CLINTON FRAUDS CONTINUED: “How Clinton Lost the Nomination” by Charlie Musgrove

CLINTON FRAUDS CONTINUED: “How Clinton Lost the Nomination” by Charlie Musgrove


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Hillary Clinton = Officially anointed this week as the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee = Chosen to be nominee long before the race ever began = Prevented the will of the people = She lost any moral legitimacy in her shameful, hollow victory

Hillary Clinton & DEM Party = Stained the democratic process brazenly subverting voters and the tallies for many states = To Fake a WIN! = Collusion with the DNC + CORP MEDIA + VOTING PROCESS + Working with their establishment counterparts at state and local levels to sabotage and stifle the Bernie Vote.

Hillary Clinton & DEM Party = Debate schedules to ensure the lowest possible viewing audience + Widespread voter suppression + Illegal changes to Party Registration + Manipulating voter registration rules + Forged signatures on voter registrations + Tally Fraud with scandalously high discrepancies in between exit poll results and actual voting tallies + Officials conspiring to paint Sanders as an atheist (WikiLeaks email dump) + Bill Clinton Blocking voters and violating laws in Massachusetts + So much more.

Hillary Clinton & DEM Party = Purposely disenfranchised new voters and then WITH ALL THE CHEATING created YOUNG disaffected and otherwise alienated or jaded AMERICANS as a man of principle and their DREAMS we’re cheated by DNC criminals = Cruel corporate, insider cronies

Hillary Clinton & DEM Party = As bitter a pill to swallow as the actual outcome is, at least one can take some comfort in the knowledge that she didn’t win on merit, she won through fraud and deceit. = Political equivalent of a state-sponsored, doped-up athlete.

Hillary Clinton = Didn’t win the Democratic Party nomination – she simply won the game of trickery, collusion and fraudulence that modern politics in this country has devolved into.

Bernie Sanders = Continued the Occupy Revolution opening the eyes of many millions of Young & Independent voters to how a $27/person Campaign can ALMOST BEAT A PACK OF CHEATING CRIMINALS in a TOTALLY CORRUPTED SYSTEM! = RAISED MORE MONEY THAN THE CLINTONS!

JILL STEIN = Continues THE REVOLUTION attracting those crestfallen and angry NEW VOTERS with many fights ahead going into them with their eyes wide open.

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