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Democratic Party = Once the party of the New Deal and for the workers and American people.

Bill Clinton = Enemy of New Deal programs = Destroyed Welfare + Attacked Social Security + Champion of free trade deals.

Thomas Frank = Latest book, “Listen Liberal: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People?”

Frank = Corporate lobby groups + Growing power of money = Only part of reason = Real problem was decision by Democratic Party elites in the 1970s to marginalize labor unions and transform from the party of the working class to the party of the professional class = BIG MONEY BANKSTERS

New Democratic Party = Radically reorientation on SOLVING SOCIAL PROBLEMS = Killed the principle of solidarity and a large middle class replacing it with Competitive individualism and meritocracy = Becoming “the party of mass inequality” = Party turned its back on working people and now pursues policies that actually increase inequality and destroys the MIDDLE CLASS.

Evidence Dem Party increases Inequality = Under a Democratic so-called liberal president with the gains going entirely to TOP 10%.

FACT: Obama Played up Inequality = Even with a majority in both houses of Congress = He chose Rothschilds Mafia Wall Street Criminals to be in his administration who consistently made policies that favored the top 10% over everybody else + Helped MAFIA RUN Wall Street enormously. = KILLED FDR POLICIES that helped the American People in favor of CRIMINALS.

DEM PARTY CHANGE TO MAFIA ORIGIN = Transition in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s = Convinced they needed to abandon working people in order to serve a different constituency = THE ROTHSCHILDS ZIONIST MAFIA = Politely called white-collar professionals = Most important group in DEM coalition they serve and whose Leaders (Dem Party) are drawn from the MAFIA stratum of society.

Progressives = Support the MAFIA not the WORKERS = So it is NOT just the power of money in politics and DEMS ARE ROTTEN TO THE CORE with the MAFIA (I mean white-collar professionals – Sorry).

DEM PARTY = Well beyond just money in politics = They Chose the TOP 10% to represent is of course the story of money. = Decision was Hidden from view in the ’70s and ’80s but by 1990s it became clear under Clinton (thought fee saw it even then) to raise money.

DEM PARTY = COVERED THEIR SHIFT And Kept right on pumping Organized Labor, who even though they DUMP MONEY into the PARTY GOT NOTHING IN RETURN!

They have a lot of clout in dollar terms. However, they contribute and contribute to the Democrats and they almost never get their way—they don’t get, say, the Employee Free Choice Act, or Bill Clinton passes NAFTA. They do have a lot of money, but their money doesn’t count.

DEM PARTY CIVIL WAR = Fought with each other in the ’70s and the ’80s but Bill Clinton WON THE WAR FOR THE MAFIA in the ’90s. = Real Progressives cite Clinton as the time when things went bad.

DEM PARTY DECAY TO MAFIA = Started in 1968 election when party was torn apart by the Vietnam war protesters in the streets in Chicago + Dem candidate Hubert Humphrey LOST terribly = So Party set up a commission to reorganize the party, the McGovern Commission which set up our modern system of primaries.

DEM PARTY Before the McGovern Commission = NO long primary contests in state after state after state. Primaries are a good thing, as were most things the McGovern Commission did, but they also removed organized labor from its structural position of power in the Democratic Party as LABOR UNIONS took President Johnson’s side on Vietnam + Labor Leaders were very white dinosaurs out of touch and undemocratic. = Unfortunately, when you get rid of labor in your party, you also get rid of issues that matter to working people.

DEM PARTY BASIC MISTAKE in 1970s = Divorcing Working People and UNIONS began to decline and Union money shrunk. = Unions no longer have the presence in party councils — That disappeared.

DEM PARTY Shocking Quote = Alfred Kahn, a VERY IMPORTANT advisor to Jimmy Carter, who said, “I’d love the Teamsters to be worse off. I’d love the automobile workers to be worse off.” He then basically says that unionized workers are exploiting other workers. AMAZING ANTI-WORKER STATEMENT in 1970s in favor of CORPORATIONS AND MAFIA.

FACT: Kahn described unions incorrectly and was actually describing THE MAFIA Professionals = The protected class by the laws of every state that dictate who can practice in these fields. But Kahn, Mafia Agent, projects that onto organized labor and holds them responsible for the sins of another group.

DEM PARTY Liberal Carter Administration = Carried out the first of the big deregulations + Did great big capital gains tax cuts + Carried out austerity plan by FED Reserve (VOLKER) jackIng interest rates to sky high 18% MORTGAGES = CLUBBED the MIDDLE CLASS AND THE ECONOMY into THE GROUND = Claiming they had to stop “wage inflation” for WORKERS who had enough power to demand higher wages = Incredible MAFIA EVIL.

MAFIA CLASS (whoops professional class) ideology guiding principles = First commandment is Meritocracy that Those on top are there because they deserve to be = Advanced IVY LEAGUE Education + They Work Harder + High Achievers + Earned Credentials.

DEM PARTY LEADERS = Bill Clinton + Obama + Hillary Clinton = Tales of educational achievement that opened up the doors of the world = You get ahead by educational accomplishments. = Look DOWN on working-class people and say, “Those people didn’t do what I did” = Advanced Degrees + Right Colleges + High SAT Scores.

DEM PARTY IDEOLOGY (continued) = Washington is a city of MAFIA (professionals) with advanced degrees and say, “We’re all intelligent people. We all went to good schools. We know what the problems are and we know what the answers are, and politics just get in the way.” = Reach for consensus in their OWN GROUP OF EVIL = Avoid politics of the people (DEMOCRACY) since it is an ugly thing we don’t really need (WE SMART PEOPLE HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS INSIDE THE WASHINGTON BELTWAY).

