your survival.

BREXIT = People in UK have been struggling to REPLACE THE BRITISH-ISRAEL ROTHSCHILDS ZIO-CRIME SYNDICATE with a Queen for DECADES. Larouche says My great-grandfather founded the First Cavalry in the America for that period of service and there is still. much churning in UK for a fresh view of reality.

British System = History in France and England-UK and you find a lot of people fighting against the British slavery system. The English people are not inherently bad people, but many of them are and are in fact trained to be evil as we see in the Evil the British Empire did in India with mass murders for greed and domination of a terrifying system that took a lot more thought and deep thinking to devise = TODAY’S THINK TANKS DO THIS FOR THE BRITISH-ISRAEL ZIO-MOB NOW. There is NO GOODNESS in that system as it is DEVOTED TO SATANIC EVIL MOTIVES.

AIPAC = Filled the Senate & House to make BRITISH-ISRAEL Whorehouses = ANTI-AMERICANITES with no intellectual capabilities = PUPPETS to the BRITISH EVIL.

FACT: We have Big friends, in China = The biggest friends you could ever imagine, in China & Russia who want the most effective political institutions and System. Putin has shown miracle leadership in the reconstruction of Russia = A scientific miracle of physical science. Now we in America and the world have to grow up and have representation for what is best for people and society.

OUR GOAL = Human love for all humanity and creating a kinder next generation & society than past or present generations created = A society with morals and sound judgment = “We’ve got to make it right, finally!” = K-1 + Universities + Media + Banking + Military downsized + Health Care + Innovation and new businesses + Internet freedom + Insights + Purpose in living.

ZIO-MOB BANKSTERS Super-Bank = Bank for International Settlements (BIS) pushes nuclear war

LAROUCHE: Russia & China & INDIA are developing a NEW SYSTEM (Gandhi like = Note butchered by the British Monarchy) + Ronald Reagan was nearly murdered by the British Empire (Bush Assassins) + I was imprisoned by the British Empire and lived through that experience = People who do things, that lead mankind into higher states of development of mankind itself = Rare exceptional people who provide the stimulus which the entire population, the entire nation, will require.

PRESENT DANGER = The British-Israel Rothschilds ZIO-Crime Syndicate with a SUPER-PUPPET Monarchy serving as a FRONT! = Their Satanic threat exists in America called Wall Street & AIPAC using free money out of thin air to BRIBE AND BLACKMAIL our ENTIRE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT as a MILITARY ARM OF THE ZIO-MOB! = A PARASITIC ZIO-MOB ROBBERY OF $40.6+ TRILLION SINCE 2000.

Americans must unite (at least 3%) to do the kinds of things that will put mankind back on the road towards civilization. Russia is doing that now and so is China and India. = So there is REASON TO BE OPTIMISTIC if we target the replacement of the BRITISH-ISRAEL ROTHSCHILDS ZIO-CRIME SYNDICATE with a CIVILIZED CULTURE & SOCIETY ENHANCING INDEPENDENT NATIONS THAT SERVE THEIR CITIZENS AND NOT THE ZIO-MOB = GET RID OF THE British Monarchy that BIRTHED THE MOB IN ISRAEL to give humankind a CHANCE for progress!


Views of Lyndon LaRouche

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LaRouche’s economic policies, developed from FDR Socialist beginnings = Fixed exchange rates + Debt free currency + Regulations on Markets + Protectionist policies to protect industries and jobs + Fair trade agreements between pairs of nations + Reorganization of debt world-wide + Large-scale infrastructure projects + No more Globalization + Limited Immigration + Anti-British-Israel Rothschilds Crime Syndicate + Reindustrialization of America


LaRouche see major role for intellectuals helping workers develop their consciousness and realize their leading role in society. Seems to reject notion of “organic intellectuals” being developed by the working class itself.

LaRouche had ”more private-business experience than the great majority of academic economists” and disliked speculative over-capitalization with its white-collar crimes and fake currencies and silly = A “withering arm of philosophy” under the influence of British empiricists.

Reductionism = The content of human knowledge is limited to simple-substance-like, self-evident sense perceptions = Discredited outlook like empiricism = Fallacious assumption that the universe can be represented as discrete points interconnected by formal relations.

Bourgeois economists’ concern with prices & maximizing profits = Reductionism
LaRouche economic concerns values for humans.

