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1# Jews believe Christians and Gentiles (or Non-Jews) are evil vile worthless forms of life, and that Jesus, being their leader, is punished in hell for eternity boiled alive forever in hot human excrement.

#2 The Talmud = Rules set down be Rabbis in 30 volumes that Jews are to live by = In effect the Talmud is the Jews bible. Talmud says all non-Jews are worthless objects, and that it is mandatory and a privilege for a Jew to commit usury upon a non-Jew, failure to do so results in a Jew losing their Jewish honor.

#3 Jews control every aspect of American government policy (A MASSIVE CHANGE SINCE TEDDY ROOSEVELT); they outnumber non-Jews by at least 10 to 1 in white-house as well as all other major American governmental agencies and control every aspect of American foreign and governmental policy.

#4 The national citizenship laws of Israel are even more racist than the apartheid-era citizenship laws of South Africa. Unless someone has Jewish ethnicity, and can prove that ethnicity by extended family history, they can not legally obtain Israeli citizenship.

#5 In the 1930s American Jews collectively honored the Rothschild family of international Jewish bankers as being the most honorary and privileged sect of Jews. They honored their Jewish hero in a typically perverted mannerism, by making a film of the Rothschild family in which the Rothschild Patriarch cheats his host country by faking poverty to avoid paying collective income taxations.

#6 The Soviet Communist Party leadership was almost 99% Jewish, the Jewish leaders of the communist movement in the soviet-union deliberately changed their surnames to the most Russian-sounding names of all, and deliberately hid their Jewish ancestry to make out that they were ethnic Russians and not Jews.

#7 The anti-defamation-league, or ADL, promotes multiculturalism, racial interbreeding, and cultural acceptance and tolerance, yet advocates Jewish interrelationships and Jewish culture and promotion of orthodox Jewish values which teach that all non-Jews are worthless trash that have no reason for existence other than to serve jews.

#8 New York City boasts one of the largest Jewish populations in the world; it is also the center (with Rothschild Dominated City of London) of large commercial Jewish mega-banks that control world-politics, world-religion, and world opinion. They are also the centre of the 2008 global financial crisis, and the centre of all world economic downfalls and especially the great depression of the 1930s.

#9 The Jewish religion is particularly perverted in its moral doctrines, it teaches that immoral and lewd acts with 3 to 9 year old children are acceptable amongst Jews, and generally has a penchant for non-natural, sick, deprived and vile forms of behavior are tolerable and promoted.

#10 In 1898 the international Jewish community held a meeting in Zurich, Switzerland, in which only the top rabbis and elders of the international Jewish community attended. It was collectively decided that Jews would completely take over the world in the 20th century, by whatever means possible, and that Jewish world domination was the ultimate goal of Jews in the 20th century period. Non-Jews would be eliminated except as needed for slave labor.

David spangler on LUCIFER

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