The Pendulum Of Power

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Global change = British Rothschilds ZIO-MOB salivate for war = Caring zero for humanity and in fact wanting to do away with 95+% of non jews!

Rothschilds ZIO-MOB wants the final quake to impose their mafia world dictatorship!

Rothschilds ZIO-MOB owns both sides since they extract their own free money for their central banksters in almost any nation!

So there is no pendulum swing for the mafia since the own all sides with bribery and blackmail and threats and yes murders!

Of course the ZIO-MOB wants endless wars for looting but also want peaceful transfer of power between their puppets = foundation of mafia scam going undisturbed!

Rothschilds ZIO-MOB says don’t blame us for extracting all of humanities wealth = never “Blame (ZIO-MOB) for hardships on the shoulders of humanity’s leaders (Mob leaders) after all you get to choose which of our mafia puppets will lead you! Either side is as criminal and greedy as the British Rothschilds ZIO-MOB that controls them!

Always blame the people we pick and not the Rothschilds ZIO-MOB after all they are our pathetic front men or women! We know our policies will burn them out after a few years but we have more puppets in the queue!

You low-life masses must understand it is a wicked conspiracy theory to think we Rothschilds ZIO-MOB criminals have anything do with our chosen front leaders. We are just hiding in the background with our think tanks planning on how to mass murder 99.4% of humanity as we ZIONISTS impose our world dictatorship! We need our two fake side to fool you low life scum into thinking you have choices between our puppets! That is why we allow two parties!

Now you low-life masses get behind your picked puppet and be happy we have not eliminated you yet! Don’t worry be happy as your day is coming!

We want you to think you are in a democracy and so go ahead and criticize our puppet leaders but not us rothschilds ZIO-MOB criminals (that is a non-no and don’t call us dictators ever). Rothschilds ZIO-MOB is not entirely evil — only 99.4% evil.

We know no matter what happens we 99.4% get screwed and the ZIO-MOB gets $10 trillion more to put in their vaults as 50% of Americans are now officially poor! = f your “Whose benefit” as that is always the ZIO-MOB!

We humans would all like the British Rothschilds ZIO-MOB to have its usury interest and faked war scams and thousands of other think tank scams all destroyed along with the entire mafia! That is how we would confront the problems facing humanity! = end the threats, murders, and greedy scams you impose on humans!

We know that what we see “Publicly is only a fraction of what truly happens behind the curtain” where you Rothschilds ZIO-MOB criminals operate to destroy and rob humanity of the fruits of our hard work to store in some vault you can gaze at with your greedy eyes! You are the grave decision dictators until we route you out for good! You and the paper and gold wealth that leaves humanity to suffer! We know our learned are trained low-level managers taking orders from the MOB think tanks! Like CFR and fed reserve and our bought congress and president! = All a facade of power with you the criminal greedy Mafiosa pulling the strings!

Be at peace we have no reason to cause you harm by faking you out with a home we just rob a year or so later or fake wars where we have mass murdered 169+ million non-jews since year 1900 or charge 309% interest to the very poor or put your smartest children in massive student debts = see we love you to death all you non-jews we love you to death! So don’t worry be happy! = “Your leaders have no motivation to cause you harm, and in the interests of your safety, must often make decisions that you (your weak ass low-life minds) cannot understand and may seem suspicious when viewed out of context. You can always in four years select one of our other puppets!

There is nothing more dangerous to humanity than the British Rothschilds Zionist MOB! And now you criminals want to takeover completely imposing mass poverty and death in your vile power-hungry dictatorship!

It is time for the Rothschilds ZIO-MOB to face the hardships imposed on the poorest of the poor by your scams and war of death and destruction!

We Rothschilds ZIO-MOB have no fear of planet destruction using nukes or poisons or killing off entire species of humans and animals or of using new technology to wipe you out — we have no fear at all!

We have our pyramid and palaces and so what if billions of you die — it is a small price to pay for our luxury in our castles as you drown in debt or die of starvation! We will sleep well! And we will carry humanity forward even if all of you get eliminated! That is how wonderful we are! = Nothing bothers us least of all non-jew humanity!

May the winds of change fly up every ZIO-MOB ass and may you perish from the earth!  Like when Scrooge died — everyone will sing!  So cram your lies and propaganda in you pyramid and sacrifice some Rothschilds on them to save humanity! And now we are watching your every move so don’t worry a Bit!



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