LaRouche Program of reforms:

#1 A return to a gold-based monetary system with fixed exchange rates (remove speculators & manipulators)
#2 Replacement of the central bank system (FED RESERVE) with a national bank
#3 Prosecution of banks involved in drug & other money laundering to stop Rothschilds Drug Trafficking
#4 Large-scale economic infrastructure = Bridges & Tunnels that connect the World + Efficient Energies including Tesla & Fusion energy Rebuilding steel industry + Build particle beam laser weapons
#5 Growth in food production and a farm debt moratorium
#6 Low or no interest rates with NO ROTHSCHILDS BANKS = Public control of financial capital
#7 Never Bail out Banks for any reason = Placed in receivership by the state. = Force banks to reorganize under bankruptcy laws.
#8 No Speculation with Government Funds
#9 Strong support of FDR & Medicare New Deal
#10 Supports Alexander Hamilton idea of National Usury Free banking to develop production.
#11 Public money should save only the commercial financing of productive enterprises (NO SPECULATION)
#12 Real economic production rising takes precedence over Fake financial instruments going up = To Avoidable economic crises
#13 A moratorium on Third World debt.
#14 Opposes financial deregulation.
#15 Favors Reregulation of utilities, transportation, health care, finance, banking, and others
#16 Renewal of Glass–Steagall Act separation of banking from insurance & speculation + regulations on banks = Safety in savings and checking from speculators = “Homeowners and Bank Protection Act”
#17 Place federal- and state-chartered banks under protection
#18 Adjust all mortgage values to fair prices + Freeze interest rate at non-usury levels
#19 Write off speculative debt obligations of mortgage-backed securities
#20 Foreclosure moratorium with rental payments for an interim period
#21 Believes Bail-outs “reward corrupt swindlers with taxpayer money”
#22 Necessity of cultural and economic progress based on new technologies = The purpose of science, technology and business must be to assist this progress.
#23 Human life is the supreme value and it must develop into a high quality of life
#24 Emphasis on creating nearly free clean energy
#25 Left and right are false distinctions
#26 Against OBAMACARE SCAMS & Supports Medicare expansion.
#27 Against perverted exploitation of children and MSM pushing perverted sexual conduct that limits child births
#28 Capitalism as now practiced in UK & America is headed for a kind of fascism of the SUPER-RICH


Solving the Fresh Water Crisis
Build New Railways, Waterways, and Highways
Mag-Lev: The Technology of the 21st Century
Nuclear Fission: Bridge to Fusion Power
The Best Health Care for Every American
Restore Literacy and Classical Education
LaRouche’s Program for 6 Million New Jobs
Jumpstart’ for the USA from the ‘Productive Triangle’
Projects to Develop the World
Frontier in Space: LaRouche’s Moon-Mars Program
Revive Family Farming and Feed the World
END NAFTA robbery of Jobs and Industries

LaRouche SUPPORTS = Rationalists, idealists and utopians who believe in absolute truth and the primacy of ideas = Plato

LaRouche REJECTS = States many of the world’s ills are due to British philosophers & “oligarchs”, foremost among them wealthy British families (Rothschilds) dominating with corruption with their metaphysical and moral relativism that seeks to keep the general population uninformed.

LaRouche Aligns & forms relationships = With farmers + Engineers + Muslims + Teamsters + Conservatives +

ZIO-MOB MSM = Constantly demonize LaRouche = NY Times + WaPo = ZERO FACTS but constant lies and propaganda and NAME CALLING = ANTI-SEMITE + CONSPIRACY BUFF + Even call him a Communist = USED since they have ZERO FACTS against him.

LaRouche knows = The British-Israel Rothschilds-Rockfeller ZIO-CRIME SYNDICATE & their control over The Queen & Vatican is real and Soros + Rockefeller + Kissinger + CFR & British RIIA

2001 LaRouche = Said neocons dual citizens in American military took part in, or planned, the September 11, 2001 attacks = NOW PROVEN BEYOND DOUBT!

LaRouche = Socialism is the trade-off between necessity and freedom in a centrally planned economy.

LaRouche = Blames British-Israel Rothschilds ZIO-MOB for using America as a MILITARY ARM for ZIO-MOB Imperialism = Rothschilds driven “Anglo-Dutch system” of the British Empire that controls CENTRAL BANKS IN ALL BUT THREE NATIONS = Not unlike the Financial MOB of Medieval Venice. = ZIO-MOB crime syndicate protects itself from competition using CONTROL OVER THE MEDIA TO LIE AND SPREAD DEMONIZING PROPAGANDA & using DIVIDE & CONQUER or techniques of “controlled conflict” first developed in Venice. = BRITISH-ISRAEL ROTHSCHILDS ZIO-MOB uses false flags and lies like WMDs and ventilator babies lies to Fakes wars all planned by their many THINK TANKS WITH EXPERT SCAM ARTISTS.