DEM PARTY DECAY INTO THE MAFIA = Obama’s endless efforts to negotiate a grand bargain with Republicans = Everybody knows Washington knows the answers to the problems—we just have to get together, sit down and make an agreement. = MAFIA RUN Obamacare he wanted to sign on, even just one or two Repubs, to say it was bipartisan consensus. Republicans really played Obama, because they knew that’s what he’d do.

DEM PARTY QUOTE: Arne Duncan, Obama’s secretary of education, said = “Only way to end poverty is through education.”

HISTORY: Decades after World War II = PRODUCTIVITY AND WAGES INCREASE TOGETHER = A prosperous, middle-class with people having a high school degree, blue-collar workers, living a middle class life.


DEM & GOP POLICIES = Wage growth stopped in 1970s as these wonderful technological advances and ASIAN SLAVE LABOR made $BILLIONAIRES! Workers were relegated to the TRASH HEAP as they lost their jobs and middle class lives + Poverty like 1930s!

FACT: If the problem was EDUCATED smart workers then why has productivity GONE THROUGH the ROOF! = Education is not the issue. = ISSUE IS ASIAN SLAVE LABOR + TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES

FACT: EDUCATION is a fundamental human right that people should have the right to pursue to whatever level they wish and to meet their individual potential. But it is simply incorrect that EDUCATION IS THE PROBLEM that is holding back Americans wages.


DEM PARTY MAFIA MYTH = Blame workers who just didn’t go out and work hard and do their homework and get a gold star from their teacher. Education explains inequality = FACT THEY ARE BLAMING THE POWERLESS VICTIMS OF MAFIA POLICIES! = Dem Party View = Party of mass inequality and they love it.

SOLUTION = Solidarity and organized power = Solidarity is DESTROYED by Meritocracy or every man for himself.

FACT: People at the top of the MAFIA meritocracy (Whoops professionals) = Obviously have enormous respect for one another (the nature of the MAFIA BEAST is enormous respect for the people at the top) but LOOK DOWN on the people below as LIVESTOCK THAT NEEDS TO BE CULLED and MOSTLY ELIMINATED since they have NO MERIT!

MAFIA IDEOLOGY = In white-collar workplace if you get FIRED, the other professionals don’t rally around and go on strike or protest or something like that = NO SOLIDARITY because you must be a FAILURE and you deserved it.

FACT: Academia over last 20 years have cranked out Ph.D.s in the humanities who can’t get jobs on tenure track and instead have to work as adjuncts at POVERTY PAY and no benefits. And the people who did get a tenure-track job do NOTHING about what’s happened to their adjunct colleagues. = The Uberizing of higher education.

FACT: DEM PARTY AND GOP MAFIA POLICIES AGAINST WORKERS = RISE OF BERNIE AND TRUMP! Polling shows Trump is winning the votes of a lot of people who used to be FDR Democrats = White, working-class people are his main base of support = People Dem Party Mafia turn their backs on back in the 1970s. = Now look what’s happened—they’ve gone with Donald Trump and that’s frightening and horrifying. = Trump talks about their issues in a way that they find compelling, especially the trade issue = Same thing Bernie is saying and CLINTON FAKES and nobody believes.

HOPE: Rise of the Bernie Revolution + Trump = Are turning BOTH MAFIA PARTIES UPSIDE DOWN = Bernie is doing very impressive things and is much admired as a great man and PROBABLY BEAT CLINTON in the PRIMARIES IF NOT FOR MASSIVE CHEATING! + WON 22 STATES AT LEAST EVEN WITH ELECTION CHEATING! = This was unthinkable a year ago. + He did it without MAFIA Wall Street and big-business BRIBERY! = Extraordinary accomplishment that proves the desperation of AMERICANS outside the WASHINGTON-NEW YORK MAFIA BUBBLES.

BERNIE SANDERS = Has shown the way and there’ll be MORE Bernies and Trumps four years from now. = GOP is being turned on its head much more violently than even the Democrats.

MAFIA STILL HANGING ONTO POWER AS IT IS SLIPPING FROM THEM = So Hillary may get the nomination if OBAMA CAN PREVENT THE JUSTIFIED INDICTMENT! = MAFIA DEMOCRATS INSIDE THE MAFIA BUBBLE think that they’ve got this PRESIDENCY in the bag for the rest of our lives (From here to eternity.) And can choose whoever they want and they think they’re in charge.

HISTORY: 1970s book by Frederick Dutton, on how the Democratic Party needed to realign itself said, “Every major realignment in U.S. political history has been accompanied by the coming of a large new group into the electorate.” = A GENERATIONAL SHIFT! He was talking about the counterculture that would come into the electorate and demand a different kind of politics.

BERNIE AND THE REVOLUTION = Has CAPTURED the NEW VOTERS and sure looks like the Democratic Party is experiencing something like that now. = A generational shift and too often the counterculture is used by the advertising industry, but now Bernie is using it to create a REVOLUTION of the Millenials’ takIng on the world and three years ago The MAFIA WROTE THEM OFF as useless MAFIA DEBT RIDDEN PARASITES!

REVOLUTION OF THE YOUTH = Coming out of college with enormous student debts to BANKSTERS AND GOVERNMENT BANKSTERS = Discovering NO Job Market and that they have been Uberized with VIRTUALLY NO HOPE of having a middle-class lifestyle. = PERFECT UNJUST SITUATION FOR THE REVOLUTION AS THE AMERICAN BARGAIN HAS FAILED DUE TO MAFIA’S INCREDIBLE GREED!  Millennials can see that in their own lives very plainly as many live with parents and cannot start a life of their own. = THE pro-Bernie REVOLUTION IS BERNING BRIGHTLY for their future.


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