No Danger of Nuclear War? The Pentagon’s Plan to Blow up the Planet Professor Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, January 11, 2016


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FACT: 2000+ nuclear explosions since 1945 for testing.

Official Nuke Bombs = Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 War

Media BS Consensus = Nuclear holocaust is impossible

PENTAGON Military DOCS = Nuclear war is an Option

FACT: Today’s Nukes are far more DEADLY than in the 1950s

FACT: Nuke delivery system are far more precise.

PENTAGON FIRST STRIKES = China + Russia + Iran + Syria + North Korea = Pentagon’s plan to blow up the planet

FACT: War is Good for Business = CRIMINALS SCAMMING WAR CONTRACTORS MAKE $100s of BILLIONS per year = BOEING + Lockheed + Northrop + British Aerospace +….

FACT: Obama Plans $1+ Trillion to develop a new generation of nuclear weapons, bombers, submarines, and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) largely directed at Russia and China. = New arms race TO LINE THE ROTHSCHILDS MAFIA POCKETS! – WHERE ALL THE $TRILLIONS IN LOOT ENDS UP!

HILLARY CLINTON = PUSHES NUKE casually as instruments of “DON’T F WITH US” peace-making = She is FUNDED by the US-ISRAELI Military Complex which produces the WMDs.

FACT: US-ISRAELI NEOCON SCIENTISTS = PUSH Pentagon use of tactical nuclear weapons = Called “harmless to the surrounding civilian population (LIKE ROUNDUP) because the explosion is underground.” = Up to 6 times the DAMAGE of the Hiroshima bomb. + Cleared for battlefield use by the US Senate and their use does not require the approval by the Commander in Chief.

POLITICIANS + MUCH OF TOP BRASS = Haven’t the foggiest idea of the implications of their NUKE actions = Their Nuclear War Doctrine = Criminality and recklessness of US-NATO-ISRAELI-UK foreign policy is staggering = MASS MURDERS OF MILLIONS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE.

FACT: 1959 Pentagon document targeted 1200 cities from Eastern Europe to the Far East for destruction.

FACT: 1956 Pentagone Plan = Use H-Bombs on Soviet Union, China, and Eastern Europe.

2016 = Same Policy of TARGETING CITIES Thousand + Cities by Pentagon = Targets in Russia + China + others = Pentagon would deploy ground-launched cruise missiles throughout Europe.

Confront the war criminals in high office.

What we really need is real “Regime Change in America”.

Non-nuke states (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Turkey) have B61 thermonukes targetted on the Middle East and Russia.

PENTAGON = Considered using B61-11’s during the 2003 bombing of Iraq + 2011 NATO bombings of Libya. = WIPE OUT BUNKERS.

FACT: There was a 1996 Plan to Nuke Libya using earth-penetrating NUKES = One BOMB = Capable of MASS MURDER of 200,000+ women and children and men = Plan decides by Assistant Secretary of Defense Harold Palmer Smith Junior.

FACT: We are dealing with is the criminalization of the State on those in HIGHER OFFICE complicit with FOREIGN ANTI-AMERICAN INTERESTS! = STAGE IS SET FOR MASS DESTRUCTION AND MURDERS BY INSANE CRIMINALS.

FACT: Gone is the safeguards that categorized nuclear bombs as “a weapon of last resort” = Replaced by “Offensive” military actions using nuclear warheads.

NUKE DOCTRINE has NO sanity today.

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