LaRouche = Blames British Rothschilds GREED & IMPERIALISM for creation of Israel & Control over governments of UK + US + MUCH OF EUROPE = We should add to that the UN + NATO + MI6 + CIA + MOSSAD + IMF + BIS + WORLD BANK + Queen LIZ = WHO HAVE CONTROLLED THE DRUG-DOPE TRADE SINCE 1700s Opium Wars in China (REASONS US TROOPS ARE NOW IN AFGHANISTAN). = The Queen & Rothschilds: “Of course she’s pushing drugs. That is, in the sense of a responsibility, the head of a gang that is pushing drugs, she knows it’s happening and she isn’t stopping it,” Since it makes them FILTHY RICH on the populations demise + “laid bare the role of the London-centered offshore financial institutions and allied intelligence services, in running the global drug trade, from the time of Britain’s nineteenth-century Opium Wars against China.” = Through money laundering by HSBC & TRUMP CASINOS run by the Rothschilds financial elite of the City of London. + Jewish Banksters in the US south ran the cotton Plantations and colluded with the British Rothschilds ZIO-BANKSTERS to finance the South’s secession (Confederacy) movement causing the CIVIL WAR. British intellectuals attempted to control scientific progress in order to keep the world backward and more easily managed by Imperialism with Science controlled by ZIO-MOB for their BENEFITS such as spying and MILITARY DOMINATION OVER HUMANITY + Prevent FREE OR NEARLY FREE ENERGY and abundant food & water.

LaRouche Article = On influence of Leo Strauss within Neoconservatism and the George W. Bush administration, “The Essential Fraud of Leo Strauss”, was written in March 2003. = NOW ALL THE GENERATIONS OF BUSH CRIMINAL HISTORY IS COMMON KNOWLEDGE AMONG INFORMED PEOPLE and reason Jeb Bush was laughed out of the 2016 primaries. Pamphlets entitled “Children of Satan” details Straussian NEOCONS DUAL CITIZENS (PNAC group & other Israeli sympathizers) within the Bush administration that included colluders like Dick Cheney who deliberately LIED ABOUT WMDs to mislead American public and the US Congress into a FAKED WAR = AGAIN NOW FULLY PROVEN TRUE and verified by Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh in the NY Times. = A COUP and MASS MURDER OF ALMOST 3,000 AMERICANS on 911 to generate PUBLIC SUPPORT FOR THE FAKED ENDLESS WAR ON TERROR = ROBBERY OF $21 TRILLION FROM AMERICANS SINCE 2000 by RUMSFELD & RABBI ZAKHEIM + $17 TRILLION ROBBED FOR CRIMINAL WORLD BANKSTERS = BAILOUT SECRETLY DONE BY FEDERAL RESERVE ZIO-MOB FOR ROTHSCHILDS!

LaRouche = Believes the human mind is always growing & creativity is key to the Quality of Life that all humans deserve with a highly industrialized civilization reaching for innovation and interplanetary colonization. LaRouche wants unlimited near free energy for all the world’s people using suppressed and new technologies capable of providing all the world with cheap energy and says global warming is a scam to limit that and transfer wealth to the Rothschilds ZIO-MOB that owns 50+% of the worlds resources and wealth.

Typical British-Israel ZIO-MOB journalist Roger Boyes = Sicko resorting to TYPICAL ZIO-MOB TACTICS OF OPPRESSION & SUPPRESSION OF SPEECH, “Anti-Semitism is at the core of LaRouche’s conspiracy theories, which he adapts to modern events — most recently the war in Iraq.” LaRouche has long denied that his movement is antisemitic and said, “Religious and racial hatred, such as (referring to people) anti-Semitism [is] the most evil expression of criminality to be seen on the planet today”.

LaRouche’s = “Modern Zionism was not created by Jews, but was a project developed chiefly by Oxford University (British)….Zionism is not Judaism,” and was sponsored by the Rothschilds ZIO-MOB. = BRITISH BALFOUR DECLARATION TO ROTHSCHILDS CREATED ZIONIST ISRAEL ON TOP OF EXISTING PALESTINIANS = ROTHSCHILDS CREATED A HORRIBLE GENOCIDAL & APARTHEID CRIMINAL STATE.

Andrei Fursov, a historian and academician at the International Academy of Sciences in Innsbruck, Austria, in 2012 asked to comment on the characterizations of LaRouche in Western media, replied that intellectuals who have called LaRouche a fascist do not deserve to be called intellectuals, and that the charge has no basis in any real scientific analysis of politics. It comes from LaRouche criticizing the “totalitarian” system of the West.

FACT: Several members of LaRouche’s inner circle are Jewish.

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