“WATCHDOG” Names Hillary Clinton Most Corrupt Politician of 2015

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HILLARY = REPEATEDLY REFUSES to make public the transcripts of WALL STREET SPEECHES BUT “if everybody does it — and that includes the Republicans.” + I will follow Obama and Dodd and Frank policies and that takes a long time

CLINTON = I went to Wall Street before the Great Recession…I said what they were doing in the mortgage market was going to cause serious problems.  + I called for reining in executive pay. I called for ending the loophole that lets hedge fund managers get a lower tax rate.

Clinton = “Seems to be that if you ever took money from any business of any kind, then you can’t fulfill your public responsibilities.  That’s just not the case.”  SHE CAN TAKE BRIBES AND IGNORE THOSE WHO BRIBE HER!

#1 CLINTON LIES = she will release her extremely well-paid speeches she made to Wealthy Contributors behind closed doors if Republicans release theirs first. = Clinton won’t be honest with Americans unless other corrupted GOP politicians do FIRST! = SHE IGNORES THAT BERNIE HAS RELEASED HIS $500 FEE CONTRIBUTED TO CHARITY = SHE WANTS TO IMPOSE GOP STANDARDS ON HERSLF = SUPPRESSES OPENNESS AND ACCOUNTABILITY. = RUN IN GOP THEN.

Clinton Asks Democrats and liberals of this nation to SIMPLY TRUST HER BRIBERY (NO TRANSCRIPTS) by influence from those with great financial wealth that crushed the lives and monetary security of millions = CLINTON stoops so low and reveals herself as to put her record on par with Republican Crooks = A “vast right-wing conspiracy” but it is out as to what they’re doing.

#2 Clinton says she called out the crooks on Wall Street  = “I said what they were doing in the mortgage market was going to cause serious problems.” BUT FACT IS Clinton did not “call [Wall Street] out,” BUT praised her “wonderful donors” in the audience = Yes she praised Wall Street for its role in creating the nation’s wealth… + Economic troubles weren’t mainly the fault of banks, “not by a long shot,” but that “homeowners should have known they were getting in over their heads.” = Clinton fawned over Wall Street for padding her private bank account, as well as enriching her war chest with the funds to buy the 2016 presidential election = Blaming the homeowners (THE REAL VICTIMS) instead of the BANKSTER CRIMINALS unregulated by CLINTONS AND BUSHS.

FACT: Clinton = NO Populist + NO Fighter for the middle class

FACT: Clinton = Serves 1/10th of 1% or LESS = IGNORES HUMANITY! = She is an INSULTING LIAR!

CLINTON SPEECHES = Full of praise and positivity for the CRIMINALS who continue to wreck our economy.

FACT: CLINTON = NEVER SIGNED THE LAW TO END LOOPHOLES BUT says “I called for ending the loophole that lets hedge fund managers get a lower tax rate.”

FACT:  Clinton was never a leader, not once, in the war against Wall Street = Wall Street executives were and are her the biggest donors = $Millions to insure bailouts!

#3 Clinton says she will break up the banks “if they pose systemic risks, and I’ve said that I would do that if that became the case.” BUT It’s already been the case = BIGGER than they were in 2008 = Even LARGER threat to AMERICANS. = “Big banks now have incentives to bet recklessly on the latest asset bubble, safe in the knowledge that if it goes horribly wrong, Uncle Sam will sponsor a soft landing.” = U.S. #1 in banks on the official “too-big-to-fail” list in 2015. = NO PLAN for protecting the middle class and the economy if they fail = Same thing happens all over again = All 11 of Wall Street’s biggest too-big-to-fail banks just flunked tests and pose a huge, needless and unacceptable risk to U.S. taxpayers

#4 Clinton again hided behind Obama = “took more money from Wall Street than anybody ever had. = Obama never gave paid speeches to Wall Street. + Dodd Frank is WEAK but she COMPARES IT TO decades of continuos de-regulation by Bill Clinton. = “… Even the most favorably inclined observer would have to acknowledge that Dodd-Frank hasn’t done a terribly impressive job.” + Obama never prosecuted a single financial executive for the Crash, but protected them = Revolving doors SWUNG WIDE OPEN TO WALL STREET CROOKS AS TOP ADVISORS = DID NOTHING TO THE CROOKS!

‘’I think people are very excited about Hillary,’ says one Wall Street investment professional with close ties to Washington…I think they have confidence that she understands how things work and that she’s not a populist.’”

#5 Clinton says she has the “best most comprehensive, effective plan” to rein in Wall Street. = A damnably falsehood. = Clinton calls for fine-tuning what regulators are doing already is not tougher. It is smaller and less effective. = ”She’s proposing tweaks, when it needs an overhaul…” = “Clinton’s touting a bunch of minor changes to fill the hole in her Elect ME! argument.”  in reality “Clinton is proposing very little beyond what currently exists — nor does she explain how she will get regulators to use the powers they already have. = NO PLANS TO ADDRESS large banks such as JPMorgan and Citigroup. = A laundry list of marginally better-than-nothing reforms that are likely to vanish into an abyss of rule-writing and regulatory dithering. = she couldn’t have done a WEAKER job = Her plan is to stay within the system and minimally reform it.

FACT:  Clinton is beholden to Wall Street.


1999, Bernie FOUGHT and OPPOSED the repeal the FDR-era people-protection laws known as Glass-Steagall, saying = “This legislation… will do more harm than good. It will lead to… taxpayer exposure to potential losses should a financial conglomerate fail.  It will lead to more mega-mergers… and further concentration of economic power in this country.

Bernie wants to break up the big financial institutions today. He was worried in 1999 and 2000, his fears came true in 2007, and now, in 2016.


AMERICANS need a true leader, someone who will actually stand up to the big players and say, “Enough! You can no longer run this country through your unrelenting and uncontrollable greed!”

We need President Bernie Sanders.

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