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“Was Israel’s response disproportionate? I think it was.”

“…I think that we will not succeed to ever bring peace into that region unless we also treat the Palestinians with dignity and respect, and that is my view.”

“You can’t ignore that fact. And you can’t just be only concerned about Israel’s needs. You have to be concerned about the needs of all of the people of the region.”

“Whether you’re Jewish or not Jewish, I would hope that every person in this country wants to see the misery of never-ending war and conflict ended in the Middle East. It’s a difficult issue and good people have tried to deal with it for years.”

“We cannot ignore the reality that you have large numbers of Palestinians who are suffering now, poverty rate off the charts, unemployment off the charts, Gaza remaining a destroyed area.”

Israel “cannot just simply expand when it wants to expand with new settlements. So I think the United States has got to help work with the Palestinian people as well. I think that is the path toward peace.”

“Most international observers would say that the attacks against Gaza were indiscriminate and that a lot of innocent people were killed who should not have been killed.”

“Look, we are living, for better or worse, in a world of high technology, whether it’s drones out there that could, you know, take your nose off, and Israel has that technology. And I think there is a general belief that, with that technology, they could have been more discriminate in terms of taking out weapons that were threatening them.” = Correct as Israeli veterans admit they indiscriminately attacked Palestinian civilians, shooting Gazans out of boredom — “reducing Gaza neighborhoods to sand, firing artillery at random houses…shooting at innocent civilians because they were bored.” = IDF forces were ordered to shoot “anyone you spot that you can be positive is not the IDF” — to attack “any person you see,” and to “shoot to kill.”

Ignore the smears: Bernie Sanders is right about Israel’s heinous atrocities in Gaza — his numbers were off for one year but was actually LOW over the long run — ZIO-MAFIA attacks anyone who dares to acknowledge Israel’s oppression of Palestinians = Bernie calls for a “level playing field” on Israel-Palestine and lived up to his promise in the DISTORTED interview by MORONS at Daily News

Sanders acknowledged the suffering Palestinians endure under illegal Israeli occupation engaging in war crimes.

Unlike Hillary Clinton = “Effusively lionized Israel and pledged to meet with hard-line right-wing…Netanyahu in her first month in office”

Daily News = Incompetent (on issues they raised), Combative, and disingenuous in its questioning impling Israel’s illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian territory may not actually be illegal and referred to them as “so-called settlements”

FACT: U.N. and entire international community, including the U.S., have insisted that Israel’s military occupation of the Palestinian territories is illegal since it began in 1967. = A flagrant violation of international law, specifically the Fourth Geneva Convention, which the International Committee of the Red Cross on confiscation of occupied territory.

FACT: IN 2014 the # Palestinians killed by Israel was at least 2,250 and 550+ CHILDREN! BUT OVER THE LAST DECADE OR SO THE NUMBER MURDERED REACHES 10,000 — Bernie said “Anybody help me out here, because I don’t remember the figures.” And The Daily News did not even know the answer = “I think it’s probably high, but we can look at that.”

FACT: 11,200+ Palestinians were injured in 2014 and 3,400+ were children with 33% Permanently disabled = UN “casualties” = Refer to both injuries and deaths = Approximately 13,500 Palestinian casualties by UN definition.

ZIO-MAFIA MEDIA journalists and politicians JUMPED ON THE DISTORTIONS ON NUMBERS to ATTACK BERNIE. THE HORRIBLE Michael Oren accused Sanders of “blood libel” for the exaggerated figure and for his accusing Israel of bombing hospitals and UN Schools

FACT: At least 17 hospitals, 56 primary healthcare facilities and 45 ambulances were damaged or destroyed in the war + 16 healthcare workers were killed and 83 injured.

FACT: Sanders is the only Jewish presidential candidate from a major party winning 17 primaries in U.S. history. ISRAELIS and Jews CALLED BERNIE anti-Semitic.

ZIO-MAFIA MEDIA is, of course, overwhelmingly biased in favor of Israeli and CONSTANTLY SPEWS ISRAELI LIES AND PROPAGANDA!

FACT: NBC NOTORIOUSLY removed award-winning journalist Ayman Mohyeldin from Gaza after he reported on Israel’s killing of four Palestinian children on a beach + MANY OTHER HORRIBLE DEEDS.

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