Wall Street Journal: Israel Caught Red-handed Aiding al-Qaeda in Syria

Wall Street Journal: Israel Caught Red-handed Aiding al-Qaeda in Syria

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ISRAEL = Up to its neck in fueling the long dirty war in Syria = Caught red-handed providing aid and comfort to ISIS(L) terrorists as reported by the Wall Street Journal = ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu + US GOP + DEMS

ISRAEL = CAUGHT SUPPORTING al Qaeda, al Nusra and ISIS in Feb 2015 + Jan 2015 + Dec 2014 + Oct 2014 = A pattern of Israel’s support of terrorist groups = MASS MURDERS OF 250,000+ SYRIANS!

ISRAEL = CAUGHT = “A Free Syrian Army commander, arrested last month by the Islamist militia Al-Nusra Front, told his captors he collaborated with Israel in a video:

ISRAEL = CAUGHT = admitted to having entered Israel five times to meet with Israeli officers who later provided him with Soviet anti-tank weapons and light arms.

ISRAEL = CAUGHT = All of the so-called ‘Islamic Jihad’ terrorists groups operating in and out of Syria are completely focused on opposing President Bashar al Assad in Damascus – but have never once mentioned the plight of the Palestinian or raised a hand in the direction of the Jewish State of Israel.

ISRAEL = CAUGHT = Netanyahu gave a pep talk to Islamic terrorists resting in Israel, before sending them back into the fight in Syria.

ISRAEL = CAUGHT = Israeli troops are aiding the Nusra Front, al-Qaeda’s official Syrian affiliate.

ISRAEL = CAUGHT = A Wall Street Journal reporter on the ground in Mount Bental (part of the occupied Golan Heights) found that Israeli troops receive wounded al-Qaeda fighters, treated them in Israeli hospitals and send them back to continue fighting against the government in Syria.

As I pointed out in a previous column, the reports of UN peacekeeping forces since Nusra took over the checkpoint were highly suggestive of Israeli contacts and even military aid to the al-Qaeda rebels. But this Wall Street Journal report has confirmed the fact. = “Once the treatment is done, we take them back to the border and they go on their way [in Syria].”

ISRAEL = CAUGHT = True that US-UK supports ISIS & AQ = Veteran journalist Patrick Cockburn demonstrates this most convincingly in book “The Rise of Islamic State” + Israel is in a direct alliance with al-Qaeda in Syria to bleed the country and prolong the civil war.

ISRAEL = CAUGHT = “Nusra is a unique version of al-Qaeda,” retired Brigadier General Michael Herzog told the Wall Street Journal. “They manage to cooperate with non-Islamist and non-jihadi organizations in one coalition.” = From the think tank of AIPAC and former chief of staff for Israel’s defense minister.

ISRAEL = CAUGHT = Army spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner told Foreign Policy that the Israeli government has provided medical assistance to more than 1,000 Syrians = “We don’t do any vetting or check where they are from or which group they are fighting for, or whether they are civilians.” = Ehud Yaari, an Israeli fellow at WINEP, admitted that Israeli assistance has benefited ISIS(L) fighters.

ISRAEL = CAUGHT = Confirmed Israeli aid to al-Qaeda in Syria for three years now.

Tulsi Gabbard = AMERICAN HERO = Introduced Bill to Stop US Government Funding and Arming Jihadist Terrorists in Syria

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