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The Calm before the Storm! = Berners Look ahead with Bernie BIGGER THAN EVER! = #NeverHillary! #StillSanders!

Election Fraud in California + Obama & Warren endorsIng Hillary = EXPECTED ZIO-MAFIA BLASTS to 98% of Americans

Bernie & The movement = Evaluating and preparing the NEXT BIG STEP

#1 Bernie still campaigning in Washington D.C. and is not quitting and is going to Philadelphia convention as promised Despite Clinton-Obama-Media pressure.

#2 Ignore all the media propaganda and LIES that try to undermine the Movement and Bernie and the Revolution!

#3 Keep united as the opposition tries to DRAG YOU INTO SUPPORTING A CRIMINAL FOR PRESIDENT = Favorite Tool of the MAFIA = Divide and Conquer

#4 Continue to donate and phone bank for Bernie in Washington D.C. = He needs every donation and phone banking assistance you can provide him with.

#5 Call on super-delegates to switch over to our side — Bernie who is best positioned to beat Trump + Hillary is under FBI investigation and TOXIC with 2/3rds of Americans NOT TRUSTING her + NEVER ENDING REVELATIONS ON THE CLINTONS CRIMES.

#6 Organize and peacefully protest from coast-to-coast in every state everyday = 10,000,000+ voted for Bernie + Millions more TRIED AND THIS IS A REVOLUTION NOT JUST A ELECTION PROCESS! Movements last DECADES not just one election cycle so protest peacefully to win the hearts and minds of the country and world!

HISTORICAL FACT: No matter the government, democratic or dictatorship, whenever 1% to 3% of a population gathers to protest, power-holders always give in. = 12,000,000+ voters are 3%.

#7 Communicate with each other to avoid confusion and disorganization! Use Twitter & Facebook and top-to-bottom line of communication, and a bottom-to-top line of communication. This has to be created and monitored continuously.

#8 Prepared for a third party run if Bernie is denied the Democratic nomination. The Green party is one party to consider. It has ballots in 25 states and will need petitions to get on 25 more. We should be doing that in concert with all of the other activities listed above. Jill Stein and the Green Party have already stated that they would change their rules to get Bernie on the top of the ticket. This is just a technicality that can be worked out between Bernie and the party. Must get all 50 states available for the GREEN PARTY.

#9 Be prepared to leave the DNC en masse if Bernie decides to run third party = Tell the Democratic Party we will do a political exodus so they can consider the implications that would create! This gives Bernie more leverage. If Bernie is NOT nominated, we must be DONE with this Corrupt Clinton Party and start A CLEAN NEW PATH! FIGHTING corruption is why BERNIE IS RUNNING and what this movement is all about. DO NOT REWARD CORRUPTION NO MATTER WHO!

#10 NO permission from THE CORRUPT MAFIA RUN SOCIETY/SYSTEM is NEEDED to start building a better society by starting from the community on up, and start electing and appointing people at the community level and start working our way up to build what we envision.

NOTE: Website popularresistance.org encouragment:

“To achieve transformational change, we must proceed on two tracks: protesting what we oppose, and building alternative systems to create the world we want to see. It is important for the public to see constructive action to build an economy and society which ensures that life will not only continue but will even improve if the movement succeeds. This strategy also helps to demonstrate the values of the movement.”

Also, “Instead of the corrupt and dysfunctional government in which we have the illusion of participating through elections and in which representatives are selected by Wall Street, people can build their own non-hierarchical democratic institutions that bring people together to solve community problems, pool talents, resources and energy, and allow real democracy to be practiced. This can happen at the local or national level.”

We continue building what we envision- from the ground up Empowering OURSELVES! = Positive + Optimistic = Like Bernie!

#11 The Revolution began before Bernie with Occupy and must proceed no matter what DECISONS Bernie feels he must make. = We don’t wait for Bernie for us to take action. Do not rest the entire future on Bernie. This is now YOUR/OUR movement! Bernie is one LEADER and messenger that carried the TORCH OF CHANGE. We must carry that TORCH with Bernie and carry it for the DECADES ahead. = Keep the fire Berning with or without Bernie by carrying this movement ourselves for a NEW AND BETTER FUTURE FOR ALL AMERICANS not just a MAFIA CONNECTED FEW! WE ARE BERNIE 3.0 and 4.0 and beyond!!! No matter what, this movement is not going away and nor should it be allowed to!

#12 Before Bernie this MOVEMENT had no funding, no cash on hand, no support at all from a CORRUPT PARTY AND MEDIA and BERNIE has proven that $27 from all of us once and awhile can CREATE $212,000,000+ = THANKS TO BERNIE WHO PROVED THAT — WE NOW KNOW THAT POWER EXISTS! + ADD IN MILLIONS OF BERNERS with a pair of shoes and a whole lot of heart and we have a REAL REVOLUTION!

ASIDE: BERNIE ran CLEAN and May still yet beat one of the most powerful political names in American history, with the entire establishment in her MAFIA stacking the odds and TRICKS against him. Bernie a year ago was not given an ounce of chance, but look at the REMARKABLE ACHIEVEMENT today — A MOVEMENT YES A REVOLUTION IS BORN and out-funded the opposition, and we created more energy than ever before with RECORD CROWDS! We did the impossible and will continue to do the IMPOSSIBLE! Bernie is still out there in the trenches in the battlefield fighting! Fighting for you and me! So do not give up yet. Stay in there!


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